Vol. 11: Chapter 06: Husband and Wife

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]onestly, I’ve wedded Dior Merlin for almost 2 years, and it never came to me as to how to adequately address this matter to the girls. As soon as I was unconsciously forced to speak out the truth, I was stunned.

Flynn said nothing, her face ice-cold.

Both of us had no idea of how to continue the scene and how to talk in order not to deteriorate the situation, so we simply kept silent.

“Is… is it real?” A long while has passed, Flynn eventually said first, “You are Dior Merlin’s husband.”

“Positive.” I nodded, “It happened during the last time I was in Winper.”

“Before you said it yourself, I’ve refused to believe it. I had the tiniest fantasy, but it had never occurred to me that…” Flynn leveled her eyes which were so welled with tears, “Why? Is she pretty? Has it ever occurred to you, you have married 3 wives here!”

“She is not as pretty as Winslet, nor does she triumph you in personality.” I attempted to explain, “I wedded her ‘cuz she did have a flair in trading goods. And our city is short on money at that time.”

“That is why you made her your wife?” Flynn said resentfully, “You took money over marriage. What if you meet other useful ladies, will you marry them all? You cannot become a couple without love!”

“Flynn, I intended to tell you all about it, though lack the chance.” I slowly moved nearer, “Can we not fight. Let me talk, and you listen, can you do that for me?”

She held up her head, backed her tears, “I’m listening.”

Hence I came clean a detailed story of what had happened between Dior Merlin and me from the beginning till the end, to my first wife.

“That concludes the story; she does not know who I am.” I said with a solemn voice, “Trust me; I never intended to keep it a secret. Instead, I wanna tell it to you every time I met you. But I did not know how. Besides, there is love between her and me.”

“I was right.” said Flynn, “Us three girls are just like common people.”

“Why would you think like that? I care about your feelings a lot, that’s why this matter had to be revealed at the last moment because I had no idea of how? I promise you; I won’t wed another woman.”

“You know nothing, Cohen Kheda. You have 4 wives, this one included. I have made a mistake from the start, and I had to carry it forward for the rest of my life to share my husband with other ladies; what difference does it make if you find more women?” Flynn restored being calm, “What I cannot live with was the fact that you’ve never intended to talk to me for a matter as serious as this one, you even wouldn’t say a word. So, what am I to you, a stranger?”

“No, Flynn, it is not like that.”

“It is! Your brain keeps telling you your wives are your subordinates. We have to carry your orders, decrees. And you’ve never taken us as your true wives.” Flynn’s tone turned tough, “What is a wife? She is the one ought to spend her life with her man, better or worse! We won’t whine because you made us worry, nor will we complain about the overtime. We’re willing to share the burden for you. BUT we’ll never compromise on your lies!”

“Those are for good intentions.” I said, hurriedly, “I feared you couldn’t take it.”

“We’ve taken the fact that the emperor couple’s tragedy, our husband’s death, all the more so, the huge enemies’ siege. What more can we not?” Flynn gazed at me with cold eyes, “White lies are lies in nature. Your clumsy falsehood is, all the more so, breaking my heart.”

“What… what do you want me to do? What should I do to make you happy?”

“Honesty, I want the sincere part of you.” said Flynn, “Is it that difficult for you to do that?”

“You consider I wasn’t honest to you all before?”

“I do not consider. It is the truth.”

At that moment, the sense of failure abounded me. An extreme feel of powerlessness overwhelmed my heart and body until every corner of my vein filled with desolation and solitude. I did not even feel the same way when encountering the AUFs. No one has ever let me know how difficult it was to deal with my wife.

But then again, a lady as sharp as Flynn was so rare to come by.

I slumped on the stool, both hands onto the head that has been swelling. I could not come up with a better way to properly end this conversation. I was not a foolish-headed nor stiff-handed man, but I just can’t outwit my own wife given the fact that I was able to defeat enemies several times-folds more than me at a disadvantage.

“Seems like I made you lost words.” Flynn did not intend to let me slip, “It’s not like you, Lord Viceroy.”

“What do you want me to do?” I said, dejected, admitted, “You want me to hang you up and flog?”

“You have every right to do so.” said Flynn, “But I know you wouldn’t.”

“Seriously, Flynn,” I shook blankly, “I’m at a loss. Why we used to get along so well, but our relationship went downhill since the marriage. What happened to us?”

“My husband,” Her eyes turned warmer, “I’m glad. You found the key to the point.”

“The key?” I mused, “Is it the wedding?”

“You’re right. Prior to the wedding, we’re friends. Three girls became 3 wives since the ceremony.” Flynn nodded, “What do you know about the term wife? How’s a husband supposed to look at his wife?”

“I can’t tell.” after shaking my head, I said, “I care for you all and thought I had shown enough respect. Was it all wrong?”

“Compared with average noblemen, all you’ve done have made you a very competent husband.” Flynn said softly, “But tell me who you are. You are Cohen Kheda. You’re the Cohen Kheda who’s so much more than an average nobleman. You ought to have done better.”

“Better?” I laughed with a hint of bitterness, “I can’t imagine what’s better.”

“Cohen, you’re smarter than all of us so you ought to know that yourself, Carey and Winslet all irretrievably love you.” Flynn blushed, “Given the fact that the decision to marry you was of Queen Nashor’s, we liked it. That is why our marriage is built on solid foundation of love. It is the bond of natural affection instead of the result of power or politics.”


“Before the marriage, we were friends. At those times, you had been caring for us and showed respect. We were so glad to have a man like you be our husband.” Flynn continued, “However, you carried on regarding us as friends like nothing had changed, which was very out of place.”


“Since we’ve become couples, our positions have changed. You know that I don’t favor politics because of what happened to Grandpa, but still, I took the responsibility as an IA director.”

“Wasn’t because you are my wife?”

“Right, because I’m your wife. That’s why I had to help my husband unreservedly. My man and I are one. We are bound together for good or bad. I did my best at all cost to uphold you and your house.” Flynn stood up, “In this world, only you are worthy of me of doing so.”

“Er, what did I do wrong?”

“Haven’t you noticed? Since the granted marriage, your attitude towards us showed very tiny alterations.” Flynn approached, “About Winslet’s incident at that time. Carey and I actually were prepared to embrace Winslet into the family. And we knew you’d never abandon Winslet as far as we know you. However, it never occurred to us that you dealt with us in the most primitive way. And you yelled at Carey.”

“Trust me; I didn’t mean to.”

“We knew, that’s why we forgave you.” Flynn sat by me, “But you didn’t realize that you’ve taken us as the kind of women who would curtain behind their husbands should anything to occur.”


“Don’t be in a hurry to argue. You’re getting busy in a few days. This is the only chance we could have a talk like tonight.” Flynn stopped me, “We grew up together. No one knows you better than me. Do we have this in common?”

I nodded. Flynn held out her hands for mine.

“The truth is, you are not alone. After becoming your wife, it took me quite a while to figure out my proper orientation.” She gently squeezed my fingers, “But once you figure that out, you’ll be better.”

“I can’t promise, but I’ll try my utmost.”

“Cohen, you’ll do more than try.” Flynn watched me with a rare affectionate vision, “I know nothing can stop you.”

“Why do you think so?” Because of the eased air, I relaxed, “Do you really have this much faith in me?”

“Yes, I do.” she said firmly, “Do you still recall Queen Nashor’s words for you? You told me once.”

“Absolutely.” I nodded, “Don’t lose yourself.”

“Exactly! Don’t lose it.” Flynn said joyfully, “I’m so glad you still remember.”

“It’s hard to achieve though.”

“Don’t trouble yourself with it. You can do it.” She combed my face with tenderness, “My love, I know it’s hard, but you can never let the filthy world taint your heart.”

“My heart.” I shook my head, “I was born with filth. I’m the one who’s been tainting the world.”

“You mean what you’ve done in the united forces and the temple? Those, for me, are merely your way of getting things done. What’s on the surface is insignificant.” Flynn put her head on my shoulder, “I’m your wife, and I can feel your heart. I don’t care how others see you.”

“Can I say you love my evil approaches.”

“I can’t ask you to be completely perfect.” She said in my ears, “Respect is all we want from you. It’s not fear, nor concern. Do you understand me?”

“I do.” I said softly, “Respect is an indispensable part of love.”

“If you put the respect into your love, I’ll be thrilled.” Flynn’s voice was so low that I nearly lost it.

“I can’t promise I won’t make any mistakes during the course.” said I, “And you have to give me time to adjust. I… my brain is glued now.”

“If I cannot tolerate your occasional glitches, I’m not capable of being your wife. I’ll give you time.” said Flynn, “And I know you’ll only make yourself better.”

“And there is one more thing I’ve been trying to figure out.” I asked her, “Why am I always losing when dealing with my wives?”

“Simple, like I said earlier, you didn’t find the right position.” she said, “We’re not your enemies, so naturally you won’t do with us with what you’ll do to them. Treat us like your friends, but we’re so much more than friends. And you did not know how to live with your wives, so you always tried to fib things over. You’re too proud to confess your feelings and hence came confusion and burden.”

“You meant I trapped myself off?”

“Didn’t you?” Flynn chuckled, “My husband is a smart man yet he makes a fool of himself sometimes.”

“En, looks like I have to self-criticise now and then.” I nodded, “Turns out I’m the one who gained merits tonight.”

“You’d better know.” Flynn’s mood cleared up, she smiled, “How would you thank me for it?”

“Let me give you my warmest hug.” I took her over and kissed her on the earlobe, “Now I know why you throw me out of the bridal chamber that night.”

Flynn gave a smile, said nothing.

Her silence gave me a hint that I might be onto something tonight, “So can I tonight?”

“No.” She refused, “You’re the lord of Dark City, how can you betray your own words? You’re only qualified with proper tributes.”

“If only I knew that.” I was even gloomier, “Why the hell did I make that vow. What a fool.”

“En, consider it as a lesson.” Flynn simply closed her eyes.”

“Do Carey and Winslet know our talk?” said I, “Am I expecting 2 more conversations like tonight?”

“Sure they do, that’s why I waited here.” Flynn said in my arms, “We’ve always been expecting this talk, though lack the chance.”

“I can put my heart back.” I hesitated, then asked, “About Dior Merlin…”

“Do not mention another woman. I want this sweet night only belong to my husband and me. At this moment, I am yours and you are mine.” Flynn put her pinky finger on my lips, “I can revel myself in it.”

Never had she ever talked like so. So I said no more and hugged her tighter instead.

Time passed, and god knew how long after, Flynn kissed on my face and left my arms. She sat straight.

“It’s late. You have a lot of work to do. Go back to rest.” Flynn tidied her hair by her ears and said softly, “I have to return my chamber or Carey and Winslet will worry.”

“Bu…” said I, “What about Dior Merlin?”

“I lied.” Flynn made a sly grin, “She’s such a capable little sister to us. I can’t protect her enough, how would I harm her.”

“Thank you.” I appreciated, “I know that’s how you respect me.”

“Thank you for your understanding.” She stood up, “When can you let her meet us?”

“It’s not the right time considering my status is a shock to her. She’ll need time to digest.” I also stood up, “There will be a series of military and political dispute in Swabia. I don’t want one more person to worry about me.”

“Since that is your decision, so be it.” Flynn said, “Though I will send a friendly gift to her.”

“So you’re starting your sisterhood tonight?” I joked, “Four wives working together with one heart, this husband’s future life is a tough one.”

“Garrulous man. I do because of His Majesty. Don’t think I don’t know you married Dior Merlin under the king’s witness.” She said, “By the way, do me a favor, write her a letter. She must be suffering for a long-absent husband.”

“Duly noted.” said I, “I’ll escort you back to your chamber then the letter.”

“Sure, my love.” She took my arm in hers.

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