Vol. 11: Chapter 04: Private Time

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

Entering the Dark City, I discovered the scene that residents crowd kneeling silently throughout the neighborhood where we rode. On each of their chests fixed a wildflower symbolizing the only way that a distressed commoner or an alien mourn his loved one.

Wherever we passed, they had their eyes on Fischer and hinted their heart with their right fingers. Fischer returned by putting his right hand over his breast, which also implied ‘I feel you, too’.

We entered the viceroy’s mansion surrounded by such a sorrowful atmosphere.

In the past year, the mansion had seen many new structures. Construction director in chief Kennen’s intro had made me exclaim over the fact that I was actually one of the rare viceroys who had no idea of his home.

The knotty problem of how to welcome a king was solved by my wives. The end result had given me the meeting complex behind the central plaza. The smaller one that served the same purpose was reserved for Fischer. The rear court was divided into 2 parts where I received the smaller one and Fischer had the larger.

The alteration of status meant the change of a myriad of things. In other words, the newly crowned king Fischer was not suited to his new life, nor were us, especially the term ‘friend’ was hindered by our status.

Later on, Jack returned from his army affairs. Once he saw Fischer, he intended to rush a hug, though his impulse was cut by my eyes. Therefore, Jack had to kneel and show his courtesy as Fischer’s liegeman, mouth pouted, face dry.

“O, Jack, my Lord Justice.” Fischer showed great affinity at such a moment because he knew us much too well, “You look unhappy.”

“Fisc… Your Grace,” Jack stood, “Boss’ given me his scary eyes!”

“En, your demand will be justified by a king.” Fischer helped Jack straight, “How’s everything doing?”

“Your Grace, all units are well-disciplined. Fewer lawbreakers are caught every day.”

“Well done.” Fischer complimented softly, “Either way, you’ll never slack. You’ll carry on doing the good work.”

“Will do, my king.”

“Good, I’m looking forward to seeing Lord Justice in court.” Fischer turned to me, “Where are our 3 beautiful IA directors, where are they?”

At the sound, 3 lady figures emerged by the door.

“Your Grace.”

“My ladies, you’ve all done too much courtesy today.” Fischer put on a smile, “I know Prince Fischer has become King Fischer, but in a time like this, I’ll allow you to simplify the rituals.”

“Yes, my king.” Flynn said softly, “We are here to give the king and the viceroy an account of this year’s internal affairs in the city.”

“Sit down, let’s hear it.” said Fischer, “The king needs to have a basic knowledge of Dark City before he meets the city officials.”

“Your Grace, allow me to gather the other legion commanders and Chief of Staff.” said I, “They’ll help the future plans.”

“Yes, sir.”

As the men gathered, Fischer hinted Flynn to begin.”

“Up until the start of the War, Dark City was populated by 7 million. Among those, alien races took part of a small half.” Flynn crossed her hands on her knees, gradually, she said, “In the past year, we put our importance on solving the basic necessities of the residents, food, clothes, shelter, and travel. The surplus of food was not abundant, but we are still able to supply an army of 100, 000 in addition to being self-sufficient.”

“You have done a lot of work.” Fischer nodded, “It’s only been three years since the establishment of Dark City, during which there were only 6 harvest periods. Being able to feed 7 million in such a short time, Flynn should be rewarded.”

“Appreciation, Your Grace. However,” Flynn frowned, “the fact that the return of the viceroy brought back 1.6 million clan refugees has put us again in food shortage. In addition, we’ll have to designate shelters and farmlands, health care and education for the newcomers. And we did NOT receive prior notice. It is utterly the hardcore problem for us now.”

I was a newbie to internal affairs so I kept silent. But that didn’t mean I was pleased.

“About the 36 Clans, it has occurred to me. To a certain point, they saved Viceroy Cohen, and ultimately they saved a king. They’re to be rewarded.” Fischer thoughtfully rescued for me, “Undoubtedly, it will be a laborious job to admit them. But they have proven themselves to be hard-working and brave people. Certainly, they will be of great contribution to the future of Dark City.”

“Your Grace, we’ll try our best. We are IA directors, we’ll devote our heart and soul into solving the 36 Clan conundrum.” Flynn glanced me, “But please, my king, do tell Viceroy Cohen, if he promises anything in the future, take our affordability into consideration.”

“That I’ll leave to your couple, Flynn.” Fischer laughed, “Who’s next?”

“Winslet!” Carey cutely roared, “I am the last.”

“Very well, Winslet.” Fischer looked at Carey, “You ought to change that temper of yours, you’re a lady now.”

“This lady, nope!” Carey said, holding grudges, “By the way, my king, we’re going to extort a certain individual later on. Are you coming?”

“Well, well, I’m impressed.” Fischer glanced me with an evil smile, “Who stirred your temper, Carey?”

“Huh…” Carey Rhona rolled up her sleeves, “That man knows it.”

“I see. Well, this king will attend the show.” Fischer primed, “Winslet, tell me about the schools.”

“Yes, my king.” Winslet gave a gentle smile, “We all know our city school has been established for quite a while. Currently, the establishment has 3 grades ranging from preliminary school, middle school to academic school.”

“Preliminary schools, which are large in numbers, are oriented to educate children of all races. Throughout all 400 towns in the province, there is one preliminary school in each of them. We decide the number of instructors according to how many commoner children need education. That being said, we’re looking at an average of 1 instructor for 200 children. These instructors are in charge of teaching a variety of basic knowledge and common awareness. They’ll also recommend students who outperform others to middle schools. Two years in preliminary school are required for all kids in order to be admitted to middle school with their specialties. Anyone who is above age or under aptitude will be assigned to sub-admin management offices for future assignment.

“What are they teaching in middle schools?” Fischer inquired, “And what about the academies?”

“In middle schools, our instructors will impart element spells and basic management knowledge. In this way, they’ll be competent to assume plain management positions.” Winslet explained, “The academy is more complicated. The viceroy’s order specifically intends to fall the academy into several departments in order to cultivate all kinds of talented ones. The departments are literature, domestic affairs, construction, agriculture, irrigation etc. Dean Lorenzo has complained multiple times that we have too many departments.”

“That sounds like him. We ought to give him time to adjust.” Fischer can’t care less about the dean, “Do we have graduations already?”

“Positive. Currently, our preliminary and middle school are expecting 2 graduations per year. So far, there are graduated students out there managing towns for us. Some of them even made to village chiefs.” Winslet nodded and continued, “As for the academy, due to the time constraint, we’ll wait until the end of this year to welcome the first batch of graduates. Their specialties are agriculture and irrigation.”

“Very good. These people will be of great help in the food problem.” Fischer nodded in satisfaction, “Do you concur, Viceroy Cohen?”

“I do, though I’m still worrying.” said I, “These people are lack of practical experience. They’ll have a long way to go.”

“Problems will come to light. Didn’t you say that a lot? Check and mate, haha.” Fischer said, unhurried, “I think you’ve spent too much time on horsebacks than behind desks.”

I had to clear things out, “And that I can assure you, I will see that these problems are solved.”

“I believe you.” Fischer hinted Carey, “Your turn.”

“Finally!” She stood up, exuberantly she stepped forward. I noticed by now that she had the kind of belt that has rapier holsters.

“My king, my primary responsibility is city hygiene and policing.” Carey said complacently, “We currently hold 300 hospitals and health care locations capable of admitting 50, 000 patients at once. In addition, there are 20 medicine mills, 3 herb plantations, 2 shaman physician utility schools. These are all done because of me.”

“I’m impressed. How about the policing jobs?”

“I have built up police stations in all towns. We now have a complete security system within the province.” Carey glared me and continued, “Helped by our grandpa, we have shaped backup force for potential warfares. Once the war starts, all capable men will be mobilized for defense.”

“That’s a huge difference.” Fischer exclaimed, “In a little more than a year, you three have improved and perfected Dark City’s internal affairs. They are the work of you as well as all city officials.”

“Thank you, Your Grace. It’s our duty.” The three IA directors replied.

“What do you think, Viceroy Cohen?” Fischer turned to me, “Do you see a problem?”

“Your Grace, these measures are aimed at peace times. Now, since the situation has changed,” I humped my brain for proper words in order to not trigger my 3 wives, “My father should be arriving in a few days. I think it is necessary to assemble a meeting of all senior directors, commanders, chiefs and leaders of the 36 Clans.”

“You want to adjust IA and strategic plans?” Fischer mused, “I agree. But are you able to get things done in these days?”

“I think I will see them for now.” I smiled, “Besides, I have your support. Everything will be fine.”

“I did promise you.” Fischer heartily laughed, “Good, you’ll have my help.”

“Thank you, Your Grace.”

“Then it’s settled.” Fischer stood up, relaxed, “Now, shut the door.”

He then chuckled at my confused face, “It’s private time best fit for extortion.”

The so-called ‘private time’ was a thing I came up for Fischer. During the private time, there will be no king, no viceroy. Everybody can seek justice or revenge regardless of who they are. Domestic was the domination here.

“Your Grace, are you kidding me?” I looked around and found everybody was eagerly onto something on me. I was outnumbered so I yielded, “Have I offended you somehow?”

“A king will not take part of this, so I’ll watch.” Fischer waved his hand, “Let’s begin.”

Before my 3 wives could say something, Wilder, who remained silent from the start stood up. Fingers cracked, he pressed upon me.

I am such a fool to summon him here.

“Wilder, I’m ordering you as the viceroy, halt!” I told myself to not panic, then I urged, “Or I’ll lay sanction upon you!”

“Boss, you seem to forget we’re in private time, there is no viceroy here.” Wilder grinned and turned Moya, “Right, M?”

Moya showed an honest smirk, “I’m with the majority.”

He… he… he… is this man still my legion commander!?

“Yeah, Moya, we all agree to extort Cohen.” Carey said, “Are you fine with it? And what about Jack?”

“Right, Jack, you?” I withdrew, “Are you with me or them?”

“Boss, you are the one who told me to listen to others more.” Jack smiled, “I’m listening.”

Before Jack finished talking, I turned tail and bounced to the window. I wouldn’t want to risk being caught.

Out of discouragement, there was already a woman who leisurely sat at the window, Flynn. Punkah in her hand, gently waving, smiling at me. I had to abandon my escape plan.

“Flynn, you don’t have to…” I said with a bitter face.

“My dearest husband. You always like to run from the window.” Flynn closed her feathered fan, then clicked the pane with the fan stem, “Listen, we’ve kindly replaced these with metal frame, for, your, consideration.”

Moya and Wilder caught my hands and pressed me on a side table according to the private time ritual.

“Mercy! Mercy!” I had to give up, “I yield! I confess!”

“Don’t listen to him!” Fischer sipped fine wine while puked words leisurely, “Anything come out of the mouth are man-deceiving, child-fooling rubbish. Open his mouth! Open it!”

“We’ve been waiting for this day for quite a while.” Carey fetched a casket and flashed it in front of my eyes, “My husband, this box contains bugs you used to scare us when we were young. We’ve got a lot of them and spent a lot of time to feed them fat.”

Her jestful eyes reminded me of our first meeting.

“Well, Carey, really? You’re my wife. I’ll talk anything!” I said, “This time, I’m serious!”

Carey proudly let off the casket, her eyes on Flynn.

The latter approached graciously and sat in a chair beside me. She reached for a black scroll in her corset, “My love, do you know what it is?”

I shook my head in bewilderment.

“Give me a chance to enlighten you.”

To Respectful Madame Flynn Rhona, Carey Rhona, Winslet,

The husband of yours, Knight of Protoss, First Earl Cohen Kheda has offered his life for the great war. Her sacrifice for the Protoss Alliance has proven to be mighty, desperate and heroic. His will and loyalty will be mourned and learned for generations. The united forces have submitted a request to the light temple posthumously awarding your husband the title of Guardian of the Light Temple. We sincerely wish for you to restrain your grief.

Protoss United Forces Headquarters

Having read it, Flynn followed, “What’s on your mind, my love?”

“It’s nothing more than a death notice.” I offered a fawning smile, “But that fact is I’m still here, safe and sound! It’s more than anything, right…”

“You know what’s important? I think you care more about your own feelings! Have you ever concerned about our feelings?” Flynn put away the scroll, she stated word by word, “Do you have any ideas of what was going on in our hearts when we received this notice. We’ve done everything you’ve ever hoped, even more. We are IA directors indeed. But if we were not your wives, we would not have to. This death notice has made our efforts, labors, pains, and concerns all gone meaningless!”

“I deeply did not hope for things to go this far.” I explained, “The situation was critical. I was unable to tell you I’m safe. But I promise…”

After my sayings, Flynn’s face has gone even colder.

“Darling, I was betrayed.” said I, “It’s an incident…”

“You don’t even know what you’ve done wrong before admitting it. The same scroll was delivered to your mother and father as well as your two brothers. Imagine how many are there have mourned your death!?” Flynn was furious, she tossed the scroll on the floor, “And here you are, pretending nothing has happened. You’re not a kid. You have a family. You have duties! What will happen to us if you were really killed!?”

“I…” I eventually managed to understand why Flynn was angry. But I was unable to search for a proper word to say.

“Carey, feed him, every last one of them!” Flynn rose, “He has no heart!”

Before I could express an opinion, this assertive judge turned and took leave to the king and went out of the room.

“Dumb face! You fool!” Carey kicked my forehead with a finger, “Do you know how much suffering has she gone through after she received the scroll? And you forgot to even please or comfort her!”

“Carey, let him go.” Winslet approached, “Cohen, you’re wrong this time. As soon as the news spread, everybody started to concern. The entire province had fallen into turbulence. You can’t blame Flynn. At that time, she held back her tears to calm the city officials. Managing an entire province is a laborious job.”

I nodded without a word. My heart fell into upheaval as well. I was a man who liked to do things as soon as I had the immediate idea. I was reckless. I have never thought about others’ feelings.

“Tell me, who on earth have you offended?” Carey gave me a relentless look, “And why?”

I took over Carey’s hands, said gradually, “I haven’t. I merely set a fire.”

“Let go!” Carey tried but failed, so she blushed and asked, “What fire?”

“A big fire.” I said, word by word, “A fire that will spread to many.”

Everyone froze.

“I merely wanted to live. I wanted my soldiers to live. But the most simple idea sabotaged certain individuals’ benefits.” I said with a lowered tone, “Their lust treaded on countless’ lives. After their benefits have gone worthless, they slaughtered to cover the truth. Once the fire is set, there will be no easy way to put it off. The fire will go bigger and finally, they will be burnt to dust.”

“Well, let’s call it a night.” Fischer said, “Cohen, I suggest you go and find Flynn.”

“Yes, Your Grace.”

“Never mind. She’s still too angry at you now.” Fischer mused, “Let me go with you after dinner.”

This chapter was originally published on Wuxianation, any despicable reposts or copies without proper citings are strictly prohibited.

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