Vol. 10: Chapter 10: There’s a Hole on My Tapis

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]nce the IGTs buckled my armor, they spread out. A few of my close elf warlocks replaced them to do further exams.

“Viceroy, it’s done now.” Elves would never address me as a commander or a lord, which was another reason I liked their presence other than their pretty faces, “The armor is intact and the enchanted spells are working well.”

“Noted.” I nodded, “Let me have a moment.”

I intended to have a peaceful moment to myself, though sadly, my wish did not come true. Because a guarding soldier entered and told, “Sir, Commander Wilder is here to see you.”

“Wilder, bring him.” I told the soldier, “He’s a brigadier, make it right next time.‘

“Yes, sir.”

Wilder, in his combat armor, strode in and stopped inches from my body. He had his helmet in one hand, hilt in the other. The man’s face was seriously devoted and solemn.

Looked like Wilder was not going to talk first.

“Looking sharp now, like a general.” I maintained my face, “What’s your business here for me?”

“Sir,” Wilder gazed at my face calmly, “I’ve had a thorough thought regarding our last conversation.”

“In such a short time.” Nodded, said I, “Tell me about it.”

“Given my thought, I still cannot move on.”

“Then what?”

“I’ve only come clear one thing. And this is the difference between me and you as do you and Fischer. That is why I can’t deal with our relation by referring what you’ve decided for Fischer.” Wilder’s hilt hand clenched, “I want to deal with it with my own way.”

“I see.” My eyes caught Wilder’s little tricks so I asked with a smile, “What will you do?”

“You know me well. I’m not a slow person. So let me tell you what I’m gonna do.” continued Wilder, “And I’m a man of honor so here I am, alone.”

“Just, cut the crap.” I lifted my chin to him, “Our time is tight.”

“Okay, it’s somehow important. I wanted to boost up the air first… never mind.” Wilder gave his left hand his helmet then his right drew the rapier.

At the sound of the drawn blade, door curtain was lifted and a few guards rushed inward.

I called off the guards because I knew at such a distance, if Wilder intend to end my life, these guards will not stop him.

Wilder, with his blade, was only 3 steps away from me. I maintained a smile at him. So long, our eyes were into each other’s for a short moment.

Eventually, Wilder made up his mind. Firstly and slowly, the man stood his blade up and straight in front of his chest, then his wrist with the sword flipped. The blade tip was inserted into the ground.

“Er… my…” Before I could say anything, the man I was facing knelt on one of his knees, preventing the latter half of my comment.

“I, Wilder, do solemnly swear upon my name,” Wilder looked up to me, said with extraordinarily calm, “I will always follow Cohen Kheda. Today’s oath will be the light of my deeds. Whenever, wherever, whatever it is, I am, I do. Cohen Kheda will always be my boss!”

Looking at he who remained on his knee for quite a while, I opened my mouth, “Finished?”


“Then rise.” I tapped Wilder’s shoulder, “You could just tell me, why this awkward thing?”

“I want to do it right in case I forget it.” said Wilder, “And you’re supposed to say something to me in return.”

“Me? Say what?”

“That’s not how it works! I knelt!” said Wilder loudly, “I call this sacrifice, and how could you just stand there? That’s not how a boss do things, eh?”

“No, I’m touched. Honestly, I’m greatly touched.” I replied with caution, “That is why I will forgive you for poking that hole in the carpet.”

“What carpet?”

I hinted the ground beneath Wilder’s feet.

He looked over. There was a narrow cut on the cloth due to his actions earlier. This high-value cloth was a Clay City war trophy that had belonged to an AUF high command.

“Listen to me, Wilder. I know it’s a precious moment for you.” I grabbed Wilder’s shoulder with a hand, “Next, pick a better location and please, please, please do not sabotage expensive belongings.”

“That’s your reply!?”

“Is it the first day you know me?” I chuckled, “Don’t tell me you just realized that.”

“Ugh, forget it.” Wilder shrugged, “I knew it.”

“Very good, now look after your troops. Your battle begins soon.” said I, “I’m well aware of your intention. Let’s keep this between us.”

Wilder nodded and excused after a salute. His light steps told me the man was totally relaxed after days.

“There’s my straightforward guy.” I smiled, “I bet those enemies are gonna die harshly.”

I walked back to the door curtain and told the guards, “Don’t come in without my order.”

“Yes, sir!”

In the tent, I drew my black steel blade and walked a few turns around the cut on the carpet. Finally, I closed my eyes.

All noise vanished. Clearly, I received the sound of steady heartbeat and breath from out of the tent. Their locations began as a fuzzy fog of figures. One, two, three. All life forms within a circle extended from me with a diameter of 30 steps revealed in my head. My guards have formed 2 circles around the tent. A few officers were patrolling nearby.

The distance was not too far. I’ll have to make it quiet if I ever wanted to do my secret business.

“Upon my honor, I swear with my name.” I knelt on one knee, both hands on the hilt and began to say with the sound only I can hear, “I’m loyal to Prince Fischer Summer till…”

The latter half of the oath I had to say it silently because, again, the guards busted in. I might look like praying to a certain god, they will never know.

On finishing my oath, I faced the guards.

“Didn’t I tell you to not come in without my order!?”

“Sir, we’re your close guards.” The leader IGT said awkwardly, “It’s our duty.”

“Damn it!” I said, dissatisfied, “We’re moving out!”

As the massive army started to mobilize, the once wide enough tunnel had become narrow. All clan people have retreated to the blank spaces or woods on the side of the road. All regiments advanced rapidly. A considerable amount of LAD soldiers and orderlies traveled between soldiers and horses.

“Sir,” An orderly brought news for me, “The obstacle woods at the exit have been cleared. Commander Wilder of the 2nd legion is requesting operation commencement.

“Tell Brigadier Wilder, fight it well!” I replied, “I’ll be watching.”

“Yes, sir!” He darted away.

I followed with my men to the exit. Riding on the flat terrain, my mind and soul were greatly relaxed. The tunnel was a good thing indeed, but it’s not a pleasant experience to stay there for days.



An orc as mighty and strong was not suited to ride a horse because once he was on a horse, the animal will be crushed. Fortunately, the logistics leader had found an extraordinary strong war horse whose previous owner was an AUF high command: a barbarian champion whose figure resembled Malphite’s.

“With me!”

“Yes, sir!”

I urged my horse towards the battlefield at the canyon entrance, followed by a team of IGTs nearby. Five miles into my journey, smokes of thick, dark fogs were spotted on the battlefield. Obviously, Wilder had spurred all his depression during the past few days onto the enemies.

Since I was late for the battle, I had to stop at a hillside 10 miles from the exit waiting for further news. Giant army flag of my army fluttered behind me. Orderlies, one by one, dashed from the frontline with more reports.

Wilder did a good job fighting the battle. He took advantage of small chunks of troops to conceal the leeway on both sides of the tunnel forest and left the inner canyon to the wingmen. The main force to strike he deployed in the middle front of the exit, welcomed the enemies with magic attacks, then arrows. By the time the enemies had discovered Wilder, their doom fate was all but certain.

During the Clay City battle, the Asmodian United Force who was in the absolute dominant position had met their destruction. It was an excellent lesson of war for them as well as for my subordinates. Such a small stronghold built merely to stop refugees will never stop my men.

In less than an hour, the smokes in the distance had developed into fire tornados that thrust into the sky. My troops began turning their heads and lining en face de the hillside I was located.

As the troops had arrived, mages started preparation in order to convey my voice to every soldier’s ears. A dark cloud of men to hold of my entire vision. Two legions, the mages had to take a while to prepare.

“Sir,” Carlos stood by me, “Exit enemies were exterminated. Their number was 8, 000 instead of 6. The additional 2, 000 had left earlier today.

“I see.” I nodded, “Have we encountered any trouble?”

“Negative. Brigadier Wilder had investigated the perimeter before the attack and he made timely discoveries.” Carlos replied, “Sir, have you told him anything before setting off? This brigadier had behaved cautiously during the attack.”

“Good to know we had zero trouble.” I said with a hint of a smile, “That is our private business.”

Carlos wanted to ask more though he was cut off by a mage beside, “Sir, we’re all set.”

My duty officer jogged forward, his words came out earth-shatteringly, “Atten-hut!”

Countless dark uniforms sided slightly to the same extent. Hundreds of thousands of feet trampled on the ground, making dull sounds.

“Now,” The duty officer stood upright, “Commander Cohen Kheda!”

I urged my horse to enter the speaker-spell affected area.

“This is it, the Line. Two more days, we’ll reach Swabia, our home country!” I cried, “Soldiers,  ARE YOU GLAD ABOUT IT!?”


“Since we had entered the Asmodian Alliance, we’ve fought countless battles, we’ve suffered, endured.” My finger pointed my back, “And we’re about to go home, ARE YOU HAPPY ABOUT IT!”


“Some of you are with me before the War, some of you merely met me 20 days ago. Let’s ditch the timespan, we’ve fought together.” I paused for a second, “You’re, you all are my beloved soldiers!”

“We’re Commander Cohen’s soldiers!”

“That’s right. However, great change is happening in Swabia. Men intend to take over our home! Once they succeed, we’ll be homeless, we’ll be losing everything!” I hardened my tone, “Are you willing to wander the street!? Do you allow yourself to lose everything you’ve ever loved!”


“All this time, the wish to come home has supported us to fight. The wish had helped us to defeat enemies. And today, we will fight again, FOR HOME!” I said the key point, “If the enemies we meet are the ones we’re familiar with. You may hesitate to fight. But they’re enemies! What will do!?”


“Follow me! I will retake your home!” I ended the speech, “Mount your horses. We’re moving out!”

Two days later, the 1st Legion and the 2nd Legion’s vanguards have arrived Galia City. Viceroy of the city, Kirk, who had just received the news rushed to see me with a few guards.

“Sir! Boo-hoo!” He knelt and burst into tears before he could finish the sentence.

“Rise.” I rushed to pulled him up, “What’s gotten into you?”

“Sir, it’s so good to see you.” Kirk said with a face full of tears, “They all told me the 9th Legion was wiped out!”

“Indeed, they’re right.” said I, “The 9th Legion of PUF was indeed annihilated.”

“Then…” Kirk hinted the soldiers and officers around me, “these are?”

“Tell Viceroy Kirk,” I raised my voice around, “who are you!”

“WE’RE TROOPS OF DARK CITY,” All the men replied with neat and loud voices, “SOLDIERS OF VICEROY COHEN!”

“DON’T BE COCKY!” Kirk wiped away tears and yelled back, “I! AM! TOO!”


This chapter was originally published on Wuxianation, any despicable reposts or copies without proper citings are strictly prohibited.

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