Vol. 10: Chapter 04: Self

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly & Michael H

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]efore I sorted things out, Carlos arrived.

“Sir,” he said, “You wanted to see me?”

“Sit down. I have a job for you.” I found myself a seat by the grass, I was inclined to give Carlos a moment of freedom because Carlos was not only in charge of day-to-day army affairs but was also burdened with communication jobs for clan refugees. He ran so many errands that even the IGTs assigned for him were worn out along.

“I heard about the skirmish behind the fleet.” asked Carlos, “Is everything alright?”

“All settled.” I briefly described the incident, then I said, “We’re sure of one thing now, that we’re perfectly safe in this tunnel.”

“As you’ve said, sir.”

“So then, what we’re faced with next is only one thing,” said I, “we’re unaware of what’s going on outside this woods. But since the canyon entrance has been sealed, should enemies exist, they will be somewhere right in front of us, maybe not far away. What they have for us is yet unknown. However, since our troops had undergone tremendous damage and the new recruits have not yet been properly trained. They’re not prepared for any potential danger of sorts.”

“Sir, since you mentioned that, there’re indeed major problems in our army.” Carlos made a bitter smile, “The survivors need restoration, the new recruits’ armories are not yet allocated, soldiers and officers need time to familiarize, troop to troop coordination requires major correction…”

“Exactly, that’s why I want my army to spend more time in this tunnel.” I told him my decision, “And the fact that we’re protected by this tunnel will not only discourage the AUFs who have been searching for us and it will also gives us sufficient time to investigate the perimeter. In addition we can also utilize the time to enforce necessary training.”

“In that case, how many days are you planning to stay, sir?”

“My preliminary plan requires no more than 10 days.” I told Carlos, “How about our supplies. Are they enough to support us for 10 more days?”

“Sure they are. Actually I intended to come here for that reason.” Speaking of the supplies, Carlos went high in spirit, “Sir, you’ll never imagine. We’ve found more food on the way front. Besides fruit trees of various kinds, there’re also several giant lakes with tons of fish in them! This tunnel! This tunnel is amazing!

“Ease down, Carlos.” I chuckled, “Make yourselves at home.”

“Huhhe.” Carlos reminded himself and said, “And if the round empty spaces remain where they are, they might come in handy in the future. So I plan to spare a team, for conservation purpose, obviously.”

“Do it. You have my permission. Send my order now.” I said, “One more thing Carlos, you really don’t need to run everything personally. We need to discover more talented people for management. You’ll have to give the staff officers a chance to show off.”

“Yes, sir.” Carlos nodded, “I’ll pay attention.”

“Now I need you to break out your staff into subdivisions.” I had a second to consider, “The Division of Military Operation is in charge of drawing combat plans; Intelligence Division collects and screens information; Logistics Division mediates and allocates army supply; Liaison Division takes charge of inter-clan affairs. All division directors report to you. And I want you to be the big boss of all department affairs which decentralizes from your primary responsibility.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Don’t exhaust yourself.” I softened my tone.

“Yes, sir.” Carlos also answered softly, “Well, joyfully, though I’ve been occupied.”

“That makes two of us, you’ve been assisting me well.” I stood up, “Go make arrangements.”


Carlos exited. I knew exactly why he was joyfully occupied: we were all alive and well, otherwise it would have been our rivals that were joyful.

Indeed, it was a victory on a thin edge. Those enemies that died, I suppose they were incredibly upset if they could still think.

I retreated to my ride and retrieved a big pile of documents from the saddlebag. These AUF reports and letters were from their central pavilion after we’ve won the clay city war. They didn’t include any crucial information at first glance, so I’ve kept them unread until this moment. Now, I had time.

In the letters, some orders demanded AUF headquarters to wrap up the war as well as credit request of well-performed soldiers during the clay city fight. Amongst all, a half-written report attracted my attention: it was a rsvp to an order from the AUF headquarters.

… regarding the corps’s order to capture the commander of the 9th PUF Legion, Cohen Kheda alive to the Dark Temple, forgive us for being unable to comply. Judging by the most recent battle between us and the Phantom Legion, the enemy commander is agile in tactics deployment and strict in holding armies. Chance of taking Major Cohen Kheda captive alive is exceptionally scarce…”

I was not surprised that they were eager to capture me alive for credit, but where the hell did they know my full name and my rank?

Chances were definitely not from my own army. Before the clay city siege, my troopers were all from the 9th Legion of the Protoss United Forces, none of them were captured during the Camp operations. Could it be that my officers were colluding with AUF? That was utterly impossible because all but none of my officers’ whereabouts were under my surveillance. The odd that they made contact with enemies was extremely small.

In that case, the only possible source for this kind of detailed information would be a leak from certain senior officers of the PUF headquarter. However I restrained my army, my influence could just reach so far within my 9th Legion and Dark City. There was nothing I can do once it was out of these two regions, let alone the military headquarters muddled with people.

I’ve heard a thing or two about AUF’s intelligence system lurking within the Protoss Alliance. There was a high chance that these people somehow extracted information from one of PUF senior officers, thus the information of my army leaked. If this was the case, I shouldn’t be surprised that my enemies had drawn specific plans and gathered enough manpower to target my army solely. I sneered silently, whether they let out the info on purpose or not, I’d better not know who did it because if I do one day, he will die the harshest way.

Days of battle have exhausted my army, the troop I had bankrupted my existing knowledge of the modern-age military expertise. And it took less than 10 days to lose nearly half of them. Maybe for other commanders, a 20, 000 casualty rate was nothing worth mentioning; but for me, those were young lives, lovely soldiers. If it were not for the last alteration of the battle, if it were not for the sudden rebellion of the slaves, I, Cohen Kheda and the 9th Legion as a whole would have perished.

Wait, it had never occurred to me. How the hell could I be invincible in this world by depending solely on my previous life’s knowledge?

As early as the first time Marshmallow had reincarnated me, she had reminded me that I must blend into this new world. However, what I did contradicted and I had clung to whatever I had from my previous life. What a fool I made. Buds of sweat swelled on my forehead. I was a huge moron!

My personality was unchanged, so arrogant and overbearing that I had done so many things which normal people would never think about doing. Yet I had never even tried to self-control myself. How could a man not stand out if he had alien knowledge? Furthermore, I had made so many enemies in the united forces since I took control of the 9th Legion, there was no shortage of people who wanted my head.

When I was on earth as Westley, my opponents were mostly gangsters, mobsters; whereas nowadays, I had to face influential people such as nobilities, generals, temple priests from all the empires. Sure some of them were idiots. However, there also existed mighty people among them. They were nothing like the ones I had dealt with yet I had been coping with them with my usual methods. I was not on earth anymore; continent Peace was an entirely different environment, and I had refused to change. To think back, a condition as sinister as the clay city, I would rather take all the responsibility myself now than blaming the ones who leaked my whereabouts. Scumbags who would betray me or even themselves were not uncommon in this world as long as there was a good money offer. Why hadn’t I realized that earlier?

Indeed, it must be, the I who used to occupy a place in a gang had a strong background, that was why I can act as reckless as I was. However, I ended up abandoned, killed like trash. My personality just won’t work. But, if I were to drop my previous knowledge and the ways of dealing with things, what’s left for me to gain help? How far will things go? I did not have any experience to deal with superpowers!

I… I… how should I blend in?

As I went deeper, my mind twisted. My brain spun rapidly and disorderly. It gradually turned chaotic. In turmoil, two vague figures took shape before my eyes: one was an unbridled devil, the other, a charmingly naive boy. They stood face to face of each other, arguing. I can’t catch a word of the argument. The devil reached for a thing that I knew was not friendly from his pocket, he grinned hideously and approached the boy. I remained standing, tried to prevent, but failed to say a word.

“Sir, sir?” A man shook my body, “Sir!”

“Wh… what?” I raised eyes and found an IGT observing my face anxiously, “WHAT!??”

“Sir, are you alright?” asked he, “You were dazing and sweating…”

“I’m fine. It’s hot in here…” I dried my face like nothing had happened though my inner freaked out, “Report.”

“Yes, sir.” The IGT said, “Lieutenant Malphite was here with a team of men. According to him, he’s here under your order.”

“He is.” I stood up, nodded, “Where’s he?”

“Lieutenant Malphite!” The man roared to his back, “You’re summoned.”

“Yes!” A tall and robust figure ran from a side of the tunnel, passed through the marching flow of people. He was indeed Malphite himself.

“Lieutenant Malphite and 10 squadrons of 100 men under my command reporting for duty, sir.” The orc roared as he stood as straight as he could.

His mace was gone. Instead, he was carrying a standard officer’s war saber on his waist. I observed that his armor has been carefully cleaned. Lieutenant Malphite was refreshed.

“Hehhe…” The seriousness on Malphite’s face made me chuckle.

“Sir, did me… no, did I do something wrong?” Malphite was at a loss.

“No, everything is right.” The orc’s height made me only reach his lower arm, “Remember to wash your face next time.”

“Er…” Malphite promptly turned 180 degrees. I watched as both of his elbows racing. He seemed to be cleaning his face.

“You can do that later.” said I, “Show me your men.”

“Yes, sir. Over here.” Malphite’s face was covered in too much dirt so the cleanse failed eventually.

“Malphite, what’s their current progress?” I can’t care less about his face.

“Sir, their current knowledge is still limited.” Malphite pondered and said, “I’ve spent a day teaching them the basic training techniques while disciplining them with army rules.”

“How much technique?” I stopped, “There’s a round space 2 miles from here. Are you aware of that spot?”

“Sir, I do, sir. We passed that place coming here.”

“Now, I’m going to wait for you all there.” I hinted an IGT to bring my horse while talking to Malphite, “You and your men must assemble there ASAP. I want to see you train.”

“Sir, yes, sir!”

While Malphite answered, I mounted and dashed off with my IGTs.

Not long after, I’ve arrived.

The space was as large as a small town, 6 miles across. Several tiny streams ran through it. Refugees and wounded soldiers occupied half of the area, the other half was left empty.

I found a spot and dismounted. A short while later, Malphite showed with his men. The running team was slightly messy though everyone was able to catch the speed. From my point of view, the new recruits had no problem in physical quality. Now, it all went down to how I train them.

“Send my order,” I told the orderly behind me, “relevant staff officers now get down to training plans for all troops excluding daily scouts on duty. In units of a team, send senior officers down to every regiment to instruct. My detailed training subjects will be delivered by the staffs.

“Roger.” The orderly answered and darted away.

I was actually worried about how to train the new recruits; however, the eagerness eased off when I saw Malphite and his men.

Malphite’s troop consisted of veteran soldiers, 36 clansmen as well as slaves that surrendered. The mixture was a microcosm of my troops as a whole. I can entirely train the rest of my army by templating Malphite’s men. I can refine training techniques at any moment whenever I discover a problem and deliver the modification to the staff officers and quickly to all units.

Although the template was not perfect, it was enough for the current situation. Ten more days into the future, I will discover most of their problems and be able to basically make them combat effective.

As for the drillmasters demanded, my senior officers who had gone through my rigorous personal refinement had no problem to serve as the best candidates.

“Sir,” Malphite saluted, “all units at your service.”

I watched his men. Some of them were gasping, a few had distorted, miserable faces, some tried to sit and rest. Their designated captains, however, gave them no moment to relax, “Line up!”

And I ordered, “10 rows long and cross.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Now, mark it down. Today’s first subject is intensified workload. Pay extra attention to eliminating new recruits’ sluggishness. You’ve been in a real fight, I need you to pass that onto them.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Captains, assemble!” Seeing that they’ve done lining rows, I roared, “Troopers, stay put for an hour!”

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  1. Thanks for all the hard work. After a long time waiting for chapters to pile up I am finally back. If I am honest I kinda half-skipped vol. 9.5 because I Just wanted to know what happened to Cohen. And now I kinda regret not waiting longer >...< But I really doubt that something good is gonna happen after His retun Q.Q
    Well then hanks again for translating the novel and for all the work you put into it!!!!

      1. hi bunny, I saw only 2 comments, and nothing was found in the spam or trash folder. And glad you’re back. I’m currently working on my immigration and I had a huge flue this and last week so I stayed away from translation for quiet a while now. I hope things will go smooth and return to translation once I’m done with the above. Once again, thanks for you support.

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