Vol. 4: Chapter 7: Man Maker Cohen part 2

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Man Maker Cohen part 2

Translated by Tianic

Edited by Jiem

Character in this chapter:

  • Cohen Kheda: The main character.
  • Fischer Summers: Cohen’s best friend and a prince of the Swabia Empire.

We strolled down two streets before stopping in front of a paltry courtyard. Fischer and I dismounted our horses. Sky neatly tied our horses to a post beside the entrance and led us inside.

The yard was rather secluded. Notified by the sound of our entrance, a woman emerged from the main building. A silver hair-tie gathered her pale blonde hair together and cascaded down her shoulders. She wore a blue nightgown that showed off her voluptuous figure. As she walked towards us, her shoulders remained firm and did not shake her hips. An embroidered waistband reached down to her knees and was wrapped around her waist as it swayed back and forth gently.“Welcome, you two gentlemen!” She introduced herself, “I run this place. You can call me Lucy.”

“A boss with an exquisite beauty like yours is a rare sight!” I smiled and said, “I am Turner. This is my friend, Mr. Phil. Phil, come and meet our gorgeous boss lady!”

“I’m Phill… how… do you do, pretty boss lady.” It was obvious that Fischer, who had turned bright red had to take a moment to calm himself. Lucy had a blank expression on her face before she realized the truth of our alias. She did not ask us about our true identities as she led us into the lounge. The lounge appeared to be well-displayed despite the lack of furniture.

“Gentlemen, would you two like to first have a drink?” Lucy asked. Under the bright lighting, I could tell she was slightly older than us.“Yes, let’s have some red wine!” I shrugged off my cloak to reveal the plain clothes I had worn underneath.

“Sure. A moment, please.” Lucy left the lounge.

It seemed like business was not flourishing as we were the only two guests present in such a large room. Thus, I called Sky in and inquired about the reasons.

“Actually, Mama Lucy’s business was pretty successful, as it was the No.1 in Winper City!” Sky sat beside me and said, “But, a few months ago, a new bossman came to take ahold of all the businesses here in Winper and kicked out the previous boss. Mama Lucy didn’t wanna give in, so…”

So that was what had happened. It was no wonder why he was beaten even while gathering only a few customers..

“It’s already been a few months; isn’t it hard to keep the business going?” Fischer asked.

“Ya’, all our handymen and girls were poached by the other brothels… Now, there’s only around a dozen girls who were taken care of by Mama before and decided to stay…”

It seemed like Lucy had a rather decent character if there were still people willing to stay by her side during tough times like these.

Sky tactfully shut up when he saw Lucy return with some food and drinks. To even have the boss serve the guests herself; it was indeed a difficult time for them.“Now, you two gentlemen!” Lucy said with a smile, “What kind of girls do you like? Or, should I pick one for each of you?”

As she mentioned the girls, Fischer threw me a pleading look to have mercy on him.

“No need to hurry, Ms. Lucy!” I said, “I would like to buy you a drink.”

Sky the smartass promptly stood up and helped serve us wine.

“I’ve heard that Ms. Lucy has been in a bit of trouble for a while, no?” I swirled my glass and gazed at the scarlet red liquid.

“Er…” Lucy had not expected me to bring up such a matter, “Mr. Turner, what are you implying…”

“Oh! I’ve only arrived in Winper today!” I said, “Rumors say that it’s a bustling place filled with opportunities to strike gold, so I figured I might as well have a look. Plus, I needed to find a place to act as a stop point for my brothers on the road.”

“You do your business, and I’ll do mine!” Lucy’s smile disappeared instantaneously, “We have no need to conduct our business with any relations to yours.”

“There’s no need to be so anxious!” Why was it that I couldn’t find a single female with a calm temperament today?

“I am not.”

“To be precise, what I want is for our mutual cooperation!” I was ready for the words, “You can always listen to my offers first before jumping to conclusions.”

“This is what I have in mind!” Lucy remained silent, thus I continued, “I can provide you with a favorable environment where there will no longer be anyone who can disturb you. If you want, I can give you a deposit and I’ll extend my help to you for whatever you need .”

“What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to regain No.1 in Winper within a month and destroy the other brothels within three.” I sipped on my wine, “After half a year, only three brothels will be allowed for business and the boss of these three must be yourself.”

“Rather than me, you should be the boss, instead, right?” Lucy chuckled, “Another bossman has appeared. Before we even talk about your capabilities, what’s in it for me? Just have mercy on me and let me off.”

“Regardless, won’t it be an improvement from the current state you are in?”

“I don’t have the capabilities to do what you demand of me.. Go find someone else to do the job for you.”

“Not good enough? Let’s not focus on your business that’s most likely going to fall apart after a few months. Rather, we should have a closer look at our pretty boss lady…” I stood up, smiling widely as I said, “Your clothing is elegant yet plain and your makeup isn’t extremely fascinating. However, why is it that my friend over here blushed right over he took a look at you? My lovely boss, you have men skillfully wrapped around your little finger to be at the whim of your demands. . It would be such a waste if you don’t take advantage of it.”

“I… I’m not blushing!” Fischer protested.

“Look!” I placed my hands on Fischer’s shoulder, “Boss lady has a light layer of makeup on and appears easily approachable. However, the jewel encrusted silver hair tie looks to be worth an arm and a leg and exudes elegance. Furthermore, you did not welcome your customers by latching yourself onto them, but instead greeted them with a gentle smile.”

“And, let’s talk about your clothing. They are conservative and proper, and do not reveal neither your chest or back. Even your arms are covered… However, this is precisely the reason why your looks are like a killer move to men.”

“Is that so? Please, do enlighten met.” Lucy said, her voice and expression remaining calm and without a single fluctuation.

“If I get it right you’ll have to agree to my offer; no turning back.”

“Hmm!” Lucy covered her lips daintily and smiled, “Many men know of the allure of my outfit, yet none know of the reason why.”

“I’ll take that as a yes!” I said, “I will only talk about your waistband. As we all know, the waistband is a garment meant to be worn under your outerwear. However, you decided to blatantly show it and made it reach your knees. Thus, the waistband would sway enchantingly with every movement you make. As the waistband is the only thing that is swaying, it brings a man’s attention to it and allows them to fantasize about your inner garment, to your naked body and finally the act of having sex. Like what I had said earlier on, you appear graceful and untainted, which would in turn make men even more excited from their delusions along with the actual stimulation. If my assumptions prove to be correct, you are still a virgin, right?”

Lucy stared at me in awe and took a good while before she finally asked, “You… who are you?”

“I’m Mr. Turner!” I said, “Have you already forgotten?”

“Who are you, really?”

“Who I am is of no importance. The thing that matters most is for your cooperation.”

“Alright!” Lucy considered for a while, “But, you have to keep your word or whatever cooperation we have between us is gone.”

“Deal!” I placed a bag filled with two hundred golds in her hands, “There will be a new boss in Winper City in at most five days. Unlike the former boss, he will call you Mama Lucy. Prepare whatever you need with the sum of money I just gave you.”

“Let’s hope so!” Lucy raised a toast, “May it be a success!”

“May it be!” I emptied my glass in one gulp, “Where are our girls? My friend has been waiting anxiously for their arrival.”

Lucy clapped her hands and immediately, four girls entered the lounge. Though they were not at the level of a national beauty,,  they were most definitely lovely young girls.

“Please don’t laugh at them.” Lucy stood up and told the girls to sit by us as she introduced them.

“These two are my hottest and sexiest girls!” Lucy said, “These two lovelies are serving customers for the first time. Don’t be too tough on them.”Two girls sat by both Fischer and I, one hot and the other lovely. Fischer was sweating so much he looked like he was walking under a downpour I smiled and downed a few glasses of wine before bringing my two girls to the room upstairs as I held them in my embrace. When I passed by Fischer, I leaned down and whispered to Fischer’s hot girl, “It’s my friend’s first time. If you serve him well, I’ll have an extra reward prepared for you.”

The hot girl’s eyes brightened with determination, whereas Fischer’s face turned green.

“See ya’ tomorrow!” I laughed, “I’ll check on you by midnight!”

In the room, the magic light on the desk emitted a red, devilish glow.. The two women’s hot bodies wrapped around mine with a blazing passion, their eyes alight with wanton lust. Their breath was once short and rapid, while the other slow and languid… It reminded me of the activities in my previous life.Time seemed to flow without my knowledge. As I woke from my slumber, I opened the windows while stretching my body leisurely. While doing so, I noticed that Fischer was down by the garden.

Donning my cloak, I exited the room to offer the poor guy my condolences. He was sitting in a corner of the garden; plucking leaves off a flower branch.

“What’s up, buddy!” I sat beside Fischer, “Could it be that your moves were not as masculine as you hoped and humiliated the royal family? Is that why you are taking it out on the plants, instead?”

“You screwed me over!” Fischer continued plucking the leaves, “I’m sorry, Lord Father. I’m sorry, Lord Mother…”

“You should be apologetic to the entire world!” I said, “Including me, for sure.”

“You!” Fischer welled his eyes, “You… I… you…”

“Wasn’t it you who was unable to resist the temptations?” I asked, “How was it?”

“Ya’ are so shameful to actually say it out loud!”

“Who on earth do you live for?” I counted by the fingers, “For your father? Your mother? Your future wife? Or is it your future Swabian people?”

“I’ve never thought about that…”

“Of course, why would you? You live for yourself. I know, the people that I’ve mentioned just now are indeed precious to you, but they do not comprise of your life as a whole…”



“I can tell you!” Though I said this with my utmost confidence, I truthfully did not know whether my words were wise or foolish, “Life or whatever it is, I don’t have a single clue about it. The one thing I know about it is that many events will occur during our lives. Some may bless us with joy; some with bouts of sorrow; some with the light of hope; others with remorse and regret… All we can do is to struggle, resist, or surrender to them. This, in its entirety, depends on your attitude.”

“Okay! I choose to resist!” Fischer said, “You devil! COME ON! Fight me!”

I flung him far away with a kick.

“You dumbass!” I walked nearer and grabbed him up and whispered, “Are you absolutely sure that you can win against me?”


“Your Highness… my bro!” I said, “Whether you comply or resist, the one thing that cannot be avoided is what you have felt. If you need to have a duel to resolve matters as small as this, just how would you handle problems of greater severity?”

“But… it’s shameful… and… and…” Fischer said lowly.

“Which one?” I asked. I have seen countless incidents like this.

“Er… er…” Fischer blushed.

“Alright, I’ll tell Lucy tomorrow to let your two girls stop seeing any more customers.”

“Oh… good…”

“But, I have to remind you…” I pulled him back to the room, “As a man, it’s perfectly normal to care about your first woman to bed with. However, you must also know that their status will never be able to match up to yours…”

“I know… but… I feel a bit differently now… I don’t know what’s going on.”

“Easy there, buddy. Take it slow.”

“Honestly, I was confused; it was a weird feeling!” Fischer looked at me, “Truthfully, I was pissed off at you when I left the room. You know, I’ve never done this sort of thing before…I…”

“Me neither.” I meant in this life.

“But now, the only thing I wanna do is to share my happiness and joy with you over becoming a full-fledged adult. Really, it’s scary how once I walked out of that room, I became an adult…”

“Congrats, Fischer. You’ve grown up.”

“Aren’t you the same…”

“Ya, I forgot…”

“Come! For our ideals… we must work hard!” Fischer took my hands, “First things first, you can’t fake your death like the last time. I was so worried!”

“Haha, I won’t, I won’t!”

“Okay, let’s go!” Fischer kicked my away and said, “We’ve got loads to do tomorrow!”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter you two 🙂 It is so cute how innocent Fischer seems to be xD At first I thought his next women would be the one from the “foxy” chapter but now I think it is going to be Lucy. Cohen is gonna be the official governor of the land and the secret hidden dark Boss xD

        1. She’s three weeks from free and I’ve got over ten chapters stocked up.
          We are good. We’ve talked. You see, I don’t wanna disturb her these days because it’s obviously her crucial moments to reach for a happy summer life.
          Now don’t you guys worry, MadSnail is kind enough to take up the editing work, so soon the chapters will come out gradually.
          Also, strongly recommend MadSnail’s work: the Dark King. I’ve read through them all. It’s really something awesome.

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