Vol. 17: Chapter 08 – “I’m a Genius,”

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

The Dark Army’s strike against the capital stopped at dusk. Cohen Kheda did not want to exhaust sorcerers’ mana. Even so, there were still quite a few fainted sorcerers on the rebel side.

The next morning, sorcerers who had rested all night again were sent to the magic array and began preparing for the defense of the second round of magic strikes. 

Because of Leila’s insistence, Cohen was not able to eat anything yesterday. The King, who was in a state of hunger, was a bit annoyed and decided to wear the rebels out today. 

The most fundamental reason was that the existing conditions can not yet guarantee the smoothness of the battle, in the battle plan formulated by Cohen Kheda, there was still an important combat force that had not yet arrived, therefore the king had to stay hungry for an extra day. 

The operational meeting was soon over, and after arranging everything, the king sat at the top of the command turret with a cold face and a glass of wine. 

The trumpet blew, and the low voice spread across the battlefield. One by one, the troops of the Kheda house drove out from their camp and arranged themselves in an attack formation. The rebels on the walls could see an ocean of black flags. 

At the forefront were assault infantry, each group of soldiers protecting a siege vehicle. They wore tight armor, had a strong crossbow on their waist, a huge sword slung on their backs, and each held a huge shield in both hands that was higher than their heads, with small holes for observation on eye level. 

If it were not directly hit by a 200 pounds rock, such a set of gears can ensure a soldier to march down the wall. 

The second echelon was still the assault infantry, with swords in one hand and shields in the other. The shields were of course much smaller than front troops. However, they were equipped with a large number of siege towers and archers. 

Then the third echelon in the rear, which was the ‘treasure troop’ raised by the king himself, was called the multi-faceted army of war – the king’s guard. 

This troop had the best gear. The members were all the enlisted officers who were proficient in both mounted and infantry warfare. Given a horse, they were cavalrymen; when dismounted, they’ll be infantry. It was the minimum standard for every candidate. 

However, as a matter of fact, now the standard has been elevated to “being able to shoot an arrow on horseback and hold the ground off the horse; be good at long and short-range weapons; not afraid of extreme weather.” Its combat power was far superior to that of the AUF Champion Legion. 

Seeing the Dark Army was ready to attack, the rebel officer on duty hastily pulled the alarm bell and called the troops up to the city wall to strengthen the defense. They poured onto the platform at the waist of the wall, with hook fighters and lancers in front, sword and ax-throwers in the middle, and archers at the back. Quickly, the capital’s wall was overflowing with men. 

The army police wandered behind the wall as the officers laid out the defense, thinking that as long as they had everything ready, the Dark Army would not break through and soon be dead. 

Not long after, the Kheda army deployed catapults and began to strike the walls according to the regular siege warfare ritual. However, this time the ammunition was just regular rocks. The Dark Army commander had anticipated that the rebels had learned their lesson from yesterday, they hid behind solid shelters, so that they did not sustain major damage. 

After half an hour of continuous strikes came a huge wave of arrows from the Dark Army. The commanding officer raised his battle sword to tell the infantry in the front of the line to march. Hence they raised their huge shields with both hands and forced their way to the wall step by step. 

“Take positions – take position! Enemy troops are coming up!” The rebel officers hiding in the turrets poked their heads out of the back windows and shouted to the soldiers on the waist of the wall, the army police also came to their aid as the various soldiers were driven up to the top of the wall. 

Before they could take up their positions, Dark Army’s catapults tossed something again, but this time they threw the same thing that had scared everybody yesterday: the kerosene rocks! 

Because it was a head-on battle, the rebels on the wall were far more numerous and more densely arranged than yesterday. The fragile shells of the stone bombs would break on impact. The spilled kerosene hence brought the rebel soldiers tons of damage. Smoke filled the air, heating up the atmosphere, sending the city walls into chaos. 

The officers shouted and the soldiers scurried around with their hands covering their heads. Amidst the creepy screams, even the soldiers who had caught only a small fire on them felt like they were about to be burned to death. 

The second wave of stone-throwing attack extended the range, and each burning rock pounced on the backup soldiers. The roaring flames burned these wretches to run all over the street in defiance of the military order and finally died at the hands of the army police. 

The charging Kheda troops, however, stopped outside the range of the rebel’s marksmen and then slowly retreated. The sight made the rebel’s duty commander furious. 

“Counterattack! They’re retreating – counterattack!” 

A counter-attacking force was pushed out by the police then took several hundred flaming rocks after crossing the gates. They all turned into howling fire-men then fell to the ground smoking. 

“Good, good job.” King Cohen drained the liquid from his glass and instructed the herald, “Have the infantry in front put on heavy armor and run closer next time!” 

It seems that King Cohen had a keen interest in mistreating enemy troops, and strove to perfect the abuse. And the officers who followed the king always liked to out-perform the king’s weird ideas. Things like digging underground archer tunnels; wingman air sneak attacks; catapult and crossbow cart bombardment were deployed one after another, rendering the rebels’ prepared defensive tactics useless. 

By noon, such a farce has staged a total of three times, the group of rebels defending the walls had suffered heavy casualties. The ones that survived were also deformed by the torture. 

They dragged their tired bodies to the streets, all disheveled and dirty. Their tattered uniforms were full of small burnt holes, some of them were still smoking. This image made the morale of the other rebel troops suffer another blow. 

Just as soon as they changed their defenses, the fierce magical blows came again. 

On the other hand, the news about Bellatrix being captured to reinforce the city’s defense magic array was sent to Amart. Although he did not know what kind of person Bellatrix was, the name of this person was in the list of important people that King Cohen explicitly ordered to protect. Hence Amart called an urgent meeting with Marfa to study how to rescue her. 

It surprised Amart that after hearing this news, Marfa jumped up with excitement. 

“Hurry up and tell boss, once Aunt Bellatrix goes in, the array will fall!” Marfa grasped Amart’s hand with a big smile and said eagerly, “Change of plans, get the assault team to back me up. I will personally make contact with Bellatrix. I’ll extract her out while the assault team strikes!” 

“Who is this Bellatrix? Why is she so important?” 

“I can’t say a word about her. You’ll have to ask the boss.” Marfa smiled: “Even he has to behave in front of her, let alone us.” 

“Fine! Leave the outward communication to me. Do what you have to do.” Amart stood up, “Young Lord is as impressive as always. Look at the rebels on the street, they’re already dead inside.” 

“By the way, instruct our spies in the army, keep their eyes open.” Marfa came up to Amart and whispered, “This battle is special, boss doesn’t take prisoners.” 

Amart looked at Mafa and nodded slightly. 

A hideous-faced rogue intelligence agent crawled through the underground tunnels for a whole hour before emerging from the exit. He only had time to take a few breaths of fresh air and not even a sip of water before he was brought up to the high turret to meet King Cohen. 

“My king… king… king… Grace… I, I, I, I …… brought …… intelligence, report, report! ” Facing the idol of his heart, the king who was more honored than God, this agent was so nervous that he was trembling, and his eloquent tongue was involuntarily knotted: “I, I, I am, am, am ……” 

The sudden stuttering made all officers suffer and anxious. But no one dared to be reckless with the king’s presence. 

“Bring him water.” King Cohen smiled: “This guy is exhausted in the tunnels, sit down and rest first.” 

The rogue informant sat down on the floor with a big gasp on his butt, and after draining up a jug of water, he nodded gratefully, “Your Grace, I can talk now.” 

Then he said what Amart had explained as quickly as possible. 

After considering for a moment, King Cohen suddenly asked, “How is the situation in the city?” 

“Chaotic, too chaotic.” The rogue informant replied, “The motherfucking rebels are in total chaos, many soldiers are looting, even the shit of the police is looting. Resident’s rags have gone up to 5 silver coins a set. You can get a sword for a dime.” 

King Cohen nodded, his head pondering, filtering the entire battle plan from start to finish and making changes based on the latest intelligence. 

“You will go back immediately and tell Amart.” Cohen uttered a secret phrase: “Destroy the defensive magic formation as soon as I strike the east gate magic barrier with a chain of fireballs.” 

“Yes, Your Grace, understood.” 


Watching this intelligence officer descend the tower, Cohen looked to Leila and a telepathic message was transmitted to Leila’s brain, “When will the elders arrive?” 

Leila looked at Cohen with a calm look: “Tomorrow morning.” 

“Pass the order to the warlocks, there is no need to spare their mana anymore, fire at your own discretion.” Once he had an affirmative reply, Cohen immediately ordered, “All troops maintain cooperation, make sure to bring more chaos to the capital!” 

“Yes, Your Grace!” 

The herald hurriedly ran to the lower level to issue orders, and King Cohen secretly sighed and touched his stomach. Although he got good news, he still had to stay hungry for a day. 

The capital’s magic array was set up in a square not far from the altar, around which a military camp was built. All nearby districts were closely guarded by the rebels. 

The sorcerers who presided over the magic array were divided into 4 shifts and took turns to be on guard. Because of the fierce magical strikes from Dark Army, they added 2 extra shifts, otherwise, the sorcerers won’t have enough time to meditate. 

During the rebel’s magic assessment, Bellatrix had underperformed, which was a piece of cake for the sainted maiden of the capital sorcerer guild. 

Her face-altering magic did a good job too. She didn’t expect that the disguise magic she prepared for that little troublemaker Cohen would come in handy on her own. 

The funny thing was that the rebels had sent a sorcerer to explain the magic array to her, which was a painful ordeal for Bellatrix, who had to work very hard not to reveal what she had known, and convince them that she knew nothing about magic formations. 

Bellatrix and her 2 disciples were assigned to a shift. They had already taken a turn and learned the position of the magic array. When they finished their shift, they had to return to their chamber to rest under the supervision and were not allowed to step out of their rooms.

Having received the king’s instruction, the Chief Liaison officer did his best and finally got a job delivering meals for the sorcerers. To achieve it, Marfa had spent 300 in gold to place himself in the replacement of the replacement of a handyman. Then he tricked his predecessors to leave their post hours before lunchtime.

The reason why he had to do it personally was that Bellatrix simply wasn’t familiar to anyone else. On the other hand, half of Marfa’s magic knowledge was from this individual. When she was in Darkmoon instructing Cohen to use magic to change his face, Bellatrix was also Marfa’s teacher. 

“I am a genius.” Later, the chief liaison officer evaluated himself in this way. 

With his own face restored, Marfa carried the lunchbox and delivered the meals from room to room under the surveillance of the rebels. When he finally met Bellatrix, or it was Bellatrix who recognized him first. 

“Any spirit herb consommé?” Bellatrix turned to the rebel officer and asked, “The bread is hard to swallow.” 

Usually, any cook could make herb consommé, but spirit herb consommé was the exclusive cuisine of King Cohen’s mother, Katherine, and it was impossible for anyone who hadn’t lived in the Darkmoon Viceroy’s mansion to know about it. A single world had confirmed the two’s identities. Marfa’s heart was beating wildly.  However, he winced and stood aside, not daring to look up. 

“The witch is asking you!” The rebel officer kicked Marfa: “Have you?” 

“Yes, we have.” Marfa put on a scowling face, “We also have multi-tailed fish consommé.” 

The so-called ‘multi-tailed fish’ referred to a very precious ornamental fish, generally known as the “seven-colored, nine-tail fish”, the Darkmoon viceroy once had one. 

Later, it was caught and eaten by someone who told the parents that “the fish was drowned”, which had become a joke. ‘Fish with many tails’ was exactly what the troublemaker had called this fish. 

“Just do what the witch wants, and send it over later.” The officer chided and complained: “Wizards are just petulant.”

The critical contact concerning the course of the war was done by a bowl of soup. If Luhrmann knew, he would have torn the officer into pieces and fed him to the dogs.

After all was done, people inside and outside the capital city began to wait, although it was just less than a day, it was such a hard day for people led by King Cohen. 

At night, King Cohen summoned all senior officers to assign combat tasks. 

The operational plan was on the table, and although there were many details that were not disclosed, the officers did not pursue the matter because they all trusted King Cohen that this seemingly crazy plan would come to fruition. 

Crazy was the correct word because King Cohen did not explain how to break through that strong sacred capital magic formation. 

“Anyway, tonight we will use rocks to lay out several passages in the moat.” King Cohen concluded, “Except for the troops on guard, the rest should be ready and rest early.” 

“Yes, Your Grace!” 

“Write a circular and shoot into the city overnight. Tell the rebels that we will release the western access for them should they want to flee the capital.” Cohen stood up, “I will address the entire army before tomorrow morning’s general attack, dismissed.” 

After the officers left, the Chief of Staff slowly approached Cohen with a smile on his face. 

“I’m still hungry, but I won’t throw a tantrum.” Cohen glanced at him and said without a smile, “You have a depraved smile on your face.” 

Carlos hurriedly waved his hand: “You can’t talk nonsense! You’re the king now, I’ll be miserable if the secretary writes it down.” 

“Just what you want!” Cohen shook his head, “I have to rest early to save my strength.” 

“Oops! How the hell is the king starving?” Carlos sighed out of his mouth, “Boss, I have a message here, don’t act surprised.” 

Cohen looked at him and nodded his head. 

Carlos took a deep breath, “Rebel leader Luhrmann’s second daughter, Lisa, along with her husband, Laika, was captured by Brigadier General Wilder. They’ve arrived at our army camp.” 

Cohen stared at Carlos, his eyes changed a little. 

“Boss, what are you going to do with it?” 

“Me! I want the wingmen to catch the pair of bitches up high in the air before throwing them down, first with a million arrows and blast them to powder with magic before landing.” Having said that, Cohen sat down in his chair and smiled decadently, “You know what? The first time this young lord was injured was thanks to these two people.” 

“I’ve heard about it. It’s your first fight, and the fight that forged your rep!” Carlos smiled faintly and sat down on the table: “Boss, in fact, there’s no wrong in how you wanna deal with them. I also do not want to use any reason to convince you. But I think you understand the rules of this world.” 

Cohen’s face also showed a smile, but as soon as he opened his mouth, this smile turned vicious: “Nobles have to die noble, and I don’t intend to break that rule. The lives of these two bitches are not worth a penny. I can let them die in a noble way.” 

“Understood.” Carlos nodded and said, “I knew that wicked smile.” 

“You are older than me, you should understand my feelings. As the king of millions of people, I can’t have my own revenge. However, that’s not the king I intend to be. I can’t treat myself badly.” 

King Cohen’s open-minded conversation rendered Carlos speechless. Therefore he asked Cohen if he wanted to eat something. 

“Not in the mood.” Cohen waved his hand and leaned his head on the back of the chair, his eyes fixed on the top: “No sleep tonight.” 

As a henchman who had followed Cohen for many years, Carlos understood Cohen’s feeling, the kind of feelings that piled up purely with hurt and pain. 

The power of this kind of hurt was enormous, if not controlled, it would turn into a huge disaster. It was precisely for fear that Cohen could not control his emotions the moment the capital was breached, Carlos came for Cohen through this long dark night. 

At this moment, there is no one else to share the king’s load, Carlos can only harden his head and said, “Boss, what are you thinking! Tell me” 

“I think of the first time I fought, I think of the first trial combat. In those battles, I was always careful to protect the soldiers from sacrificing their lives.” Cohen untied his sword and rest it on the table: “In this battle tomorrow, our side will take revenge and the enemy will be desperate. At least there’ll be mass casualties near the city gates and the palace.” 

“It’s a war after all…” 

“In order to carry out my personal goals, they lay down their lives, this is not good.” Cohen took a silk handkerchief in his hand and wiped the scabbard: “I’m going to make my goal the collective goal of the entire empire. It’s decided.” 

Darkness gradually passed, a king and his henchman sat in silence opposite to each other until Leila’s arrival, “The elders have arrived.” 

Leila’s message came clearly into Cohen’s head. 

The king’s eyes suddenly gleamed, becoming as cold and sharp as a blade. 

This chapter was originally published on Wuxianation, any despicable reposts or copies without proper citings are strictly prohibited.

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