Vol. 17: Chapter 02 – Divine City Is About to Change Hands

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

As the commander of the Third Legion, Brigadier General Moya had been dead-busy these two days. According to Cohen’s order, the Third Legion must construct a defensive line at a distance of 100 miles from Carson City. Because of the detailed information on the number and types of enemy troops, these two targeted defensive positions had consumed Moya, as well as the whole army. From officers to soldiers, everyone in the Third Legion had exerted their wisdom limit. To utilize infantry fight cavalry, which was an incredible thing, to begin with.

The Legion staff had a hard time choosing an ideal location, and finally picked the current spot which was a place on the road leading directly to the city of Carson.

It was a narrow land of wilderness, surrounded by mountains. Thirty miles ahead was the Grand Canyon leading to Divine City. A wide river nearby passing it came out of the canyon and divided the wilderness in two, and the rebels would certainly escort the supplies through here.

The defensive positions were also divided into two by the river, each defending the distance from the river bank to the mountainside, the left position being five miles wide and the right position three miles wide and eight miles deep. So far, nothing strange could be seen on the above, but the ground below was full of deadfalls and traps.

The engineers have also repaired a dozen pontoon bridges behind the positions to make the mobilization easier. Behind the positions was Third Legion’s shabby field camp, where all the reserve forces were located, including Commander Moya’s only deadly force: two cavalry regiments.

Other troops, including field infantry, assault infantry, special combat regiments, and reconnaissance regiments, were already in position, and the engineer regiments were still desperately digging underground.

It was already the third day, and Brigadier General Moya was shuttling the positions with his adjutants, carefully checking the defense and boosting morale in the process.

“Sir… Sir Moya!” A guard called from above.

Moya, dressed in regular officer’s uniform, agreed and climbed out of the tunnel, shaking the mud from his body, and walked over.

“Chief Moya, Commander Cohen is here.” Although the guard lowered his voice, he could hardly hide his excitement: “He’s at the camp!”

“Got it, keep it low.” Moya was not surprised at all by the king’s sudden visit.

When Moya returned to the camp, Cohen just looked at him and couldn’t stop laughing. Even the General Staff Officer, who had never joked much, followed. Moya was very confused. Leila’s presence made it even worse. General Moya blushed.

“Moya Moya Moya! You are at least a brigadier general, sometimes you can just leave the jobs to your subordinates!” Cohen made a gesture to Leila, who turned around and brought a towel. Cohen walked over and handed it to him: “Look at your face, what a painting.”

“I went to inspect the battlefield.” Moya smiled shyly, took the towel, and wiped his face vigorously: “These things are very important, I have to do it myself.”

“Where are your guards?” Cohen’s brows furrowed: “Are they not taking care of you?”

“Well, they! I delegated them as low ranking officers.” Moya smiled nervously: “The situation is so intense now, and they are good army men, how unfortunate that they had to stay with me and not put in good use.”

“You…” Cohen glared at Moya, but finally gave a resigned sigh and turned to call, “Malphite!”


“Give Moya a team of guarding troops, and allocate fifty reserved members from the Royal King’s guard for his protection.”

“Yes, sir!”

“These are my men, sort of on loan to you.” Cohen threatened: “Try delegating these men again, and I’ll skin you.”

“Well, I won’t.”

“How are the battlefields prepared?” Cohen walked to the map, “The rebels will be here soon, are you confident?”

“No problem on the defense, but the assault force of the Third Legion is not enough, and five thousand cavalries cannot claim a big win.”

“I’ve brought cavalry, they’re almost here.” Cohen smiled: “Have you left a leeway in the fields? Don’t fall into your own trap when the time comes.”

“I did.” Moya asked, “Sir, what exactly is your plan?”

“The general staff officer has been asking the same thing. Oh, I’ll tell you now! Come, sit down.” Cohen pulled over a chair, “Actually, the situation for both the rebels and us is very simple. In several previous meetings, I was deliberately complicating this battle to let commanders at all levels, especially the captain level, practice to think. Check it out, two captains have already written to remind me. “

Sitting aside Carlos asked, “How is it simple? Personally, I think the situation is complicated. There are remnants of rebels in the outer defensive line, and the rebels in the inner defensive circle are all elite, and we will be mired if we misconduct even a bit.”

“The rebels on the outer perimeter have low combat power. They are broken from intelligence and logistical supply and are completely unaware of what is happening outside. They dare not to come out, so they are not a threat.” Cohen tapped his fingers on the table, “As for the inner circle! Carson and the capital are both key cities, each with a garrison of 50, 000, four hundred miles apart. These two lonely cities can not make a difference with the current resource. The only variable in the whole war is this 100, 000 counterattack troops!”

“That’s true, 400 miles is not a long distance. Mounted troops can arrive in two days if they march sharply.” Moya followed Cohen’s train of thought: “And the distance of four hundred miles does not concern logistics at all, they can reinforce a certain city at any time, or even push to fight with us in the field, they are able to pull that off.”

“Wait sir, in that case, the Second Legion is in danger!” Carlos suddenly stood up, his eyes staring straight at Cohen: “The rebels were drawn out by us, and if the Second Legion raided Divine City, it couldn’t be done within a mere one or two days! By that time, if the rebels spare several thousand to tie us up here and the rest circled back to reinforce the capital…”

“Yes! If we assault, then the rebel force will turn back to hit us.” Cohen smiled, “Your brain is not bad, Sir Staff Officer.”

“I thought earlier that Cohen had other plans, that’s why I didn’t stop him. But ……” Carlos was in a hurry: “Change the plan! It’s not too late!”

“Don’t be in a hurry! I have arrangements.” Cohen waved his hand easily: “When I left, I gave an order to the officers, you are now appointed as the commanding officer of our operation in Carson City. Go back and take up your duties! I’ll take it from here.”

“But ……”

“But what? Don’t you trust my ability?” Cohen stood up and laughed a few times: “Don’t worry about it, this is the place where the rebels will be buried. What I’m worried about instead is the small number of troops besieging Carson, only you can pull that off.”

“Then ……” Carlos glanced at Moya: “Brigadier General Moya, the king is in your hands.”

“Save it! What are you talking about?” Cohen was dissatisfied with the staff officer’s words, “Am I a child!?”

“Rest assured! Sir staff officer, the commander will be fine.” Moya stood up, “And he is right, this is destined to be the place where the rebels will be buried.”

“It’s only true that I’m destined to have a hard life, following such a boss, my youth will fly by.” The general staff officer sighed and grumbled as he walked over to Leila: “Ms. Leila, I think you should understand the importance of the king. No matter what you have to do, protect him, the fate of the empire depends on it.”

Seeing Leila nodded slightly, the general staff officer then sighed and left the door.

(Divine City, the Imperial Palace)

The Hand of the King, meticulously dressed, was reporting armament to Luhrmann. A handful of people were standing beside him, all of whom were Luhrmann’s own confidants. Most of the court members were not qualified to attend such a life-and-death meeting.

“…… Kheda’s army has arrived at Carson City two days ago, and the latest intelligence said that they had already started attacking the city. Cohen Kheda’s main forces, catapults, and other siege weapons amounted to more than two thousand, were smashing the city wall. ” The Hand looked at the information in his hand, “After several battles, Kheda’s army should be very tired.”

Luhrmann gently shook the wine glass in his hand: “What is the situation of Carson City? How many days can it hold on?”

“Your Grace, there are 50,000 defenders and sufficient supplies, I think they will have absolutely no problem defending for half a month.” A general stepped forward: “And the 100,000 troops we have prepared for the counterattack have already set off, a distance of 400 miles will take two days. When they meet outside Carson, Kheda’s army will be sandwiched. It’ll be their time to cry.”

“Do not underestimate Cohen Kheda! He does have a unique with the troops.” Luhrmann put down his glass and looked a bit grave: “Have you thought about it, what if he arranges an army to raid Divine City?”

“Your Grace, we have thought of it. The defense of Divine City can’t be broken in half a month, if Cohen Kheda arranges a troop to attack the capital, then our 100,000 cavalries can return in no time and destroy this sneak attack!”

“Are you sure our cavalry can turn around?” Luhrmann stood up, his eyebrows knitted together, “They won’t be held back by Cohen Kheda’s army?”

“Your Grace, it would take a hundred thousand cavalry to hold them back unless the God of Light steps in.” The general replied with a smile, “Our battle plan had been revised many times, the size of 100,000 cavalries was not just set down, even the Hand was involved.”

“Oh?” Luhrmann turned his head to look at the Hand, “Tell me about it.”

“Okay, Your Grace, actually it is not difficult to understand, we have carefully studied the enemy’s strategy, they have at most 100,000 troops to attack Carson, and their cavalry that can match with our reinforcements is at most 50,000. Apart from the area around the capital, there was only the terrain around Carson left to start a confrontation. Naturally, they are at an inherent disadvantage.” The Hand carefully explained for Luhrmann: “From the capital to Carson, our 100,000 cavalries do not have to worry about the supply, which is the most vital, and have the strength to fight on any location.”

“In that case, can we win?”

“That is certainly true. Your Grace, our cavalry can walk and fight, and with Divine City as our support, we can create a force advantage at any point.” The general replied excitedly, “With this battle, Cohen Kheda’s way is at an end!”

“That’s certainly good.” Luhrmann let out a long breath: “After all, the Kheda family has shallow roots and insufficient power! With only 150,000 troops, how dare they launch an attack?”

“If they don’t attack, the Kheda family will be forgotten by the world.” The Hand took over Luhrmann’s words, “That’s good, let the Kheda family retire from history! We can also save a lot of time.”

“Well, I don’t know much about military matters. All of you must work together and finish the battle well.” Luhrmann resumed his seat: “After the victory, you will all be the founding fathers of the empire, and you will certainly be treated differently from other court members!”

“Thank you, Your Grace!”

“Go down and prepare well! The glory lies in this war, fight well!”

“Yes, Your Grace!”

The Hand said goodbye to the officials and returned to his residence in a glowing manner. The guards who sent him back looked at him and thought it was a good sign that this pivotal minister of the empire was not worried about the situation at hand.

As soon as he entered the inner courtyard, the Hand yelled for a drink, his demeanor, and expression no longer old or dignified. He was exactly the same as the strange Hand Cohen had seen in the garden that night.

“Look at the way you are dancing with your hands.” The mistress put down the wine jug and jeered, “What happy thing have you discovered this time?”

“The boring life comes to an end, my little kisser.” The Hand replied with a smile while pouring himself wine: “I am very satisfied with the current development of the Kheda family. Have you packed your things yet?”

“What are you talking about? What do we have to pack?” The mistress, uncertain and puzzled, asked, “What is it, exactly?”

“Cohen Kheda’s army is coming, and Luhrmann is sitting on pins and needles.” The Hand drained his glass of wine and exhaled with satisfaction, “How exciting to see that Divine City is about to change hands!”

“Are you dreaming? You’re Luhrmann’s most important court member, and here you are, actually happy that the enemy is making progress?” The mistress rolled her eyes, “Besides, I read the papers, it’s not all good news on Cohen Kheda’s end either.”

“How is it not optimistic?” The Hand spread his hands: “In my opinion, the situation is developing very well!”

“No matter how powerful Cohen Kheda is, his soldiers are all ordinary people, and after many battles and no time to rest, how can he still have the strength to attack Divine City? Could he be slaughtering 100,000 cavalrymen by himself?” The mistress pointed at the Hand’s nose: “You! Think about it!”

“Wanna bet on it!” The Hand was not discouraged: “I say that Cohen Kheda will trample Divine City within ten days. His troops will not suffer serious casualties.”

“Do you know something I don’t?” The mistress asked curiously, “Or that Cohen Kheda has more than 150,000 troops?”

“I know no more than you do, but I have faith in this man. In fact, sending the cavalry is my idea. If Cohen Kheda is a mediocre man, he will perish at the hands of this army; if he is indeed an unique individual, he will accept this great gift without hesitation. We have to pack up and move while we can.” The Hand put away his smile: “How about it, do we have a wager?”

“You got it.”

“Well then, we’ll move outta here in three days, the result of the war should come out clear by then.” The Hand stood up, “O Divine City! Such a beautiful place, but hopefully Cohen Kheda will show mercy.”

“If he wins, this will be his capital. You think he’s gonna destroy it?”

“No, you think wrong, Cohen Kheda is a simple man, he hates Luhrmann. It’s that simple, so simple that there are no conditions, no compromises. And Luhrmann understands this. The battle for the capital is bound to be bitter.” The Hand sighed: “If Luhrmann’s army does not surrender, it is not impossible that Divine City will be turned into rubble.”

“What makes you think Cohen Kheda will win? What about your cavalry! Even if they don’t resist and let you kill, you’ll have to do it till your hands are weak.”

“As far as the situation at hand is concerned, Cohen Kheda has three options, a final confrontation for the capital, a divided attack, or a bait to have the enemy surrounded and destroyed.” The Hand leaned close to his mistress and explained in detail for her: “The first one is too far in terms of casualties, which Cohen Kheda cannot afford; and a split attack is too risky, which Cohen Kheda will not do such a foolish thing; so he will choose to entice the enemy to besiege and annihilate. Luhrmann’s 100, 000 horsemen are on a path of no return, they can’t see the city of Carson, and they can’t get back to Divine City.”

“Is Cohen Kheda …… really that powerful?”

“Probably! He acted as if he’s gonna do a final fight, and vaguely revealed the intention of dividing and besieging, just to lure these 100, 000 cavalry out.” The Hand whispered, “Those fools in the headquarters have fallen for it, and I’m happy to go along with it. And they still dream of defeating Cohen Kheda!”

“Is the war that much fun? Look at the way you’re excited.”

“As far as I’m concerned, war is not fun.” The Hand smiled lightly, “In fact, Luhrmann was conscious of his fate. You know, he had secretly sent his daughter away.”

“In that case, it seems that this man Cohen Kheda is a bit eye-catching.” The mistress nodded: “All right! I’ll pack up your favorite things so that you won’t blame me again then.”

The caravan of the second princess, daughter of Luhrmann, had already left the border of Morning Dew(a Swabian province) on this day and arrived at a medium-sized city that night. Further on was the vast and richest plains of the Swabia Empire.

The caravan stopped at the forecourt of the city lord’s residence, where the lord and his wife had been waiting for a long time. They respectfully welcomed the princess and her lord husband into the inner hall.

“The room is ready, my princess and Lord Laika. Enjoy your dinner.” The city lord led the way: “You can rest after dinner.”

Princess Lisa nodded ceremoniously and walked towards the banquet hall accompanied by her husband. After the attendant by the door bowed, he opened the door of the hall.

“Odd,” Laika whispered.

“What?” Lisa looked at her husband as the two walked and talked, having stepped into the hall door.

“I mean the attendants, aren’t they supposed to open the door first before the courtesy?” Laika said, “They did it afterward.”

“Waiters from small places. Pardon their manners.”

The conversation was abruptly suspended as they saw a stout man in golden armor sitting at the table by the window, staring at the place with a smirk while cutting meat with a table knife.

Laika quickly drew his sword, dashed forward, and shielded his lady. Without commands, their guards also made a circle around their masters. The strange appearance of this man was definitely not in a good way!

The door of the banquet hall has been shut without a sound. Now it was only silence in the empty hall. Only the sound of the dinner knife and fork clattering against each other. Princess Lisa has just noticed that this subtle sound in the ears will also make people chill.

“Who are you!” Laika, while observing the environment of the hall, spoke out, “How dare you, now back off!”

The man was not eager to answer, but put a piece of meat into his mouth and chewed it carefully for a few bites before he put down his knife and fork and stood up. An exquisite armor reflected the surrounding light, making his figure even more magnificent. Laika was at least a head lower.

“I have a brother. Once, he wore God’s armor, ate a steak in front of a group of nobles … quite a peaceful man but scared a group of six. So I also wanna try.” The man stepped forward: “But I found that the knife and fork are really fucking hard to use, and the half-cooked meat tastes bad.”

“Who the hell are you!”

“You don’t know me, but I know you, and the bitch behind you. You call yourself a fucking princess?” The man heckled and sneered as he continued to approach with his hand on the hilt of his sword: “Take me as your fate. I have just arrived, and so have you. Lucky for me but unlucky for you to fall into the hands of Wilder!”

“Wilder?” Lisa screamed as the dizziness struck her body. This name, and the meaning behind it, was not something she can withstand at this moment.

In the front yard came a harsh scream

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