Vol. 13: Chapter 09: Fury

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Translated by Tianic, edited by Grammarly

I picked up the habit of early-rising since I’ve been spending the majority of my time in the army. Therefore I was wandering in the garden of emptiness before everyone else was asleep.

I was fond of morning sunshine for its lack of dazzle and the additional fresh air.

The air, yes, sweet air, tempting me. I sniffed greedily. The freshness swirled in my lungs then passed onto my brain and limbs. I could feel my body turned lighter. What a perfect morning.

If only I didn’t sleep in the study last night, it would’ve been a brilliant start of the day. What was I thinking?


I discovered the king who I devoted my ligeance to. He was aglow.

“Good morning to you, my king.” I greeted Fischer faintly, and found myself a stair to sit.

“Are you alright?” Fischer let his guards secure the perimeter and sat beside me, “Are you angry at someone?”

“For god sake, Fischer, this is not my angry face. This viceroy is concerning the empire and its people. Am I great?” I rolled my eyes at him, joked, “And what brought you up this early?”

“Me?” Fischer smiled weakly, “Because I felt the happiness.”

“Ewwww! Goosebumps!” I used my arms to hug myself, pretending to be jealous.

“Come on, don’t blame me for you sleeping in the study, nor did I ask you to walk in the garden with your armor on. Blame yourself.”

“Is it too late to say I was jealous?”

“You have every right to be.” Fischer praised, “If you’re jealous, that means I’m happy.”

“Okay, okay, you win!” I clapped.

Fischer laughed 3 times to the sky, then hugged my shoulders, “Cohen, thank you.”

“For what?”

“Anything, can’t you let me say thank you?” Fischer tightened his arm, “Thank you for everything you’ve done. If it weren’t for you, I don’t even know what my life would’ve become.”

“Mark it in your brain.” I nodded, “Well, I prefer cash if you ever wanna return the favor.”

“Piss off.” Fischer kicked my butt, “Walk with me. Quit sitting there. It’s freaking early in the morning.”

Therefore the two of us started strolling, shoulder to shoulder, talking about the war.

“If, I said if, the rebels were defeated. What’s your plan?” Fischer asked faintly.

“I…” I thought, “I’m gonna let the 3 cardinals pay, I wanna…”

“Cohen, I mean if the rebels were exterminated. Every single enemy was destroyed.” Fischer interrupted, “What would you do next?”

“What should I do? How could I know?” I continued thinking, “Or first I should fight for my right to sleep in the bedroom with my wives.”

“Count as one, what else?”

“Then leave all that Dark City shit to my father.” I replied thoughtfully, “Take my girls out, anywhere they wanna go. I’ll be mad if I am a viceroy forever.”

“Huh, you be mad immediately if your old man heard what you said.” Fischer chuckled, “Well, care to hear my plan?”

I nodded.

Fischer gazed at me with his sincere eyes, “Okay, when you and your wives skipped your duties and travel, would you mind bringing 2 extra passengers?”

I gazed back, also with my sincere eyes, “Like… who?”

“You know, Cohen, I admire you for being a smart ass.” Fischer hesitated, “These 2 being me and another lady.”

“That is not a problem.” I said mysteriously, “But the money’s on you.”

Fischer nodded, “okay, Cohen, I think I’m gonna talk to your father about one of your dreams.”

“Never mind. We’ll split the expenses, half and half.” I quickly put on an obsequious face, “That works for you?”

“Nope, I’m not paying a penny.” Fischer grew intoxicated, “Because I’m your king.”

“Oh! Roger that, Your Majesty. I’ll solve the money problem.” I humph-ed, “So my king, how did you feel the happiness this early in the morning?”

“What?” Fischer smiled, “I have a date with a lady in this garden. I think she wants to make a lei for me.”

Next Fischer was confused with the shaking of my head.

“I’m afraid you might expect the lei a while later because you’ll have to audience a group of ladies you invited.” I saw the officer who was in charge of guarding the fleet carrying the nobility ladies, he was coming for me.

“Why does it have to be me?”

“Haha, why not.” Now I was intoxicated, “Because you’re my king.”

The officer came by my side, telling me the fleet was waiting by the gate. Although Fischer was reluctant to go, he had to.

I was beyond joyful. Laughed, I turned my body, only to find 5 angry ladies with flowers in their hands.

“Good morning, princess, my ladies!” I put away the laughter, “I know I’m particularly handsome today, but don’t look at me like that.”

Carey approached and she was not friendly.

“Carey, that was only a joke.”

“A few days earlier, Winterhard sabotaged the king’s alone time with Bernie, now you! Why did you have to do it!?” Carey wouldn’t want to let me get away.

“Come on, Carey, it’s just a little while, then he’ll be back.” I was so wronged, “It’s the king’s job to see the nobility ladies first. I can’t help him with that.”

Having said that, I began striding to the gate, thinking I’d give back Fischer’s time with the princess. Striding as I thought about the war.

However, a shrilling alert from the gate pierces my ears, then several earth-shattering bangs.

(My gosh, Fischer is at the gate NOW!)

Without hesitation, I quickened my steps.

“Sir, weapon!” Malphite picked up his pace and tossed my black blade.

“Seal the city gate!” Unknown to what happened, I shouted orders to a guard near me, “Guards, protect the mansion. IGT assemble at the front door!”

“Yes, sir!

(Fischer, don’t!)

When I rushed to the front square of my mansion, I was stunned to see the destruction of the front door of my home. I was left with a gigantic mess: dark gas and smoke filled the air. Dozens of guards’ bodies scattered in blood. The nobility ladies’ carriages had only frames left.

A giant white light ball was moving quickly not far from me as several fragmentary guards were tossed from it.

I roared, eyes reddened.


Blade out, howled, I charged forward. However, like crashing into an invisible wall, my body was forced back to the ground. The wall paralyzed my limbs at the same time.

The giant ball began spinning. It moved along the main road as it speeded up, more soldiers were grinded into a mista of blood.

I slowly regained control of my body before my father’s voice came from behind, “What happened?”

“I don’t know.” I was in a state of utter stupefaction, “Fischer’s missing.”

“Sir, 6 masked men have kidnapped His Majesty, heading south!” A guard came running to me from a distance.

I dazed then tried to talk to my father before Malphite, who stood beside, roared. The next moment, he threw his dagger at me.

Nearly instinctively, I dodged the dagger. It brushed against my ears and stuck into the earlier guard’s head.

Blood splashed, he fell and died.

A sharp blade was firmly holding in his hand.

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