Aurora God — Prologue

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Hihi, Cherry is burning the candle by trying something new. Please give it a read and please leave comments as to what I should change, add, and/ or do to make story awesome. Thanks guys!!!



Somewhere beyond the Aurora Continent…


“ It is time my guardians.”


“Ahh how fast a millennial goes by.”


Back on the Aurora Continent…


“ Uncle Zhi look, the sky is so pretty so many colors!”


“ Yes it is quite a sight isn’t it Guang’er, though it appears that the time has come again. How long has it been now…”


“Uncle Zhi, Uncle Zhi, you’re spacing out again.”


“I’m sorry Guang’er, it appears that I am going to have to leave for a while, there is something I have to do.”


“Awww but you promised to play with me tomorrow Uncle Zhi, what’s so important that you have to leave me.” *pouts


“Ahh Guang’er you are still young, but this is something I must do, I will be back as fast as I can. I promise, now be a good girl when I am gone and listen to your second uncle.”


Before the formation of the Aurora Continent, the world was a sea of chaos, led amok darkness by Serpenes. The sovereign of the higher plane couldn’t stand to see the loss of the innocent and sealed Serpenes away. But that wasn’t enough to keep her at bay, soon Serpenes would rise and with no one to stop her, the world would once more plunge into darkness.


This is where it all begins, the night of the Aurora, the new future celestial sovereign is born, the one chosen by the 12 guardians who will lead the world into an era of light, and his name is Xing Huang.

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