Aurora God — Chapter 1

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Hihi, Cherry is burning the candle by trying something new. Please give it a read and please leave comments as to what I should change, add, and/ or do to make story awesome. Thanks guys!!!

Chapter 1: Hope


As it has always been in life, the weak will always bow down to the strong while the strong will always stand tall as the proud sons of heaven. This was basic knowledge that everyone had, no matter the time nor the place. This had always stood true for the Xing clan, if one were to say that they were a son of heaven, then the Xing clan would be known as the true descendants of heaven.


For the past 45 odd years, the Xing clan had been the ones controlling everything behind the scenes. The king himself had to be cautious of his words, that in itself showed how the people revered the Xing clan. But all of that was about to change, because of the loss of their ancestor who was a Mid-Aura Saint. The tides of power were turning, and darkness was rising once more.


These past 45 years were not just a show of power and a case of the strong bullying the weak. Rather, the Xing clan had been tasked with the duty of protecting the Draconic Continent from an evil force, thus was the decree handed down to them by one of the 12 Astral Deities.



“ Huang’er you must listen carefully to what father has to say. Our friends have turned against us, chaos is rising once again, and you are our only hope. You might not understand much of what I am saying now but I will instill what you must know deep into your mind and once you reach certain heights, all will be revealed to you…”


At that, a vortex of light hit the young boy as he was sent hurtling to God knows where.


“ He is still so young, will he be okay?” Piqued the boy’s mom.


“All will be okay, he will succeed, he must. Once we activate the forbidden formation, all will cease till he comes back. Let us hope that he will find the power to once again lock up this darkness, only time will tell…” The father spoke.



‘Crash! Bang!’ “ Be quiet you are going to wake him up, he needs to rest!” A female voice sounded.


“ Sorry, it slipped out of my hands, I will go off to work now, hopefully by the end of this week we will have enough money to move out of this small place and give him a better living environment.” Sighed the man.


Unknown to what was occurring at the moment, Xing Huang’s conscious finally had taken hold of an apparently sick and weak boy. Though they share the same name, their lives could be considered as different as heaven and hell. He only could remember tads of what happened, and from what he knows. This place was definitely not home.


Apparently, it was some place called Aurora and cultivators here were very few and were mainly known as the Organization. They were sort of like bounty hunters and were also this country’s private army, and they also did some odd jobs as well; with the right payment. He had to obtain power, he had to get stronger that was the only way that he was going to be able to find out what happened and to return home.


When he finally opened his eyes, he noticed that there was something that faintly glowed from within. He lifted up his shirt and saw a tattoo of a dragon on his left chest. All of a sudden, it just disappeared, but he could feel that it was still there.


From what he could gather about this life, his parents were called Xing Shen and Qiu Mingxia. His father Xing Shen was your average worker who tried to give his family the best. While his mother could be described as a goddess, she was kind, loving, and beautiful. They loved him even more than normal parents since he was poor in health since birth and needed to be taken cared of most of the time, though he was now 10 years old, he hasn’t ever stepped into a school building nor has he any friends.


“ When I grow up I will repay them for their love and care.”


This was the beginning of the birth of a new Astral Deity.

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