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Dear readers,

Normally, I would be posting this announcement by the end of next week.

To tell the truth, I was outraged by this specific comment so I’m doing it now.

You all have to understand that we don’t have license or permission to translate The Dark King and In a Different World With Naruto System.

I and my friend who began WuxiaNation entered the scene as a fan-translation group. I will always be a fan translator (as I won’t have sponsored chapters or patreon ones and so on). But I have asked many translators to join us out of their own free will and I respect their choices when they opt out to use paypal donations for sponsored chapters or patreon.

Now it hurts my feelings when I see the comments where people accuse either me or fellow wuxianation translators doing translations for the sake of money. What did change? Why nobody cared about this issue when we were posting chapters day and night without a penny in return?

Anyway, I’m really disappointed with this minority of readers who know nothing but whine.

Let’s get back to the real topic. The announcement was made in rush so don’t expect much details.

Although Qidian has been demonized in the community but I have to tell you guys that we have had good impression on them because of cooperative talks in the last 1 month or so. The translations of the The Dark King and In a Different World With Naruto System will be published in Qidian International’s website. Right now, the chapters for IDWWNS have been uploaded by steady to their google drive and I hope soon enough they will be published and you will get your daily doses.

As for The Dark King, the first 100 chapters are being re-edited. Hopefully soon enough TDK will be published in Qidian international’s website. Afterwards expect the releases to be there. (IF there is anyone who wants to see fast releases then help us out with editing)

I haven’t and will not sign a contract with Qidian. I’ll do it for FREE. I won’t accept any kind of money from Qidian’s side as I had begun this for the sake of fans. Moreover I’m planning to see TDK being completed by me. We will do our best to make sure that financial proceeds coming from the TDK would go to ORIGINAL author.

I would like to thank all of you who have been with us since the beginning and I don’t care whether you whine or not. Actually, my rage has diminished and I’m feeling pretty fine by now. We are what we are because of our TEAM, readers and yaoi sect on discord channel?

EDIT: We have always let people voice out their opinions (no oppression) even though sometimes they just write unreasonable stuff. However it doesn’t mean that you can go on writing all the shit that popes out in your head. KTHX

Best Regards,


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  1. Cheers for the translations so far and into the future. I really appreciate all you have done for me and the community.

  2. While i do appreciate free translation know that going MIA no comment over 2 weeks with patreon posting is justifiably enraging. With Qidian payment system looming over the horizon it is easy to see some translator might be affected by the delicious payment system.

    There has been a long string of comment on ch 300 on your site yet there are no reply until i made the reporting comment. Does this show you do not care until you are called out (similar to corporate behavior when they are called out on twitter) ?

    Certainly 14 days is not a lost cause in causing rage without proper communication.

    1. read the announcement. I’ll be translating chapters for qidian for FREE.
      I responded to you because I felt that it was my responsibility and I have let down steady in this sense. It has nothing to do with steady. I actually have discord chat logs where steady asked me to make an announcement about this issue. It caught my attention when I read your comment by chance.
      It still doesn’t change the fact that you could have, for the sake of free 300 chapters you had read until now, contacted steady on your own.

      1. I read it. I didn’t say its you i’m saying some translator might be persuaded.

        also regarding communication yes i did, i commented directly on ch 300 along with a lot of other people.

        Thats basically communicating on the heart of the problem no ? also since comment need moderation to show it shown that someone did read it.

        so you did have someone who read all those comment on the page.

        1. at least do you understand that all what you have written and called people over to sign is irresponsible because everything was based on your imagination and speculations?

        2. So, there is a Discord channel where you can contact the staff, and yet you got all bongers on the comment section that you have no updates and whatever. Dude, really, you simply are either too lazy to find a way to check how things are or you’re a troll that tries to boo at people just because. Yes they were late with the anouncement, but if you were SO concerned why haven’t you directly contacted them? It’s like writing one line and pressing ENTER on Discord… And by the way, are you a even a patron? You just hide behind a nickname and spew things like that, it’s like you’re doing it not because you’re concerned but because you have other motives… “I don’t care about the real reason. all i know is he STILL POST on patreon but stop posting here.” this sentence simply shows that, you don’t care at all and just want to mess up things for people…

    2. Quit being a f*****g hypocrite! What rights do you have to accuse the Translators? It is great, if there are people who translate novels for free, but even if they use patreon to get some money, you still have no right to accuse them. Stop complaining like a little baby. Why don’t you sacrifice your free time and translate? It is a privilige for people like us to read novel translations for free or even for a bit of money. There is no”I HAVE THE RIGHT TO READ ALL TRANSLATED NOVELS FOR FREE. TRANSLATE FOR ME YOU BI****S”. Go buy the original Novel and read it… Or learn the language and translate yourself. Instead of being a hypocrite and playing the victim, shut the fuck up and be grateful for all the hard work the translators have done so far. Actually, it’s best if you stop reading translated novels, as people like you who only complain, accuse and cry don’t deserve to feel good from other peoples hard work. Work hard yourself first! BTW what right do you have for raging? That you can’t leach as much as you want? Grow up. People have their right to take rest or simply cut back on replying etc. @MadSnail: Thanks for your hard work and all the translations.

  3. Personally, I think that you should get paid from quidian, yes translating can be a hobby, but a hobby should at least provide you with benefices, so for fan’s like me who can’t donate because of living situation, are more than happy if you get paid ^^’, and fuck that person, go report your ass, let us read in peace

    1. thanks for sharing your thoughts. The money that should be paid to me will be sent to author. So I think quality and quantity of releases will increase. I will enjoy translating and readers will enjoy reading..

    2. I am with Oushaki , with problem of money too XD . I am only say Gambatte and Arigato about the translate in this site =). If you need money okay for me ,because its a lot of work . I dont think you are crazy for money because I see others group move about that and here isnt that .Of course I dont think is bad . If you want some money , Some groups for example take some money for do it more fast and that for me isnt bad . The only group bother for me the was in charge of “I am monarch” but isnt this site (If you want to know I talk why)
      I think you dont have to take so chest (dont care so much)
      I love this site fast realese , good novels , a hug from Argentine with out a penny a fan of novels =)
      (Posdata if you put ads to click to going to chapter I suport the site)

  4. It breaks my heart to see TDK in quidian but if this is ok with you guys… so be it.
    And about the patreon thing , at least those patreons help the traslation to keep going…

  5. I and many others out here appreciate everything you’ve done so far. Plus people need to consider that translators are people too. Real life interferes with every planned schedule and especially lately there are problems with how the issue of qidan will be dealt with. I am in support of novels on both sides but the conflict has major issues for certain translators. Also some translators don’t post anything for over a month but that doesn’t mean we should all just complain about them.

  6. Random question….. I know you, master mad snail, is doing this for free out of the goodness of your kind soul, how will qidan generate revenue from hosting your work? From my understanding the multiple different ways are from ads/page views, donating, sponsored chapters, or paywall… if I’m missing any please let me know. I’m curious what avenues Qidan will take, even with your stance of free for people and helping author. There is so much hype, arguing, ranting, and tons of craziness happening all over the place. Just would like to hear from one of my favorite translators. TDK has been my favorite since I’ve discovered it a few months ago. It has been a fun ride. I enjoyed every minute with you and the random posts of missing a nightly upload due to your drunken escapades. LOL. I enjoyed hearing about things outside of the novel about how you are doing on your end. Also, is there a clear percentage of how the funds raises will be divvied up (this much going to “qidan” vs how much the author actually gets)?

    Anyways, much love and will follow where ever you go madsnail.

    1. Thanks for the sweet words. Actually i have been sober for a week but it won’t last long(monthly reports were due Anyway, I’ve yet to see contract so I can’t say anything yet. However, the amount that qidian will get already gets divided with the author. In our case, the author will get all the revenue that has to go to translator. I assume Gu Xi will be pleased

  7. I absolutely love the work that’s u have done with the dark king. THe rate of the releases is incredible. The amount of effort u have put in is beyond. It does not make sense to me why people are complaining. I’m eztremely relieve that u have decided to keep translating.. it would be a shame to drop this fantastic novel

  8. We (Splitty fan club) are 100% behind you, MadSnail and team!
    *Have another drink and be happy!*

    “One piece of rat shit spoils the whole pot of porridge!” 🙁

    Please continue to post TDK on WuxiaNation (as well as QI) – the King Avatar is hosted on both Gravity Tales and QI platforms. I for one, very much prefer to read on WuxiaNation.

  9. Hi madsnail and co.
    I would like to thank you for all the work you’ve done so far. I still remember when it was just the TDK, ahhh the good old days.
    To be honest I’m not a reader of IDWWNS( I hope I’m spelling that correctly), but I do see the aggressive leechers point, although I don’t agree with his action.

    In my opinion it sure is painful when there is a lack of releases of a said novel, or even just a change in schedule. So I understand why Mr A. Leecher reacted as such, especially if he’s not within the loop, as well as including the desperate comments made by the fans.

    All he can do at that point is speculate.
    But as I mentioned before, nevermind a lack of releases, even if the novel is suddenly dropped altogether for us leechers, I personally think we should’nt do anything that might hurt the translator.
    After all, we are LEECHERS.

    End of rant, *goes to cry for TDK*

    Ps: how long do we need to wait for TDK releases at quidian to catch up?
    Also, I may be able to help edit, if it’s flex time though, no need for a pay.

  10. Wonder how it’s gonna be once Qidian paywalls their shit. Use you as free labour? Not paywall TDK? Probably they’ll try to get every possible penny out of you, but time will tell…

    1. why would they try to paywall something that they get for free? I don’t think that people working for Qidian would want to scare away the community.

  11. Alright I read through the comments & replies ,I’m glad you have communication and the author is alright with your translations. I Binge read TDK about a month ago and reading about your drinking shenanigans livens up the story and is nice to have as a break in between chapters. I hope to keep reading your translation ,and don’t wear yourself out

  12. Sounds good, you started you finish, you do wat you want, now about cry babys and money grabers i think your way is good too, sure get something from your free work is nice, but thats also your choice and as it looks you see like stealing the author if you cash on trans, also you do it for fun, most times ppl who do trans for fun dont cash it since it loses it mean and became some kind of bussines at the end.
    So do your thing, be happy and call the cryers to gfo since the dont pay your bills and have nothing to do with you.

  13. We are a group of fan tlers who do things for free. Any suggestions or advice are much welcomed, but accusation or abuses are something we cannot accept. We do what we do out of pure interest and passion. Please think before you type.

  14. To be honest, I’m just a fan of DK and don’t know much about the situation.

    That said, I appreciate your hard work in providing an extremely fast and consistent release! I also understand how one impatient fool can be greatly irritating. I’m glad you’ll be translating the rest of the novel!

    If help is needed for editing I would be willing to donate a few hours of my time for the next few days. I’m fluent in English and a bit of a grammar/spelling freak so I could do at least 20-30 chapters. Just let me know.

  15. Thanks for the hard work,
    I am disappointed people who comments bringing hatred to the community

  16. I still remember when TDK only have 20 chapters or so. It’s been a long journey for my leeching but all I can give is Thanks nonetheless does people who can’t even wait needs to stop reading novel in his community. Cause there are some flees who goes missing arbitrary but most of us just pour some money to them just to bring him/her back towards translating. And lastly here the updates are consistent and high quality and their doing this all for free.

  17. Realmente me dio pena leer este post, ya me había encariñado con ésta página y tu estilo tu traducción, agradezco enormemente el esfuerzo que le has dedicado a estos proyectos, sobre todo a TDK, y sin nada más que decir, me despido, buenas noches y que Dios los bendiga.

  18. Hi,

    It’s kinda strange for me to post something here because i didn’t read any comments saying you are grabbing money or something. LoL

    Well i wanted to thank you for your translations, after all i read dk from chapter 1 and i know that you FUC*KING translated 4 or more chapters A DAY ( for dk as i dont read you other novels, don’t know why but naruto system just is not mine), which even translators at qidian, ww, gracity or what else cannot do even if they try mass releases. Well i wanted to thank you for that!👍

    And i don’t quite understand why they told you something like after you don’t take the money since the other translators do that…

    Btw i don’t quite get why you don’t accept money from qidian not that it matters to me i just don’t understand.

    P.S. Are you gonna continue post chapterd here like translationnations?


    ( pls don’t flame if the ps stuff is wrong )

  19. Love Naruto System and been wondering for a while where it’s gone, did not even realise until today it was on Patreon and although I can’t donate much I still don’t mind handing over a couple of dollars, Thanks for the translation and keep up the good work, I just hope at one point it will return to this site so people without the money or access to a debit/credit card can still read the novel. Oh and while I don’t usually condone this type of practice I do feel you guys deserve it for how much work you put into your novels. I can only hope Assassins Apprentice returns as well 🙂

  20. Well said mate!!! It’s ALWAYS the same stupid minority that forgets that you translators DO NOT HAVE ANY KIND OF OBLIGATION towards us readers/leechers and do this from the kindness of your heart.
    From my part I can only say THANK YOU and keep up the good work!

  21. What does the reader hate the most? Sudden stop of update and translator not responding to reader’s comment
    What does translator hate the most? Getting hate respond and lack of appreciation from readers

    And this both happens to IDWWNS. The translator suddenly stop updating on this website but still keep on posting to his Patreon. The readers found out that and asked on comment on what is going on but there are no reply for 2 weeks. This triggered the readers into rage mode and start accusing the translator as money grubber.

    Actually this could have been better handled. Just a simple announcement by the translator of IDWWNS can make all these misunderstanding never happened. No one actually like it when something you look forward everyday to suddenly poof disappear, right? Even if he is busy, surely he can spare just a minute to say, “Hey guys, something is up and I can’t say why so please wait till I sort it out”. Or the other translator on this website can also respond on his behalf too. Just as much as the translator wants good support from the readers, the translator themselves should also acted responsibly to the crowd. It takes two hands to clap!

    Surely what this “Fook U” guy do was not nice but who knows, this guy might at one point had donated some money to sponsor a chapter or two or maybe used to be a patreon but discontinue the subscription. He might not be as leecher as you thought he is…And speaking of leeching, here is a thought provoking idea for everyone:-

    At this current internet age, you might thought that you are a leecher but you might not as most of the website have ads and each time you are browsing, you are actually contributing “ads money” to the website. And this website do actively asked the reader to white-list this website so everyone here might not be a leecher but actually contributor? And as contributor, do you have any right to demand some answer from the translator? Think again 🙂

    1. Margate please use adblock.. actually use an aggregator site.. contribute to them instead of us

  22. Yeah I’m sorry to this fook U and all the rest of his stans but to be honest if you haven’t paid a single dime then you don’t have a right to complain about anything. Even if you donated before if your chapter was already translated then the translator doesn’t owe you anything. Why does he have to provide updates when he is not obligated to do so? Its like if there is a beggar you meet on the way to school and you give him some money, then you don’t go that route for like one week do you have to give the beggar notice that you won’t meet him? This is why I’m one of the people who hope Quidian paywalls their site. At least then you avoid all these leechers who dont pay a dime but feel like you owe them everything.

  23. If you hear that people is never gonna end..
    you are the best lha, and to spent of your precious time for the translation with speed of light..
    Carry on sir..

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