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Hello friends,

First I want to apologise everyone for suddenly stopping the release of IDWWNS chapters. I should have given some information about this before, but at that time I was in the middle of discussion with qidian international and nothing was sure, so I was in the position where I couldn’t say anything. At that time, my talk with qidian was going right direction without any problem, and they were very amiable in our discussion. And I thought that it’d take only few days to release all the chapters in qidian international, but it’s just that, I asked them some time to edit all the previously translated chapter, which took me a week or so time. And after that uploading chapters in google drive for qidian international took some time. And as for posting in only pateron, all of them were chapters I had previously translated, moreover they were my obligation to post there. And I had got permission to post the chapters in pateron only until all the translated chapters were posted publicly in qidian international, so I was unable to post here. I am well aware that it was my mistake for not informing you guys, as well as not reading all those comments, but I think you must also think about the situation I might be in. Just today did I see all those comments, because these past few week I was busy preparing for my exam which is starting from this Monday. And I was badly shocked seeing that, from the beginning I started translating, I had always regularly released a chapters without missing, or I informed you about it if I would not release the chapter. But this time I was in position where I was in mid way in discussion, so I wasn’t able to inform you, and just after 19-20 days, some of you……

Moreover for those who sent me email asking about it, I indeed told them only some details about the situation as I was not sure at that time.

I think that before you start cursing and saying whatever comes to your mind, you should think about the circumstance where the other people might be in. I am also a human just like you, I also have my own life beside translating.

Also the I asked qidian and they told me that all the translated chapters will be available publicly within next week. And those chapters will be posted here too after delaying one day. 

Once again I am sorry towards the loyal readers of IDWWNS.


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  1. I have no idea what this Qidian thing is but atleast you spoke up, sorry for my comment. *Virtual hug*. Does that mean you will be releasing the chapters after being edited or something I am confused af.

  2. I have exams as well and because of some personal problems I couldn’t go to school, so I am pretty much fucked, good luck to you.

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