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Hi today I have a very exciting opportunity for my loyal readers! I’m looking to add 50 additional readers to my ARC Team.

ARC stands for Advanced Review Team. This simply means that the members of the ARC team receive most of my books that I plan to publish BEFORE they are officially released- for FREE- in exchange for reviews on Amazon!

If you want to be on my ARC Team, simply reply to me with answers to the following 3 question:

  • How long have you been reading my books?
  • Which books have you read?
  • Why do you want to join my ARC Team

This is what you get:

– You can read my works earlier than anyone else

– You get the books for free

– You can influence the stories with your feedback.

If you are interested, please reply with those 3 question answered to my email (

You will hear from me if you’re part of the lucky readers. Your support will be appreciated.




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