AOH – Chapter 98

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The group look at awe from the ground as the dragons attack Arial and their clash produce sparks that can even be seen from the ground.

Gust formed when they attack each other which in turn, turn to gale. Storms of fire formed around their battle.

Scratches fill the wall surfaces from the missed dragon claws and Arial slash. Once in a while the cavern trembles when the dragon tries to whip its tail to Arial.

The second level of the cavern ceiling has already been destroyed by the dragons but Arial keep using the wall surface which is narrow, maneuvering himself, jumping around using his Wind God technique to fight in equal ground with the dragon.

He must not let this advantage be taken away from him. Narrow means he can push the dragon down if he attack it from a high position.

It also could help him block the dragon from flying to the third layer.

With one of the dragon eye blind, the dragon finds it hard to judge the direction and distance of Arial. It keeps trying to claw and using his tail against Arial as Arial keep attacking the dragon without rest.

The group observes the battle, their pride and self-esteem shattered. They could not believe that one human could stand tall fighting a dragon by himself.

One of the Orc speak

‘Luckily we did not got involved in the war against human.’

‘Yes’ one of them nodded.

‘If we did, imagine, how could we defeat the humans. If one of them could even fight in equal ground with a dragon, imagine a thousand of them.’

They shudder thinking such scenario

‘Orcs will be hunted into extinction don’t you think?’ The others nodded. The Kobold also agrees. In their hearts they are grateful that their King signs the treaty.

‘We have a wise King’ one of the Kobold chimed in. Other nodded in agreement.

Of course these orcs and Kobolds don’t know that not many possess Arial strength or internal energy.

But to them, they only understand strength and their conclusion is made because they believe Arial is a young man and surely they are people stronger than him.

Not to mention his group has never venture outside the dark lands. If they did, they will realize a man like Arial is rare to find.

Velamina look and believe she has found the man of her prophecy. The prophecy rings in her ears.

‘Peerless under heaven’ she muttered.

With every strike, the cavern shakes with great trembling and the dragon are forced down every time by Arial forceful strike until the dragon reached near the first ceiling it broke.

It enters the range of the archers. Velamina noticed this stroke of luck and she do not intend for it to go to waste. She yelled.


Velamina ordered the archers to shoot their arrows. They quickly and fiercely shot their arrows.

Barrage of arrows fly to the dragon.

The dragon use its wing to deflect the arrows but some penetrate it chest and it roar in defiance.

The dragon then breathe fire to the top celing, a gigantic fireball spew out from its mouth and with great speed, the fireball broke the third layer while fiery stones crumbled from above and fall to the ground.

The sun from outside penetrated the dark caverns and light emerges. The blue sky can be seen from the ground.

The dragon has managed to destroy the third layer. The group now is confident. The dragon is losing. It is trying to fly away.

Below, the ground group scrambled themselves away from the falling stones.

Velamina instruction and the Elves water barrier and Earth Wall really saved many live from being crumbled by the fiery stones.

Arial dodge the falling stones and he even have to avoid the arrows of his own groups, barrages of arrows that is aimed at the dragon open spot.

Arial jumped in mid-air and once again he produces a powerful strike.

So powerful it created a sound wave that blew all the archers near the hills while the Orcs, Kobold and Dwarves had to shut their ears with their hands.

‘He is a God’ the word slipped out of Velamina lips.

The third ceiling was destroyed just a moment ago from the dragon breath but Arial manage to bring the dragon down with his incredible strike.

It was like thunder is rumbling every time they clashed.

Storm, thunder and fire.

And the sun is shining down Arial figure from the top of the cavern, creating a feeling of seeing something divine, like the Advent of Angels or a descent of a God onto the mortal world.

For the third time in the battle, the group stood frozen, some rubbing their eyes looking at Arial lone figure beating the dragon down from the top.

The sun on his back, the sound of his strike and the roar of the dragons, they are transfixed on the true power of their commander.

A man that rivaled the dragons.

Only a few men in history ever reach such level of fame. The 4 Brothers and Levitia and his companion.

The young man they are seeing right now, is on the same path of these great men.

‘Unbelievable’ they uttered the words again.

That is all they could say. They have never seen such domineering power, or such imposing pressure.

The killing intent of both of them, the dragon and their commander is suffocating.

‘Look’ Velamina said to the Kobolds.

‘That is an existence you rarely seen. Blood of Light is in him.’ The kobold and the Orc nodded, admiration in their eyes.

At that time, the group fears, admiration, envy and awe turned to reverence.

Arial is on the air using the downward force to force the dragon down.

Arial knows he could not let the dragon pass him. If the dragon manages to get outside, it will fly away or worse, burn us from the air, and blast him and his group straight to the High Heavens.

Every strike requires him to use considerable internal energy.

He fears that the cavern could not handle both of their battle and he fears that the cavern will collapse on itself because of their intense fighting.

Even he realizes this is the first time, he uses his full power and the blade is helping him. He notices that.

Blood is flowing from his arm, black blood, the poison is reacting wildly since he is using an enormous amount of internal energy to fight the beast, his hand is numb after all the strikes he employed but he could not stop.

He must not stop. He will not stop. His strike is like a storm. Fast and merciless.

Then luckily the elves began attacking the dragon with barrage of arrows which help Arial to take a little break as he jump around the wall surface dodging the tail and fire of the dragon.

It is at this time he executed the Heaven Punishment style.

The motion of his swordsmanship is smooth and moved freely on his hand, free as the cloud, unpredictable like the winds.

He attacked at the wounds of the dragon, the chest, slashing the dragon eyes countless time, inflicting pain while the dragon roar and spouted fire but since its accuracy dropped Arial maneuvered himself around the dragon with full confidence.

But he could not take it easy or lax down his guard. This is a dragon after all.

On the ground, the group admiration deepened as they are preparing to attack the dragon when it falls to the ground.

Arial moves did not leave their eyes, but few could really see him. He was too fast for them.

They looked left; he is already on the right. And when Arial executed his style the Kobold looked more in awe.

The mysterious movement, freely connecting attack, and smooth but unpredictable connecting actions.

He was like a storm, unceasing to strike.

Arial shine even more. And this is when it happens.

The black blade of the Shadowslasher begin emitting dark aura around it and this time the crowd of spectators in the ground is more shocked and gasped in disbelief as every strike that Arial employed is more powerful, creating a sound wave every time it strikes, breaking scales and inflicting injuries.

The dragon scale failed to block the strike.

It was like woodblock and Arial is chopping it with ease. A scale that is said to be stronger than diamond is effortlessly destroyed by Arial strike.

‘He destroyed the scale’ one Dark Elves said looking upwards as the dragon scale keep peeling off and the group dodge the falling scales.

Blood of the dragon fall like rain as the people on the ground is drenched with droplets of the dragon injuries.

‘He….is winning’ Velamina said, her voice is shaking. Seeing his prowess one might even say he didn’t even need his army.



Arial knew he had to bring this dragon to the ground. He is determined. The black aura makes his body stronger and his strike more lethal.

He doesn’t know where the aura came from but he could care less. Right now he needs to focus to his enemies.

He wanted to bring this dragon down.

For now the dragon suffered injuries. Without any defense on its body sooner or later it would fall but maybe it would fly if it has the chance.

That must not happen. That will not happen, he decided. Arial would not give it the chance.

Arial knew he needs to cut of the dragon wing.

The roar that it exhibited in the beginning of the battle now turns to painful groans. It writhed in pain with each strike to its chest.

Arial grinned. He laughed. He doesn’t know why but anyone could see he is on a bloodlust. He found this battle is exciting.

For that moment he forgot the reason he is doing this. All he knows is the target in front of him.

And the sword black aura thickened and the strikes become stronger.

He then jumped using the dragon head as a stepping stone and jumped so high that he almost reached the third ceiling when he dived with great speed and he positioned the blade perfectly and by the time he reached near the dragon, he pierce the dragon left wing and like a ship sail it ripped like a cloth on a sharp dagger.

‘RARRRR’ it roared of pain and it began falling.

The dark aura around Arial body heals him of his injuries, stitching his wounded skin. The sword is healing him.

Every strike produces a black aura that slices the air and attack the dragon with an explosion sound.

The cavern tremble, hills crumble, walls eroding. It rotten everything around the aura.

He awakened the sword with blood. But not only blood is needed to awake an Enochian blade.

Will, perseverance, and the resolute mind to battle. Suddenly Arial howled. There is no sense to keep beating the dragon.

After all it begun to fall down but Arial keep using the sword to inflict more injuries to the dragon.

Wind gathers around him, creating a black storm around his body.

The fire of the dragon is deflected by the black aura, protecting its master. He attacked fiercely as each strike is precise, beating the dragon.

To anyone who is looking, they might even pity the dragon. Arial is enjoying the combat.

More than usual.

The elves began chanting and creating Water barriers around their allies while some of them have enough time to create Earth Wall if the dragon ever decided to use its breath again.

They are prepared to fight hard.

And the dragon with Arial strike fall onto the ground with a great fall and Arial instead of resting and giving the group chance to attack, keep hacking and slicing as the dragon, now powerless, struggled with pain from the strike.

Scales flew, blood flow, flesh cut. The mighty dragon is beaten by a human.

Velamina jumped and with her agility pushed Arial out of the way as the group begun rampaging at the half dead dragon.

‘STOP!’ she yelled.

And she is shocked to see Arial. His body is clean without wound but the bloodlust coming from him is formidable.

She almost shrinked with fear.

Arial grabbed her on her throat and with that, he almost crushed Velamina throat. His eyes are black and there is some fire in his eyes.

She trembles with fear and quickly calms herself. Velamina could feel the pain and endure it.

The sword she thought

She quickly kicks the sword from Arial hand and the black aura disappeared. Arial release his hand and his grip, slowly and he collapsed.

Velamina quickly receive him, saving him from the fall. His body became lifeless. She quickly heals her throat first and then heals Arial.

Something was wrong with him earlier. She could feel Arial body is weak.

Thankfully she manages to restore her mana during Arial rampage. Velamina look at the dragon pitiful state.

Its wing is cut in half, its tail is bloody and its left eye is blind.

The gigantic figure lying on the ground was assaulted by many attacks from the axes of dwarves, magic attacks by Elves, arrows and mace.

And she looks back at Arial. She could feel Arial strength is slowly recovering. The Kobolds combine their movement and slashed the dragon.

‘Kill it.’

‘Smash it.’

‘Attack it!’

‘Kill it!’ They all screamed and yelled as they beat the dragon.

To think that a human did this! And a lone person at that.Thanks to Arial, the dragon’s huge body was lying on the ground, allowing it to be attacked.

But Velamina believe that if the battle continued, Arial might even kill it by his lonesome.

‘Peerless under heaven’ Velamina muttered again.

But the dragon is not yet done. It opened it mouth and aim it at the sky and took a deep breath.

‘Fuck.’ Velamina drag Arial body fast away from the attack as the dragon release its breath upwards.

Fire fell like rain from the top showering the group with pain, and many face death, as everything burned.

But this time the group is ready. They quickly dashed to the Earth Wall and hide themselves under it praying that the earth wall is enough to endure the dragon fire.

In most time, it will not work but since the dragon is weak after Arial attack the earth wall withstood the rain of fire.

It tries to escape but its wing refuses to open. And it fell back.

And this time the Orc, Kobold elves exited from the Earth wall and this time they once again beat and hack the life of the dragon.

This time The Orc stuck dwarves mithril pole arm at the dragon mouth when the dragon tried to open his mouth to fire on the ground.

They succeed. Velamina is seeing this from a safe distance. Arial open his eyes. And look at the surrounding scène.

He remembered what he had done.

‘Velamina!’ The tone is urgent.

‘Yes’ she reply. He looked at Velamina throat.

‘Are you…aright?’ Velamina noticed Arial is looking at her throat. Quickly Arial hold her neck with concern and check her injury.

‘It is fine. It is the sword.’ Velamina said.

‘Enochian blade is a strong magical weapon. There are cases when the user of such sword is overwhelmed by its power when it first awakened.’ Velamina explained.

She pointed the sword location.

‘Why didn’t you take it?’ Arial ask puzzled. Velamina could easily take it and resume the battle with the sword.

‘It burns. Enochian blade is made by the First generation. They warred against us remembered? Their weapons burn us. We couldn’t touch it. We can see it but not touch it.’

Arial took back the sword and began preparing his last assault. His wounds are healed and his pain disappeared for a bit.

The area around his battle with the dragon is a wreckage. Cliff destroyed.

The walls crumbled and the narrow passage around the ceiling was destroyed showing the sky above, and the yellow sun shine down on the dark gloomy cavern.

Arial took the sword and with intense concentration he threw it aiming it at the dragon neck as the dragon is still struggling.

Piercing through the battlefield, the internal energy barrier is penetrated and it struck the dragon around its neck and the dragon howled and roars in pain and the force of its roar thrown the group around it back.

It is a devastating piercing technique as blood flowed around the dragon neck.

Then Arial jumped and with his palm he unleashed Dragon Palm making the dragon head snap back as its body thrown back by such divine force.

The cavern shakes and the cliffs near the wall shattered onto the ground.

Then Arial approached slowly to the dragon, took his sword from the dragon body and aim the sword at the dragon neck looking at the dragon pitiful state.

The group began using mithril chains to tie up the dragon feet and claws.

Then Arial is about to strike the last strike ending the dragon life. The other moved away knowing what their commander is about to do.

‘Wait’ the sound penetrated the mind of everyone. Arial is shocked.

‘Who’s there?’ He ask

‘It is me, young human’ and once again Arial look back at the dragon. And this shocked the whole group.

A talking dragon. Arial thought such species no longer exist. He thought they are nothing but beast anymore.


Yes me. You have defeated me human.’ The dragon lips or mouth did not move but it speaks telepathically.

‘You…can talk?’

‘I can. I am an ancient creature.’

‘Kill it’ the other urge Arial. They are all waiting. If Arial kill the dragon, his will be an important moment. A new dragon slayer will be born.

Arial is about to give the last attack when the dragon said again.

‘So you are like them too. This is why we don’t talk to human or demon race.’

And this stays Arial hand.

‘What do you mean?’ Arial asked.

‘You are a beast.’ The dragon said.

‘You are the beast’ a kobold says his voice trembling with fear

‘You attack my clan in an open plain. Do you deny it?’

‘Yes, I did’ he said.

‘But isn’t that because your clan kill my worms and lizard. Your clan terrorized my abode, take my eggs and eat it and you think I am the beast? You are the beast. We are noble creatures, yet we are hunted, maligned by humans and demon race alike.’

‘You killed my companions’ Arial said

‘Yes, because they attack me. I awoke from my sleep only to see someone is trying to stab me. How would you react human? Will you not attack that people if it were you?’

‘Well, if you talk to m-‘

‘Talk to a human? We have been trying to do that for a millennium! During the Age of Man, Levitia and his companion killed our King instead of talking to him. Levitia was a strong human this I do not doubt but his prejudice about the inhabitants of the dark lands blinded him. He listens to no reason. He thinks we are trying to deceive him and so our King dies fighting them. When he died the clan of dragons fights each other, wrecking many damages and accidentally creates our own scourge. The Four Brothers. Their hunting of dragons left us divided and once again we united under common cause to stop their madness. We once again try to talk with humans, to show them we meant them no harm. Yet vengeance blinded them too, and they hunt us until only a few of us survived. We know that our age ended long ago, but still……. to hunt us like we are rats is…deplorable. Talk to human? No, young child. We learned the hard way what happens when we talk to humans. Even the dark denizens shunned us. So we hide ourselves. In great caverns and great cave, hiding under ice cold region, in fiery pit of the world instead of flying to the open sky during the Age of the Gods. If there is one human that we respect it will be one that I met during the Age of Gods. The man was a leader of his community, fearless, cunning and merciful. He made a deal with us. They recognized our sovereignty and let us rule ourselves. King of the First Generation.’

And we all listen. We don’t know what to believe.

‘Why speak now? ‘Arial asked.

‘Because you are about to end my life. In Anvali there is only three dragons. Me, Gaveror and Grinadine near here. The others are scattered around the world. In some deep sea or some ice region, even in some vast desert. I can’t stop you killing me. But I urge you to exercise mercy.’

Arial could not believe his ears. Spare it? He needs the damn dragon heart. But Arial knows the story about dragons…They are known to have magical powers.

What if…..

‘What will you give me if I spare your life?’ Arial said and this invites disbelief from his group

‘Commander, don’t negotiate with it.’ Arial ignored the pleas.

‘Let me tell you why I came here Gaveror. I want your heart. I am poisoned. And your heart is the cure. Can you give me that? You can’t can you?’ Arial ask, and he knows that the dragon will refuse.

The group is shocked. They thought that their commander wanted to hunt the beast for fame but to think he needed the dragon heart.

When Gaveror refuse he will then have no choice but to concede that there is no other way then to die.

But instead Gaveror answer shocked Arial. The mouth formed something resembling a smile

‘I can. So, my heart huh? Then killing me will serve you no purpose human child. This is not the first time it happens.’ The dragon speaks.

‘What do you mean?’ Velamina said approaching the dragon.

The other has tied up the dragon claws and feet and even they are approaching the dragon to hear his story.

And then he told his story and Arial nodded and he finally understands.

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