AOH – Chapter 97

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They are fighting in the air.

Both of these hero and heroine is emitting such killing intent that the group could feel it on the ground.

Their hand tremble and their eyes could not leave their scene of battle. It burned itself on their mind.

Never to be forgotten.

Arial can be seen jumping around the dragon using the cliff on the cavern to focus his attack on the dragon chest.

Velamina support Arial by providing distraction and attacking its blind spot.

The sound of Arial attack send fear to anyone could hear it. The speed of Velamina on the other hand, is unfathomable.

No one could see her but only for a second. Arial is focusing his attack on the dragon breast plate, slashing and stabbing.

The fact he could stab and slash while the dragon is on midair is only possible because of the stamina Arial have, enveloping himself with internal energy on his foot to make sure he could stick and running around the wall surface.

The clanging of the sword against the jeweled breastplate of the dragon reverberates in the cavern.

Velamina looked nervous facing the dragon but Arial even in such situation have a calm expression.

He know, being nervous, hotheaded will decrease his chance of being alive at the end of this battle.

After the first attack, he nearly lost his cool head.

‘I admire him’ one Kobold said as they gazed on the battle with awe and admiration. The Dark Elves use arrows to provide even a little help for Arial and Velamina.

The Orcs pushed harder. They could not believe they will be outdone by a woman.

Arial looked at Velamina. She has clear eyes even though she looks a bit nervous. Her translucent skin makes her easier to spot.

A mystical charm befitting of a half High elf. She radiated elegance. But her combat ability is no joke.

Powerful skill, outrageous vitality, great, and even surprising agility. She is godly.

If he had not seen it by his own eyes he would not believe it. With his strength and her agility it could be said that they are holding their own against the dragon.

His technique is usually used to defeat multiple enemies, so one on one with such huge creature could prove to be at his disadvantage.

The Elves began their counter attack; sound of chanting filled the cavern. Even though their hands are shaking they resolved themselves.

Some of them are unlucky when the dragons fire attack them and their bodies caught on fire, burning them, and with that scream of pain, it seared itself on the minds of the survivors.

Such a sight made the mouths of elves and the dwarves freeze. Trembling and frightened, cold sweats are all over them.

“By all the Gods. What in the world have we got ourselves into?” some of the elves said, their mouth trembling.

The gaps in their strength are too much, they believed. How could they even dream to fight a dragon and won? What dream that they have?

The dragon red eyes glared menacingly at the elves and dwarves but more to Arial. After all, Arial is the only human in the expedition.

A race that dragons hated and the only one they feared. This fear resulted from the humans in generation past that hunts dragons.

Any dragons that survive remember their humiliating defeat fighting the four brothers. Thankfully they died before they manage to destroy every single dragon.

But the damage is done.

Only a handful of dragons are alive and survive the age of man.

So the dragon roared, determine to kill this human that dare trespass his lair. Whenever he roared the cliff crumbled and the ground shakes.

The dragon use its feet to pick the Orcs around its feet and throw them to its mouth and swallow them

But still the Orc and Kobold endure. They felt fear of course. But if they do not kill the dragon, then they know that they will all die.

Despair filled the eyes of the young elves before suddenly they are burned in the dragon fire.

Some even bravely rushed the dragon to avenge their friends but they turn to charred corpse, melted into the ground.

Arial yelled and ask all his troop to use all that they had to attack the dragon. The Elves used all their mana at once for their magic attacks.

They used the water at the ceiling of the cavern and the pool around the dragon sleeping area to create a water barrier to protect the Orc from the dragon breath.

It may not protect them from physical attack by the dragon but it will help them from the dragon fire.

Arial understand the need to keep the battle in the ground instead on the air.

so with one powerful strike, Arial concentrated his power and attacked the dragon, one that produce such energy waves that Velamina were thrown back from the area and hills and cliff crumbled and shattered.

It was like an explosion of power, affecting everything in the cavern.

People on the ground can feel the tremors and a gust of storm passed them by, and some who are weak are even thrown back because of such impact between Arial and the dragon, a fight on top of the ground.

Such strong attack forced the dragon that is rising up to crashed to the ground, killing a considerable Orcs and Kobold, but it was a necessary sacrifice.

A human is pushing back a dragon by his sheer force. Such sights burned itself to the survivors.

‘Attack now before it tries to rise up again!’

‘Now is our chance!’ the Orcs that survive yelled.

‘Attack!’ Orc Fera yelled.

The Orcs and Kobold rushed toward the fallen dragon.

‘RARRR’ the dragon roared, its power is still maintained, and some troops are thrown back, while it moved it tail to protect itself from the barrage of arrows.

‘SHOOT MORE!’ The Archer division yelled.



Velamina regained her composure on the ground, no internal injury only external injury, some wounds and gash. It is nothing to her.

She spotted a chance to execute her technique and jump with rotations in the air, accumulating mana in her movement.

Arial see what she is doing and once again he is shocked.

The reason why Velamina could inflict damage to the dragon without using Enochian blade is because she infused magic in her attacks and slashes.

Arial never thought that was possible.

‘Thousand Blade style’ she yelled.

And when she is near the dragon, the group quickly jumps out of the way and she unleashes a barrage of stab attack, so fast, that no naked eye could see how many times she stabbed the dragon as the dragon winced in pain.

A high level technique of swordsmanship.

The others began approaching the dragon after the attack as Velamina jumped back on the opposite side to catch some rest.

The group began hacking away, stabbing and slashing.


‘Take this’

Some attack with tears in their eyes.

‘This is for Relend’

‘Take this! And this!’ some yelled as they hack and slash, and smash.

Nearly all of them attack. The Elves on the other hand climb the low hill and began aiming at the dragon eyes.

Then with one order they released their arrows.

But the dragon is smart. It closed its eyes and the scale on its eyes protected it.

The dragon roared again and release an incomplete fire breath but it have enough effect for the archer division to jump from the hills and began taking their position again.

Some elves began using their healing magic to the survivors, dragging them from the area of battle.

‘We can do this!’ some yelled. Their morale is rising. Arial took a step back as his chest pains attack again.

Velamina jump to his side.

‘Are you alright?’ she asks looking at the pain expression on Arial face.

‘I’m fine.’

Arial look at the area. A bloody battle. Red filled the area around the dragon crash. Arial could see some hand belonging to some dead Orc under the dragon body.

He must have been smashed to death Arial mused.

The dwarves began joining the battle. They revealed themselves and run out from their hiding places.

That opportunistic bunch Arial thinks to himself.

After the Orcs and Kobold sacrifice their life, only then the dwarves comes out of their hiding.

The moment they appear they throw their axes and the axes stuck itself at the dragon chest.

The dragon clawed some of the Kobolds to death because of the pain and he roared again.

‘What the-‘ Arial is shocked.

‘Mithril’ Velamina explained.

Red blood flowed through the caverns and they dragon doesn’t seem finished yet. The pains hit Arial again.

‘Not now!’ he muttered.

‘Are you really alright?’ and she used her healing magic at Arial then suddenly she stopped. She notices something.

This is not right she mused. What is this malevolent energy swirling around him? She thought to herself.

This is….poison.

‘You are poisoned.’ She looks at Arial. Her face is stricken.

‘Yes’ He said showing nothing, his hand still holding the sword; a little trembling on his hand can be seen.

‘You are sick and you are hunting a dragon. ARE YOU CRAZY!’

‘Maybe. Maybe I am.’ Arial scans his troops, ignoring Velamina screams. He even smiles a bit.

It is crazy he mused.

The elves are still many. So are the dwarves. But the Orcs and the Kobolds are dwindling. Roughly half of the group died.

Then he looked at Velamina.

‘You have a broken rib’ Arial said.

‘Yes. That dragon is one fearsome beast.’ She said looking at the gigantic creature in front of them. Arial nodded.

Then screams of Orcs resounded again.

‘The dragon is rising up again’ Arial muttered and spit blood onto the ground. The pain is becoming more intense.

‘Uhuk,uhuk.’ He began coughing blood, his hand on his heart. The blood is black with a mix of red.

It’s getting worse, he mused

That last attack he executed was taxing to his body. It is the first time he ever use such force.

It’s the first time he knew he could unleash such force. His decision to go to Linzi Temple is not wrong at all.

‘Velamina, we need to cut off his wing. That is the only way we can win this. We could not let it pass the third ceiling or it would fly away’

Velamina shake her head.

‘What are you saying? Cancel this expedition. We regroup, hire some more mercenaries and attack the dragon again. Heal your poison first.’ Velamina knows that to find the dragon here again would be next to impossibility but she could not let Arial die.

She views him as a great companion and friend.

Arial held Velamina arms, while trying to explain as much as possible the reason why he created this group in the first place.

‘You want to know why I want to hunt a dragon? Here is the truth. I need its heart. And I mean that literally. My heart is dying. I need a dragon heart to replace mine. Got that! SO shut your complaints and let us attack that damn dragon! I don’t have much time! Can you do that?’

‘Kill the dragon, take its heart and you live?’ She said.

‘Kill the dragon, save the dragon’ he said. Velamina understand. He once told Velamina that his crest is a dragon in one of their night talks.

She even heard, he refers himself as a dragon.

‘Fine’ she said and a new determination arose from her. She needs to keep Arial alive. After all if he is alive, she will be alive.

The dragon flapped its unfolded wings.

As it flew away, the wind pressure knocked down many of the short dwarves and his companion, along with the others.

And once again fire holds its reign in the cavern. They all were decimated by fire. Some are lucky and manage to run to the nearby hole or hill.



‘SAVE ME…SAVE ME’ the others could hear their yelling but can do nothing.

The corpse turned black. Some that is burn but manage to escape is hurriedly sent to the Elves with healing magic. Some survived. Some did not.

Blood started flowing in Arial after a long time. He is excited. Ancient monster. Fighting monsters and now dragon.

He always uses fighting as a mean for securing the peace he envisioned but after he managed to get peace, he always felt that life is going to be the same life he experienced.

He would rule wisely, and one day he will die. He had never any aspiration or dreams other than stopping the Invasion.

And after he stopped the Invasion, he felt empty. But for the first time since a long time, he really wanted to beat this dragon to the ground.

He wanted to kill it, beat it senseless. Whether it is because it is the first time he is ever in such intense situation or because the power that both he and the dragon display, he doesn’t know.

But his blood is boiling.

And he grins. His chest is burn with spirit of wanting to defeat this beast. And he jumped again into the air, landing on the dragon tail and run fast like lightning to the dragon chest area.

The dragon tries to use his tail to sweep Arial but Arial jumped away from the tail and reached the dragon neck area.

Arial ready his stance and yelled

‘TAKE THIS’ as he pierce his sword onto the dragons eyes and the dragon roar with sounds of shrieking that the caverns tremble.

Blood flow like rain to the ground.

The dragon shakes his body and Arial had to jump away before he lost his balance, landing on the cavern wall and using his internal energy he dug his fingers onto the wall of the cavern, hanging on the wall surfaces like a spider.

He laughs and such acts are seen by the group at the ground. Then he sang

“Here be dragons to be slain; here be rich rewards to be gain!

If we perish in the seeking, why, how small a thing is death!”

‘HAHAHAHA’ he laughed.

‘Gods… could he do that.’

‘He is laughing.’

‘That is…juts unbelievable.’

‘He managed to blind the dragon.’

Even though there is still some fire on the ground, after that last attack, many are ready to attack the dragon back.

The Orcs and Kobold especially wanted to avenge their fallen companion.

The Elves is also ready but they could only watch as the two beasts are fighting each other midair, clashing, like two dragons.

Before they praise of Arial strength but now they know….Arial is not an ordinary human, not even extraordinary.

He is something…..else.

Velamina flew down to the group from a nearby hill and quickly ordered them. She could not follow Arial or interferes in Arial battle.

Arial sphere of attack is wide and the force of Arial strike when it reached the dragon would surely throw her from the battle.

She could not penetrate the thick internal energy barrier of both Arial and the dragon anymore.

Their fighting is too intense and too high level for Velamina to interfere.

But she wanted to help. She could organize the ground group and coordinate the attack. She has faith that Arial would be able to drive down the dragon onto the ground.

‘Peerless under heaven’ she muttered. Then she turned back to the survivors.

‘We need to have a plan.’ She addresses the ground group.

‘We have to wait for Commander to bring the dragon back down. Then we must use an all-out assault. Elves use Water barrier on the Orcs. And throw any explosive magic you know could weaken the dragon. Don’t throw fire. That would strengthen it. Throw some Earth bullet, or Water needle. Something like that’

And the magic support division nodded.

‘Orcs smash its feet. And find a way to stop it mouth from spitting that damn fire. I don’t care how, just find me a solution.’

The Orcs replied with a resounding yell.

‘DWARVES, attack its claws. That dragon has had enough of clawing our group to death. Smash it, hammer it, axe it. I DON’T GIVE A DAMN! THAT IS YOUR ROLE. Your job is simple. DO IT! AND DON’T YOU DARE HIDE BEHIND THE HILLS AGAIN. IF NOT I WOULD KILL YOU MYSELF AFTER THE BATTLE IS OVER.’

The Dwarves gulp their saliva and nodded for Velamina look is commanding and frightening.

Her desire to save Arial is high.

‘The Archer division aim on its open mouth.  Charge it and hit it strong enough and that beast will die…. Fuck that. Aim at all its open spot. Miss nothing. We don’t have that much arrow neither we have room for any mistakes. Fail this and we all die.’

They all nodded. Now they looked upwards as the battle between Arial and the dragon commences again.

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