AOH – Chapter 93

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The day I departed to the dark Lands with Mikael and Azrael entourage, King Edward of Vangua sent a letter.

It seems to be important.

I ask Helia to handle it and left my council to give her wise counsel as they gave me. I also brought a caravan full of gold and supplies.

Many promissory notes are also given.

Then after hugging my mother and ask for my father blessing I began my journey. The first month we follow the entourage and I get to know the Demon King a little better.

He also told me of his plan to get married after they arrived home. The King tries to persuade me and Mikael both to stop our expedition to the land of dragons.

But I insisted and he relented. But that doesn’t mean he did not try to stop or hinder our plans.

He tries to seduce me to enjoy his palace delicacies and entertainment.

I see many things on our journey to Arakath. Mikael, the scholar he is, explain all the things that attract my attention.

He also advises me to hire some people for this expedition and he informed the race in the dark lands might follow us into battle if there is some gold to be gained.

Of course, I’m not that stupid to attack the dragons alone.

After all I want to survive the ordeal. Fighting alone that big flying creature would undoubtedly be stupid of me.

Of course, I intend to hire some people.

Our first scenery when I reached the dark lands is the huge tower, long and white, only about 10 feet lower than the wall.

The Sea Watch, a monument of mystery. No one knows how to enter it, or what its function.

I look at the Sea watch created by the First Generation, and when it involved the First Generation, Mikael is of course enamored and start his lecture.

Of course I listened, but I could feign it for so long before Mikael took the hint, and I also noticed they have a wall for every realm and lands.

This is said to be built from the time of the first dark lord, walling every realm which connected each other with Arakath in its center.

When we reach the fabled Forest of the Faeries King Oberon stopped and enters his land. Mikael reminded me not to eat or drink anything that faeries offer me.

There are after all nobility of the dawn.

It is at here I offer some of the faeries to follow me and I would gift them gold but they refused since they are not greedy about gold and they are reluctant to leave their forest.

So I forget about it. Maybe I have more luck in the Orc lands.

It is only after I offer, that Mikael told me that the Faeries care not about gold, and of all the races in Anvali, even though the Faeries is respected due to their magic, they are one of the race in Anvali that have the least economic power, with the demon lords controlling many of the economical side and Kobold in farming and agricultural.

Each realm has their own specialties which are used by the Capital to distribute resources and the wealth accumulated to the rest of the realm.

The dragon realms on the other hand, even though their realm is in Anvali, the capital has lost contact since the Purge.

The dragons have been denying contact since then and will burn anyone who trespass their land.

From what Mikael told me, dragons can talk though that is a long time ago.

Then we reach Arakath situated in the heart of Anvali. I did not enter the Capital but even from the outside it looked magnificent.

The traders that I brought from Arrandy quickly enter Arakath to bring their products to the Dark lands and opening trade centers.

Some of my other traders of my trade companies will begin their operation in the Holy City.

Some will come here to the Capital while some of them will surely try to open new markets in the Orc lands or Faeries land.

After we reach Arakath we part ways and I once again ask for Azrael cooperation to keep secret of my journey to the Land of dragons.

I promise him I will them him all about it later. He nodded and we part ways in good cordiality.

We then enter the Land of the goblins, and we are always harassed at night when we stopped to camp.

If not for Mikael urging me to have patience I might chase them and beat them.

Mikael said that the goblins are great prankster but they will never do harm with their prank.

Usually it is funny. At least funny to them. Mikael also said that it is pointless to ask them to join us in our expedition. There is more trouble than good when it involves goblin.

They like to prank and trick people.

Mostly because they are mostly originated from the Fay and Orc bloodline. The First Orc and the First Fay copulate and from there exist the Goblins, at least that is their myth.

And as their existence wonder me, my existence wonders them. How many years since humans reached this far into the dark Lands territory?

Then we enter the Eternal Wood, the land of the Elves. There is many kind of Elves, the dominants are the White Elf.

Then there is The Dark elves and the High elves. The High Elves are rare and not many can see one. But their capacities for great magic make them nobility by birth.

It is here when we managed to persuade about 70 dark Elves to join my expedition telling them that we are hunting a monster of great power and if they follow, they will be rewarded with many gold and items.

Dark Elves known to be boisterous in battle and great swordsman, though not as proficient as the Kobolds.

After all monster is not uncommon here as it is on the human continent. The Purge has seen the extinction of monster species in human continent.

But not here.

Here the dark legends still live, monster of the dark thrive, and ancient monsters, fabled creature still exist.

History of the Purge delivers humanity from the dark creatures but it is bloody history.

The history of such is bloody, but as such, it helps humans thrive in the Human continent. Thrive and prosper.

Then following Mikael advice we took a detour to Orcs land which we recruited about 40 Orcs with my gold and some 15 dwarves.

Thankfully I brought a lot of gold.

I’m not too worried that I will be attack during following the caravan but even without the caravan I can protect myself.

Mikael also managed to persuade a beautiful young elf to join us. She is a peculiar one, She rarely talks and she seems to always be looking for something.

Of course I didn’t say I’m hunting a dragon.

Then 2 months into my journey we are finally near the place I set out for. By this time, all of the crew knew of my intention.

Some returned back fearing the old stories about dragons but I give them some gold nonetheless.

I felt guilty for not telling them the whole story.

The one who stay call their allies and following Gerhoun suggestion, a dwarves on my expeditionary group, we hire Orcs mercenaries and Dark Elves mercenaries.

Their politics is highly different then human politics. Their loyalty towards their king is vital but their rivalry against each other is accepted.

Sometimes Orcs will fight against the Elves and the Faeries always held a deep resentment towards the Orcs.

The role of the King of Arakath is to act as an arbiter, to mete out punishment and to keep the law.

Maybe, someday I will hire them if I find myself in a hard situation.

If they are made to repel a human invasion, they could certainly be a formidable force. After all Arrandy have many enemies.

Though in one of these mercenaries there is a female elves that attract my attention, white and beautiful.

She has been with us since Mikael recruited her in some tavern with some dwarves and Dark Elves.

I told her that this is an expedition to hunt dragons not some monsters like White Mouse or Fanged Bat. She insists to follow.

I am not so cruel to lead a woman, a lady like this to her death.

Her level of beauty is comparable of that Arianna. I have even heard some rowdy Orcs and horny dark elves said how they wanted to fuck her but such solicitation is not permitted if they want to remain in my care.

But I have to admit she is beautiful.

Her name is Velamina. She never told her title. In Elven culture, noble elves instead of having family name they have titles.

For example Oberon. His name originally is Oberon Sil Feradron. When it is time for his nameday, the Elder gives him the title Lightspear.

She must have one title after all she is not Dark Elves. Anyone could see that she have High Elves ancestry.

Her skin as white as snow and her bodies allure men. Her face is clear without any sign of flaw that can be found.

But if there is a difference between her and Arianna, it must be their attitude and their air. She is quiet, unassuming and gloomy.

Her hair is silver blond, loosely flowing around her neckline, which matched her beautiful figure.

Her eyes are azure green, and when she looked at something, it sparkles sometimes. It was impossible for anyone not to keep their eyes off her.

Then I looked at my troops. Mercenary’s troops consisted of Orcs, Dwarves, Elves and Kobold.

I knew that many of these people here will lost their life when we fight the dragons and I am determined to compensate them which is why I ask their name and their records are kept by Mikael.

If they died, I promise, gold and items of great value will be send to their families which is why poor dark elves volunteer.

And the reason why they did not desert the expedition. Such love towards their family is heartwarming.

The Orc on the other hand living in a strict hierarchy in their land joins me because the fame that will follow if the manages to fight and kill a dragon.

And the gold is also a great incentive for them joining.

The kobolds, owing to Hur Gur, an Orc Aratai, which means a 10 man leader in Orc language, manage, to persuade some Kobold warrior to join us.

Hur Gur is from the Gur Tribe, a small tribe in the Orc lands. He seems to be looking for some gold to support his family.

I accept him because of his capability in using maces.

He also has a lot of contact in the Land of the Kobolds. The Kobold leader Demu Haranaga, brought some of his men with him.

About 100 of them joined.

They refuse the money, telling me that when they heard someone is so crazy to challenge a dragon must be a man worth their time.

And then, there is also the fact that sometimes dragons terrorized their plains and fighting dragon in an open space is always a bad idea.

In military terms, it is called an unfair advantage.

The land of the dragons is situated near the Titans Abode, the land of the Giants. Giants is rare in existence and they usually sleeps, and peaceful race.

All the mountains in Titans Abode are higher than even the mountains in the human continent, and it has mountains that spit fire near the land of the Dragons.

After many journeys and many weeks of preparing, we finally arrived at the Land of the Dragons.




We have set camps many times in the day because of the heat when we enter the land of the dragon.

Behind the party is a total of 400 people. Some of them explore in team around the vicinity to search for any threats.

I also followed their patrolling and I thought it would be safe here especially we arrived here in the morning.

We went patrolling and searching around this narrow pass not too far away from my main camp.

I want to gain better understanding of my mercenaries’ troop and I wanted to gain their trust.

After all, Orc is hard to share their trust outside their clan. But if I were to have a chance in defeating the dragon, I need trust of my group.

If there is one thing I learn in military it is this.

Trust between comrades is essential in accomplishing a mission successfully. In Knight Academy I have Kyle, Lisa and Helia.

In the military I have Massey, and Oliver.

But that was the time when monster roam here in the Land of Dragons. Usually it is night around the Anvali continent.

Mikael has warned me before saying that this area is teamed up with monster and urges me to exercise caution before we went patrolling.

We were looking for some berries or some easy game for supplies. Our supplies from the Capital are dwindling.

Then a sound.

The sound of hooves startled our group and the ground trembles with the ferocity of the beats of these hooves.

We looked and we saw what is happening.

‘OPEN A PATH’ I yelled as I flew to the big stone around the vicinity while the Orcs and Elves quickly respond and roll around the charging area.

Those who are late in response, got trampled, their bones being broken with every step the horses took, their face turns into a pool of smashed meats.

We were attacked by Firehorse, a flaming horse with a black horn on their head and they dashed right through us.

I was with 20 Orcs and 2 Elves. Mikael is at the campsite.

They neighed with great ferocity trying to ram us and pierce us with their horns. The sound of their hooves invites fear to some of the elves.

In one leap they gained tremendous speed and with each steps our hearts beats with fear.

They are nearly twice as big from normal horses with fire coming out of their mouth and nose, and angrily rushed towards my group.

This must be their territory.

But what can we do. After all, I’m hunting a dragon. Such problem should have been anticipated.

We take cover in the large rock but soon we seen how powerful these creatures are.

With their speed and their horns they rammed the rocks and anyone who is late in dodging get stabbed and died in the spots.

Some of the elves throw fire from their hands, utilizing magic, into the horse which only serves to anger them.


‘There is no wate-‘ then he was spear by the horse. His chest ripped apart by their force of attack..

‘Fuck !’ I said.

It was a terrifying assault by the horses. Most of the monsters they encounter are not at this level of power so it shocked me a little.

1 elf is dead and 2 Orcs.

Now we have 19 people. I can handle this. I quickly order them

‘The Orc Fera will command eight under him. Orc Derval will order the rest. Divide, Destroy. And smash. Block the horses, kill the horses. Whatever happens, make sure they’re dead’

The Orc yelled ‘YAHH’ as a sign that they have received the order.

They are accustomed to fighting in formations after all Orcs is the military backbone of Anvali other than Kobold race.

Demon Lords are the administrator and the law. They all have their role in Anvali.

‘How about you my lord?’ one of the elves remarked as he passed by me, looking at me worried that no one is accompanying me.

I grin.

At least this monster will provide a little challenge.

‘I will go at it alone. Use your shields’ I reminded them.

After all, I bought them the shields, though I expected them to use it against the dragon.

‘Let us charge these horses and eat them for dinner! Gouge their eyes, skins their emat, eat their flesh!’ The Orc yelled and that yell were replied with a resounding roar.

The horses instead of retreating, once again they charge us with renewed determination.

‘STONE WALL’ I yelled and the Orc who is adept in military formations, endure the assaults. Thankfully the shields are not broken.

These creatures…… are daunting I must admit.

This is an opportunity created by his mercenary troops. They may not possess the discipline of his army but he at least has tried to teach them to work in a team instead against each other.

I am the strongest among them, there is no doubt and if I couldn’t stop these horses nobody could.

The one elf that survives is flailing using the shield but I know he won’t last long. Elves are not proficient in the battle of arms.

It is magic. Magic is their strength.  I jumped and cut one of the horses and blood spluttering like a fountain.

Now there is water.

‘You!’ I yelled at the Elf still looking awkward defending using shield. I am an idiot. I, who lead armies. I should have divided them by their abilities.

They are not humans. But they have their own strength. Magics, Old Dark Magics, Ancient weapons. They are different. I should treat them differently.

‘Make the land muddy.’

‘No wate-‘ then I point out at the blood. He nodded and understands what I imagine while some of the horse turns their attention towards me.

He began chanting and the ground turns.

It was not enough but it is muddy enough. I know that hiring elves was the right thing to do.

The land turned moist red and the horses hooves were digging around in the earth. I grab the hilt of the sword.

Shadowslasher. Power radiated from the sword.

Before, I use normal swords to fend off the monster but here is a perfect occasion to once again draw out the Enochian Blade.

I unsheathe the sword and I feel the energy coursing through my veins. The sword shines in black radiant light

I look at the moist earth and the scene that is unfolding upon me.

Some of the horses stumbles and fall onto themselves and I use this opportunity to use Sweeping Star on the ground decapitating 5 fire horses in one strike of the Enochian blade, the strike ringing with power.

Any horses or rocks near the area were slashed and cut into two.

Some slowed down. This is the time.

‘BREAK FORMATION AND LET LOOSE!’ I yelled and my word resonated in the narrow passage.

The Orcs instinctively knew what I am planning.

Great military drills have been instructed to the Orcs. They see the moist ground and they knew now that the wind is blowing on their favour.

The Orcs filled with anger, raged and use their mace to strike a blunt attack on the horse head and the horses died in one strike, their head smashed to meat.

The elf keeps using the blood to create moist earth, which is red and this just enhance the battle spirits of the Orcs.

The fact that he is alone and still having the mana to pull such magic is impressive.

Seeing one of their friend fall in battle, is boost enough to their morale, exacting revenge on the horses.

I then flew, with the Enochian blade unsheathe, and ready my strike as I flew towards my targets.

As I flew, behind me vapors are formed because of the speed with which I launched myself.

I know this because I heard the Orcs exclaiming as they see me.

When I reached them with one slash I killed three horses, a resounding sound wave that cut off even the large rocks around the vicinity, testament to my increasing internal energy.

Some of the nearby horses suffered the effect of my strike as their bodies were injured by large area of effect of my strike.

They neighed in pure pain and staggered as they suffered the blows.

Some horses charged me and I stab them repeatedly, slashing and stabbing, rolling around using the Wind God technique and repeat the process of slashing and stabbing.

Blood filled the narrow passage with some of our comrade blood as the horses strengthened their attack but it seems that we are winning.

The Orcs stand in amazement of the human, looking, not believing that a human can have so much power.

‘He flew around like he is riding the wind’ one exclaimed

‘Look at that, sliding around stabbing and slashing’ they say in awe and admiration

‘One strike and the horses body is cut into two’ another chimed in

‘WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING AT! CHARGE!’ Arial said suddenly aware that the Orc stand dazed after killing the horses.

‘YAHH’ they replied

Hearing the yell, the Orc rushed these horses with their sword, smashing and hitting.

‘KEEP HITTING!’ I yelled.

‘COME ON! FASTER. KEEP THEM IN CLOSE PROXIMITY!’ I on the other hand, smiling in satisfaction

I rolled side to side, dealing damages, using every technique I have, to dodge, to strike, to stab.

I am one with the sword and the sword is one with me. The fierce sharpness of the Enochian blade fills me with power.

I am moving around and around, leaving destruction and death as I swing the Enochian sword in my hands.

Never before I felt so invincible.

With my body moving like the wind and a legendary weapon in my hand I feel like a God of Old, raging in the battlefield, a state of awareness of everything that happens around me.

The Horses, never being beaten this badly, is going wild with rampage but the sight of me killing bring a morale boost to the Orcs as they keep smashing heads and striking with their large mace.

It has been a long time since I am in battle that makes my blood boils. Neighing scream erupted as one by one they fell to our onslaught.

I run around the battlefield using the Wind God Technique to slide around the feet of the horse and injure their feet, and cut their legs and they screamed.

I focus the attack on their ankles and thighs while the Orcs with their mace smashed the fallen horse.

We began finding our momentum.

I slashed their feet, and the Orcs will smash their heads. And with my stamina we can kill even a thousand of them.

Now the horde of these fire horses is writhing with pain. They tried to kick me with their fiery hooves but I am too fast for them.

The Elf keep chanting while I kept my attack and some of the horses in the behind withdrew.

If it were me, alone, as I slashed another horse’s ankle, it would take me a long time to slash their ankle and killed them, while it is not impossible, it will be time consuming, but because of these Orcs, my work is easier.

I slash, they smash.

Their power in smashing is one I knew full well. In my timeline, the power of the Orc horde is undeniable.

‘HAHAHAHA’ the Orc laughed.

‘We will feast on firehorse meat today. A fine delicacies indeed.’ Some of them yelled while smashing the heads of the horse with pure delight on their faces.

It is also good that these monsters appear. Orcs are wary of people weaker than them. It is their culture. This display of power is more for them than it is for me.

To foster trust and to show them who is the most powerful here. Actions beat words after all.

Blood filled the passage like a river is formed there; the stench to any normal human would be unbearable.

And there is Arial in the middle of battle, swinging his blade like a judgment from the Lord above, appearing like a god of war, each strikes produced a thunderous sound and screams of the horses were like a song of misery, and blood spurted out from the horses like fountains watering the passage while Arial is already onto his next prey.

Screams and neighing fill the passage, sounds of bones broken, swords and shields clanging, the passage smell of death, reeks of a massacre.

That is what happens, defying the circumstances.

Logically, if about 2 dozen people fighting a horde of Firehorses, anyone could say in absolute certainty that the disadvantage party is the people but here a defying scene is unfolding.

One man is massacring a horde of these monsters and the Orcs, the Elf and even the monster, their initial amazement and awe change into absolute fear.

They believe they are seeing a legend is unfolding in front of their eyes, and advent of a God.

Here and there, the horses collapsed like twigs, broken branches.

Arial keep slashing never stopping to look back.

He moved forward with incredible speed that the Orcs have trouble pacing themselves with his speed.

It was like a graveyard of horses with many horses on the ground having their head smashed by Orcs, or decapitated by Arial, the Orcs mace is already filled with sticky meats and brain matter of the horses.

It even made the mace heavier.

This is the first time they killed so many monsters.

The horses are getting pummeled, obliterated and the other retreated as fast as they have come.

Still Arial pursue them like a mad god, screaming blood.

And by the end, Arial sit upon the mound of horses corpse, their fire disappeared after they are dead.

The Orcs look at this amazing scene in front of them. ‘To think’…they said. To think they underestimated this man.

Arial sitting on top of the mound, his Enochian blade shines behind his back, inviting reverie and then he took a breath like he is enjoying the scenery. He smile and then he said.

‘Go alert the others. TELL THEM, WE WILL HAVE A FEAST TONIGHT.’ The Orcs cheered while the Elves brought back those who died to bury them.

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