AOH – Chapter 88

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After the truth is revealed I am still reeling from the shock. After all I still couldn’t believe, Elkar my own courtier plan all this.

Silas on the other hand have his suspicion when he heard about the circumstances regarding Elkar parents.

After investigation Silas found out before Elkar parents were killed they are a renowned scholars and this is the reason why my father took Elkar in.

Silas is now sitting in the tent; chairs have been brought as I called for the Council of Clans to come to hear my speech and my declaration.

To think Elkar is a part of that conspiracy and what they are searching for. Of course by now, all the Kings have heard about the story with the letters I wrote to them.

From Aleister mouth I finally know what they are searching for in the Human Continent and why the war is necessary for them.

They want to gain a foothold in the Human Continent and search for the Spear. At least that is Elkar intention, to avenge his parents by turning the Human Continent to a sea of fire.

While Aleister and the nobles that follow Elkar on the other hand is more interested in land and riches and some of them are from some extreme sect of the religion of the Dark God.

Anyone could see their cooperation wouldn’t last long.

One who wanted to destroy and one wanted to reap the benefit. You can’t have both. In my honest opinion I believe that if I ever succeed in mounting a victory at the Human continent Elkar would have been killed by Vor and Crow.

The Spear of Doom that belongs to the first generation.

The very spear in myths and legends that could break a world as the books of Old will attest.

It was a gigantic spear, tall as a hill, though some are high as the mountain itself, that when it falls, the land around it disappeared into ash and smoke, the ground splintered and collapsed on itself, hole so big, that the sea water came and drowned the surrounding territory, the air become so poisonous that whoever inhale it dies almost instantly and with great pain, the blazes so hot and hungry that not even plants can be planted, melting temples, villages, cities, and Kingdom.

Who would be insane enough to use such weapons? Such travesty to life, such sins.

Elkar. He would do it.

By now I’m sure of it. I have never thought that he would……kept that kind of resentment in his heart

Elkar found no short of allies in the Ge’laer faction which always strives for human eradication and many of them is consisted of zealots that translate the book of the Dark God literally, and even some nobles from the Cha’haya faction.

The list that Aleister gives makes it easier for my army under Lord Zardon, the amiable and loyal lord to hunt these traitors.

Lord Zenla, is on the camp accompanying me shortly and ensure my safety.

He is also responsible for the task I have entrusted him with. To put in chains, those who have bring this Kingdom of mine to this state.

‘Nervous, Your Grace?’ Silas asked his feet crossed sitting in the chair leisurely sipping a Lorelian tea.

‘I am.’

I look again at the list.

Lord Thoeberus, Lord Einzer, Lord Robi and Lord Zorgos is among the traitors and I have given my orders regarding their arrest.

If they resist the army is given permission to execute them on the spot. It is only befitting for such traitors.

Today, Lord Nanctar, Lord Mathias, Lord Primar, Lord Staber also known as the Roaring Tiger and Lady Ainnuriz of the High Elf will join me in solidarity as I announce my new venture.

Both of the faction, Gela’er and Cha’haya is also summoned to the Holy Land as tomorrow I will begin my journey.

Probably the first time in human history, and a new chapter in Anvali history, that a treaty will be signed.

The young lord of Vermont has rescued my Princes and now she is being treated courteously in the young lord castle.

He has sent me letters beyond the sea, confirming her arrival at his castle.

Then a messenger came and announces all the invitees have arrived and waiting for me. Silas looks at me and smile a knowing smile.

‘Why the smile?’

‘Nothing’ he said.

I look at the tent entrance and then I said at him.

‘This would change everything.’

Silas look at me amused.

‘It would wouldn’t it?’ and he smile again.

‘Your smile unnerves me’ I said.

‘As it should, Your Grace.’

I never understand what he means sometimes. He always speaks in codes, double meanings and obscure words.

‘Do not be worried Your Grace. You are a King. A proud and powerful King’

Then I stepped out and I walk to the sea of people climbing up the podium. I went up and I could see some faces.

Faces I knew and faces of those who are absent. They must have been caught by Lord Zardon.

Then I stepped out in the podium and the rest of the nobles kneel, only the Kings did not kneel.

Lady Ainnurriz is a High Elf, an existence so rare, so she is respected at a King level so she did not kneel.

‘Rise’ and then they all rise.

Then I began my speech.

‘As you all know’ and I paused ‘there is a great conspiracy in the court, determine to pit us against human.’

Some Kings nodded already knowing the full story and being informed by my letters. The other nobles and the faction on the other hand gasped.

‘Such terrible folly to drag us into a great war. This is the greatest stupidity one can exhibit. Have we learned nothing? Are we that blind to what history has taught us? Is not the policy of peace……peace that is so hard to obtain…….be obliterated by this selfish agenda. NO!’

And silence. Everyone looks at me, waiting, trying to understand why I have called them here, thousands of miles from Arakath.

‘I intend, on this day, and at this second, here in the land of holies to abolish the factions in the court’

And at this the nobles gasped in shock while the Kings all nodded.

‘We have all agreed this is for the best.’

‘Your Grace!’ some yelled.


And I looked at them with my most intimidating stare and said.

“If it’s not for your divisive way we will not end up here, at an edge of the precipice of a war against the human continent. A great and terrible mistake almost being committed.”

And some of them shrink back but clearly they are not satisfied…After all I am taking away their power, ripping apart a custom as old as time itself.

Tradition dies hard

‘It is high time’ and I intoned my voice higher and I repeat

“HIGH TIME for me to put an end to your leeching, manipulative nobles sitting in my court, spouting lies which you all have dishonoured by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice!”

And with this more and more minister shrink. Lord Mila and Lord Arathorne look and nodded. They have agreed with me and for that I am grateful.

‘This system of faction in my court is an enemy to the throne of Arakath, and enemies to all good government. Wouldn’t you all agree my Kings?”

I gestured to the King and they all nodded and the minister of both factions gasped in shock and knows they are trapped. I continued my speech.

“A pack of starving dogs , raving like lunatics, confusing Kings and spreading anarchy in my court, plotting conspiracy, and like Aleya betraying Levitia for a piece of land, is there even a single virtue now remaining on you!’

I yelled back and they are startled by the ferocity of my words, the sharpness in my tone and most of all the truth that bites them.


I yelled again and this snapped some of the minister and some of them kneeling, probably they are begun to understand my intention.

I’m not notifying them of their dismissal. I’m ordering their dismissal and there is a difference between both of that term.

‘Ge’laer and Cha’haya both of these factions who stress to the citizen of their unwavering faith to the Kingdom and profess their love and piety to God, have no more faith than my horse, gold and profit is your God.’

And I paused for dramatic effect. I learned this from Silas. I look at the minister and they avert their gaze, shame in their face.

‘WHICH ONE OF YOU HAS NOT BARTERED YOUR CONSCIENCE FOR GOLD? Is there among you a man that has the least good care for our bountiful Arakath? You have defiled my court by your immoral principles and wicked practices. Both factions have grown intolerably odious to the whole Kingdom.’

More kneeled and they look at me with fear. They look around for support from the other Kings. They will not find it. We are unanimous in our decision. The factions will be abolished today.

‘I therefore, as the king of this Kingdom, its proud ruler therefore calls upon the Kings to stand with me in this times of chaos and cleanse this Kingdom from this pack of thieves and liars. Will you stand by me?’

I asked and all the King nodded even Oberon, who is known to be very stubborn.

‘Your Grace’ many of the people from both faction kneel.

‘Please. We beg of you’ they cried.

‘By God’ and I pointed my hand at the sky and then I watch the kneeling lords and nobles, fear in their eyes, kneeling, pleading with all their might, but I ignore it and continue what I have come here to say

‘and by God’s help, for he is all mighty and has given me the strength to do this, strengthened by the resolve of the other Kings I command you, therefore upon the perils of your life to surrender immediately to my Grace, until I command otherwise. Your land, your wealth will be confiscated.’

The nobles look at me with shock frozen, kneeling while looking at me. And even though they are angry they can do nothing

The Holy Land is filled with my army and the faction of course did not expect to be arrested and clapped in chains.

Quickly my armies entered and there is a rustle among the nobles, the assembly is actually a trap to gather all this politician in one place, a purge as Silas so wisely termed, and clapped all the nobles in chain and then I will decide what I want to do with them.

The king just nodded, since they are warned beforehand. Lord Zenla can be seen clapping the noble lords in chains and kicking those who are not obeying his order.

I stepped down from the podium and see Silas waiting for me.

I climbed down the staircase and walked to him. The moment I am face to face with him he speaks.

‘Now, you have changed everything. A King with no restriction, immense in immeasurable authorities’ then suddenly his face turns frightening.

‘What will….you ever do with all that power, Your Grace? Will you abuse it?’ And he paused

‘Like so many King does? Or will you wisely use it for your people?’ He asks and his expression is very frightening like his eyes see something…..something dark.

‘I will of course use it for good.’

‘Will you?” he ask again

‘Only time will tell Your Grace.’ He answered for me.

 And for a while a brief silence hover between us and then Silas speak.

‘Your Grace, have you ever wondered what marks our time here? If one life can really make an impact on this world we living in? If the choices we make matter?’

I nodded. He smiles.

‘Likewise Your Grace. And you are in that position right now. Young and powerful. My lord beyond the sea, is one of the greatest princes I have seen, even when I’ve meet so many Kings and princes no one compare to him but you, Your Grace.’

And he looks at the open sky like recalling an old memory. Then he continued.

‘Why? You might ask. Because both of you have power beyond any other man, the power to shake this world to its core, thousands of army at both of your disposals and life and death by your grace. So….I will say what I always say to Kings and Princes….power corrupts. And….absolute power….corrupts absolutely.’

And with that, his face turned again, a carefree smile on his face and then he walked away leaving me in puzzlement…. And curiosity.

Codes, double meaning and obscure. That is Silas.

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