AOH – Chapter 72

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They charge.

They attacked us and I could see that this young man is very experienced in the martial art technique.

The other one with the halberd swing it at me but I slither around him making him confused. Stay in one place, you brat he yelled.

I stuck out my tongue at him

‘Don’t get angry because of your low capability’ I mocked.

The old man gets angrier and he swing around his halberd without a thought but it is not hard to avoid it especially in such messy style of attack.

I even have time to watch the young man, Helia dancing around the spear but suddenly the rhythmic patterns of the spear dance suddenly turned slow and fast baiting the young man to enter his sphere of attack.

He enter.

‘Wai-‘ I yelled as the spear arrived in front of him with a terrifying speed but the young man smack his hand together releasing a fairly powerful internal energy and clamp the spear with his bare hand.

‘Great’ the crowd cheered.

‘Phew’ I sigh in relief.

‘Pay attention’ Helia yelled at me when suddenly in front of my face the halberd is about to hack away my head.

Using the Treading on the Wind technique I duck and flew myself under the halberd swings and attack his feet and the old man tumble down.

Then I flew to the other ledge

‘Your turn’ I said to the young man.

The young man grinned

‘Fine’ he said.

The scarred man tries to release his spear from Helia grip but his spear will not budge.

Then Helia released his grip and ask him again.

‘Return my pouch and I’ll forget this happen.’

Oh very kind.

Considering his level he should make this Scarred man a punch bag. I guess he is one of those righteous kinds.

He looks around and glance and seeing his accomplice in the ground writhing in pain he faltered. He throws the pouch to Helia.

I also recognize someone very dignified among the crowd.

Fuck, did the town people call the authority. The one leading them is very young man wearing an armor encrusted rubies with dragon design, blaringly emblazoned on his chest.

He just looked at the young man attack and smile.

He has long white hair as his hair is being waved by the wind. The guards also just stand behind him unmoving. Every time he walked the crowd give way, all bowing at him.

Who is he?

Then suddenly a quake startled me

The Scarred Man has one more trick under his sleeve.

‘Mr Zhang, jump!’ the young man cried.

It seems when the Scarred Man throw the pouch he exert his internal energy onto the rooftop and with one stomp the tiles of the roof fly around as the beam that supported the inn broke.

My alleviating technique is very unique and rare so I can escape without harm but seeing the young man I doubt he can land without injury.

This is when the dignified young man in the crowd jumped.

His long white hair flowed gracefully as he took the young man by his waist looking at the man with affectionate feeling.

That is weird of course. If the young man is a woman I can understand but a man?

‘Arial!’ the man cried out and the young man smile and blushed? Helia seems shocked and pleased.

The white hair man gracefully landed but what strikes me as odd is his alleviating technique. It is different from mine but I could see from his stance that it also the same in a way.

Helia! The white hair man says. The guards behind him did not even move. So, it seems that this white hair man is quite influential.

Better side with him.

I quickly introduced myself.

‘Hello kind sir. My name is Zhang Liao Bao. I apologize for the ruckus. But-‘

But the young man did not even pay attention to me as he strides forward and as he passed me I feel heat coming off from his body.

An intense internal energy. I unconsciously tremble.

This level…..of concentrated internal energy…it is almost the same as Northern Badger, my teacher.

I couldn’t believe it. Someone this young having the same internal energy as my teacher? There must be a mistake.

The Scarred man and the Old man is sprawled on the street and as the white hair man walked the crowd give way to him, some bowed some kneeled.

Whoever he is….he is known around here. Maybe a lord or a lord son

‘WHO. ARE. YOU!’ he said to the thief and his voice is like thunder splitting the sky apart. The Scarred man trembled.

Even the old man trembled and that makes me even feel sorry for him. They quickly get up.

‘Young man’ the old man said

‘you seem to be from some martial arts sect so I will introduce myself. My name is Song Zhitai and this is my brother Song Zhiwu. Let us go and we will let you go’ and the white hair man laughed.

‘You! Letting me go! It is me that won’t be letting you go. You almost hurt my fiancé and you want to run away? Think again!’

 Fiance? I look at Helia and I could see he is blushing. Wait! He is marrying a man. Then I looked again.

Truly looked. I slapped myself in my forehead.

I was blind. How could I make such mistake! Anyone could see she is a girl in a man clothing. Her cheeks are red and his neckline is smooth.

Then I look at the white hair man.

He twisted his hand and wind swoosh by, making suddenly the scarred man flew towards the young man. Incredible internal energy!

‘Go Arial’ the girl cheered from the back.

Arial huh? Not that Arial right?

He grip Zhiwu shoulders and he exerts his internal energy and the crowds could hear the broken bones.


He is not someone I want to mess with. Zhitai leapt forward seeing his brother in trouble to try to break Arial grip.

I jumped in front of them as I met his palm attack and employed the Absorbing technique and Zhiwu was shocked as I felt his energy entered me.

He quickly jumped back.

‘What was that!’ He yelled to me.

I was trying to impress the young lord.

Seeing who he is, and his capability there is no doubt that this is the young lord everyone is talking about.

‘Move aside’ he said his voice is cold and firm.

And the energy getting more malevolent by the second. Helia rushed to me.

‘Don’t interrupt him’ Helia said to me as she brought me away.

‘Who else is here?’ He said.

‘BRING THEM ALL OUT!’ he roared

‘We are the only ones’ Zhiwu said his broken bones preventing him from breaking free from Arial grip.

He is whimpering in pain.

‘Come if you dare’ Arial said baiting Zhitai to charge him. Zhitai charged again but Arial dodged with apparent ease.

‘Wind God technique’ Helia said almost a whisper

‘Wind God technique?’ I asked to Helia

‘Yes.’ Helia said.

‘Wind God technique is one of Arial signature move; he could evade any attack with it.’

I looked again. It was incredible. Not only he was dodging the halberd attack but he do it while dragging the big man with apparent ease.

But I notice some similarity with my technique.

It couldn’t be.

My technique was Alexander technique devised from watching his friend technique where he improvised Levitia technique to suit his needs.

I look at his Wind God Technique.

My Treading on the Wind Technique does not require profound internal energy, technique that is devised to help Alexander who compared to his other sworn brother does not have very high internal energy at the beginning of their rebellion.

But this wind god technique?

It complements certain weakness I notice in Treading the Wind technique. Almost like Wind God technique is the purer version of Treading on The Wind technique.

The treading on the wind technique has too much softness and elegance, not enough power and fierceness.

If I need to bring someone twice my size with me while also evading, my speed dropped considerably.

But, alone, my speed is unmatched even from this young lord. But neither can I attack him. This is why it was perfect use to run away but not to use when in battle.

It complements battle not help it.

But the Wind God technique is different, this I have to admit seeing it performed in front of me, understanding the fundamentals involved in using it.

It can be used to help perfect a stance and attacks. Incredible!

Clang the sound can be heard as the resulting clash between the halberd and Arial internal energy.

The halberd shakes. Then he grabbed the halberd as he shouted

“Helia, this is how you performed Lion Bite!’ he said as the halberd of Zhitai was grabbed and changed hands.

Helia smile a little, looking at Arial.

“Arrogant” And she blushed.

Now he pointed the halberd at the old man. The old man seeing himself utterly defeated kneeled and beg for mercy.

‘Forgive me’ he said.

‘Remember my name old man! I’m Arial the Dragon. Harm my people and you will pay. Arrest this man, take their weapons and find out where he stash their stolen loot’

The guards quickly approached the old man and cuff him in iron chains. Asteros chains. Very hard and durable.

Not many people can break it. He then with ease throws Zhiwu to the guard

‘This too’ he shouted

‘Yes my lord.’ They responded.

He then turned his attention to Helia.

‘Are you alright?‘

‘I’m fine.’

‘Why wear a man clothing?’ he said as he scanned Helia clothes.

‘I wanted to surprise you.’

‘Well, you surprised me’ he said looking at the destroyed roof.

‘I don’t mean that…Now it is all ruined.’

He just looks at Helia and smile then he hold her hair and unfurled her tied hair and her hair flowed gracefully behind her back.

‘You do look a little cute in those clothes.’ She giggled.

‘Heard you just got back from the war, fighting swarm of enemies forces. News even reached my ears that people bathed blood in Berth!’ He nodded.

‘Just got back.’ And she laughed.

An unrestrained laughed.

‘Come on, Kyle escort the lady’ then suddenly from the crowd another man emerged and a man make his way among the crowd

He is wearing a shining armor with a raven design on his armour. His face was handsome and his clothing was eye-catching, his movements was graceful and he possess this dignified aura.

‘Kyle!’ and Helia run to the man called Kyle.

‘It has been so long.’

‘Yeah’ he nodded.

‘Where is Lisa?’

‘At the castle.’

Then Arial turned to me.

‘Thank you for helping my Helia.’ I shake my head

‘It is fine. From what I could see she could perfectly handle those two. I presume much’ His face is now relaxed.

‘Come with us to the castle. I will reward you.’

This is my chance. I held his hand and everyone gasped

‘What do you think you are doing’ Kyle said as he drew his sword. All the guard also drew their sword.

‘Settle down’ Arial said.

‘It is fine. Mr Zhang let us go t-‘

‘No, I need to deliver something to you.’

‘Deliver what?’

‘A letter.’ And this amused him.

‘You can give that to my attendants.’

‘No, this must be only for you.’

‘From who?’

‘Arianna’ I said hoping she recognizes the name and he jolted in surprise.

He looked at me slightly alarmed and asks

‘Who are you?’

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