AOH – Chapter 69

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‘LET’S GO AGAIN.LET’S GO AGAIN. BRING ME WINE. Bring me WINE!’ the princess yelled as I brought her to her room. Her cheeks is red and her eyes are unfocused

‘No princess that is enough for tonight’ I said almost chuckling. Who would have thought that demure girl would become so aggressive after getting drunk?

‘No, No. Again, again. Hic, hic. Senior Brother! Where is Senior Brother? Bring me wine’ she hiccupped.

Zhao Lu I have already entrusted him to the inn boy and ask them to bring him to his room but the Princess is not. She is drunk.

Too drunk.  I fear the other inn boy might take advantage of her and truthfully the employee is even afraid to come near her.

Finally we arrived in front of her room. The moonlight shines my way as the cold wind greeted me. I use one of my coats and give it to the Princess.

She looked at me, her eyes beaming, and her cheeks still red.

‘Thank you’ she muttered blushing, under the pale moonlight.

‘You’re welcome’ I said

I open the door of her room and put her down at her bed. I should go back to my room. I began turning my heel away when she grabbed my clothes sleeve.

‘Don’t go, Liao Bao.’ Her voice is desperate and there is a hint of longing.

‘Princess……’ And I look into her eyes and my eyes leered to her shoulder. Unconsciously I gulped. Her shoulder is exposed and my mind was already filled with indecent thought.

‘I should go. This is late and people will talk.’

‘Call my name, Liao Bao.’ I blushed a little. I moved again and then I felt it.

She grabbed me and I fall into her bed. It is not like I don’t have the energy to release myself from her grab.

I just don’t want to.

She is beautiful and I am lustful. I could hear her breath. It is uneven and I know she could see my hungry look that betrayed my words.

I am a driven man. And nothing drives me more than a woman.

‘We shouldn’t do this’ and I got up from the bed. The Princes looked at me disappointed. I begin walking to the door.

If Zhao Lu ever found out I fuck his little Princess surely it would create discord between us. Not to mention she is the Princess.

‘Stay with me tonight’ she said with a lustrous voice.

The voice comes from my back and I could hear something is being open. The sound of silk glistening around her body. And then I heard something fell to the ground.

I turned back.

She is removing her clothing. One by one like she is seducing me, her eyes which was unfocused earlier now burns with determination. And her eyes have the same glint of hunger that I have.


‘Zhengping. Call me Zhengping’ she said

‘Zhengping’ I said ‘what are you doing?’

I’m hot so I’m removing my clothing’ she said a naughty smile traces around her lips. I thought she is demure.

 Innocent. Who taught her this?

I pick up her clothes and she takes this opportunity to grab me and I could feel it but this time I went with it and I reverse our position.

I’m on top she is on the bottom.

She stares at my eyes and I at her. Those beautiful blue eyes. And I look at her naked body and I gulped again. She chuckled. She playfully tried to release himself from my grip but I tightened it.

‘Manly’ she said.

‘And you’re feisty for someone innocent like you. That surprise me.’ She giggled.

‘I’m full of charms’ she said giggling as she caressed my cheeks. She is awake. So she is not drunk. You little fox. She was just pretending.

I smiled “That is true”

Then she kissed me in the cheek. A sweet, cute little kiss. And I looked at her as she smiles one of the most beautiful smiles I have seen. She likes me. Maybe even more than that.

My face turned red.

It is not the first time I was kissed. Neither it was the first time I’m with someone in a bed. But never, I felt like this.

This connection.

But it is so sudden and I was taken by surprise. She giggled again.

‘Once more’ and this time she kissed me on the left cheek. This time I laughed a little. She is cute.

‘How is it? Is it good?’ she said a little worried.

‘I never kissed anybody before. Mother said kissing somebody will make me pregnant.’

I almost laughed. She knows how to seduce me but it seems she doesn’t know much about fucking.

A sheltered princess. I couldn’t blame her. But where did she learn to do this trick of ‘Pretending To Be Drunk To Capture A Man?’ I giggled myself, appreciating the irony.

‘Hmmm. I don’t know how it tastes. I didn’t have enough time to taste it. How about kissing me here?’

And I pointed to my lips.

‘Naughty’ she said. ‘Only my parents do that.’

I hugged her, and she gasped as I closed the space between us.

“This,” I said. And then I kissed her.

This kiss is nothing like I experienced. It is not desperate. It is just……good, sweet as we enjoy it slowly.

 It steals my breath in the greatest way and gives it back. She glances at me and her eyes shows she trust me.

I smile a triumphant smile.

‘How is it?’ I asked.

She is dazed.

‘It….felt good. Better…… than good’ and she blushed.

‘Can we do it again?’ she said innocently. Her eye is staring at my lips.

And my blood boils.

‘Of course we can’ I smile a grin. Her hand traced my clothes and slowly she removes my clothing as her hand traces my body, slowly like she is taking her time.

And we kissed that night and I fucked her that night. It was good. Better than good. She is innocent in that area so I lead most of the time but she is a fast learner.

We were ‘wrestling’ all night at least that is how Chu Zhengping called it when she said to me that when she heard noises from her parents’ bedroom, her parents always said they were wrestling.

I couldn’t help but laugh when she said that during our session of making love as she so innocently termed.

I also learned that she learned pretending to be drunk learning from her Martial Sister who tells her stories how to seduce a man.

She said with an innocent expression

‘Why laugh?’

I couldn’t answer her. It takes no time until she moans and begging and I was happy to oblige. It felt different.

Not the same. But good kind of different. I hope Zhao Lu doesn’t find out. But who could blame me?

I already try to decline but she keeps seducing me. A man as lustful as me can endure for so long before I finally fall to the temptation.

By the time we are done, she was drenched in sweat, and she is breathless.

I sleep beside her, with a smug expression. I don’t only learn performing in the pleasure house. I learn a lot of things.

And usually I would bail the next morning, but tonight, I have no intention to run away from this.

It felt good. Not only physically. It is the connection I felt with her when we are doing it. It might not be love in my part but it is love on her part.

And I don’t hate it.

And I might not love her like she love me, but I do like her and her innocence. And who is to say that couldn’t be something more.

I looked at the ceiling and smile. Who would have thought I would bed a Princess? This is the life and I couldn’t help but forget my other problems.

I look at her and kissed her forehead. She glance upward and she kiss me back.

‘Sleep, Ping Mei.’ She blushed.

‘You do not call me Princess anymore?’

‘How could I?’

Now that I have feel your sincerity towards me. She gave me one of her most captivating smiles.

The bright and cold night shines the moon streamed in from the nearby window and I could see how sweet her face look and I couldn’t have enough.

It is beautiful, captivating like her smile. Without realizing, I embraced her and hug her and she too did the same.

‘Will you stay?’ She said her eyes expecting.

‘Hmm’ I nodded.

And, tired after our session I closed my eyes and went to sleep with her naked hugging me as we sleep in the same bed.

And I felt happy for the first time in a long time, my trouble washed away in those moments of embrace.



At the morning I quickly get up and get out of her room else I will be captured in quite the delicate position by Zhao Lu.

I returned to the inn and waited for the old man to come.

‘Young master Zhang, here again’ the inn boy greeted me.

‘Your order’ he said telling me the menu

‘Just give me some fruit dishes’ I said ‘and water.’

He nodded and went away to prepare my dishes. Some of the other employee greeted me. We did make quite a mess last night.

I waited for a long time almost reaching afternoon but the old man did not show himself. It couldn’t be he forgot right?

No….or could it be? No….that couldn’t possibly? Right?

He is pretty drunk yesterday. I shake my head. No…no, that couldn’t be when suddenly something swished by and a small stick stuck onto the wooden pillar beside me.

Incredible internal energy I mused

I looked at the stick and realized something is scrolled along the wooden stick. I take the wooden stick and examine it. There is a scroll rolled along the wooden stick.

I open it and I read it.

Meet me in Tailian Forest. And there is a painting of a badger in the bottom.

‘Inn boy’ I yelled.

‘Put this under the young man that came here yesterday.’

‘Young master Zhao?’


Then I rushed outside. I took my mount and went to the forest. It took me a while and asking direction from the local people to finally know where the forest is.

‘Sir’ I yelled in the middle of the forest

Then with a swishing sound I felt someone sneak up behind me, the force of the internal energy was suffocating.

Every fibre in my body wanted to execute the Treading in the Wind technique and run away but if I do that my statement that I am a novice in martial arts will surely be revealed and from what I know about the Northern Badger is that he hates liars and duplicitous person, which perfectly describes me.

So I let him do what he wanted.

‘Zhang’ he said and I turned back feigning a look of ignorance.

I cupped my hand and offer him my respect.

Then suddenly without any warning his palm attacked me which is something I did not expect and his hand rested on my shoulder.

It is swift, and powerful and I almost didn’t have time to response and at the very moment when my internal energy about to push his energy, he yanked his hand out of my shoulder.

Then he laughed

‘You lied to me young man.’

‘What?’ I said

‘I was just testing your level of internal energy. You said you had no teacher? That is impossible with the kind of energy you have. It is not profound but for your age it is quite remarkable and I sensed a malevolent energy that is quite different from the way of the righteous sect internal energy cultivation technique.’

Oh,fuck. I quickly kneeled.

‘Forgive me, O Northern Badger.’

He looked amused.

‘So you know me. Another lie’ he said

‘But I did not lie.’

‘You dare!’

He said raising his voice.

‘I did not lie.’

He squatted and he picked up a few stick and looked at me.

‘Explain to me young boy or this stick will bore a hole through your head.’

Think Liao Bao.

My mouth always saves me more than my technique. Think. And finally a solution came to my head.

‘I never did lie to you. First I said to you I have no teacher. That is true.’

‘Then how did you have a level of this internal energy?’

‘I found a manual detailing of an Absorption technique.’

‘What it is called?’ he said showing a little bit of interest.

I couldn’t straight out say that it is Devil Absorbing Technique. Even the name is indicating it is a dark technique, not one that a righteous sect would practice

And if the prerequisite of learning it is combining the vilest venom and consume it is not indicative enough that it is not a righteous sect technique then the name surely would not help.

So, I said

‘Absorption Sucking Technique.’

‘So it exist’ he said as he looked at me.

‘And you learned it?’



‘Because once I was captured by a man and it makes me think that learning martial art may not be so bad.’

‘Hmm’ he said.

‘And I said I will address the fact that I said I’m burdening them. It is true if we compare my technique with Hero Zhao and Princess Chu Zhengping in terms of technique I only have two’ I said.

I will not lie about the amount of technique I learned. After all an exponent like him can quickly find out.

‘But these two techniques will not lose out if I fight against them. I am a burden to them. They could not do what they want freely while I need to be with them until I reach the border. After all how could I gain access past the Shanhai Pass if not backed by these people?’

‘Glib talker’ he said.

‘Do you hate glib talker?’ I said realizing that it is a bad excuse.

Then he laughed.

‘No, I like glib talker.’ I release a relieved sigh

‘HAHAHHA. So when did you know I’m the Northern Badger?’

‘When you mentioned your disciple’

‘So, when I was in front of the inn you didn’t know?’

‘No’ I shake my head.

‘How could I know the beggar in front of the inn, an old man is the famous Four Immortals.’

‘Hah, so that is how it is’

And he got up and with a swish the stick flies to the nearby bamboo tress and the trees exploded.

I gulped. If that flies to my head I don’t even want to imagine what will happen.

‘So how did you know I’m the Northern Badger when I mention my disciple?’

‘You said his knife is stolen right?’


‘I am the thief’


Then he looked at me again hard.

‘You stole it! You had a lot of nerve to admit that young boy.’

‘I do not want to lie to you. I have already felt guilty enough.’

Not. But I know his type. If he found out later and he will, if he just checked my sleeve, then I would be dead. A person like him value honesty. So that is what I will give him.

Then he laughed.

‘So it is you, the brat.’ I smile

‘Yes. I’m the brat.’

‘How did you steal it?’

‘Just I came to his bed at night.’

‘Why do you steal it?’

‘He hit my mother, after sleeping with her.’ I said balling my fist remembering what happen that day.

‘Tell me. Elder Xiang should I not at least exact revenge?’

‘Sleeping with her?’

‘Yes. My mother is a servant in a pleasure house.’

‘Oh. Good! A great man does not care about his background’ he said.

‘But Shu Ren Gui, should not do that.’ He gripped his fist and said.

‘I need to reprimand him’ he whispered. Then he looked back at me.

‘So why did you not fight him like a martial artist, asking him for a duel instead stealing his knife?’

‘At that time, I did not yet learn this Absorption technique and surely if I fight him I would die. So I did what I can. And stole his knife. Since then he has been chasing me. And he boasted in the pleasure house that he is the Northern Beggar disciple. So when you said he is your disciple I know who you are.’

‘Is that so?’

‘Hmmm, then you did nothing wrong. But then why would you want to learn from me?’

‘Knowing that you are one of the Four Immortals, I could not help but be honoured, and if I could even learned one moves from you, to be taught personally by you is a great fortune and a cause for celebration’ I said still kneeling.

And then I reached my sleeve and grabbed the knife and present it to him bowing my head.

‘This is your disciple knife which I stole. I hope this offering will mend any bad blood between me and you disciple, Elder Xiang.’

‘So is this true what you are saying?’

‘Yes’ I nodded without looking upwards.

‘If this is true then my disciple has committed something I have repeatedly told that he should not do.’

‘Keep the knife’

‘Elder Xiang?’

‘Keep the knife I said. My disciple has brought my name disgrace.’

‘Thank you, Elder Xiang. I will regard this a s a gift from you.’ I said still kneeling.

‘Enough’ he said.

‘Get up. You have done nothing wrong child.’

I get up

‘Thank you for your generosity Elder Xiang’ and I start walking away

‘Where are you going?’

‘I will return to the inn. It seems that I cannot make you my teacher.’ I walked away again

Call me, you old man I said yelling in my heart.


That’s it!

‘Do you want the martial art world to say that I bullied a junior? Do you want me to become a bad man?’ I turned around.

‘Of course not, Elder.’

‘Hmmmmm…kneel down.’

I did as he asked.

‘Promise me without my permission, you will not transmit my techniques to anyone else, not your relatives nor to your descendant.’

‘Elder?’ I said feigning ignorance

‘I’M MAKING YOU MY DISCIPLE LIAO BAO. The disciple sin is the teacher sin. This is the only way I can repay my disciple crude behavior. You have a good heart and an honest kid. That is good. I like that in a person. And you also help me before without expecting compensation. But I could not be here for a long time. I need to go to Qin and meet my friend Chen Yanghua. So I will teach you this one technique. This technique is called Mad Tiger Fist. This is a stroke called The Mad Tiger Shows Its Claws.’

At that he bent his knee, pivoted and straightened his arm, made a circular motion with his upright and while concentrating his internal energy to his fist he pushed outward with his other hand.

His fist emitted a swooshing sound that hurt my ears.

If not for my internal energy I might even get taken with the force of his release fist and from a distance I could see the bulk of bamboo trees in front of bend and shattered their roots were taken away with force.

I could not hide my amazement.

‘That tree is stationary’ he said.

‘If it were a martial artist he would try to avoid the fist. You must strike precisely and if you do, the enemy will surely fall.’

Seeing this it is true what the rumor said about Northern Badger technique. Strong and hard.

Unlike the Southern Healer technique that stresses softness in their moves, the Northern Badger technique is crude and strong, unmovable like a mountain.

This kind of technique must have great control of its power and the concentration must be high.

Mad Tiger Fist.

This must be one of his famous fist techniques.

‘Try it’ he said I nodded and quickly I took up the same positions as him and target another bulk of bamboo tree and after concentrating the point of my fist, I release my fist.

Thanks to the books in the Secret passage I understand the basic of internal energy concentration and using my fist as the focal point of the energy worked.

The bamboo tree broke and one of them even shattered but not the root.

He laughed.

‘A fast learner.’

‘But I did not destroy all of them.’

‘Yes but you did better than most would do. Your concentration is good. If you do it in one blow then you are a prodigy’ he said

‘And prodigy tires me. They are arrogant’ he said bitterness can be felt from his word. He must have his experience.

‘This few days that I have, come here every morning. For these three days I will teach you until the 10 strokes of the Mad Tiger Fist.’

‘How much stoke the Mad Tiger Fist have?’ I said.

‘16 strokes but 10 strokes are good enough. I don’t have time to teach you all 16 strokes.’

I nodded

‘I understand teacher’

He rubbed his head.

‘Another disciple.’ He complained

‘If you meet your Senior martial brother next time, he surely would kneel and apologizes to you Liao Bao. I promise you that.’

‘There is no need teacher.’

‘No, he did something wrong and he must pay.’

Three days? I could at least spare three days right? My promise with the Princess is important but if I have the opportunity to learn this from the Four Immortals then surely it would help me in the long term.

After all I might even have to go to the Dark Lands.

Who knows what enemies I would encounter there? The Dark Lands have their own martial art which is very different from the martial arts of the Human Continent.

‘Then I will meet you tomorrow teacher’ and as soon I said that he disappeared.

I smile and whistle as I return home to the inn.

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