AOH – Chapter 64

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‘Kill him’ Alderam yelled.

One of them shoots arrow with me. I used Wind God technique to dodge it and it flew past me. One of them jumped towards me with a spear 

‘Yahhh’ I released Dragon Regret to the man chest and he flew backwards while spurting blood no doubt from the internal injury.

‘Great!’ my troops who see the battle cheered.

Then two person in front of m using sabers slashed around the vicinity of my neck but I quickly dodged it then in a swift motion I use internal energy and channel it towards the sword and with one slash both of their heads flew high into the air.

The swords shattered to shards of sharp shattered pieces because of the force of my internal energy.

It flew high and many of the troops tries to avoids the shards.

‘YAHHHHHH’ I yelled as I charged forward without fear and with no signs of stopping.

I could see Alderam face. It was a shocked expression.

The poison might be painful but knowing I would only feel the effects if I overexerted myself, I did not restrain myself.

My own internal energy helps in suppressing the poison so it makes me feels a little relieved.

Then two of cavalry men galloped forwards. I use my internal energy to bring the axes on the ground to come to me with pure internal energy. The axe flew towards my hands.

‘YOU WILL DIE,YOUNG DRAGON!’ the cavalry shouted

I smiled

They both had their lance targeted at me.

The moment they came in the distance I lunged forward with my internal energy as I lower my stance and fly to the horse gracefully.

With the axe I performed Mad Storm Axe technique and the horse legs is cut off when the axe strikes the horse, their riders were thrown off and die on impact after they were thrown to the ground.

Blood spread from their noses and eyes, internal bleeding and quickly they were crushed under the crushing weights of their own horse.

Alderam gasped while my troops cheered from the distance.

‘THAT IS AS FAR AS YOU GO ARIAL’ Alderam yelled bravely.

His knight gave him a spear. Once I tasted bitter cold because of his sneak attack. Never again. I use the ground and launched myself into the air as he throws the spear.

With my axe I throw the axe to the spear and in impact both of the weapons exploded, testament to my internal energy strength and his.

His Knights were thrown back from his horse because of our internal energy clash in the weapons which resulted in a very loud noise fill with malevolent internal energy.

With his elite guards incapacitated I landed myself in front of him closer than ever. This battle decided everything.

If he falls, his armies will lose morale and lost their only leader. The other can be persuaded to surrender.

‘So you are determined to die in my hands, young dragon?’

‘It is you will die, you treacherous old man’

‘HAHAHA….Keep dreaming. Though before I start I would like to ask you some questions? I wonder what inspires you to follow that weak brother of mine? What does he have that I don’t? I’m more charismatic than him, stronger yet you, of all people, one who is even stronger than him, would rather follow him than me. With me you could have been more than just a servant of him, my weak brother. I would have shower you with riches and fame and great powers’

We encircle each other, looking at each other, gauging each other intentions. He is trying to entice me, persuade me to betray Adrian.

‘Riches? I am rich. Fame? I have fame. Who doesn’t know the dragons! And your words? Your words are winds. ‘

‘You believe you will be victorious then?’

‘Only God can grant victories.’

‘Hmph, I’m done speaking with you. It seems you can see no reason’

He unsheathes his sword from the Enochian sheath and the swords glimmer. It is the first time I see Enochian Steel. I could feel the majestic power of the swords. It glimmers and full of power.

The sword is black and I can sense a dark aura around the sword. The sword that is rumored can cut anything.

It amplified anyone internal strength and it can never break.

To even mend it you had to mend it in the Mountains of Aru’an in the Blessed lands. To cool it you have to throw it into The Be’ruan Lake in the Dome of Salvation.

To break it? That is never even heard of. But to grab it? That can be done.

I can use Lion Bite to snatch it away from him, but the fact he can wiled the Enochian steel must prove that he is also an adept user in internal energy.

He held up his swords and pointed it to me. I could not help but marvel at the creation of the sword.

Some words can be seen inscribed at the sword.  This is the sword that Alan use in his journey, walking together with the Great Hero Levitia and the other companion.

I know the sharpness of the sword and the story around ShadowSlasher. It gives terrible pain to anyone even if it scratches you.

I looked at his sword again.

‘Pace yourself,’ I said to myself.

It is the sword that is great, not the man that wields it. I can do this.

All around the battle sounds come to a top as they all still maintain their positions but at the same time they are looking at the battle like it is the decisive battle that will determine the winner.

I know if I fall, my troops can go on without me but not the case for Alderam.

If he fall so does his army. I twisted my hand and one of the sword from the ground fly into my hands.

‘Great internal energy’ Alderam complimented me.

He began to move as I try to pierce him with the first strike.

He did not even try to dodge ignoring my attack, and aiming right at my vital points instead. I could sense it.

Pain, instead of dulling my sense alerted me more.

This normal attack carried an unimaginable power because it combined with normal attack but the sword energy also helped making the attack stronger and I can feel it descends on me.

I falter and hesitated. I jumped out of the attack and rolling on the ground. I got up but I could sense the massive internal energy heading towards me from behind.


With my right foot I shot out vertically with great speed, avoiding myself from the attack and the troops in line of the attacks even though they are far from our battles their chest explodes and blood rained the battlefield because of the force of the slash

The troops are shocked and began distancing themselves further. No wonder, people revere the Enochian Steel. The power……is unfathomable.

My escape from such attack is cheered by my troops.

‘STUBBORN AREN’T YOU?’ he yelled.

Alderam take a breath and renewed his attack changing his direction of attack and moved upwards blocking me to land in the ground, then with one sweeping technique

I almost lost both of my legs if not for at the critical juncture, I was able to turn my body and pointed my sword and pointed it down, meeting the tip of Shadowslasher.

It bends. My sword bend and I have a premonition of what about to happen.

My sword could not contain the Enochian steel energy and it shattered upon contact. The sword flew out to the troops and some of them screamed with pain.

Some are blinded when the shards enter their eyes and some soldier were thrown back because of the force of our internal energy.

Utilizing the impact I shoot back up. Alderam noticed thi and quickly he aimed the sword at me.

Alderam seems determined to kill me in midair.

If not for the sword I would have already killed him. He attack me again. I can only block it using Sword Finger Technique every time he slashes at me.

‘An opportunity’ I realized.

I shot out internal energy with my palm to Alderam head and he countered by trying to cut off the oncoming palm attack with his sword. The energy gets distorted and did not reach him.

Enochian steel even deters internal energy attack. Truly the weapon of Gods! But I grinned. Finally.

I, with my profound internal energy flicked Shadowslasher to its side while I backed off, landing on the ground a safe distance from him as my troops cheer again.

Sweats are formed in my forehead.

I nearly died a couple of times. Alderam who I never fear suddenly turned into a formidable enemy armed with that weapon.

I could see that my internal energy rattled him.

There is strong vibration from the sword almost causing him to drop the sword. The air is fill with tension and the swirling internal energy in the site of our battle is suffocating. They all can feel it.


‘See that’ I said to West

West looked scrutinizing.

‘This sequence of events really is beyond belief.’ I said as I looked all around.

West nodded while still looking at the battle.

All the troops are gasping like they are witnessing the battle f a lifetime.

In a few moments Alderam has launched countless of attacks ,each one deadly accurate and yet each one is dissipated effortlessly before Arial who escaped each time.

The attacks were rough and brutal, the escapes is swift and clever. The troop’s heart almost flew out from all the action.

No one ever had seen anything like it. No one ever feel anything like it. Attacking like a storm while evading like clouds.

Just as booming thunder and lightning, even when it’s over, it sends chills down to the spine. My heart is jumping all over the place.

For the first time I sees my friend really seriously fighting.

Usually, I know that Arial never did go serious because most of his adversaries are lower level than him.

But seeing Alderam with the Enochian steel in his hands I understand why Arial need to go this far.

Enochian steel is the stuff of legends.

Rare and very powerful.

‘During the last strike Arial was being overwhelmed’ West said on horseback while his troops is guarding him also looking at the battle but taking little distance fearing what happens before will happen again.

‘Yes’ I replied ‘But he hesitated. Must be because of that sword’

West nodded

And then my eyes turn to the battle again.


I twisted my hand again and release my internal energy and one of my troop’s swords flew off from his sheath and flew towards my hand. The pain in my heart strikes me but I held it back with pure force of my energy

‘I will borrow this’ I yelled without looking back while my face is contorted by the pain.

‘MY PLEASURE, MY LORD’ I hear the yell

Looking at that sword I know that only another Enochian steel can fight equally with Shadow Slasher.

Every time I slashed the sword, my sword will shattered in hundreds pieces. It is too powerful and sharp beyond belief.

Maybe the story of Levitia cutting mountain using Enochian steel is not so hard to believe now. I look at him and started forming strategies in my head.

I need to be aggressive and unrelenting and don’t let him take any initiative.

He is still circling me as we moved in circle.

He hesitated because he almost let go of the sword from the sheer strength of my internal energy.

He is worried that if he takes a rash move it might lose him the sword. He knows it is only that sword I feared.

I must use Wind God technique to confuse him and not slow down.

Maybe an opportunity will open for me and I can snatch the sword from his hand.

‘HERE I COME’ I yelled

Quickly I employed the Wind God Technique to get behind him, and I shot out Sword Finger technique to his back but he dodged the strike using his swords which rendered the strike deflected and instead shot of to two of the soldiers nearby looking.

They were thrown back and died on the ground writhing in pain.

More speed I say to myself.

I channel my internal energy to my feet and when he tried to counter he could not find me thanks to Wind God technique

My lightness technique is superior to Alderam in every way. With this I might be able to turn the tide of battle. I just need to look for that one opening


He is fast

I looked and the difference between Arial and Alderam is obvious here.

The troop’s sees him stepping left, then stepping right, fast like lightning practically he spins around Alderam leaving only his afterimages.

We are all in awe and bewilderment. Truly, he is a prodigy. Where did he learn all this?

I could see Kyle mouth is open and the other lords and troops look in awe.

But I could see that Arial could not close the distance.

The power of the Enochian Steel.

Come in contact with it and one wrong move and he will die.


I could not attack him or make a rash move suddenly.

So with my incredible speed I rush to the nearby enemy troops and with a quick wave of my hands grabbed their sword and in fluent motion I sent it to Alderam with killing intent.

It flew to him with incredible speed.

He waved his word to block the flying sword which all directed at him with great speed owing to my strength.

But while breaking and shattering the sword with the Enochian steel sword power I could not help notice his hand vibrated intensely due to the sheer force of my energy.

This can work I say to myself.

Before he could recover I kept grabbing the enemies troops swords using Lion Bite and throw it at him. The troops try to resist but none of them can resist my technique, so helplessly the get their swords stolen.

Alderam is bewildered with what is happening. And then he switched over to his right arm.

He must have felt intense pain slashing all those flying swords. His swordsmanship suffers no slight.

It seems he is a talented swordsman. I jumped away from him around the circle created by both of our armies as they are looking at our battle.

I continued using the same technique, broken sword pieces dance in the air, as both armies open more as the circle become bigger because they tried to avoid the flying shard that resulted from Alderam waving his sword killing many of those near the battle.

The first line of the enemy troops around the battle has become empty handed.

Seeing this Alderam lunged forward. I threw out the remaining swords, hoping to slow him down.

This throw utilized 50 percent of my internal energy forcing Alderam to lower his head and doge it.

I felt the piercing pain in my heart. Too much I say to myself. I used too much internal energy to attack him but it’s not like I can hold back in this battle.

One nearly strikes him but he dodges it gracefully.

Because of internal energy strength, 50 percent, an amount of internal energy I never released before, it was something of a mythical sight.

The winds turns like a tornado and I could see Alderam is having pain from the accompanying wind, temporarily paralyzing him.

The other troops on his back were all thrown away about 40 people all groaning with pain as they landed far away from our battle site.

I see this chance.

I flew towards him, my palm shot out and in a fluent motion I performed Lion Bite and snatched the ShadowSlasher from his hand.

The wrist power involved in taking the sword from Alderam had the equal strength of 50 percent of Alderam internal energy which is only 10 percent of my internal energy.

Obviously Alderam could not block such powerful and accurate palm move and his word fell and grabbed quickly by me gracefully.

The moment I touched it I can feel myself getting a surge of energy

I shot out my leg to Alderam knees and Alderam stumble kneeling while I in full control point the sword to Alderam throat.

‘SURRENDER’ I yelled and the enemy’s troops that looked at the battle quickly throw their weapons.

The lord did not all surrender, some of them retreating, many of the other deserting. But it won’t matter.

What good is a lord without an army? I can send the other lords to arrest them later. And even from here I could see Lisa has begun pursuing the fleeing lords and soldiers.

They all knew what will happen next. The war is over. Now the only thing left is the deed.

I looked at Alderam with him gritting his teeth looking at me like he couldn’t believe what happen.

I can feel it wielding the sword. So this is how it feels. I felt……divine. No wonder, Levitia and Alan believes they can conquer everything.

This sword has certain power in it that induces confidence.

‘Any last word?’ I asked.

‘I am many things but I will not-‘

And with one slash his head flew to the air his neck spurting fountains of blood as my troops cheered.

‘We are GOING HOME!’ I yelled. My troops cheer and unending cheer until their throats are sore from all the yelling.

Finally the war is over.

But the lords argue again as we march to the castle and the city bringing with u our prisoner and surrendered troops.

The other lords all argue which one will get Alderam head.

Lord Summerill convinced me that he is the one most deserving of getting Alderam head because the atrocity that has been inflicted onto his friends and relative at the bloody feast.

The lords devise one of the most humiliating things to do with the corpse.

They impaled Alderam head on a lance and adorned it with a paper crown and parade it around the city and the Shield forces that surrenders. It is not something I would do, but old traditions die hard.

Alderam humiliated them, now it is their turn to humiliate Alderam. After this I need to send word to the King of this victory.

We entered the city unhindered and unopposed with Lord Summersill beside me holding the lance with Alderam head on it.The lords in the castle open the castle gate and they saw me and quickly they prostate themselves on my feet.

‘My lord, forgives us. Please spare us.’ they cried out. I looked at the castle.

Many of the common folk took refuge here during the battle. I look at their faces and I asked the lords.

‘What do you think I will grant you? My wrath? Or my mercy?’

They looked at each other, thinking up an answer but no one dares to speak.

‘Tell me!’

One of them piped up.

‘Mercy, my lord. You will grant us mercy’ he said weakly.

The common folk look at my banner and my armies and some of them is even kneeling praying to the Lord above.

I could see fear in their eyes, fearful of their fate.

I smiled at one of the children I see hiding behind her mother blouse. The mother realized my glance towards her daughter and she kneels.

‘My lord, forgive her.’

What do they think of me? I looked back at the lords that is prostrating themselves around my feet and yelled so that all can hear

‘MERCY IT IS!’ Tears of joy stream down the common folk eyes.

‘Thank you, my lord’ the lords of the city cried out

‘Get up and give my troops supplies and food. Give my troops accommodation.’

They nodded and quickly they welcomed my troops to the city and guide them around the city. Then before we rest in the city I looked back into my armies and ask them to remember military law.

They will not do anything that violates my military law.

The other lords armies I may not control it but mine, is mine to control. I looked as the sun set over around the horizon. It seems I see the sun set over after all.

I smile and then walk off to the sunset.

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