AOH – Chapter 55

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The battle started the moment Alderam went out of his castle with his infantrymen for Alderam has no horses at least not as much as my troops rendering him incapable to lead a cavalry, not only because he has lost many cavalries in our previous engagement but also because he is an expert in infantry battles.

The morning is bright and warm; the sunlight shines upon us as we begin the battle to change this Kingdom fate, a momentous battle, decisive battle that will forever change this Kingdom fate.

Nothing changes the world as quickly and inexorably as war.

The future course of an entire civilization, regions and continents can be determined with one battle.

Through history there are few men who turned the tide of historical events, triggering changes that have given us the world as we know it.

Levitia and his Subjugation for example. First Generation Wrath. Though they mostly do not battle for they hold weapons unexplained to this day.

In these battles, if it were not for the particular outcome that transpired, history might have turned out quite differently.

The troops are wearied and they all want to win this war fast.

After all we marched a long way, some from the east some from the west and some even further from the south.

And now my cavalry rides to battle. Thousands of heart beats with a quicker pulse. Battle has started.

All our battle will accumulate here and win or lose, something will change here.

Thousands of men on their feet, alert and vigilant began marching in uniform pace to meet the army of Aldreram who have no uniform position.

They never learn to, or have the opportunity and the chance, knowledge of something else, otherworldly like me.

The discipline and methodical training help to enforce and strengthen my army

The one with the short sword, the javelins, the throwing spear and the swords and blades all divided and planed in position to help and support the other division if somehow they fall.

All have their role and importance.

All the while, the siege division throws burning stone at the castle and smokes can be seen in the top wall.

The stone flies over our heads while we march to battle. This is it.

The cavalry with me in the lead, ride and the land shakes like an earthquake, and the ground trembles and so does the enemies’ hearts wavered, their eyes shows signs of fear.

Then the clash between the infantry while I ride with a long sword where I used to hack the heads of my enemies while the battlefield becomes like a swarming hive.

The sound of twangs from the bows came in regular throbbing, the strong, unrelenting, full pulse of the fever of battle.

My banner man holds the dragon  banner as I slashed the enemies without mercy, and the banners flapped excitedly, shaking out the dragon in the banner, with a sort of fierce delight, almost like it would come out of the stitches of the banner and help me destroy my enemies, decimate them into ash.

The clash opened with great fury as scream decorate the battlefield like a painting might decorate that of a great palace.

We advanced to the attack I evade the javelins that whistle pass me, the arrows directed at me were slice by my swords their attacks never reached me for I pierce their body with unrelenting fierceness .

Alderam was on the other side of the battles being surrounded by my infantries but they could not take Alderam for he was guarded with own elite infantries unit and he attacked my troops probably with his giant hammer, smashing their heads.

The deep roar of my siege weapons and the sharp sound of my archers sending arrows to the enemy, the clouded sun fell on the whole engagement.

No one will ever forget this battle and what it meant. That is what I know. We steadily closed on them, moving forward at all points.

They attack but the discipline of my troops won out, their morale high, believing in my words that we will prevail.

Some of noble lord were mortally wounded and retreat from battle some from missed arrows, some from unlucky slash.

The continuous arrows that rained upon the enemy help us to gain a foothold in the battle and their fighting turned irregular and miscellaneous.

Each of Alderam Knights had quite as much as they could do to attend to his own defense or aid those who is I trouble.

They are thoroughly beaten; they just didn’t know it yet. The battle went on. The Shield forces are steadily beaten back at all points.

And then I hear a cheer from our left side. Kyle is beside me protecting me from attack

‘What happened?’ I asked

Then I hear the cheers.

‘Lord Paris it seems Arial’

I nodded. Now our ambush tactics must have confused them. They must have never though that that I prepared an ambush.

Now the right flank will be turned to disorganized rabble. In front of me is Count Revan.

‘We met again Lord Revan.’

The count saw me and his face paled, white as though the blood rained from his face. He tries to run.

So I take an arrow and bow from the right side of my saddle. I target his head, and take a deep breath, my eyes never strayed away from my target.

With one breath I release the arrows as the arrows fly with strength and struck violently at the lord brain and in an instant he died, blood pouring out of his head.

With Revan died, the change of command turned to Lord Edward of Salsbur and waving his sword, pressed forward with his foot soldiers.

They try to close their ranks. As if we let them! Then with a glint of madness in his eyes, he ordered

‘Forward. Drive them all back to the South’

I looked at the preparation we discussed. And it arrived. Heavy siege weapons, which takes hours to come, finally arrived.

All prepare to action. The shield forces have now been pushed so hard.

Their castle walls are crumbling while their army is bombarded with large stones, crushing their bones and eroding their morale’s.

A desperate and final struggle will begin soon.

‘VOLLEYS’ I yelled.

And the archers responded.

The twangs of the arrows released from their bows, in continuous volley the wild, the tumult, the weird shriek, all bespoke of the bloody conflict.

The battlefield has become awfully contracted, the arrows, so many that one might say, that it clouded the sun.

Shield forces fell like logs.

Their troops are shattered while the arrows pierced their body, their eyes, their hearts and every part of the body imaginable.

A murderous rain was poured unto them from arrows to javelins to axes and flying knife. The scene which had no parallel ever in the battle that has ever been fought in this Kingdom.

Field of blood and weeping can be heard. A festival of blood, an unrestrained carnival of gore.

And the evening came while Alderam retreated to his castles and we returned back to our pitching camp a rectangle about 700 m long of raised land, clear of tree and with running water nearby.

I returned to my tent, marked with my banner and saw the headquarters marked with also my banners and the planned the camp using this as the centre.

The two main streets

The Lords Trails and The Headquarters Trail running through the middle of the camp were 60ft wide, lesser ones 50ft wide.

With these streets defined, the lines of the ditch and rampart would be established by spears stuck into the earth at intervals.

Only my private army knows how to do this.

While the lords armies just watched in amazement of my troops discipline and methodical planning.

I believe that one day; I need to reinforce my armies with training and methodical planning and discipline.

A Kingdom of force and law. We will grow. And my duchy needs to grow and it will grow with its military prowess and ruthless aggressiveness.

To combat the invasion, I need to create such duchy, such Kingdom that will not be defeated, unconquerable.

My armies after this war ends will be trained to be adaptable, superbly disciplined and incredibly tough which will made my Kingdom a power in the Continent to be reckoned with.

Soon the dark came and the rain descended in torrents.

It seems we have to fight tomorrow.

Another battle. Graves were digged around by the Shield forces, some scout report. We do not intend to attack gravedigger so we let them alone, yet we also supervise them.

Every one of my personal army carried two to three palisades stakes about 7ft long with sharpened points.

After they had dug a trench normally about 3ft deep and 5ft wide they planted their stakes in the low rampart formed by the excavated area, intertwining them so any intruders could not easily remove them.

Just inside lay a wide space at least 100ft wide always left empty, to enable the troops to deploy within the camp and to bar enemy missiles reaching the tents.

All amps were laid out in exactly the same pattern whenever they were.

The troops camped on either sides of the Lord Trails, the cavalry facing the Lord Trails the other auxiliaries and other nobles lord troops being put in the baggage train and cooking tent beyond the Headquarters trail.

Only the four entrances were more heavily fortified.

Soon darkness fell over us, the rains descended in torrents and all through the night the dismal rained uneasily.



We battle again in the next morning with my troops readily and quickly went out of our camp.

But today it’s raining but yet we push.

The advantage of having a strong cavalry fighting an infantry division of Alderam Alan who have a cavalry but not as trained or powerful as mine, where I invest a lot in horse breeding.

And we tore through their lines.

Today Alderam did not join the battle.

Lord Edward of Warpinch and Lord Cliff or Mercia who came with reinforcement of 10 thousand strong troops join them today but our advance could not be halted.

The siege weapons is also targeted by the enemies forces but thankfully West have put a tortoise formation using some of Kyle troops to protect the siege division.

The thunders boomed hard and strikes our deep fear came swelling at intervals high above the peltings of the pitiless storms as rain and blood is undistinguishable.

The groaning of the dead, some hacked by axe, some crushed by hammer, some slashed with swords, all inflicting terrifying injury.

No words are adequate to express the sublime emotions that is felt here in the second day of fighting.

‘IF YOU DARE, COME HERE!’ I yelled to Lord Edward.

He who rides in a black horse, against the advice of his vassal lords, sally out of his protective circle and went to meet me.

‘Circle us!’ I yelled. My troops understand. I want to have one on one battle with him

‘I will kill you Arial Vermont! Rip you to a thousand part and threw your flesh at Argan River as an offering for my Knights death at Berth!’

‘HAHHAHA…That is my line, Edward!’ I said smirking.

And finally we are encircled both by my troops and their troops all looking and glancing at each other.

Whoever wins or lose, after our fight the battle will resume, one of it will have increased morale, the other will be devastated and lose their chain of command.

He use a large sword and the moment he rides his horse to me, he swings that swords to my head

‘AAAAH!’ He yelled as he swing it.

With my internal energy I took his blow and with a crack sound, his sword shattered and so is mine.

He was almost thrown from his own horse while his army looked in worried expression but he manages to take the reins and stabilize himself on the saddle.

His face was of disbelief

‘A sword’ he yelled and one of his forces throws him one

‘A spear’ I yelled and one of my troops throws one to me.

‘That was-’


‘A kid just-‘

‘Truly the dragon!’ The enemies forces whispered among each other while my troops just smile. They are used to it.

‘HAHAHA..You are surprisingly not very heavy. Your swings are weak and your aims are faulty’ I laugh trying to provoke him.

Once again he positioned himself in his horse, looking at me, staring like a storm brewing. He is and I must admit this quite the horseman

Then he lunged with his horse rides to me with incredible speed trying to pierce me. Sword Piercing Moon!

He must have travelled the martial art world if he knew such technique.

But my horse Firebringer is aggressive and faster than his horse and quickly I deflect his pierce with a circular motion using the spear.

Circling Storm a technique created especially for spears technique employing internal energy to dull the impact and deflect attack.

Then I realized a blind spot but he quickly parry it with his swords, quickly realizing that I spotted his spot.

Then we traded blows.

Then with one strike he tries to aim at my head, but I quickly moved my spears to his throats so he had to retreat and use his sword to protect his neck.

We then maintained a safe distance with each other, circling with our horses.

‘No more delaying Lord Edward. I will take your head and the head of your liege lord Alderam. Unless… decided to surrender.’

‘Ptui’ he spits at the ground.

‘And bend my knee to a King? Our Dukedom is separate, from the very first moment of our conception.’

‘The old ways are done, Lord Edward. A new world is dawning.’


I was furious. What an idiot man! He could not recognize what is good for him!

Then I too yelled so loud, it sounds like the very same thunder that is in booming in the distance.


Some of the enemies force kneeled unconsciously because of fear and the pressure that emanated from my body, while some of them look the others with disgust.


Edward said looking at the troops that throw their weapons and kneeled while my troops quickly bring them into our fold.

It is common that in a battle allegiances shift.

It is because they are mostly fighting because of honour and what they believe what is right while others fight for glories and riches.

Which is why it is important for our nation, in the beginning to have an identity. That will be discussed after this war is over.

‘And you my lord?’ I offered

‘I WOULD RATHER DIE’ he said defiantly

‘HAHAHAHA…Then die you will.’

Quickly Firebringer like he understand my intention leapt and as he leapt I jumped from my horse and landed myself riding the horse of Edward situated just behind him.


And quickly I use one technique, I have always use since I was a kid, Sweeping Stars and his head flew high into the ground and tumble down the muddy ground, rolling to the enemies forces vicinity as one of them scream and dejected expression can be seen from them.

And my men seeing this cheer and then quickly they began once again attacking the forces of Lord Edward now disorganize and add with loss of morale easily kill.

They charge with great zeal and determination, fire in their eyes, and their hands are steady as they killed and hacked away the enemies as ear crept down upon them, and some of them ran, morally degraded and exhausted, confused and terrified at the loos of their leader.

Lord Mercia who saw what happens who is fighting in the left flanks withdrew his forces back to the castle; riding like the ground is not enough for him to get away from.

My men, and Kyle who is in in horseback taunt him, trying to provoke him, but Lord Mercia is not an easily provoked man, at least not in this battle.

It seems he is planning something, to exercise this level of control over his own anger, which I know is hardly much.

Lisa came to me her armors was slathered with blood.

‘My lord let me pursue!’ She said, her army behind her, her banners proudly displayed and her banner man all in high spirits.

‘No! Not yet!’ And she nodded and then she rides to finish the other troops.

Kyle rides to me. Approached me.

‘Any orders, my lord?’ I looked at the surrounding.

The other lords can finish this battle. I need to prepare for the next now that we are engaged it seems in a long battle of siegieng.

‘Handle this for me. I will return to headqu-’ I said when suddenly some pain visit me most tormently and I was thrown from my horse.

‘MY LORD!’ I heard the yelling.

The muddy mud slathered my face and the taste is salty.

Blood I mused. This is the taste of blood. I looked at my chest. A javelin, stuck in the area of my chest, blood pouring like rivers.

Fountain, I mused.

Not rivers but fountain.

Like the fountain in the summer villa of Eren family, who live in Seren who have one of the most magnificent villa that I have ever seen, with beautiful green lush gardens, and beautiful flowers that decorate the courtyard and the calm, peaceful serenity you can feel just by living there.

I…did not notice because I was too engrossed with the fighting.

Now, I could see, focusing my internal energy to my eye and I see with clarity, Alderam is smiling, removing his helm, hiding as normal soldiers in the castle wall, beside him many spears.

Then I tried to focused it in my chest area but I was blocked by some foreign forces. There is something in that spear.

He planned all this. He knew I would defeat Lord Edward. He sacrifices his lord to get to me. He was the bait and I was the fish.

He was fishing for me I mused, while smirking. Cold and calculating. I grin a little. Like me, in a way.

Then in a hideous grin, like he is taunting me, he picked up another spear and with precise accuracy he throw one to me and it stuck to my stomach, as my finger grow stiff and clumsy

I tried to get up, but the pain is overwhelming. I rub my chest trying to find the spear that is now lodged in my chest area.

I found the spear while clenching my teeth and wrenched it free from my stomach and the blood poured again, colour the brown mud to bright red.

I once again stumbled and my face fell face down into the mud again. In the cold night air, combined with the harsh rain.

I crawl in the mud while I could sense that my troops or lords, is approaching me, to bring me to safety I presume.

Pain I whispered. Pain washed over me. I gave a grunt, and the cold is biting like burns. My throats become parched.

‘BRING OUR LORD FAR AWAY FROM HERE!’ I heard the yelling as I was carried off.

‘You’ll be alright, Lord Arial’ the words are nervous and wariness can be detected.

A blonde hair. Is it West? A rough voice. It is West. There is strained tension in his voice, fearing, worrying about me.

Suddenly the cold, the very same cold I felt when I was in the Library felt again. My dream! My mission

So close! Will I die?  Is this the limit what I can do!

And as I contemplate this, my eyelids grew heavy, my muscles relaxed and finally with no strength I close my eyes.

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