AOH – Chapter 38

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She was fast, I mused

She threw a blow with her fist.

I avoided it using Snake Slither the Ground moves, sidestepping and quickly positioned myself behind her before returning the blow using my elbow.

A sound wave was created resulting from our clash and the wind distorted

I recognized her fighting style.

The Linzi style from Linzi Temple, though it is heavily modified making her attack ooze with killing intent.

This is not the Linzi style, I mused. When I think about it, her technique is too vicious to call it Linzi style technique.

She is a practitioner of external martial art it seems. Her body is unbelievably sturdy and tough and her stance is also powerful, her strokes are domineering.

She tries to punch me again but my lightness technique is not one to be underestimated. I quickly dodge again.

‘Stay in one place, you jerk!’ she said clearly annoyed that I managed to dodge every single one of her blows.

I laughed.

‘And let you punch me? I don’t think so’

She looked more annoyed.

Her attacks are ferocious but what good does it do if her attacks are not connected?

In terms of internal power, I don’t think that the girl will surpass me but in technique the blue haired girl surely surpasses mine.

After all I only learned only a little martial art technique, most of it memorized, and a lot of swordsmanship technique.

But external martial art I didn’t learn that much because the Vern Imperial family took focus on the internal side of the martial arts so most of my technique involve the use of internal energy.

She attacked again this time her hand was like a claw, I barely dodge it as I felt wind swooshed against me.

Eagle Snatching Snake technique.

Heh, I smirked. That is a high level technique. And it effectively stops my movement in the track making me use my other technique.

The crowd cheered and in awe.

I distance myself. She looked at me, puzzled

“You are…fast” she said puzzled, like she could not believe it

“Thank you my lady, but you too. Pity such a young woman learn such a vicious technique”

‘I didn’t ….I mean it’s not that vicious’ then her face turned to red realizing what she just said and then she yelled

‘… SO WHAT! She yelled.

‘Why are you holding back!’ She yelled

‘You noticed?’ Now it’s my time to be surprised.

‘Yes. Why didn’t you use your internal energy?’ She asked now angry

‘Are you looking down on me?’ The girl said this time her nostril flared.

Her eyes flickered for a second. But the pure anger flared believing I make light of her. Whoever this woman is, she has a lot of pride.

That is…a fatal flaw.

‘Because I’m a woman?’ Her eyes didn’t widen, they unhurriedly formed into unnerving slits as she directed her lethal glare at me.

I looked at her movement yet I still didn’t recognize the technique she uses. This excites me. An equal match.

Or as equal as it could be. I didn’t want to spoil this feeling by using my internal energy. I have no intention of looking down on her.

In fact I’m amazed of her technique. If it’s in my original timeline I would have never imagine taking it easy with this kind of opponent.

But I want to know how much I improve and the extent of my technique. And I want to know her technique.

She attacked again, flying towards me, with such intensity of killing intent, showing herself to be of great agility, where I made use of heaviness and power to counter her piercing attack.

She, with fluidity, move like water, and stealthily struck two blows at my stomach.

Luckily I reinforce my body with internal energy and instead the blue hair girl was thrown back.

‘What was that!’ She yelled and then a look of fear for a second flashed her face

‘How can you have so much internal energy?’ she clearly sense my internal energy when she struck me then

The crowd seeing the girl losing cheered more.

‘I train my lad-‘

 Even before I finished my sentence she quickly close the distance between us and perform the Piercing Spear with her hand, a technique that luckily I knew and fear and learn thoroughly, even though I only learn it in theory and not the perfect form of it.

Even though with my internal energy I fell in the stage, dazed. The crowd let out a cry of surprise.

Quickly I regained my sense and moved back. The crowd seeing that I regained my senses cheers and applauds.

‘You…are fine?’ she looked more confused than before

‘Impossible’ her eyes could not believe it

I took light of the danger this girl possess.

I only use a quarter of my internal energy to protect my body thus rendering me to have this painful sensation in my stomach.

If I didn’t have it I would have immediately died, my stomach will bore a hole. This girl is dangerous.

‘You…you are Eastern Devil disciple right?’

The moment I said it the cheering crowd quieted. Everyone knew the Eastern Devil, or at least the stories about him. Some backed away

‘How…did you know?’ she said

‘Piercing Spear is one of his techniques that are known widely as his trademark. No wonder your attack is vicious and cruel, so you are his disciple.’

She puffed out her chest

‘Yes I’m his disciple. DO YOU FEAR ME?’

I smirked

‘No, now it just gets more interesting.’

I once met one of the disciples of the Western Serpent, but I don’t think he was really a disciple, more like one of the few lucky ones that the Western Serpent teaches a few techniques.

‘Your Piercing Spear had a lot of flaws. The force and the stroke are all wrong. Even the intensity. It is an internal energy attack. An internal martial arts.’ I said giving advice

She looked shocked to see I know so much of her technique

‘Who are you?’ She said

One of the crowds yells, who I recognized is one of the sons of merchant that frequented our family castle, always talking about textiles with my father.

‘HAHAHA…girl it is a bad day for you. That boy is the Regent of duchy of Arrandy, ruler of this city, House Vermont, Arial the Dragon’

The crowd gasped. They looked at me again this time more attentively. I hear the whispers

That Arial?

‘Shhh, he is a lord.’

‘The dragon?’  Another chimed in.

Look at the white hair.’ Another said. 

‘An equal match. A young handsome lord and a beautiful feisty girl. A match made in Heaven.’ They whispered

I understand their shock. The girl blushed. She heard it too.

After the war began I rarely set foot in the city and not to mention I spent many years in the academy.

Most of the people that know me are usually the people from the village, the merchant association, the guild master or the administration official.

The new settler of course did not know me. The Knight also looks at me with renewed shock

The young muscly Knight, the one that accompany the girl, look at me with caution. I suspect he is not who he says his and neither does this girl.

‘A lord?’ he ask

I snorted

‘What does it matter?’

The blue hair girl nodded.

‘Yes, what does it matter? You certainly are a part of the martial art world. There is no doubt considering your technique’

Then the fight began again, her attack become more dangerous, more reckless. A desperate move.

I used this opportunity to try to memorize her movement. It is really hard. Unpredictable like the clouds, elusive as the wind.

She began employing internal energy in her attack, releasing powerful blows. I responded. Gale and wind fill the wooden stage.

The spectator moved back a little, fearing injury by straying blows. She attack, I parry. She pierces, I dodge.

It was a dance. It is a dance. A dance of Sun King and Water Princess. Renasian and their unique fighting style.

“Hurry up.’ A cry came from the crowd.

‘Defeat her Lord Arial, marry her and make babies’ the audience burst out in laughter. We both blushed. I look at her and she looked at me.

‘What you’re looking at?’ she said yelling at me trying to hide her embarrassment

‘Nothing’ I said also blushing. The crowd is right. I had enough. I already know who she is. I will defeat her and ask her to return to her homeland.

If she really is the disciple of the Eastern Devil, then maybe she will invite chaos wherever she goes.

It is a pity of course, I like to know her but I couldn’t afford for her to make a mess in my region.

The disciple of the Four Immortals is regarded very dangerous. At least that is how the rumours goes.

‘Are you ready?’ I said while maintaining a safe distance from her.

‘Ready for what?’

‘Ready to be defeated’ I said and I quickly close my distance with her with flashing speed towards her shoulder.

She looked surprised. I use a palm attack; she ducked, thus escaping the blow. The nearby wooden pillar explodes because of the force of the internal energy.

I moved back. ‘Alright’ I said panicking. I didn’t mean to use that much internal energy. Luckily the girl dodged.

The girl looked at the wooden pillars. And then she looked at me.

‘ are an expert, an exponent. Who did you learn from? Northern Badger? Western Serpent?” She asked completely flustered

‘I teach myself’ I said

‘Pah.’ She spit to the ground.

‘Lies. That is impossible. Most of your attack is Northern style. You learn from Northern Badger didn’t you?’

That may be true since Vern is in the North. Of course their technique is the Northern Style. And I did learn from their imperial library.

‘Like I said, I didn’t learn from anyone.’

But she didn’t seem like she believed me. She attack me more ferociously than before, brutal than before.

Then I advanced.  I must not give her time to settle on her feet.

The girl moves fast like an arrow, trying to land an attack on me, twisted her hand in a piercing motion and kicking in the direction of my vital organs, each one deadly.

Truly, this is the core of Eastern Devil technique.

Brutal, cruel and unwaveringly fast. This time I increase the use of my internal energy. The air changed.

Common people under the stage suddenly kneel to the ground, some have trembling in their hand. The pressure of my internal energy chokes those around the stage.

‘Get away!’ I yelled.

I still couldn’t control the internal energy that well.

This time I will end the fight. She looked alarmed, so does her Knight. The Knight began to move

Her Knight jumped into the stage, flying in the air, and landed in front of me. Quickly he threw a fist at me.

I use Palm of Wrath at him, and send a palm attack at his rib and I could hear the bones broke. He flew far away from the stage an unconscious down the stage.

‘ARTURO!’ The blue hair girl yelled

So that is his real name.

The crowd all had their mouth agape. Some of the people in the crowd are people from the martial arts world and I hear them whispered.

Some of the crowds were already running away, no doubt calling the guards. I was distracted, trying to make sure no one gets hurt from my attack. I scan the surrounding.

Thankfully no one get hurt.

This time she takes the initiative. The battle started again when she attacked. I parry and counter.

This time it is her time to defend. This is no longer a dance. This is a storm.

‘TAKE THIS’ she yelled

She employed a palm attack. While jumping in midair the full brunt of the internal energy is fully directed at me.

With one hand I channel my internal energy at my right hand and stop the force. The force collides in midair and she is trying to push my energy with hers.

I’m sorry girl. But if its internal energy fights, you can never win against me.

Then I put a little bit more of my energy into the force and the colliding force dissipated, the girl thrown outside of the stage

‘Uhuk, uhuk’ she vomited blood.

Oh, God did I overdo it? I don’t mean to hurt her. I flew down and try to check the girl. Suddenly a flying projectile flies towards me.

I use my internal energy to deflect it and the flying objects were stuck at some tree near the stage. Suddenly the tree leaves turn black.

‘Poison’ I hissed

A hidden weapon laced with poison. And considering what it did to the tree, if I have to hazard a guess, the Poison is The Devil Rot poison.

I backed away, taking some distance. She is dangerous I reminded myself

Who would have thought such a pretty face have such poison? If I were struck by that surely it would take me months to expel the poison from my body.

If a person that does not have my level of internal energy surely they would die even if they only received a graze.

This is not what an honourable person would do

‘Hah, the Eastern Devil would be ashamed to have such disciple’ I said.

She spit to the ground again.

I take back my assessment. Surely she is not nobility. If she is nobility then it is nobility that I don’t want to be acquainted with

‘Using poison? That is Western Serpent technique. Eastern Devil might not be the most honourable martial art master, but at least he didn’t use poison when he fight his opponent’ I said

‘Heh’ she smirked.

‘Well, I’m not him aren’t I?’

She is bold. I give her that. She looked at me with a straight face. The crowds already parted seeing our battle from a safe distance.

After that display of poison even they knew enough not to interfere. What started as just my curiosity turned bigger. Surely the guards will come here soon.

I have to end this. I raised my left Palm, concentrating my internal energy and sent a blow.

An extremely violent gust of air hit the girl and she was thrown back horribly. She tries to block it with her internal energy but it is futile.

My internal energy are strong. Stronger than anyone.

I don’t want to be seen as arrogant but since I fought in the war, I’ve never met someone who has more internal energy than me.

Though maybe if I roamed the central plains of Vern, I might find someone who can match me.

I trained since I was a baby.

She looked at me in disbelief

‘This level…is like Grand Teacher level’ I heard her whisper

‘Fun time is over.’ I said, smiling

She got up, her eyes determined. I could see she is enjoying the fight. Then she tries again unsuccessfully to charge me, this time she grabbed her spear.

Weapons huh, I mused

Fine, I will use my internal energy to send blows of concentrated energy towards her.

The blows that I employed are powerful, that she could not even approach me. It takes all her strength to dodge my attack.

Then I sensed an opportunity

I use Dragon Regret, and I heard the bones cracked and the screams. She was thrown back to a stall destroying the wooden structure. Then she fell unconscious.

I check up on her still cautious. I quickly use my internal energy and channel it to her body. At least this way, she will not have internal injury I checked her veins.

I release a relieved sigh. She is not that badly injured. It seems she have an armor hidden in her chest.

Only external injury. Nothing a little rest and sleep couldn’t fix. I don’t know who she is but she is too wily for her own good.

She must be around ten and six or ten and seven, 1 year or 2 years older than me. If I didn’t stop her now from her evil ways who knows what she will do?

Using hidden weapons and poison? That is not honourable. Suddenly my House Guard came


“Who is the one doing a mess around here?” the guard shouted. The audience who is hiding inside the teahouse and behind the stage all stared at me.

He saw me and quickly approached me.

‘Are you the culprit for this destruction of city property?’ he asked

Ser Brooke who is also at the scene quickly recognized me

‘Shut up Drake. That is the Count’

He looked again at me and then finally realizing what he had done said

“Sorry, my lord’ he said fumbling on his word.

‘Of course my lord, this is your city. You are pleased to destroy any part you don’t want ‘

Ser Brooke come and hit him on the head

‘Stupid! Can’t you see those two unconscious people? Certainly they are the ones that made this mess. Why would the Count destroy his own city?’

He looked

‘Oh..of course. I’m sorry my lord’ he said bowing his head

‘My lord what should we do with those two?’ Ser Brooke asked

I looked at those two.

‘Send them to the Healer, patch them up and escort them out of the city. Tell them I’m sorry how our meeting ended’

Then I exited the scene. I felt my hand trembling. I need to try to control my internal energy. They almost died.

I should find a teacher. My internal energy are incredible but I don’t know how to control it.

The wind blows again and the leaves rustle. Thunder boomed in the distance. Droplets of water from the sky fall.

It’s raining.

I put back my coat, cast a glance in the direction of the girl and walk away while the rain turn to storms.


‘You’re destined to meet the person that you’re meant to be with even if you try not to meet them.’

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