AOH – Chapter 18

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Under Marshall Is in charge of the footmen and equipment.
The people that came here not only wished to be Knight but some are here taking military training.
And we are one of the 10 Under Marshall in the Academy. Not to mention we are the youngest.
We have already take our keys and moved to our room a house for us.I was in charge of 10 footmen all older than me by 3 years.
Helia and Lisa is in charge of 9 footmen. Kyle is in charge of 7 footmen.We are also responsible for maintaining the equipment and restock the equipment if we find it insufficient for the Academy.
We are also responsible assisting the Knight Brothers.Today we will began training the footmen. We walk and then one of the recruit of Purple Fairy saw us
“Under Marshall Arial, going to train the footmen?” she asked
I nodded.
“How about us?” the siblings are behind me.
“He meant both of you too” Arial said
The siblings is now wearing new armour, Kyle is smiling from ear to ear.Lisa looked happy. Helia is a little late.
Then we began by training the footmen.
I first evaluate their strength and then by evening I got a fair assessment of their strength. Most of them has strong body, but little to no basic of internal energy usage and swordplay.
But since most of the footmen will use pike and spears and carrying supplies I will begin by training them their core basic and internal energy basic.
But most of them will probably reach commander level at the age of 40 in terms of internal energy strength
I am different because of my internal energy pool is cultivated since I was a child.Then I also would teach them some spear technique but most importantly I will train them to cooperate with each other.
When we met at the evening in the Under Marshall Common Room we greet the Knight Brothers and then we tell each other of our footmen.
Lisa decided to teach them strategies while strengthening their core, Kyle decided to focus on strength and cooperation while Helia will only focus on one thing for every month. First strength.
Then Internal energy then teamwork. It’s not a bad idea. Lisa stumbled and hit Harald Alan accidentally when we’re walking home.
“What do you think you’re doing” he screams, the other onlookers stopped and began to crowd the hallway.
“Is that how you talk to your ranking officer?” I said
He gulped.
Even though Lisa is not of noble blood she is his ranking officer. In the outside maybe he is the lord, but here he’s just another recruit.
A ranking officer can make your life hard. A furious ranking officer….. will make your life hell.
A furious ranking officer who happens to be Lisa Lethe….. you will wish hell more than suffer her wrath.
Lisa is not like before. She becomes more confident.
“Well, Recruit? Is that how you talk?” Lisa asked
It takes him every strength he could muster, to say the word “I’m sorry”. he said it in a tone so low I don’t think I can hear it.
“What’s that? I’m jolly?” Lisa said teasing Harald
“I’m sorry” the tone is louder.
“Say it LOUDER RECRUIT!” Lisa said
“I’M SORRY” he almost yells it out. He looked embarrassed saying it.
“That’s the way. Keep up the good work Recruit Harald” Lisa said while patting his back
Helia and Kyle are giggling in the back while I smile a little.
“That is epic” Kyle said patting his sister head
“That was pretty funny. His face looks like a blowfish” Helia added while imitating a blowfish and we laughed.
After that we went to our own house. I finally arrived at my house and I entered. The space is spacious.
Arial open his armour and put it aside. The walls are 11 ft high, red brick and the roof is brand new. The windows provided great lighting and are useful for bringing the spring breeze in the house.
Night is coming and darkness beckons. Arial lights a match and lit the candles. He then proceed to the fireplace and also light it up.
Arial sit down on the cushioned chair. Now he just need to rank up to Knight Brother and he can return home. No, not him alone.
Lisa and Kyle too. Helia too. He will have to do many quests rather than just doing a hard quest alone. But they will return home together.

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