AOH – Chapter 164

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Another day has passed and Elkar use his fingernails to make a scratch on the black walls of the tower to denote how many days have passed.

His plan fall into flames and the war with the humans averted. Elkar……all he ever wanted was revenge against the humans.

Vengeance drives him. It feeds him. His parents…..they suffer under the hand of filthy humans.

They are abomination. A race that threatens to destroy everything they touched. They are…..the true monsters.

Humans like to paint demons, giants, Orcs as the evil that plaques the earth, the monstrosities that they have to rid of.


Because then they humans seem less monstrous themselves. When they cheat, steal, kill, pillage, warring , when they kill races of animals with their axe and swords, when they drive giants into extinction, or riddle the last existing dragons with their swords and arms, they like to think that the demon kind entering their territory is more monstrous than they are.

They feel better then. They find it easier to live to think themselves as righteous and just. They are the true monsters.

Another day to waste he mused looking at the black ceiling, looking out from the tiny slit of windows, yearning to once again smell the air of the outside world, bask in the yellow sun warmth, to feel the grass under his feet and still……knowing that could never happen.

Then suddenly Elkar heard the commotion



‘Reinforcement is coming.’ Sound of yelling can be heard.

What happen down there? Elkar mused. In half an hour finally the scream stops and Elkar waited in that tiny cell of his.

Whatever happens is not his concern. He knows that the tower is not easily conquered and even harder to break into.

Whoever or whatever is happening is not his problem. Anyone capable of doing such feats must be coming here to save or rescue someone important.

Once you enter the Black Tower you will never get out. You will stay until you die. But Elkar think these people who came inside the tower will leave disappointed.

Even though the people could destroy the guards that does not mean they can break the door.

The door is made by mithril alloy, other than Enochian steel and some powerful people none could destroy it that easily.

And the flares must have been lighted. In a while the reinforcement will arrive. Then suddenly Elkar heard the footsteps coming from the spiraling staircase.

The other inmates all quieted including Elkar.

Then suddenly the footstep stopped in front of Elkar cell. Elkar begins feeling uncomfortable.

Why did these invaders stop in front of my cell? Then the voice spoke

‘Get away from the door.’

Quickly Elkar without even meaning to follow the voice advice and moved away from the door.

Then suddenly a punch landed on the mithril door and the metal door shattered into ashes, consumed by a black flame.

The man in front of him was terrifying. And Elkar realize they are two of them.

One of them is a man of seven feet tall, bald and muscly with purple eyes, his body is red and short horn on both sides of his skull.

Elkar is terrified looking at that man but the companion of the horned man is also terrifying.

His companion has purple hair and purple eyes, with long flowing beautiful hair and his body is lean, cut like marbles, a handsome face and his skin is like the other one, which is red which fill Elkar heart with dread.

‘Who…are’ Elkar said stuttering.

They grinned.

‘I’m Astiel and he is Jurgan.’ The man said smirking looking at Elkar. Elkar on the other hand is very scared right now.

Not only on their appearance but the feeling that he is in front of something unfathomable. Elkar could feel power radiated from these two.

‘I think you have the wrong person. Who do you want to rescue? Is it Gabriella the Pirate Queen? Or Ezekiel the mass murderer?’

They shakes their head though their eyes glinted hearing the names.

‘No, I want to save you Elkar Forneus. I heard you have the Life Stones and I heard you have quite the hatred with humanity? Am I wrong?’ The man called Astiel said to Elkar.

Elkar nodded. Yet he mused. This weird race knows about the Life Stones?

‘Then lead us the way, little demon. Let us help you escape from this place. Will you accept our help?’

Elkar had no reason to refuse. Elkar nodded. He knows these two men want something from him……yet he also have no disadvantages.

At least, if he is free, only then can he put his plan. These people might seem dubious but he had no other choice.

Seeing their strength if he refuse he would even die. If these two men could break the Black Tower their power must be unfathomable.

And the two men smiles and they punched the windows and a large hole is formed. Elkar just look in awe and fear at this two men power.

They take Elkar by one hand and they jump……and then they fly into the sky with their black wings.

Elkar look at the open wide sky and feel the wind caressing his cheek and he smiles. His journey is not yet over. It is just the beginning.

And this time he will succeed. The Dark Ones will be awakened. And their destination is first to the Arathorne house and then to the land of shadows.

That day, the news of Elkar break out shakes the Anvali continent, and from reports of the guard when the reinforcement arrive to Elkar cell all they could see was a great big hole.




Mikael is panting as he open the last door. In his right hand, on his middle finger is a ring with a seven pointed stars.

And in his robe is a shining badge with the design of an arrow, with rose slithering around the arrows.

He opened the door. And he wiped his sweat. He has been in this tunnels for about a month. Alone and only with his supplies.

‘Life is filled with secret and those who will bury the light’ Mikael spoke

It was a year or was it two years ago. His search leads him to an abandoned temple in the land of the giants.

He brought with him only 5 people during his quest. All 4 of his bodyguard did not meet that man. But he did.

The man said he is the last brother that stayed in Anvali a demon kind, but also a member of a group, of a secret brotherhood called the Enlightened Ones.

Since Mikael has walk the path of enlightened following the clues and symbols that lead him to the temple the man said that Mikael is worthy of trying to seek the Secret.

The man that Mikael found was frail and almost close to dying, but the man said that he has been waiting for Mikael.

‘How?’ Mikael had once asked.

He said that when Mikael followed the signs he was alerted and quickly he waited as one of the last brother that remains in Anvali.

The man took into confidence to give Mikael the map that leads him to the island. Land of Pillars.

Mikael still remember the question he asked when he received the map.

‘What is the secret?’ he asked.

The frail man leans in to his ears and whisper

‘A treasure, child. A treasure beyond all imagining.’ The frail man told Mikael that the secret has been protected since it has been fought since the Age of Gods, empires, kingdoms, every single institution that knows the true story has fought for its possession.

The Enlightened Ones are protectors of the great treasure, the protector of the secret.

But Mikael still remember and his mind flew to that moment where he first read about the Spear.

It was a gigantic spear, tall as a hill, some are high as the mountain itself, that when the First Generation release it, from the back of the spear there are fire so massive that anyone near the spear will be melted, and when the spear has reached it’s target, the land around it disappeared into ash and smoke, the ground splintered and collapsed on itself, hole so big, that the sea water came and drowned the surrounding territory, the air become so poisonous that whoever inhale it dies almost instantly and with great pain, the blazes so hot and hungry that not even plants can be planted, melting temples, villages, cities, and Kingdom.

Dust covered the world for 40 days with so many races died some even driven to the point of extinction while the First Generation wear some strange looking mask and strange looking cloth and there were unharmed.

The air does not make them sick, the fire didn’t hurt them. And when the dust settled they remove their garments and fled from the Empire now turned dessert.

But the man said the Spear is not the only thing the Secret held. It has other things.

‘Treasures’ he said.

‘Treasures’ Mikael now said.

Then he enters the room and he could see stairs. Marble stairs made of some weird alloy. Mikael search for what the frail man called the Stick of light.

Mikael walk with his torch and search and then Mikael spotted it.

Like the frail man said Mikael push the stick forward and suddenly flickering lights appear from the walls, not a blinding light but one that covered all surface of the wall.

Then Mikael check the distance to the bottom. About 15 stories if he had to guess.

This tunnel go deeper Mikel mused.

Mikael then walk until the bottom and he reached a dead end. Yet Mikael did not despair. Instead he smiles.

He looked at the murals. There is the sun, the moon and the stars in the right corner of the murals.

In the left side, is a dragon, the sky, a lady holding a shining sword, and a man riding a dragon?

At least that’s what it looked like.

On the center is a symbol representing blood. And an eye symbol. Mikael walk forward an approached the center corner and then from his sleeve he produced the vial.

In it is two drop of blood.

‘The blood of light’ Mikael said.

And then he open the vials and drop a droplet of blood into the eye clouding the blue eye as suddenly the mural of the eyes closed its eyes and the blood symbol glowed bright red like a red sun.

Wind suddenly enters the room as the torch almost got blown off by the sudden wind pressure.

The center corner suddenly open, triggering the mechanism in the tunnels, a secret door to the treasure.

Mikael enter the room with his torch and then he looked in front of him and his eyes is full with awe and excitement.

He is too stunned and then he spotted the stick of power. Again he pushes it forward and from above a white light fill the expansive room.

And Mikael see. He sees finally. And he understands. The Light, the pillars, the spear. It was just the tip.

‘This secret must be protected.’ He said in reverence.

Treasures. Treasures. The protector of the treasures and the secret. He said smiling, his eyes is welling with tears of accomplishments.

And he takes a step forward. To his destiny….to finally learns the Secret. And smiling he descended down the spiral staircase…..seeking the Secret again.

And in his excitement he said.

‘All will be revealed at the Temple’



The sound of the waves lapped around the harbor with almost a hundred people behind a large tall man.

In front of these people is a large ship with a sails that have the designs of roses and stars. An odd choice for a sail.

In front of it is a man talking with the tall man who emanated the air of a leader.

‘Claudio did you have your orders?’ the tall man asked the thin but handsome man

‘Yes Leader Gabranth. I have.’ Claudio said nodding to the man called Gabranth. Gabranth is almost 7 feet tall with a short hair and muscly physique.

His clothes are leather, but it could be said his clothes made him look like an agile warrior.

‘What is the order?’ Gabranth asked to make sure Claudio get the order right. After all the mission entrusted to him relates not only to their safety but also to the world at large.

‘Invite the Blood Of Light.’ Claudio said.

Gabranth nodded.

‘This mission is entrusted to you. I could not give you the Iron Whale. The monsters have been roaming the plains. Our forces, is not enough to contain them anymore. Our hope now, is to use the Spear. And you know that only one man……only one man could get us inside the room.’ Gabranth sighed.

Not to mention they can’t even get close to the Great Ancient Tower of the First Generation. But the prophecy has mentioned it before. And the Seers has spoken.

That the Age of Heroes…….has begun.

‘It is a pity Orval could not return. He did not agree on the matter. He would stay in Ariundus rather then returning.’

Claudio just nodded.

‘If you have nothing else, then meet the supplies forces and ask them for supplies. Pick our brothers and go….and persuade him to come, before it is too late.’

Claudio nodded. After making sure everything is prepared Claudio enter the ships and with the hopes of his brothers, he embarked on the journey.

‘Let truth be told’ he said as the sails open and the ship begun to move to the opening horizons




The empress is sitting boringly at her Sun Throne with a statue of the Sun Emperor behind her throne chair, holding the sun in his left hand and a flaming sword in his right hand, with giants under his feet.

The Empress looks at the documents with bored expressions.

‘I will be going outside’ she said to her advisor.

Arturo nodded. And the empress went to her room, takes her spear and arrows and bows and rushed to the stables.

She pick one of the horse and she jumped into the horse.


She yelled as the horse runs outside the palace.

She rides the forest of former Dostov and she feels like she is flying, a sense of exhilarating freedom as she hunts the game in the bountiful forest.

Once in a while she shoots the beast in the forest all die with one shoots.

‘Hahaha.’ She laughed

This is what she likes. Chasing the winds. And she smiles as she look at the skies. She then reaches a waterfall.

Seeing it she stooped riding and then she jumped down from her horse and begin climbing the waterfall.

If anyone asks why she climb the waterfall, she would surely answer ‘Because it’s there’. And in 15 minutes she reaches the top.

She looks from on top, looking at the expanse of the forest and feeling that feeling of serenity.

‘I will fly, chase the wind and touch the sky’ as she opens her arms and inhale the fresh air of the forest.

At night she reaches the palace. The moment she returns she got a messages from her mother to come to the Villa.

She came to see that her mother and father in each other arms, kissing passionately.

‘Eww’ Rhyssa said averting her gaze.

‘Mother!’ She coughed a bit.

Her mother looks at Rhyssa and smiles sheepishly.

‘Sorry, my dear child. Didn’t see you there.’

‘Yes, mother. Why have you summoned me here? I have still matters to attend in the Palace. Documents to signs, charter to approve, people to kill.’

Her mother just shakes her head, clearly perplexed how her daughter is so uncouth in behavior and manners.

Still her mother loves Rhyssa terribly. The same could be said for her father.

The only flaw is that her mother always worries about her marriageability considering that Rhyssa doesn’t really act like a lady or a girl.

The last time her mother and father arranges her marriage, the lords that participated had their pride mortified.

‘I have great news for you my dear child.’ Her mother said excited

‘Oh, and what is the news? Though Rhyssa could have guessed from the tone of her mother. Still she braces herself.

‘A great match.’

‘Ah, mother. Is it marriage again? I told you that I would not marry!’

‘Father!’ Rhyssa said, glaring at his father.

‘What?..I…I She..’ her father just stuttered looking guiltily at her mother.

‘Mother! Marriage again?’

But this time the Empress mother did not get discouraged instead she smiles mischievously.

‘I can’t make you agree to me, my dear child. And it is just a betrothal. If you two like each other then we can talk about marriage. I just hope yo-‘

‘I won’t go through with it mother! You can’t make me! I am the Empress of the Great Renasia. Gloriana is my title.’ Rhyssa said stomping her feet in a tantrum

‘Fine, I guess’ the Empress mother replied nonchalantly

‘Fine?’ And Rhyssa stopped stomping her foot. This is weird? Rhysa mused. Usually her mother would persuade her harder than this.

‘I guess this is it for tonight.’ The Empress mother said.

‘Can I go back now?’ Rhyssa awkwardly said, seeing the calm demeanor of her mother even after she rejected.

Did she hurt her mother heart? She did think of this. Anyway she will not contend the idea of marriage. She will apologize tomorrow if she has to. But she will not agree to a match.

‘Yes you can’ the empress mother said.

Rhyssa turns her feet to return home in her carriage when she heard her mother voice

‘I guess I have to tell Lord Aries Vermont and Lady Julia that their son is not good enough for our daughter’

‘Hmm’ her father agrees.

‘Wait!’ Rhyssa said stopping her feet and rushed back to her mother side.

She turned back looking at her mother.

‘Vermont? As Arial Vermont?’

‘Yes, the Emperor of Eden. His mother is worried about her son and she after great persuasion, urge the Emperor to seek betrothal with you. It will bring peace to the continent if two great forces of the Human Continent could be joined by marriage. As you know he really did engage in bloody battles after battle and now the only force that stands against him is us. Though he has alliance with us, I thought of sealing it with marriage. And it does seem like the Emperor has settled in his court and begun administering his empire. The slaughter of Zettellian and the sacking of every city of that Kingdom is still talked about in the Human Continent. Everyone was put to death, as Zettelian was drive out from their own land. His wrath is really one that reaches a legendary status. But his relations with us have always been cordial and he even guaranteed that he will never hold design on the Great Renasia territory. His mother believes that he needs a woman beside her, so that he could forget of his departed wife. Of course you have made your choice. I will not question you further. I guess I have to recommend other nobilities to her son. Maybe the daughters of the Asturias?’

‘Mother’ suddenly Rhysa said her voice become feminine all of a sudden.

‘Maybe I acted too harshly. Let me think about this betrothal’

‘I thought you do not want to spoke about marriage?’ her mother said teasing.

‘Well…it’s not I like the man anyway, it’s …just…that…umm….Peace. Yes peace! Like you said if the two rulers are joined by marriage then peace will surely be preserved.’

‘Hmm…peace.’ Her mother just chuckles.

‘Are you saying to me you will accept the betrothal?’

‘Yes, mother’ she said meekly, blushing in her cheeks.

‘For peace right?’ Her mother asked.

‘Yes….for peace’ Rhyssa replied, her cheeks become redder.

‘Then I will inform Lady Julia of your intention.’

‘Please do so mother.’

After that Rhyssa leave the Villa, smiling and breaking out into a good mood, riding the carriage and smiling all the way to her Palace.

‘How did you know she would accept?’ Luis asked his wife.

‘I have my sources’ she said smiling.

And then Maria got up from her chair and look outside her villa.

‘A union of not only of one man and one woman but of an empire. A union of an Empire dear’ she said turning her face to her husband and she smiles.



25 MOURN EE 01

It has been 2 month since the mourning of the empress. Arial is sitting on his throne with only one man in the throne room.

Then he got up from his throne and come down as he speaks face to face with Silas. He just got the intelligence and one could see that anger is clearly visible on the Emperor face.

Silas can be seen looking at his lord with complicated expression.

‘This intelligence, is it verified?’

‘Yes, Your Grace.’ Silas nodded.

‘It is confirmed that Liselle is an assassin sent by Harald years before. And Zettel supply the arms.’

‘WHY DID THEY DO THAT?’ Arial yells

Silas shakes his head, still maintaining his calm. The Emperor after the death of his wife has become very easily angered.

‘I truly don’t know. They are various reasons. Maybe they thought they could stop you. Maybe they thought you wouldn’t know. Maybe someone else pressure them. Anyway it could be one of those reason or none of it.’

Arial then throw the letter to the brazier and it burns.

‘So, Zettel is responsible.’ He said, anger in his tone that couldn’t be hidden.

‘Yes.’ Silas said.

‘So I guess you will have to run this empire for a while.’ Arial suddenly said

Silas just sighed.

‘Is there no one else?’

‘No.’ Arial reply curtly

‘Your Grace. Heed my advice. Cease this vengeful path. Your vassals are worried about you. Your parents are worried about you. This would not bring her back…your Grace.’

Arial shakes his head defiantly.

‘I won’t. They kill my moon. And I’m sure am not going to let them get away with it. They dare kill my wife. So, I will destroy their nations, slaughter every one of them, I’ll make them regret every second. Their blood will wash away their sins. Blood by blood. If they think they could do something like that and get away with it, they are wrong. I will show them my might. They kill my loved ones. Do they think I would only kill their King? Do they think my vengeance can be satisfied then? Kill one person and I have to kill one person too? Let them learn. Kill one of my person and I’ll kill all of them. I always pay more. I lost a wife and a friend. What will I do to them you might ask? I will let them taste the feeling of losing their sons, fathers. Let them know what happen when you anger the sleeping dragon. Vangua has learned it. And now, Zettel will learn it too. Send this message word by word to the King of Zettel. I will strike down upon him and his family with great vengeance and furious anger, those who have harm, hurt and have attempt to destroy me! And he will know….he will know that my name is ARIAL VERMONT, THE DRAGON when I lay my vengeance upon him.’

Silas put his hand on Arial shoulder.

‘Please, your Grace. Cease this.’

‘I won’t.’

‘Doing this…..there is no path…then a path of carnage. If you do this, Tai and Chu, Great Renasia and other power will not sit still.’

Arial then walked into the balcony and he could see from the distance his Palace in construction.

Arial could see one of the Hill giants helping the dwarves from his amazing eyesight, constructing the Palace.

After Arial conquered Vangua he open the borders and he Demon lands has begun trading, an act that the church frowned upon but they do not dare in angering the Emperor.

Arial hires dwarves, humans, giants anyone capable to help Silas with the construction projects.

With Giants the Palace would surely be faster in completion and with Dwarves it would certainly be a work of art.

‘I intend to unify the continent!’ he declares and Silas can be seen trembling in his hand.

‘Unify? The continent!’ Then Silas sighed and he looked at the Emperor.

‘Have you…given up? On humanity?’

Silas understand. Of all others he understands. If Arial really wanted to unify the continent, he has enough force, and enough strength to do it.

With his large expanse of land and wealth, not to mention his currently expanding professional military all under the authority of the Emperor, the Hall of War who paid the military salary, if Arial really decided to unify the continent like the Ages past emperors, it is not so absurd.

But……surely it will plunge the Continent into an unprecedented bloodbath.

Kingdoms would be ground to dust, tragedy, pillaging and slaughter, the earth itself will run red with rivers of blood, the despair and sorrows, an age of bloodshed unprecedented in Human Continent history.

‘I…have never given up on humanity. Silas, I found another way. I thought that conquering Vangua would realize my vision. You follow me because you believe in my dreams.’

‘A thousand year peace’ Silas said.

Arial nodded.

‘I thought conquering Vangua is enough. But no. It is not. There is no greater cause of tragedy then war. I know this. You know this. That is why I intend to unify the continent under one rule. Human Continent as one, undivided. Either I succeed in my era, or not…No, I will succeed. The ages of great wars will end in my era. Even if I am cursed…I will use my strength to pave the way…to my vision. Someday, maybe they will come a person who will inherit my will, and then they shall know a world with Great Peace. A thousand year peace. But Zettel? Zettel will be razed to the ground Silas. This is just pure vengeance.’

Then Arial look at the blue sky, feeling the wind on his cheeks and he declares.

‘As there is but one god in Heaven Above, so should there be but one ruler on Earth.’

And then he turned back and enters his throne room as Silas following him from behind as Arial legend begins.

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