AOH – Chapter 136

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The white door opens after the woman pushes a few buttons.

‘JULIA CARLINGIAN: ACCESS ACCEPTED’ the voice spoke. She enters and she could see a figure is seen examining something in that laboratory of hers.

The man is of regal bearing, yet his clothes are plain but his stature is of a confident man. There are some badges in his clothes.

‘Mr. President, in the laboratory again?’ As the figure of a woman enter the opening door. The room is white with many gadgets, and notes.

The man is looking at a shining crystal, a very tiny crystal with luminescent purple color. It is clear that he is marveling the levitating crystal inside the glass case.

‘Don’t tease me, mother.’

He said, his eyes still did not leave the crystal, in his hand is holding some documents, as he flipped it page by page, trying to understand something.

‘Daniel…or should I call you Aero?’ She said a little smile on her face.

She moved down the stairs and began looking at the lab checking some of the gadgets while still talking to Aero.

‘Daniel is fine when we are alone.’ Then Aero look back at the shining crystal.

‘Memory shard huh? Takashi and you sure invent some weird invention.’ He said sighing and putting down the paper. It is obvious he doesn’t understand the principle of the research.

The woman just ignores his expression.

‘Keiko and Takashi are having their wedding next month, Daniel. You attending?’

‘Of course. He has helped me with many of the research development. And he is my Minister of Science, Magic and Technology. I do not want to offend him.PR is important after all.’ He said, began showing a kind smile.

‘Huh, just like you saying things like that. How is the 13 tribe negotiation going? Since you are here after all.’  Julia asked.

‘I send Kyle. He is the Minister of Foreign affairs after all.’ But his eyes did not leave the memory shard.

‘But this Memory shard is important.’ Aero said, his eyes linger on the crystal

‘More important than the nuclear program?’ Julia asked. Aero sighed.

‘I have always felt that using that against the Xenosian Empire is a bit of an overreaction. But Deus… know how he is. And not to mention many people were convinced by his plea at the time, and the Bill is passed at the Senate. I am a President not a king. My power is limited by the Senate and the Assembly.’

‘Even though you created it?’ she ask

‘Because I created it.’ He reply

‘Liberty for all’ Julia said as she come to one of the computers and check some calculations. There is a mocking tone in her previous chant.

Aero sit down on one of the swiveling chairs and continued.

‘There is no true freedom in this world. Even in our world there is no true freedom. Inequality will always exist. Maybe I am….too much of an idealist. I never see myself like that…..naive huh?’

‘You sound like a defeatist, Daniel.’

‘I’m not. I believe that human is capable of more…….but life is going to be very pitiful, for those who live by the belief that “No one is better, all people are equal.” Because the world will remind that person how wrong that belief is.’

‘Concerns about the people? You have matured.’

‘I am, maybe a little selfish’

‘A little?’

‘A lot’ he corrected.

‘But I’m not entirely heartless, and living in a world where our life is the stake, if I do not repay those who have sacrificed themselves for me, those who trusted me, believing me to the end, how could I face them one day?’

He said regret clearly seen on his face. Julia also dropped down her head, like remembering something she did not want to remember.

‘What will you do with this memory shard, mother?’ She looked at aero and smile.

‘As you know we are not blessed by magic, but I found a way.’


‘This shard acts as magic source…the only difference is you have to feed them first.’

‘Feed them? With what?’

‘Hahaha.’ She laughed

‘And this is the genius of it all. When we first arrive the notion that magic exist is scoffed by me the most, you the second.’

‘Of course. No matter how reality defying you did with that Void I didn’t really believe magic existed until I see with my own eyes.’

‘True. But I accept it, though a little later than you .When I have decided to accept magic as part of the reality of this world, this world construct, then endless possibilities open up in my research. We may not be born with it but it doesn’t mean we can’t harvest it. With our technology, there is nothing we could not do.’

‘This is a stunning discovery but you still do not answer my question mother.’

‘Memories. Memories and the language of the dragons. Language of the dragon. That wall of text the exploratory mission got has been deciphered. Takashi took two years for him to decipher it.’

‘I should give him some more benefit’ Aero said smiling.

‘Their words are magic itself. So in a way writing it with memory shard, with the language of the dragon it could create a barrier or some kind of magic formation.’

‘Oh, this is interesting. You’re saying we can use magic from now on.’


‘I just hope this doesn’t mark another end.’ Aero said, clearly there is something bothering him.

‘End of what?’

‘The last time you made a discovery with Takashi, the world ended as we know it.’

‘But humanity survives’.

‘One third survived mother….a number that has since dwindled during our war with the inhabitants of this world. I….only hope that my decision as President will lead the few of us left…to a better future…to an enlightened future.’

Julia was about to say something but the there is some ruckus outside the laboratory


Then suddenly the automated door opens.

‘Mr President! An emergency missive has arrived from the eastern Border.’ As he ran to the President and quickly handed the missive.

‘Victor! Aero sense something is wrong.

‘What is happening?’ He ask instead of opening the missive.

‘We found them.’ Aero knew what he meant. He did not have to open the missive to know what Viktor is talking about.

‘Where are they?’

‘East of our position. Their position is being monitored by Admiral Vasco. He has reported their position. Should we lend help?’

‘This is all under my calculation. We need to reach Arianna at that city immediately. Begin Operation Firestorm. We will vanquish the Fay from the face of this world. The last attack, at that city still did not break their resistance so today we will show them our power.’ Then he sighed.

‘The war is started by a few men and today it will end….but……what will the later generation remember , feel, when they judge what we have done? Will they brand us as an unfeeling race…..or a race that is only trying to defend themselves from the persecution of the Demon Lords? What will history tell about us? This is no difference than genocide….a destruction of a race but my war is the Senate War… win is humanity win, my losses is the humanity losses. When all this is put at stake….when our own freedom and livelihood is threatened….could I do nothing?’

Viktor just look at his president with conflicted feeling. He remembers what happens. He was there with him during the first conflict with the Fay began.

It all started when the Fay try to enslave Aero wife, Viktor sister and a few of the other human in the community that Aero and his mother built.

One act of defiance turns into a spark that ignited a war with the Fay…..and the only way to douse the fire is the destruction of the other.

The prideful fay could not accept that they lost against humans and they kept fighting leaving the President with no choice but to keep warring and winning.

Losing is forbidden.

If he lost, humanity will pay the price. The Fay sees humans as not even worth of dignity and as such the idea of negotiating with human is foreign and insulting to them.

It is for this reason there is no other choice but the destruction of either this two races….the Fay or humans.

But even so, Aero still feel that this war could have been prevented, stopped if the Fay could swallow their pride and meet them at the discussion table. But now it is too late. The Fay is but a little force by now.

And victory is all but a guarantee.

Julia just looks at her son and even she could feel the burden entrusted onto her son shoulders.

‘Mom, we will have to resume our conversation at another time.

‘Go and be safe. Don’t make me or Amanda worried about you. The man nodded and burning determination can be seen in his eyes.

‘Call my ministers. We are going to wa-‘



And suddenly Arial is on the starry skies again.

‘IS that-?’

‘What is that?’ he asked himself. It was like something played out in front of him, of something of a distant past, that it felt so real.

On his eyes, all he could see is stars. He finally realized….he is unconscious. Gaveror take over his body…..unwillingly.

But if he was stronger…if he was more alert….then Gaveror would not have this opportunity.

And Arial knows that Gaveror is not acting out of ill intent. He is just trying to make sure his heart isn’t destroyed by humans.

But……they are my enemies. And as such……it is duty to see it to the end….not Gaveror. It is my problem, my mess….it is only right I fixed it.

‘I must return’

He prayed and wish with all his heart and then suddenly a light shine down on him, a comforting and healing light from one of the stars, a shining purplish star, just beside a dimming star……and for another time, he felt a shock all over his nerve, his consciousness comes and fades, like something attacked him but at the same time cuddling him, like he is travelling somewhere, anywhere, everywhere, like he is with One with everything, the heaven, the earth, the planes of existence, breaking the barrier of time and space, seeing something in a fast motion.

He could see in some places, or maybe some other time, there is statue of him, a very large statue of him, a scene of blood bath, a scene of inconsolable sorrow….and he could not help but wonder whether this is the past or the future.

And he also see two person wearing an evil smile, with an army of monsters with someone in front of the two men yelling attack.

All thoughts for that moments melded into his mind, all the anger, the pain, the regrets, the hatred, despair, the compassion, love, hope, for that one brief second that felt like an eternity, he feel it all, like an amalgamation of the collective human emotions.

And then the light disappeared.

And he opens his eyes.



In front of him is the Western Serpent looking at him with fear, her eyes wavering and from the distance he could see the immortals laying on the ground incapacitated.

All around him is blood. The hills were destroyed, the lakes is boiling, smokes coming out of the blue water with some corpse seen floating on the lakes, their skins blistered, their faces unrecognizable.

What have Gaveror done? He mused.

The smell of death pervade Arial nose, the smell of blood, the smell of roasted human meat, the sound of despair and praying enter Arial ears.

The peak around him appeared like Oblivion Hell. The grass is non-existent, showing the bare ground, there is thus painful silence of the deceased and the fear directed to him.

He could see the martial artist corpses, their body is scattered all around the peak, swords, spears, sticks, sticking out of their body. Some were smashed into a puddle of blood on the sharp rock and jagged edges of the hills and boulder rocks.

The moment that Arial regain consciousness all the flying weapons fall to the ground, like stars or some comet, falling like rain while the people under it all run to the other side, dodging d deflecting the rain of swords and sharp and heavy objects from the sky.

There is the groaning of pain from many of the surviving martial artist, some stabbed in the thighs, some in the chest but they survived, though not for long.

If not from the loss of blood, it is from the internal injuries. Arial realize Gaveror imbued internal energy in his strike, even for the disciples.

Gaveror leave no mercy to his enemy. A trait he admittedly shares with Gaveror. Like Gaveror he leaves no mercy for his enemies.

Some are quivering in fear, hoping to escape this nightmare that they have seen. Hundreds of martial artist from every sect has fallen.

And the most unbelievable thing is the perpetrator of such mass massacre. It only took one person to do this kind of damage.

Arial did not see when the martial artist pleads for mercy, praying to every god, that their life will be spared.

Yet, the falling weapon strikes them all the same, drowning them from their prayers and curses, like Arial is mocking them.

But how could he explain it was not him that perpetrates this action but…..his unwilling companion

Many of the people hiding behind large rock and caves, behind trees, under the water are not safe.

That last clash between Arial and the immortals even changed the geography of the peak, with the cave caving in, lakes boiling, roasting people to death, the hill shattered into rubbles of mud based on their energy alone.

Arial is looking at the Western Serpent. This is her fault. If she did not interfere….if she did not attack that area….Arial intend to end this with bubbling anger….hot white fury coursing through his vein…he wanted to end this and give her, her due rewards…..but then he felt it.

Like every nerve in his body is on fire, his muscle sore beyond anything that he have ever felt, pain in his body burning his desire to kill the Western Serpent and he almost fall to the ground but thankfully someone received him and hold him.

Arial turn and look and he discover to his utter amazement, his disciple.


‘Teacher I have returned!’ there is a look of determination in her eyes, a protective gesture towards him.

‘I thought you have run.’

‘I did.’ She nodded.

‘Until the Waterfall Peak I ran, jump, fly and glide and I watch from the bottom with the other lucky ones, lights from teacher clash on the Heaven Peak even shine down to the Waterfall Peak, teacher strikes could be heard even from such distance, like the world itself is fighting against each other. Then it stopped. And I knew the battle is over. I rushed from the bottom to reach you here teacher even though you have warned me.’

He smile a grateful smile and Xiyun smile back, that innocent but tough smile. Then she raises her voice so that everyone that is in the vicinity could hear.

‘And thank the heaven I came. Wouldn’t want the people to catch my teacher lying on the ground like the loser when you have defeated all three immortals by yourself. I would not allow such indignity for my teacher’ and she smiles a mischievous smile.

She knows her teacher must have suffered terribly…she could see it from the laboured breathing, and even from the way her teacher looked right now.

So there is one way to escape from this predicament, with all the killing intent directed at her teacher. Xiyun knows her teacher will understand her intention.

The Western Serpent is injured badly so does the other two. I must avenge teacher. Only then my heart can be satisfied and my reputation in the martial art fraternity would also soar. she mused.

She was about to send a flying weapon to the Western Serpent but Arial quickly with what is left of his energy hold Xiyun hand. It is not like Arial doesn’t know what Xiyun is thinking.

‘Don’t. Just because she is weak, doesn’t mean you can kill her Xiyun.

‘Teacher? She is my prey. If there is someone that will kill her, it will be me.’ He said and Xiyun lower her hand and hides her hidden weapon back inside her sleeve.

From the edge of the peak, the other martial artist from the bottom once again returns to the top and look at the scene of devastation that have happened.

They look and are stunned looking that three of the immortals are defeated and one man standing leaning on his disciple.

Arial the Divine Dragon. A heaven god like power to even defeat the Immortals…but not only one but three.

Arial knows he didn’t have any energy left to fight. His power is drained to the ultimate. It is the first time he had ever felt his internal energy drain this much.

This just show how powerful Gaveror really is. Arial is fortunate when he met Gaveror , that Gaveror was sick. If not Arial shudder to think his fate in the Dragon Lands.

Arial then look at the incoming crowds, disciple and seniors from each of the sect in the martial art fraternity.

If the other sect decides to kill him right now, he will not have any power to repel them. The only thing he can do now is bluff.

Arial look up to the other sect martial art elder and leader that have survived his onslaught and then with his leftover internal energy he loudly declared.

I, Arial have defeated all three of the Immortals. UNDER HEAVEN, WHO CAN DEFEAT ME!’ He roars and his roar shakes the core of everyone present.

They all knew what Arial is doing. He is declaring himself to be the strongest person in all of the martial art world and probably the Human Continent. Then he continued his speech.

‘I will take myself the title of Central Celestial. As there is west, as there is north, as there is south, as there is east, there is the centre of it all. My title will be Central Celestial. THE CELESTIAL DRAGON’

He roared again and this time they all could feel that even though Arial was battered, blood on his shirt, his hair was a mess but he radiated a power that is beyond their understanding with a majestic dignity befitting such man.

Some sect elder even decide to attack Arial after his fight with the immortals ended, after all Arial battle kill many of their disciple but seeing this display of arrogance, they do not dare to move a step.

What if Arial have another hidden card? Something else? Western Serpent underestimates him, and now she is paying the price.

He then looks at the Western Serpent and with a smug expression he speaks with a condescending attitude.

‘Western Serpent you are a sly woman. If its slyness alone I could have forgiven. But this underhanded tactic of yours, attacking me without any reason, this I could not forgive! Not when you have promised, not when you have agree on my battle with Eastern Devil! This act of breaking oath and attempting to kill your guest when you have given your words is most dishonourable of you!’

Then he calms himself down and continued.

‘Killing you right now would be so easy, but I prefer not to do this today. My name is Arial Vermont and one day, mark my words, I will come and I will repay you in kind for your treatment against me.’ Western Serpent can only look in trepidation, her legs is broken so what Arial said is not entirely wrong.

He is only a few steps from where Western Serpent is and he only need to strike one attack…and Western Serpent life will be forfeited.

At least, that is what he wanted the crowd to believe.

Arial can afford to be arrogant because he can do what he said he would do. He gives his dire warning and then he turns to his disciple.

‘Xiyun let’s go’ Arial said and Xiyun nodded in understanding.

Quickly in front of the hundreds of the watchful gaze of the martial art fraternity, Xiyun fly down with her teacher down the Mountain, not one of the sect elders, senior disciples dare follow them or even dare block their way.

This is a beginning of a chaos in the martial art world.

The Old Order has been destroyed and with many great experts die in the meet, and the appearance of the Central Celestial, so overbearing, so formidable and one could not help but think what this mean for the future of the martial art fraternity that is fragmented into allying with one of the 4 Immortals.

A new force has been created….and it is the dragon…the Celestial Dragon will decide from now.

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