AOH – Chapter 135

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The Western Serpent piercing technique with the sword is formidable indeed not to mention she did it to an already fatigued person.

She was also highly accomplished in her martial skills; a single martial stroke from her would usually spell the end for her opponents!

But this is….unbelievable. The moment that Arial realize his heart had been pierced, his dragon heart instinctively protect it that even with Western Serpent calculated attack it didn’t kill Arial.

Arial roar like a dragon and the sword that is stuck to his chest shatters, the shard propelled itself some to the gawking audience some into his blood vessel, thousands of small needle like iron flow inside Arial blood, giving him pain like never before.

Arial then jump backward, blood spurting out from his wound but quickly he use his internal energy to push out the shards.

The tiny shard drips out with the blood melted with the boiling blood of Arial. It was truly boiling, not figuratively but literally.

His blood is boiling; reaching a heat that makes his body is emitting smokes. Flame might even be produced.

‘WESTERN SERPENT!’ Arial yelled, anger and an expression of disbelief appear on his pale face. His white hair flow backward like a raging dragon.

‘WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!’ Northern Badger who is at a considerable distance from Arial and the other two Immortals also is shocked by this sudden development.

‘Little Serpent’ Northern Badger said.

‘Why are you so rash?’ He shakes his head. On the other hand, Western Serpent is puzzled and at the same time in confusion.

‘I thought I have pierced his heart. How could he still stand?’ And she realized that the dragon is smoking…literally smoking.

His labored breath almost sound like something is growling and his piercing blue eyes are turning red and a baleful aura is surrounding him, a black red darkness envelope the man.

All of the martial art fraternity look at this phenomena with pervasive fear….Knowing that somehow….this Arial is even capable of more power.

‘XIYUN!’ Arial said, his voice shakes the hill, his hand is still in his chest, blood dripping down yet an aura of power envelope him and his voice loud and clear like the thunder from heaven striking the ground, shaking every core, every heart and inviting fear to their deepest subconscious.

Xiyun who was startled and just emerge from her hiding reply, with worry and concerns in her tone


Arial look at her, a look of pity and a hint of concerns and he said with conviction, with regret, making sure that everybody hear him as his blue eyes is began to be encroach by the dark aura, his heart is beginning to beat so furious, like a beating of a hammer striking an anvil, a power of such magnitude that the ground started shaking, the rocks levitate, the wind change course as he is sure what is to come.

He has felt that presence as he is nearing to lose his consciousness. Gaveror he thought. He has descended. And with it the wrath of dragons.

His voice reverberates with such anger….with such malevolent intention towards the Western Serpent but with his last sanity he yelled


Then something like an explosion happened and he close his eyes and everything fades away.



They all saw as the dragon yelled run but they could not possibly understand what he mean then suddenly and explosion of energy happens.

They all see with their eyes what they could only describe as magical. The wounds on Arial heart suddenly stopped, and some could swear they could see that the wound is regenerating itself.

The black red aura that envelope Arial body gets bigger and everyone feel choked. Xiyun has already run far away even so fast that she has jump down from the Heaven Peak, to reach to the Dark Peak.

She understands her teacher intention. If he say run…then there is no doubt that means there is some danger…danger that her teacher knows she will not survive.

Blood will drop, bodies will fall….literally everything will perish. This kind of thoughts run into Xiyun minds.

And it is because of this reason she ran.

The other smart martial artist and most of the cowards also ran from that Peak, all jumping down, feeling that there will be something that happens up there that will defy their senses. And they are not about to found out. Better safe than sorry

‘This Arial is different’ some Elders from the Wuhao sect is still looking at the battle, hiding behind some sturdy rock. He looks and there is no fear on his eyes…only bloodlust…and if he dare say it…..madness.

‘Who is he? What is he?’

Western Serpent and the Eastern Devil on the other hand were thrown back and even Northern Badger who are very far away from Arial had to step back a few steps.

Of course compared to the other two immortals he is lucky.

Eastern Devil is not a weak person but even when he used his internal energy barrier to endure the pressure of Arial internal energy he still flown to a rock, smashing that rock into a hundred pieces.

‘What has happened to him?’ Eastern Devil wondered as he got up from the debris of the rock.

Eastern Devil felt a very different feeling from this awakened Arial then the other one.

Seeing that crimson eyes glaring at them, with killing intent that could kill a lesser man, he was like a harbinger of death.

Arial looks at the Immortals and he smile a maddening smile.

Arial then twist his hand and the wind changes course and suddenly all the swords in the Peak, every stone, every sharp object whether it be from an elder from the martial art school or the disciple or even Western Serpent herself, they all rattled, trying to break free from the owner grasp, like something is calling out to them, an internal energy manipulation.

Then Arial make a pulling movement and suddenly the sword fly through the air, swirling above his head, hundreds and hundreds of swords, spears, knives, dagger, sharpened stick, stones and many other.

The martial art fraternity looks with fear and dread as they began understanding the monster that this young lord is.

‘To achieve this level!’ Some said in fear, their hand shaking, their knees are buckling, their teeth chattered nervously. Some sweated profusely.

‘What is this?’ Northern badger said his face began showing fear.

‘What is this boy?’

‘This is Air manipulation’ Eastern Devil said fully recognizing the danger right now.

‘This would get bloody’ Eastern Devil said.

He felt sorry for Arial after all, Eastern Devil might be called one of the cruelest of the 4 Immortals but he respect strong people considering he is also walking at the same path…but senseless murder… that is not his interest.

‘We must stop him.’ He said. He knows if Arial is not stopped the maybe no one will leave here alive.

‘Gladly’ Western Serpent said as she launched herself to Arial, her sword flashed like lightning

But she was thrown back the moment she clash with the huge barrier of Arial internal energy and she realized when she was thrown back, her hand is numb and shaking…and she thought to herself…What have I done?

Then with a mysterious hand movement, by Arial, suddenly the swirling weapon over Arial head began raining down, flying swords pierce human flesh like they are skewer, spear suddenly fly to their owners, killing them with incredible strikes, the stones, the pointy stick all found their target, killing everyone as blood flowed in the beautiful Heaven Peak.

The place of serenity and beauty in the Heaven Mountain is dye red with blood. But the bloodlust keep rising.

‘RUN! RUN! THE DRAGON ISD MAD WITH ANGER!’ the other yelled.

Liao Bao was helping the other escape using his lightness technique while Veiled Lady used her Spear to deflect the attack but even she could not protect every one.

She looks helplessly as hundreds of martial artist die under the onslaught of the flying weapons.

She looks at her teacher Eastern Devil and he nodded. Rhyssa then understand what she needs to do.

‘Liao Bao, we must save as many as we can and then we need to get out of here. Our teacher will try to contain the dragon.’

Liao Bao who has already been thinking hundreds of way to escape from this life and death situation without offending his teacher, gladly agree.

‘Alright’ then he disappeared like lightning, snatching two or three person with his hand and throwing them down the peak.

He makes sure that one of the people he throws knows lightness technique. On the peak the battle continued as the three immortal look at the beast in front of them.

‘A dragon. What an apt description’ Northern Badger said, with a hint of admiring tone. Arial roars again and this time it was not like last time, a confident roar.

But it was terrifying to Western Serpent that she needs to take a few steps back. She then realized the other is the same as her.

‘Hoh, what internal energy.’

‘Be careful Northern Badger. His internal energy is more than me’ Eastern Devil said

‘Are you-‘ Western Serpent was about to deny this but Eastern Devil quickly cut her words.

‘I’m telling the truth. You must not hold back.’

‘This would not have happen if you didn’t interfere-‘Northern Badger said sending hostile glances at the Western Serpent

‘What is done is done. Now we need to contain this’ Eastern Devil said as the energy around the peak turn more constricting.

‘What do you think happen to him?’ Northern Badger asks as he knows that Eastern Devil is more proficient in internal energy than him.

‘I don’t know but maybe it is his secret technique. Maybe his consciousness is fading away and replace with this….beast. An emergency measure of some sort sacrificing conscience for power. It is not unheard of such techniques. Blind Monk Wen, also have a technique like that’

Northern Badger nodded.

Then the like light Arial arrived in front of Western Serpent. She did not even have the chance to react when she is knocked back.

She tried to steady her footing, but she received a kick in her chest and she felt like something is broken and she was sent flying to one of the trees as she is knocked down to the ground.

The face of Arial is calm. Eerily calm. Like they are nothing but ants. Of course how did this Immortals knew that they are facing a dragon warrior and not only a dragon warrior, but a dragon warrior that have his full power.

Gaveror was in deep sea, searching for something when he felt the stab on his heart and he knew that his other fragment of his heart, the split part of his soul, is in danger.

Even if he flies to the Human Continent, he doubts he can reach it in time…so he lent his power, taking for a while Arial body.

He is angered and distraught and with his magic, he used Soul Link magic.

How could they fight the Son of Heaven that live in the age of Gods, faced the Age of Man, and survived the Purge and still stand?

For if the descendant of the First King is called the Sky People, the dragon are called the Son of Heaven for their magic is the essence of the universe.

They can call upon its power, as long magic exist, as long faith exist, as long life exist. Then Gaveror in Arial body direct his punch to Northern Badger.

‘Trying to match me with fist technique. HAHAAHHA. LET SE-‘then Northern Badger could hear his bones cracking.

But then Northern Badger dodge, as he realized Arial force is a force equivalent to his Fist Shaking World technique.

It is even more superior. Eastern Devil tries to attack Arial helping Northern Badger but once again both of these experts are stunned.

He countered Northern badger fist with his palm, and Eastern Devil palm attack with his fingers.

How could they’re not stunned. Both of their technique is one that they have trained and perfected for decades only to be effortlessly stopped by this young man.

On the side, the other schools is still running as the flying weapons still fly finding its target, by now killing hundreds of the school disciple and some elders and even some sect leader of some small sect.

By now they have exchanged about a thousand strokes but none of their attack even reached Arial.

Even when Western Serpent regain her consciousness, and join the battle they are still being pushed back by the sheer force and power that Arial showed.

Every blow that these Immortals used could shatter bones, kill an enemy, incapacitated their target but in front of Arial, their technique seems like a child play.

Arial not only dodged their attack perfectly but he also countered all their blows and retaliated.

Three hours have passed since they began this battle but there isn’t even a sweat in Arial complexion while the three Immortals are fighting for their life just to hold one man at bay.

How did such a man appear in the world without them noticing all of the 3 immortals think.

The Western Serpent on the other hand, for the first time in a long while, felt fear. She said to herself.

I should not have done that. But what is done is done and now they are fighting their hardest.

Who would have believed that three immortals had to fight so hard…and not only that, they are fighting so hard…fighting only one person!

Then as Arial see an opportunity he struck Northern Badger with his finger, piercing Northern Badger flesh as light shape sword energy pass through Northern Badger and then quickly he struck Northern badger with his palm on the chest and Northern Badger who is known to have the best defense of the 4 immortals flown far away, falling to the ground, coughing some blood and became unconscious.

His chest is burned by some weird heat. And there is no doubt it is Gaveror power that enables this weird effect.

‘One slight mistake and you will fall’ Eastern Devil said his eyes look at Western Serpent. Western Serpent nodded.

This duel required all their attention, they both understand this. A moment of distraction would mean instant death!

Of course they are also hesitating to attack. After all the result is a shock. Western Serpent had not expected that the Northern Badger would be beaten back in a split second with two moves.

Their voice is shaken.

The Northern Badger is defeated with such an effortless manner. Then a voice speaks. It obviously comes from Arial but the voice is hoarse and deeper.

‘Pray, humans. Pray to whatever god you worship. For wounding me, I will give you a terrible death.’

On the other side of the peak, Thunder Step and Veiled Lady is still deflecting the relentless assault of the flying weapons, and at the same time evading it and protecting the innocent.

‘Did you know your lord could do that?’ she asked Thunder Step.

‘No. it must be some forbidden technique. It almost looks like my lord loses all his consciousness when he was envelope by that aura.’

‘You sense it too.’

‘Of course.’ He said.

Rhyssa shudder to think what would happen if her teacher and the other immortals is not pushing Arial back.

She is also worry about Arial but she realizes letting him do as he please especially in that form, a form of a beast is not something that she want to see.

She knows that there is some gentleness in the young lord heart. How would he feel if he realizes that all this devastation, all this blood, happen because of him? It is because of this, she also put effort to protect the innocent.

On the battle the two immortals have raised their level of internal energy again and there were constant burning wind forces that were generated by their attacks that swept everything onto the ground!

And combine with Arial impervious barrier of internal energy, there is simply no way to approach him.

However Eastern Devil knows that this fight must not get even bigger. The area must be sealed so he did not hesitate at all and rained down blows after blows to Arial barrier.

Then Arial make his moves clashing with the Eastern Devil, brilliant light appear from their clash, that even Western Serpent could not see Arial movement and his attack.

Western Serpent could only held her breath in awe as she watched their battle, between the Devil and the Dragon, but this time the dragon gaining all the advantages.

Then blood, spattering blood flew in all direction amidst the light and ear shrieking broken sound can be heard.

She could see that the Eastern Devil with a disbelief look in his eyes, fall to the ground, his hand trembling, his nose and ear bleeding and Western Serpent have guessed that Arial internal energy have even overwhelmed Eastern Devil.

Then Arial rush in an instant to Western Serpent, and begin his barrage of attacks. This is the most difficult fight in her life; she had never felt such killing intent before, never felt so hurried and frantic in her life before.

The Heaven Peak lies in ruins, as they are attacked with Arial ferocity of his martial power.

However her clash with Arial is a foregone conclusion, one that she is honest enough to admit.

The thunderous impact she received on her abdomen and the cracking sound on her legs  is the sign she have lost as the hot winds that surrounded the body of Arial burns hotter.

She felt some foul smell enter her nose and some salty things on her lips.

Then she realized that her lips have tasted mud….and blood. She looked at Arial in front of her as the beast, step by step, slowly but surely is coming to her….with something resembling an after image of a dragon behind the young man.

If it’s any normal person seeing Arial in this form he would paralyze them. His eye were red, around his body is an aura of black and red.

All that one could say after seeing this would be…..A demon, a beast…..a dragon. And he is coming, his hand in an attacking position.

And flame appears on his feet, scorching the ground beneath his foot, yet did no visible damage to him or his clothes, like he is protected by the fire.

And Western Serpent knows, if that attack reaches her, her life ends today. And for the first time in a long time…she prays

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