AOH – Chapter 134

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Suddenly the arena is full with energy, a burst of energy spewing from both of the fighters, a black aura surrounding Arial and a purple aura surrounding Eastern Devil.

They felt choked by the pressure. Their hand trembled, their brows creased with sweat. Blood will be shed today they all noted.

‘He can do that? I may have underestimated him’ Western Serpent muttered looking at Arial. Then she also felt the same way as the martial art fraternity.

‘Batrisya’ she said.


‘Look at this battle from some distance. It seems that kid is not entirely without fangs. I don’t want you to get caught up in their fight. Best bring all the maidens with you too.’ She nodded and quickly listen to her teacher orders.

The Veiled Lady who is looking from some distance, is also shocked at the improvement Arial has achieved.

‘He grows again. I have thought that I could-‘ and she sighed. She recognizes that Arial is a genius, maybe even more genius than her.

But of course this is not entirely true. Arial has been practicing Levitia Cultivation Technique since he was a baby. If he did not reach this level, it could be said he is an idiot.

Liao Bao on the other hand really positioned himself very far from the fight. He knows how fierce will the battle be.

He is the only person to both see the power of the Dragon and the Devil. He once got stranded on the Eastern Devil Island with his wife, and there he meets the Eastern Devil.

For a month he spend his time there before he could depart from that island. In that one month he learns many things …and one thing he learns about the Devil is this.

He might have passed what people would call human limits a long time ago. On the other hand, his lord, Arial is known to be like a God in battlefield.

One slash and people are cut like bread, one roar and thousand die of heart attacks. So, now those two monsters are fighting each other?

There is no escape unless of course if you escape first. Those martial art sect that is enjoying the battle some of them will undoubtedly die because of the dragon and devil missed attack.

Knowing this Liao Bao, ran first. That is his motto. If the first time it didn’t work, run first, ask question later.

In the arena the anticipated fight begins.

They both rush each other and clash their fist and a sonic boom appeared breaking the trees in the vicinity to hundred branches.

Both are thrown back but quickly rein their footing. Arial grin. ‘Truly he is one of the 4 Immortals.’ He mused

That is a powerful strikes no inferior than mine. But with that clash Arial realizes his internal energy is stronger than him.

And from the puzzled expression in Eastern Devil face, Arial think that he knows that too. And he looks at Arial with puzzlement but it was momentary.

Then with a fast attack the Eastern Devil appear in front of Arial and using a piercing attack to Arial vital organs, the heart.

Arial tipped off by the sudden fluctuation of energy in the arena guessed the trajectory of the attack and dodged but unfortunately Eastern Devil was too close and it can be considered a surprise attack, so Arial can only bear the full brunt of the attack.

Arial body flew and fell on the ground, and tumbling down the arena.

‘Is he dea-‘One of the spectator was about to say when they look what happen their words cut off, and their mouth are wide open.

Arial quickly jumped back as he sensed that another attack is coming he is relentless that is for sure. Arial look like he is fine, with no visible injuries in his body.

‘Is his body steel?’ Some of them could not quite believe their eyes.

The audience is gawking looking at the spectacle of battle. Whatever the outcome of this battle, Arial prowess has already been proven.

To take one attack of one of the immortals and leave unscathed is unheard of but they have seen it with their eyes.

‘Teacher attack didn’t work?’ The Veiled lady also began to sense her teacher is getting serious and so she distances herself more from the ongoing battle.

‘Arial….could he have reached my teacher level? To even force her teacher to become serious in battle…’

On the other hand, Mu Xiyun has hidden herself near the hills in Heaven peak. The moment they began to fight she has run away from around the arena.

Her teacher has warned him not to watch the battle if she values her life. And obedient disciple she is, of course she obeys.

She also wanted to see her teacher fight, I mean who wouldn’t? The fight of the century!  But her teacher said the risk is too high. If it gets serious maybe hundreds if not all the spectators will die, getting caught up in their fight.

The arena marble stone is ripped to shred because of their relentless assault on each other like a pair of Dragon of Old and a devil of the underworld descended from their plane of existence and do battle in the mortal world.

Jumping from the ground, an explosion can be heard when Arial barely dodged Meteor Fist of Eastern Devil.

There is some puzzlement in the face of the Eastern Devil no doubt wondering why his last attack did not even scratched Arial that badly. Even though Eastern Devil attack is strange and immeasurable, Arial still managed to dodge.

Imposing Presence save Arial again. It fastens the perception time for Arial just in time for him to dodge that fatal attack.

‘A fist technique’ Northern Badger exclaimed as he see that eastern devil execute the move.

‘To think that, that devil crafted a fist technique…he must have been planning to use it against me.’

Northern Badger is also in awe with the talent of the young boy in front of him. Not only he is strong, he is also very fast. And his internal energy is…..massive. This Northern Badger could easily conclude.

From the beginning of the battle no one could have expected an outcome like this.

No one could have thought that the young man could have fight back this long or even endure…and more importantly to push the Eastern Devil to get serious with a junior of the martial art world.

How many strokes they have exchange in this battle but none of Eastern Devil attack can be called a clean hit against the Dragon.

On the arena both of these experts is still exchanging fist for fist, kick for kick, piercing attack for piercing attack but both of these expert are finding it difficult to find a clean hit for each other.

One piercing attack nearly blinds the eastern Devil and one piercing attack nearly robbed Arial of his heart.

One kick nearly broke Eastern Devil ribs, one fist attack nearly broke Arial spine.

Jumping away and taking some distance they circled each other. Arial realized that the arena must have looked like hell.

The stones are turned to rubble. The surrounding trees seems like a storms just come this morning.

The grass is destroyed by their attack and parrying, their attacks like the sound of a siege weapon attacking the castle walls.

The crowds have even moved further away from their battle. There is some injury among the spectators; some fainted because of the pressure of energy that the Dragon and Devil emitted from their body.

The arena is but a shell of its former grandeur before the battle. Dirt soils fill the bodies of these two fighters.

They glare at each other. They also found a newfound respect for each other. It is rarely they could meet people of this kind of level in their state. Arial feel that this kind of encounter is refreshing.

There is no holding back. The Eastern Devil never thought that this young man could prove to be so formidable.

Even though they are dirty with the mud around their clothes and body and even in some of their faces, result of their constant rolling around, dodging and evading, they still radiate power.

They are still circling each other.

‘You are not bad, boy.’

‘I could say the same to you, Eastern Devil.’ Instead of calling him Elder Eastern Devil.

‘Where goes the respect?’ Eastern Devil said.

‘Gone with that last attack’ Arial said as he no longer spoke with that respectful attitude anymore.

Then suddenly Arial without rhyme and reason concentrate his internal energy to his fist and punch the ground, smashing it with his strength and the ground broke sending shards of jagged terrain to Eastern Devil.

‘RUN!’ The other nearby sect yelled from their throat, with fear in their eyes as the force of that fist kill several of them.

Eastern Devil which is unprepared with this kind of attack punch the large chunk of the jagged terrain that come to him but when the dust settled suddenly a palm attack is seen coming from the dust launching itself to Eastern devil body.

Eastern devil reflexively hold out his palm and take the attack.

Light burst forth from their clash causing tremendous tremors and sending a shock wave to the surrounding areas destroying hills and the lake near them boils like a hot water.

This is the clash of two great man of immeasurable power.

Energy wave is released, in such a thick concentration that some of the junior disciple crutches their chest area, killing them in an instant.

Both of them are using a tremendous amount of internal energy but after a minute of contesting their powers finally Eastern Devil is thrown back but with his technique quickly he regains back his composure.

But one could see, in that last clash, the most superior in internal energy is Arial. Sweat is formed in the forehead of the Eastern Devil.

Deep trenches appear near their battle area, result of their magnificent clash. No one could doubt the power of the dragon anymore.

To stand tall with one of the Immortals.

‘Those two are monster. Your teacher and my lord.’ Liao bao said to Veiled Lady.

‘They are aren’t they?’ The Veiled Lady spoke; her eyes did not leave the battle.

AT first Liao Bao thought that the Veiled Lady look at the Eastern Devil, her teacher but it is obvious as the battle dragged on, that the Veiled Lady gaze never leave his lord figure.

Is this Veiled Lady smitten by my lord? Liao Bao thought to himself not daring asking the Veiled Lady. After all he heard many unpleasant rumour about the Veiled Lady

The battle is still ongoing.

Arial heart is beating rapidly….It has been a long time since he meet such an opponent. No one will notice but during their clash Arial see another horizon opened for him….

The Eastern Devil lock his acupoint as fast as lightning thus when they clashed his internal energy is reduced.

How did he do it?

He used pebbles to shoot it to me Arial mused. And he smiles. People might thought that Eastern Devil is unprepared…but they are wrong it is not that he is unprepared…he is just shocked with the sudden development during the last attack.

Thankfully Arial massive internal energy opens back the locked acupoint.

For anyone else doing such thing is not easy but for someone like Arial it is very easy to clear a closed acupoint.

Which is why he never learns to seal acupoint because in his mind there is no use of learning it.

He might have to revise his initial assessment. Who would have thought that acupoint technique can also be used like this?

Both of them have been fighting for 2 hours but both of them showed no signs of stopping this battle.

The other martial artists open up the area even more. The arena is destroyed, and there is no trace that it has even been built before.

‘Truly we are blessed to see such battles’ said some of the martial artist. Even if they were killed as a result standing to close, they had to witness one of the most important events of the martial art world.

The legend of the Immortals invincibility. Will it break today?

The other noted the scenes of devastation around their battle. They are like a storm, devouring anything under their path.

No one dare to be so close to the battle anymore. They might get curios but fear overrides their curiosity.

Even the Northern Badger since the last exchange of internal energy has keep his distance and now he is beside the western serpent

‘What do you think this boy-‘

‘He might just have reached our level’ Northern Badger looks at the boy with concerns and puzzlement, thinking how could such a man achieve their level at such age?

‘Impossible’ Western Serpent cried.

‘How could he…that young…’

‘You are young too when you-‘

‘Not that young’ she said as she looked at Arial again.

‘There is something wrong with that boy. How could he achieve such power in just 19 years? If he trains since he is baby that might be possible but his 19 years old? How could he be in the same level as us?’

‘There is no doubt. His internal energy is off the chart Shaharazad. This boy might be able to defeat Eastern Devil.’

Hearing this Western Serpent face contorted to a face of displeasure. She did not imagine this kind of scenario happen.

She did not think…that a young boy could have the same rank as them. Wouldn’t they now be called the 5 Immortals if that young man won?

She could not accept that. This is her meet. This is her time to shine. She began thinking a malicious thought.

This time Eastern Devil do no play defense anymore.

He once again used his technique to confuse Arial, to dodge when he should attack, attack when he should have dodged, and their intense energy swirls around the arena, every step they take the ground is sunken, cracked by their enormous pressure, like the earth itself buckled because of their power.

Arial have never fought this seriously other than when he fight the dragon. Who would have thought that there is another person that rivals such beast?

Eastern Serpents slipped to the side and dodged Arial palm attack and Arial try to back of as he realized his mistake

‘Shit’ Arial muttered under his breath when the Meteor fist hit him in the chest and he flew about ten meters from his original position.

‘Uhuk, uhuk’ Arial grabbed his chest, coughing blood. But he felt his body, began healing the wound by itself. A benefit of having a dragon heart he mused.

The other look at Arial with worry. There is a tense feeling constricting everyone right now. But they could not help but to root for Arial.

Who wouldn’t want to go down in history as one of the strongest? But not everyone could share that fate. But at least they could be a witness to such moment. A moment where they can boast “I was there when it happen”.

The day, that happen I was there and I survive. Who would not want to be a part of such history… be a witness?

If they can’t be the main character, at least they could be the story teller of great man. And to share his glory, by telling the story.

‘Will he surrender? Can he still fights after getting hit by the Eastern Devil? I have ne-’

‘He got up’ the other exclaimed.

‘He is intending to see this to the end’ the other chimed in. The other nodded in agreement.

‘There is no other alternative. This is the Divine Dragon. Divine indeed. Whether he emerge victorious or die!’ some elder said, believing in the tenacity of the young lord but they also feel a budding fear.

Looking at the young man fighting one of the Immortals to such degree, ignites passion for the young disciple but for the elders, fear is budding.

If he…at that age could do this kind of thing…his potential is without a doubt….unlimited.

‘The martial art world will be in chaos after this’ the Elder said, his eyes peering, glancing to the disciple of All Conquering Sect, Mu Xiyun.

He could see that she is hiding. A coward….or maybe a smart one he mused….but he knows she maybe a coward now, an insignificant figure in the martial art fraternity but….years from now?

He doubts that little girl would be unknown. If her teacher is this strong, it is not that hard to imagine how Mu Xiyun will grow in the future.

‘I must keep a watch on her’ some of the Elders said.

The crowd is going wild and crazy. Who would have thought that a man as young as the lord would dare challenge the 4 Immortals?

It is unheard of, unseen. Even if he lost today, no one would dare mock him…not to mention he is still young.

If he can already fight with the Eastern Devil to this extent then imagines his potential ten years later.

Nobody might even pose a threat to him.

They also realize that Arial black aura is very malevolent…whenever he steps the grass, it wither and melted away exposing the bare ground and add that to the pressure surrounding the two fighters, it crack.

The Heaven Peak which is very beautiful seems to be invaded by a demon and a dragon that comes from another plane of existence.

‘YAHHH’ Arial yelled as he rushed once again to the middle of the battle as man melded with strikes, kicks and palm attack.

They can only hear the whooshing of wind, the thunder like sound when they clash, the shakes that the peak did when they kick each other. It was like God come down to earth and decide to fight.

Once again Arial smashed his fist to the ground, and the earth erupted out blocking Eastern Devil vision thus rendering Arial time to strategize and dodging the relentless assault of the Eastern Devil.

Considering the attack he received from Easter Devil he should not have been able to still fight but in spite of all odds, he stills stand.

This act of tenacity is even acknowledged by Northern Badger and grudgingly acknowledge by Western Serpent.

As the dust settled a sword like substance rip through the dusty air as it almost shot eastern devil in the forehead.


This is one of his school techniques. It was like Arial is fighting Eastern Devil with swords, as his fingers produce an energy sharp as a real sword.

Every time he shot off that energy from his finger the surrounding are explode leaving a huge hole around their fight.

Some who is unlucky and caught up in their fight have died. One of the disciples from Taojing died, his stomach is no longer, a huge hole letting people peering a hole from his chest to his waist.

Some died because of the palm attack as their elder check and see their disciples died of a caved in bones in their chest, an attack only possible of a powerful palm attack.

The longer they fight the higher the casualties. Their missed attack means a death for the crowd. Eastern Devil still managed to dodge all Arial shot.

Arial then suddenly roar when Eastern Devil jump and try to attack Arial. The powerful roar swept through the crowd, forming a shock wave that impacted anything within the peak.

The force is even powerful enough, throwing Eastern Devil a few feet away from Arial and many of the wild beasts in that peak died of shock and also the lower level disciple many of them died of a heart attack.

Then if that is not enough Arial stomped his feet and a large chunk of the earth got turned up and with one palm strike he send the large chunk of that earth to Eastern devil again.

Eastern Devil dodge again leaving 20 of the lower disciple of Wuhao sect to be smashed to their death. Their battle slowly turns to be a war.

Both of them closed their gap and continued their fight in closed combat. The air around them crackled.

Both of them look at each other.

‘This will not end if we keep doing this. And many more will be collateral damage’ Eastern Devil said.

Arial nodded.

‘Let us determine this with a contest of strength’ Arial suggested.


Then Eastern Devil closed their gaps in a second and then both of these powerful expert thrust out their palm and connected against each other, creating a thundering shockwave around the area, the dust, the chunk of earth levitate around them, manipulated by the swirling internal energy that both of these expert have.

This is contest of pure strength. Suddenly the look in the face of Eastern Devil turns from amazement to fear.

How could it be? he silently thought. The Eastern Devil feels his hand is going numb. Even after he has increased the level of the internal energy he possesses, this young man can increase his internal energy again?

Where is his limit? The Eastern Devil with shock on his face got thrown back from the overwhelming difference in their internal energy.

He had lost. In internal energy contest, he has lost. The Eastern Devil never thought that in the matter of internal energy anyone could rival him other than the Southern Healer.

Today he is proven wrong. He looked at Arial and in his head he couldn’t help but wonder what will he achieve in the next decade. Today another Immortal is born The Eastern Devil mused.

Arial step back a little but anyone could see who the winner is when the dust settled.

‘He did it!’


‘Another Immortal is born’ some yelled hugging each other, as they could not contain their excitement.

The Immortals that no one thought could be defeated, is defeated .What this proves is that anyone could reach Immortal status if they train hard.

Arial is proof of this. Of course Arial has some certain special circumstances but that doesn’t stop people from having hope.

Arial disciple could be seen showing her face after the battle is over, smiling and boasting about her teacher again.

The Veiled Lady and Thunder Step could not believe what they have seen. Her teacher is defeated while for Liao Bao his lord becomes another immortals one of the great expert of the martial art world.

No one could even fathom how powerful Arial really is. The peak of pinnacle of martial art, this is what Immortals means.

Their name will absolutely be carved in history.

The Immortals are not born. They are made. Arial was about to announce his win when suddenly a sword flashed out as a grin of malicious lady can be seen.

A sword flashing through the dust, the whole martial art world watch in shock and stupefied as they see the Western Serpent is flying with incredible speed to Arial as Arial stand in uncomprehending puzzlement and shock as the sword pierce his heart.

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