AOH – Chapter 133

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Spring come and it is one of the favourite season for Arial and Xiyun, something that they both liked.

The next few days are peaceful and busy around Arial fortress. There are always some representatives visiting and trying to deepen their relations with Arial.

Arial also heard that the Ermeishan have decided to leave the Heaven mountain packing their baggage after the other sect show their cooperative attitude towards Arial.

You could not see any one from Ermeishan. It is to be expected. Not only their reputation plummeted down, they are also isolated.

Then after a few days finally came the moment everyone is waiting for. Batrisya at the time is still not aware of Arial intention to challenge the 4 Immortals.

In the morning of the battle Batrisya flew down from the Heaven Peak and assemble herself and the other Serpent Maidens around the arena.

Arial and his disciple arrived early at the venue. Every school that appears pay their respect to Arial and all anticipating maybe one of the most important moment of martial art world will be borne today.

‘Today is the last battle of the Meet. The winner will be given the gift that is bestowed by my teacher or you can forsake it to gain the right to challenge the 4 Immortals. Today match will be Yilin against All Conquering Sect’ she announces. Then she looked around.

‘Is the participant present?’

‘Present’ Monk Sigrid reply.

‘My teacher is present’ Xiyun said on behalf of her teacher. Arial is sitting down in one of the audience seat, not even making an effort to go to the arena.

Batrisya is puzzled.

Then her curiosity is answered.

‘Ehem’ the elders of Yilin temple coughed.

‘We, the Yilin Temple have decided to pull out from the competition’ Batrisya then look at Arial and see his grin.

It seems her teacher is right. Arial Vermont is undoubtedly the winner of this Meet. There is no doubt his display of power have made him quite formidable in the eyes of the martial art fraternity

‘Hahaha’ Batrisya laugh.

‘Then we do not need to delay anymore. The winner is All-‘

‘Linzi’ Arial said his voice is clear and strong.


‘I dedicated this victory to Linzi Temple. Whoever is unsatisfied with my decision can step forward’ Arial said calmly from his seat.

No one even pip a squeak. Batrisya then once again understand….and fill with admiration. He keeps surprising me.

After all, it must have been difficult for any normal person to give up the treasure of the martial art world to another person but Arial is not even hesitating to crown another man the winner.

‘Then as the rules dictate, these treasures will be given to Linzi. Will that be alright with you, Lord Arial?’

Arial just nodded.

‘Then let us watch the main event. My teacher and the other 2 Immortals are ready to show their prodigious skill-‘

‘WAIT A MINUTE!’ Arial voice reverberates around the arena. The other elder feel excitement rising as whisper began to break out.

‘Will he really do it?’

‘It couldn’t be right?’

Batrisya turn her face to look at Arial face brimming with confidence. What is this? Even Batrisya could feel the air is changing and she hears the whispers. She has a bad feeling

‘I wish to challenge the 4 Immortals to a duel to decide if I can achieve the same rank as them’

At his word, the sect leaders, the elders, the disciple, junior or senior is stunned and at a loss for words.

They all knew the Divine Dragon intention but to really go through with it! This is a brave man!

‘What! But you have to choose between the prize and –‘

‘Why can’t I have both? Anyway don’t tell me the 4 Immortals are scared of me?’ Arial said challenging.

Batrisya face turns red with anger. What is he talking about? Doesn’t he know the reputation of the immortals?

‘My teacher is afraid of no one.’ She replied defiantly

‘Is that so? So relay my proposition and let see whether she is as brave as you say she is’ Arial grin.

‘Let the martial art world be my witness, I Arial, challenge the 4 Immortals to a battle but they are shaking in their knees, sweating their body in fear of my name’

And he laughed.

‘That is enough! I will relay this to my teacher.’

‘Go! Do you think I’m afraid of your teacher?’

Gritting her teeth, Batrisya flew up and began relaying the matter to the other 4 Immortals.

‘EVEN ARROGANCE HAS LIMIT!’ Western Serpent said as her pretty face turns to a terrifying face like a demoness.

‘At least he had guts.’

‘Fine, if he wants to be beaten so bad call him to Heaven Peak. Let the whole martial art world see how high the heaven is.’

Batrisya nodded obediently and fly down to the Dark peak.


The other martial artist follow behind Arial like an army, all excited, singing and conversation is lively.

Such big occurrence rarely happens in the martial art world. Usually they are preoccupied with their training, their interest but today they are all united in seeing the birth of a new miracle and quite possibly another Immortals.

When they reach Heaven Peak, they notice the pleasant smells, the greenery of the forest, the chirping of birds and the harmonious nature that exist in this peak, like a slice of high Heaven.

When Arial and her disciple reach the arena they are stunned looking at the large arena prepared for the main event.

Made of marble stones, a large arena that could fit maybe even his fortress. He could see the 3 Immortals.

He once meets the Western Serpent so he already recognizes her. She still has that unpleasant expression that mars her beautiful face.

The lively, joyful old man with the bottle of wine in his left hand must be Northern Badger and the somber looking; tall person must be Eastern Devil.

How did he know? Because of the blue hair girl. He meets her again. But this time the girl cover her face with a veil but her blue hair is unmistakable.

She must have gotten lovelier since the last time they met Arial make a mental note. And then he felt it looking at those beautiful blue eyes of the girl.

To him she seemed so beautiful, so seductive, so different from ordinary people, that he could not understand why no one was as disturbed as he as he looks at the surrounding crowd.

Do they blind towards beauty? His heart was wild with the breeze stirred by the sighs of her veils.

He had not missed a single one of her gestures, not one of the indications of her character, but he did not dare approach her for fear of destroying the spell.

Arial is curios of how she turns so beautiful. Even if he could not look at her face which is hidden by the veil…..he could imagine how a beauty she have turned.

After all during that time they met she could already be considered a beauty even though she was still young at the time they meet each other.

Arial then look at the Immortals.

‘Arial pay respect to Eastern Devil, Northern Badger and Western Serpent. It is an honour to meet all this wonderful heroes today’ he said.

‘Pay respect! Hah!’ Western Serpent rebuked.

Yet, Arial is unaffected, still wearing a pleasant smile.

‘I heard what happen. You want to challenge us? YOU!’

‘Yes.’ He answered confidently; his eyes did not leave Western Serpent scrutiny relaying his determination and courage.

‘Don’t you know to measure your own abilities kid?’

‘No’ Arial reply grinning at her. He will contend with this serpent to the end. Did she really think I’m afraid of her?

I have fight dragons, wars, poison and countless of people calling themselves the strongest….and haven’t I defeated all of them? What do I fear under the heavens? Nothing….but myself.

‘I am an idiot, to be honest, low of understanding. The more people said I shouldn’t do something, the more I want to do it. That is one of my flaws; one might even say, my quirks. I don’t like people telling me what I can do, or can’t do’

‘HAHAHAHA’ The crowd laugh. They all could see Arial is playing around with the Western Serpent, denigrating himself like that.

He continued his words.

‘Wouldn’t it be hilarious if an idiot manages to defeat one of the Immortals? It would be funny to me. Though with the Immortals prodigious skill, I might make a fool of myself but an idiot like me always make an overestimation of my own ability….What people said the idiocy of youth’ and he chuckled.

Western Serpent is red on the face, her eyes glaring at the audacity of Arial to play around with words around her. Rarely have she been challenged this boldly.

‘You! Have won the tournament but you want the gift and the right to fight us? Who do you think you are! That is-‘ Western Serpent is beginning to lecture

‘Greedy?’ Arial quickly cut Western serpent words.

‘You would be absolutely right. I am a greedy bastard. A very greedy, greedy bastard.’ And the crowd laugh again as they see Arial make a very greedy expression resembling that of a merchant. In a way Arial is a merchant.

‘If I am allowed, I would even take the world, and everything in it, hoard all the gold from the Western Sea to the Eastern Sea, drain all it resources from the High Heaven to the Deepest Oblivion. I want the Pills, the treasures and also I want to fight the figures, people said the strongest in the land. I want to usurp your title, defeat you. I am greedy, Western Serpent, greedy and prideful but at least not hubris. My pride has its limits. Your pride….is vast like the Plains, high as the Heaven. Strongest in the world! Hah…..hubris all of you. Just because people kept calling 3 of you Immortals do you really think you are invincible?’

The Elders clapped. The word they want to hear is spoken so boldly by this young man. In a way the scene is really pathetic.

All of this Old elder dare not act this boldly but instead, as the older generation they should be the one doing things like this, yet they put all their hope in this young man.

Arial lecture the Immortals with no hint of fear. The Northern Badger is creasing his eyebrow, showing an amused expression, while the Eastern Devil is expressionless.

‘What!’ He said as he realized the glaring of Serpent Maidens.

‘DO YOU WANT TO DIE! HOW DARE YOU LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT! LOWER YOUR GAZE!’ He shouted and he put some internal energy in it.

There is a blast of energy and the Maidens quickly lower their gaze.

‘YOU DARE!’ Western Serpent rebuked Arial ordering around her maidens. Nobody does that to her maiden but her.

‘I dare do all that may become a man!’ Arial reply boldly.


‘Why? Afraid? To part with your treasure or afraid getting beaten by me?’

‘Fine, if you want to fight us so badly so be it! I am not afraid at all. I as the organizer of this Meet accept. Winner takes all. If you win, take the treasure and take the title that comes with it. If you lose, then your life will lose here. If you think offending me is not a big deal, you will understand when you felt your last breath leave your body! I will gladly take this chance to kill yo-‘

‘Who said anything about fighting you?’ Arial said once again chuckling with delight seeing the embarrassed face of the Western Serpent.

‘I want to challenge the Eastern Devil. Let us decide which one of us, is truly the strongest in the east.’

Hearing this, Eastern Devil perked up.

‘Pick another boy. You will not survive me. At least pick Northern Badger. He seems to have some soft spot for you.’

Arial look around and see that the Northern Badger is smiling. Beside him is Liao Bao, hiding near Northern Badger and smile sheepishly. Then Arial look back at the Eastern Devil

‘Hah! I am stubborn old man. I pick you.’

Suddenly the blue haired girl jumps in front of her teacher and then addresses Arial.

‘Lord Arial please take that back. That is a rash decision to fight with my teacher.’ Arial voice smoothens.

‘We meet again, blue hair girl. I never got your name the last time we meet.’

Arial said. There is a hint of blush in the Veiled lady.

‘Yes, we meet again. I have thought you have forgotten me’ She reply, her voice stutter a bit.

‘How could I?’ Arial reply seeing that the girl speak so softly to him, that even his heart fluttered.

The other martial artist all could sense there is something between these two people. From what they know of the veiled lady, she is very cruel but she is also reported to be very pretty.

But anyone who has seen her face is either blinded for seeing her or being subjected to tongue cutting so that they could not describe her beauty.

But seeing the silky voice of the lady when confronted with this young lord, of course there are many speculations abound in terms of their relationships.

‘I must fight one of them. And I have chosen.’ Arial said.

‘My teacher is very powerful. Please lord Arial there is no need to risk your life. There are other opportunities. Take this as a guiding lesson for your future improvement.’ Arial snorted.

‘What? Do you think I am weak then? That my words are not spoken after great deliberation? Your teacher is powerful? So am I.’

‘Please, I don’t want you to get hurt.’ There is some affection, a hint of earnest yearning, a hint of worried gesture, like a lover advising her man not to go to war, one that is recognized by everyone but Arial.

‘I’m sorry my lady, but I have decided.’

The Veiled lady looks at Arial and sighed. She has thought that this would happen even if she persuades him.

All this years…and still so, so stubborn.  To be honest their meeting was years ago, and they only met one time but…..she recognizes something when they clashed. Fist to fist, kick to kick. He is stubborn, a quality that he shared with her.

‘You are stubborn, Divine Dragon.’

‘Indeed I am.’

‘Then do not hold anything against me if you are injured heavily by my teacher. And if I attack you…..Know that I have no choice.’

‘Hahaha. Why would I burden you with such responsibilities?’ The Veiled lady turn her face to her teacher cupped her hand and asked.

‘Will you accept his invitation to a duel, teacher?’

Even the other Immortals are curios of Eastern Devil answer.

‘I accept’

‘Hmph.’ The western serpent snorted.

‘You are dead, kid.’ She said as she step down of the arena.

‘I will become the judge for this battle since I doubt that the Western Serpent will be impartial in her judgment’ drawing laughter from the crowd.

Most of the martial art world knows that Northern Badger is joking. He has a disposition like that.

Of all the Immortals he is the most sociable with people since he meddle incessantly with the matter of the martial art world compared to the other three.

‘Shall we begin this?’ the Northern Badger said, his voice is still jolly. He is rarely offended if it’s just personal attack on him which is why he is still jolly.

Arial get up the arena and began preparing himself. The Eastern Devil also steps up to the arena and takes a deep breath.

Power swirls on the arena as this two figures is about to clash. The other spectators all moved a fair distance from the arena.

This is a battle between an expert and an Immortals. This is not the place for them to meddle. This is a battle between the Devil……and the Dragon.

‘Begin’ with that shout the battle begins.

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