AOH – Chapter 129

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The wolf is black and its eyes are menacing emitting bloodlust.  The wolf growls and look at Xiyun.

‘Oh. Gods, I’m in trouble this time. A really big trouble.’

Xiyun who is not used something chasing her and to be looked with such killing intent, shivered in her fear. Quickly she used her lightness techniques to distance herself from the wolf.

The wolf for some inexplicable reason is even faster that the rabbits and carried more force of fearing Xiyun then before.

The muzzle of the wolf is dripping with saliva, no doubt Xiyun mused thinking of her fleshy body on the wolf belly.

No matter how XIyun run around the bushes, and zigzagging around the trees, the wolf is gaining on her with its incredible speed and jumping.

The wolf teeth and its glistening claws looked threatening and Xiyun believe that if that claws strike her she will not be let off with light injuries.

And there is no one around this forest. At least around the northern part or the southern part of the Peak, the sect is hunting these animals with groups.

But since no one dares to come around the east part of the peak, Xiyun could not hope for anybody suddenly come and rescue her.

She got to fend for herself. In a way Xiyun understand her teacher intention in letting her come here.

He wanted Xiyun to learn and fight for herself, and grow from that experience. If only she could think of a better idea than this, maybe she could have persuaded her teacher to do something else as training she mused.

Then suddenly out of nowhere the wolf jumps at her.

But Xiyun senses prickled and she could feel it. Xiyun turns quickly and slaps the wolf but the wolf do not even flinched but at least it was thrown back for a few meters.

There is only a slight injury on the wolf mouth and it looked like it only angers the wolf more.

‘Shit. The wolf only gets angrier. What should I do now? Better hide’

Xiyun quickly hides behind a large tree, taking her breath while looking at the distance and then as she looked in front of her she spotted a dagger.

‘What luck?’ she exclaimed. The dagger is rusted but who cares? At least a weapon. She took it. After all Xiyun don’t want to be clawed to death by the wolf.

‘Huu.  Huu.’

She takes her breath and then she heard the wolf again.

‘It found my scent again. Damn that nose wolf.’ Resolving herself, Xiyun said

‘ It’s now or never.’

Xiyun broke from her hiding and at that moment the wolf who have found her quickly once again leapt at her straight with it claws open, targeting Xiyun.

Xiyun by instinct rolled off to the side, her feet footwork enable her to dodge the claws though it was close.

The wolf claws nearly scratch her face. She shudders to think what would happen if she was late.

Then she felt something dripping. She looked. Blood. On her arms is a deep scratch. She felt it again touching the wounds.

‘Whew’ she sighed in relief.

No…a light scratch. At least for now. If the wolf keep attacking and Xiyun couldn’t receive it with strength, or dodge it with speed sooner or later, she will get a heavy injury

Xiyun balled up her fist. Either she killed this wolf or this wolf is going to kill her. She got up and in the red afternoon, with the sun is about to go down, Xiyun faced the wolf.

Determination is on her face. If not now, when will she stand up? When will she fight? She will not die here.

Not when the Abbess is still alive. She will avenge her parents. If she could not even kill a wolf, how could she kill the Abbess?

She has to steel her heart.

‘Be brave. Be…..fearless.’ She said to herself.

The wolf glares also change. It recognize the willingness of the human in front of it to fight it and then the wolf leapt again and Xiyun this time used all that she learned about footwork and her movement changed.

Footwork is after all the most important part in the Walking on Air technique. The wolf missed leaping to her back as Xiyun position her front to face the wolf again.

She grins. I can do this. A little scratch here and there….but I can do this. Then she looked at the wolf, and there is some wound on the wolf too.

‘Did she do that?’ She asked herself. She didn’t remember swinging the knife to the wolf legs but there is a wound there.

Then the limping wolf leapt again, but the ferocity that is there before has disappeared and this time Xiyun who have understand the pattern, use the same movement and dodge the attack but this time it is followed by an attack of the dagger, cutting the wolf leg with Xiyun dagger which is imbued with her internal energy.

The wolf losing a leg crashed to the ground with blood flowing from its thighs. Xiyun not taking any chances jump and stuck the dagger at the wolf throats.

‘Huu…I did it’ Xiyun said, slightly happy.

‘This is not that hard’ she said.

‘As long as I understand where it going to attack, dodge it, and followed it with an attack I can kill this beast.’

This is the second lesson Arial wanted to teach.

IF at first Arial wanted Xiyun to learn about speed, the second is reacting and counterattack.

Dodging, and creating an opening. This is what Arial wanted to teach Xiyun.

‘If not for this dagger I would be dead.’ Xiyun said as she marvels at the dagger she found. She looks at the dagger. For some reason, it looks familiar.

Then night came. Xiyun quickly return to the creek she found before and she is relieved that her bag is still there.

She makes a camp, spread some Snake Powder Repellent, bandage her wounds, drink some tea, and then she sleep.

In the distance a pair of eyes is looking at her, while sighing.

‘This girl is too reckless. If not for my assistance she would have suffered major injury before killing that wolf. But…..’and the man smile.

‘At least she had guts. That is good. That is enough. She will do well.’

Remembering the events Arial also had to attack the wolf with pebbles injuring its leg thus saving Xiyun from having clawed on her face.

‘And look at her. Still dare to sleep? She lacks common sense.’ The one in the distance is Arial.

He looked at his disciple. Of course Arial is not that irresponsible to leave his disciple wandering in such dangerous forest.

Who knows if there is some dangerous beast in this forest, that Xiyun could not handle? Then suddenly Arial heard the sound of a beast.

Arial close his eyes, and concentrate his hearing.

‘A bear. I guess I have to settle this for her’ he said.

Quickly Arial run, his step only produce the faintest of sounds, resembling the wind breezing in a grassy plains. Arial reached that spot and spotted the bear.

Then Arial estimate. This bear is too near to where Xiyun is hunting. Letting this bear live might be an inconvenience for Xiyun.

She is at least… not yet ready. She can take this bear on…but not without some injuries. So, Arial has decided at that moment on what he is about to do.

And Arial didn’t want to injure Xiyun when he is trying to instill confidence in Xiyun. And this bear might even paralyze Xiyun with fear.

There is a reason why Arial don’t want Xiyun to encounter such ferocious beast. It will take time before Xiyun could unleash her full potential but Arial know that this is not yet time.

Since the morning Arial has clear many dangerous beasts in Xiyun path without her ever knowing, stealthily and silently.

Arial jumped at the bear landing just a few meters from the bear. The bear suddenly is shocked. Seeing a human before it, it rushed to attack with it gigantic claws.

‘Oh’ Arial look at the bear rushing at him with an amused expression.

‘This is interesting. Maybe a little test’ Arial said as he grins. It will be the first time he test this technique that has improved since the last time he used it.

Arial employed the Imposing Presence and the bear suddenly, stopped it claws just inches away from Arial face.

The bear are trembling, cold sweat filled it bodies. The bear could not understand why it could not attack.

It is fear. Overwhelming fear. The brain stopped. The heart beats so fast like a man seeing the last moment of his death. Arial by his estimation has understood but 10 percent of this unique technique of his.

Imagine only 10 percent and he could do this! If he mastered it completely…..even Arial doesn’t know what is the final form of this technique.

Arial then approached the bear and he said.

‘Sorry that I have to do this. But I could not let you interfere with my disciple training. Just blame it in your bad luck.’

Stating this Arial make a knife like shape with his hand and then in one quick motion pierces the bear heart.

The bear looked shocked and terrified. Arial then grab the bear heart and then pull it out. His hand is drenched with the bear blood.

The bear kneeled to the ground, spouting a lump full of blood and then drop to the ground, dying slowly as the mana leaves its brain.

‘Xiyun, Xiyun..the things I do for my disciple.’ Then he disappears from that area and he watched Xiyun again.

Protecting her. Stealthily. Silently.


Xiyun open her eyes. She looks at the Powder. No beast ever reaches here. That powder works.

She sighed in relief. She already returns to the cave she hides the rabbit at dawn and then she resumes her napping.

Now she found a little firework and created a fire. After creating the fire she checks the sack. A hundred rabbit is in that sack.

If anyone could see it one could see a very terrifying scene. Each one of the rabbit has no head.

But Xiyun look at it gleefully. She took one of the rabbit and skewers it with a sharp stick. These rabbits are not yet rotten.

‘Truly this rabbit is different from normal rabbit. Even after all that there is still warmth.’ Xiyun looked at the rabbit gleefully and with a happy feeling. In her mind, she already visualizes the rabbit skewer, the tasty chewy rabbit meat in her mouth.

‘Alright time for breakfast.’ She then roasted the rabbit meat.

If only she is at home, she will slather this with honey, with Laojing wine mixed in the cooking, a little hint of green chili and the cool and relaxing Wujing tea, this rabbit meat will be a delicacy.

The rabbit then reduced to 98.

‘This is fine. I will just hunt them during my way back.’

Today she found another place to hide the sack. Before she hides the sack at a place far away from the habitats of the wolf but today she will hide it near her hunting areas.

And she discovers a hole near the creek. A small hole but Xiyun will make it bigger. After finishing her breakfast and washing her face in the nearby creek she began digging the hole with her hand.

It took her for 3 hours before the hole is big enough. Like before she used the foul smelling leaves and plants to mask the smell of the rabbit.

The reason why Xiyun knows to use the Purple Tear leaves is because she is accustomed to gathering herbs and plant, so unintentionally she learns the properties of these herbs.

It is because of that she knows how to preserve the meat she found.

‘Alright now to hunt those wolves.’ She took another sack and then she began entering the wolves territory.

Using the dagger she found last night, she makes progress, killing about 12 wolves in one hour.

It is slow but it is necessary. Xiyun understand that to fight with the wolves she need to be cautious and she need to target the lone one, or attack them lying in ambush.

After all, fighting a pack of wolves is not something Xiyun dare to try yet. Xiyun who is very good in hiding use that advantage to stab the wolf in their most defenseless position.

By the second hour she has killed about 34 wolves. If this is the pace by evening she will reach 50.

Time passed. Another day passed. She has reached her quota.

‘100 wolves, phew.’ She exclaimed.

Now she is at her makeshift tent, roasting another rabbit. The wolves body has all been hide in that big hole that Xiyun has dig.

It has been three days since she have been inside the forest. To achieve this is not easy but with Arial cultivation technique this Xiyun is not the same old Xiyun.

Not to mention there is a lot of beast for Xiyun to hunt since the other school do not dare to come here.

Though it must be clarified, that the other school did not fear to come here because of the monster but because of Xiyun teacher.

After eating, she relaxes herself near the creek, her feet is playing with the water. The cool air of the forest soothes the tired Xiyun.

Even though Xiyun is still afraid at night, she laws mutters sea and stars, sea and stars before she went to sleep. Since she does not want to think about ghost this is her way of thinking about something else.

‘Tomorrow, the bird. And then I can return back. To my big and comfortable room, to my kitchen, to my training. Though, this could also be considered training. Teacher has really expended his energy to help me. I must repay teacher one day.’ She said contemplating and reflecting.

‘This mean I have to reach deeper in the forest.’ She did meet a few of birds during hunting the wolf but Xiyun want to focus one animal at a time, so she did not chase the birds but Xiyun got the general idea of how to kill that flying birds.

On her hand is a stick, many stick. She took her dagger and began to carve. She is trying to create a mini spear.

She could not create a bow, not to mention she never learns archery. But throwing she can.

After all she could not fly. The only thing she can do is throwing. So she is sharpening the edges of the dull stick to kill the birds.

At least this time Xiyun has made a plan how to kill the birds. She has learned from her encounter with the wolves the importance of having a plan.

Of planning to the end. From top to bottom and an emergency plan, if all else fails. While her feet is playing with the water, her hand diligently carving the sticks while humming a melody.

Finishing this I can return home she said happily.

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