AOH – Chapter 128

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‘Yes, teacher.’

This is the second day for Arial and Xiyun in the Dark Peak. Xiyun quickly went to his teacher who is still sitting cross-legged in his room but his eyes is open and his body still emanates an aura of power that even after Arial has escape from the Scape influence his body keep emanating it from his body.

She came to the room and asks.

‘Teacher, what is wrong?’

‘How is your training?’

‘It progressed smoothly teacher.’

‘Good.’ He nodded his head in satisfaction.

‘A 100 rabbit, a hundred wolf claw and 100 birds. Find these things and bring it to me living or dead.’

‘Find it?’ Xiyun thought her ears plays trick on her.

‘Teacher, wait? Did I just hear you said-‘


This time she is really shocked.

‘Eh! And 300 of them? Isn’t this a little too impossible for my level teacher? Then doesn’t that mean I have to go to that gloomy forest near the fortress.’

Xiyun said her eyes leering outside the window looking at the forest outside. That dark, gloomy forest which Arial has told her field with vicious beast.

Suddenly she is reminded of the ghost stories during her time with Ermeishan.

The One Eyed bride, the Half Body Lumberjack, The Wolf and the Red Maiden, The One Girl Who Lost Her Glass Shoes, the Terrifying Mermaid, The Demon in the Bottle. All of this horror stories flashed in her mind and she shivered in fear.


‘Teacher…I…’ She is thinking how she can reject this request by her teacher. Her mind is scrambling to form a coherent thought.

‘You can do it Xiyun.’

‘I just learn cultivation technique teacher.’ Alright, that seem like a viable reason to counter teacher request Xiyun mused.

‘Yes, and that means your strength also increased. That power energizes every nerve of your body, giving you strength. Even though you don’t know any technique you can still survive.’

The reason why Xiyun is worried is because of the rabbits in the gloomy forest. In the rest of the Peak, the task of catching some game has always fallen on Xiyun hand but she never complained because it is not that hard.

But in the dark peak such things must not be underestimated. It must not be underestimated or be made light off.

The rabbit here, the wolf here, the birds here are different from the other peak. Really different.

After all Xiyun has encountered it before in the Shenxing forest behind the Ermeishan headquarters when she was ten and four.

On the deep end of that forest they are some weird looking beast. She was lost that day when she was looking for herbs. If not for a young kid with his servant found her and rescued her she would have died in that forest

And in this Peak, even rabbits and the normal beast is very formidable for someone like Xiyun..

The rabbit has sharp teeth, the wolf has sharp claws and the birds pecking could give the people serious injuries.

In a way, this Peak is very dangerous.

Xiyun thought that Arial would have gone to the forest to hunt some of these games but he did not.

She could hear the wolf howling at night and strange noises coming from the forest that sounds like a bear.

If not for her confidence in her teacher, she could not sleep so peacefully in this huge fortress.

Arial on the other hand have a different reason for wanting Xiyun to go. This is a great opportunity for Xiyun to learn, in real life situations.

Arial has already planned all of it. He after all did go check the forest surroundings before giving this task to Xiyun. Of course without Xiyun knowing.

If Arial went it is of course would be too easy. But Arial wanted to instill confidence in Xiyun.

Arial is confident such task will not be so difficult at least for Xiyun in her current level. Only she doesn’t know that.

It is time for the little bird to go out from the nest. First Arial has to build her confidence, her confidence in her own power, her own…..image of herself.

She needs to stop thinking that she can’t change. After all, if Arial could change from a coward, to a man so great of stature, then why couldn’t his disciple do the same thing?

Bravery….combined with luck sometime could change the world. Only then can Xiyun trust on herself.

Mental condition is after all important for any martial artist…for any one that is wandering the martial art realm.

It is clear to Arial that Xiyun had never fight anyone, and at least by catching these peculiar creature in the forest, she will at least learn to use kick and punching, grabbing and retreating.

Such moves if mastered can make her survive a fight. And that is not all. There is a reason, that Arial chose those three monsters as her targets.

Arial hoped that Xiyun would understand his intention by the end of her training.

‘Truly, teacher? Do you believe in me? Or are you just sending your disciple to an early grave? Do you hate me, Teacher?’

‘I do believe in you’ And then he chuckled slightly.

‘And I do not have the intention to send you to an early grave. And how do you even thought that I hate you? My cute mischievous disciple? It might take you several days. Of course, the faster the better. Go and today before you go hunting, go and boil the tea again. For some reason that tea of your is really refreshing. It helps my body fatigue.’

Xiyun slightly blushed but she then recover her sanity. This means I still have to go inside the forest! Shit!

‘Yes, teacher.’

So Xiyun reluctantly go to the kitchen and pour the herbal tea again and begun boiling it while she could already see dozens of sack near the entrance of the room prepared by her teacher.

‘Is he really considering this?’ Xiyun thought to herself.



‘Shit, these rabbits are testing my patience’ Xiyun said spiting to the ground. It can be seen that Xiyun is struggling and tired.

Since morning she has been hunting rabbits. Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits. That is the only thing in her mind right now. Other than food of course.

At first she lingers around the entrance of the forest searching the rabbits, wolf and birds around it but there is no trace of even any animals other than the sound of the crickets and some centipede and scorpions.

Xiyun believe this forest is fill with many poisonous animals like this which only increases her fear to go deeper.

If the Golden Spider Sect participate in this meet surely many of them is here right now in this forest scouring this forest for poisonous animals.

After all they are famed with their use of poisoned substances in their attack. Not to mention Golden Spider Sect is famous as one that produces Poison King.

But, after a few hours searching and another half an hour deliberating, another 15 minutes of sweating, another 15 minutes of doubting her own sanity, and praying to whatever gods that exist, Xiyun resolve herself and enter the forest deeper.

Deep and deeper she goes until finally she spotted a rabbit.

“Not ghost. Anything is better than a ghost’

There is something about Xiyun that separate her from her sister.

She is affable and graceful in the eyes of many but her life in the Sect is never easy so there are two vices if it can be called that, that become a part of Xiyun personality.

One is her excessive fear for ghost or anything related to it. Another is her excessive love for exotic food.

Which is why her talent in her cooking is top notch. If not for the tragedy and event in her life, she might be now working as a cook in some castle.

She is staring at the rabbit trying not to lose it from her eyesight. Then she began chasing it but it is not that easy.

The rabbit is fast, moving swiftly from one place to another, fast enough that the rabbit could even run away from Xiyun lightness technique.

It is not because Xiyun is slower than the rabbit but the rabbit is unpredictable. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast.

It is this principle that Arial want Xiyun to understand. In a way, Arial set this test especially for Xiyun to gain enlightenment on her own.

This is why he told Xiyun to hunt these animals. Wolf, rabbit and birds. All three of them need a different method to capture them.

For Xiyun who have never fights before and never ever catching anything other than the meek rabbit, the normal rabbit found in the human continent, this kind of rabbit that is fast and nimble proved to a challenge for her.

Arial knew the moment he enter the forest at dawn that all of these are monster that is almost the same as the ones that lives in the Dark Lands.

He encountered many of such similar rabbits, and the other beast in this forest during his journey with his entourage.

How it reached here, and how it thrives here is beyond Arial understanding but Arial recognize the chance for him to teach Xiyun.

It is because of that he ordered this kind of task for Xiyun. After all Arial is not that cruel to risk his disciple life for no reason.

This time Xiyun approached the rabbit with speed and then strike a fist at the rabbit but the rabbit dodged it and instead the rabbit jumped back and try to bite Xiyun arms.

Quickly Xiyun back away a few meters form the rabbit.

‘It is fast. Damn. Stop, you stinking rabbit.’

Then enraged and a little embarrassed that she had to back away from a rabbit and the absurdity of it all she dashed forward and slap the rabbit as the rabbit try to jump and bite Xiyun.

The slap is shockingly very powerful and the rabbit head was smashed to smithereens, leaving it writhing under the ground, its hind leg kicking air as it drop dead slowly and painfully.

Her hand is red, from the blood of the rabbit.

Xiyun was shocked. Of her power and of the scene in front of her. The rabbit has no head. To be more accurate, the rabbit head is smashed to little pieces.

‘Teacher was right. I never should have doubted teacher words. He said I can handle the rabbit and he was right. The only thing difficult about the rabbit is their unpredictable movement. Now that I know that I am this strong I will not hesitate again to attack the rabbits.’

Smiling but a little shaken, Xiyun begins her hunting spree of rabbits. After that first experience she is confident that gathering rabbits is an easy job.

Her sack is ready to go. Then her speed of hunting rabbits becomes faster.

‘A 100 rabbits? That is easy’ she grins.

She is singing while slapping rabbits every time. She doesn’t know any other way to kill the rabbit and it seem to work, so she keep on slapping any rabbits she found to pieces.

All the rabbits on her sack have no head. The only difficult thing about the rabbit is their movement but in one hour Xiyun has begun understanding the movement and have begun adapted to it.

Her pace becomes faster. She could be said a rampager…..rampager of rabbits. In no time she managed to hunt 100 rabbits.

Sitting down in one of the trees, she opens her flask and drinks the Wujing tea she stole from the storeroom of Ermeishan.

‘Haa. I don’t know why?’ She said looking at the flask.

Every time she drink the tea, she always feel like her energy suddenly returned, restored and more powerful.

What Xiyun doesn’t know is that since she learns Levitia Cultivation Technique combine with her drinking the Pill of Abbess Lin, her rate of synthesizing the pill has become faster.

For Arial who have a massive amount of internal energy he noticed that his power increased every time he sipped the tea, thanks to his fast synthesizing reaction to the pill.

But even he could not have realized he is drinking one of the hardest pill to ever been made in the world.

‘Now that I have hunted 100 rabbits, now 100 wolf claws.’ Reciting her goals she began to move but suddenly she stopped.

But how could she do this? There are still 5 sacks on her backpack but where would she store this rabbits remains.

She is not allowed to return until she completes her assessment. Then she notices the cave in front of her.

A small cave. She then nodded.

Better hide this here. Hiding it in the cave and pickings some foul smelling plants, Xiyun use the plants to makes the smell of the rabbits.

Then she moves again to hunt the wolf.

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