AOH – Chapter 124

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On the Heaven Peak three people can be seen sitting in one round table with four chairs. Beside them is young men and woman.

Batrisya just relay what has happened to the 4 Immortals. The Western Serpent is showing a complicated expression with a hint of displeasure.

‘So that boy has arrived here.’


An old man with a moderate flowing beard laughed. His belly is quite big but his muscle is refined and there is an air of openness in his behavior.

His smile is kind and his eyes have compassion. He looks like a sociable person, and he smell like wine.

‘Western Serpent, isn’t this boy is the one who wounded your Maidens? I heard about your fiasco in Vangua. Of course, that must be why you are in such a foul mood hearing that the boy is here. HAHAHA’ he laughed again.

‘You laughed at me? Your disciple was beaten badly like a mole by that very same man. And you laugh at me? How weak must your disciple be, to be defeated by that boy?’

And hearing this Northern Badger expression turns hard. Seeing the expression of Northern Badger changes, the Western Serpent grins.

She continues. She seems to feel pleasure insulting the Northern Badger.

‘You must have thought that your disciple will have an easy pass fighting all the other champions. Who would have thought he would have been defeated in the first round. I think nobody could expect that.’

‘Enough, Western Serpent! It is the rule. I felt no shame for Ren Gui to admit his defeat. He lost fair and square.’

‘Hmph’ the western Serpent snorted and then she turns her attention to her disciple. She began asking about what happen to the Abbess.

‘Batrisya, how is the Abbess?’

‘Yes, teacher. She is recuperating well.’

‘And her disciple?’

‘Her vocal cord is destroyed but Venerable Eastern Devil has let us to use the Divine Flower Ointment to treat her. If nothing is wrong in a week, her vocal chords will be back to the way it was.’

Western Serpent looks at Eastern Devil and cupped her hand.

‘Thank you, Eastern Devil. I appreciate your help.’

The Eastern Devil shrugged and nodded. On the other hand, Northern Badger is talking with his disciple, Thunder Step Liao Bao.

‘Hmm, it seems your analysis about him is true Liao Bao. He is truly formidable and strong. I should have warned Ren Gui not to underestimate his opponent.’

‘Teacher, I told you didn’t I? Arial Vermont is not someone Senior Brother should underestimate.’

Of course I didn’t think Lord Arial will enter he silently thought. From what Liao Bao heard his lord is preoccupied with the matter in Vangua.

After all, if Oliver tiding to him is right it seems the Duchess have design on the Vanguan throne.

And if Liao Bao knows about one thing at the court of Arrandy, it is this: Never cross the Duchess ambitions.

While her husband has indomitable will in battle, the Duchess has indomitable will in politics.

Her will be done, Oliver Crom once said to him during his visit to Northern Chu early this year. Then Liao Bao continue

‘I have never seen anyone with more internal energy than him in my experience roaming the martial art world.’

A veiled lady with a slightly tan complexion that is standing beside the seat of Eastern Devil nodded.

‘Thunder Step words are true, Elder Northern Badger.’ She said as she turn her gaze to Northern Badger and address him.

‘I have an opportunity to trade blows with him and I daresay, if he improve then a few years before then he is a terrifying existence right now.’

Hearing this account about this lord called Arial made Northern Badger is impressed. A noble that is also an expert martial arts?

It is rare. Not impossible but rare. Noble have their lives and rules. And martial art world have their lives and rules.

‘It seems our disciple all seem to have some relationship with this man called the Dragon’ Northern Badger chuckled.

‘How do you know him again Liao Bao?’ Liao Bao smiles.

‘I am his vassal, teacher.’

‘Vassal? You are in the government?’

‘Yes’ he said sheepishly.


‘In Arrandy.’

‘Arrandy! That is Caelum!’

‘Ye..s. Does it matter?’

‘You are Eastian. Why do you serve Caelum?’

‘Enough with that Northern Badger’ the Western Serpent said.

‘What does it matter? Eastian. Caelum. Ethrusk. You care too much about the matter of politics and race.’

‘What is your job then, Liao Bao?’

‘I am the Supervisor of the North, Teacher. Teacher there is no need to be so aversive towards Arial Vermont. After all without his help Northern Chu will not be formed.’

Then Liao Bao told the immortals about Arial Vermont contribution in creating Northern Chu.

Eastern Devil nodded, Western Serpent on the other hand just shrugged it off while the Northern Badger become excited and his initial assessment of Arial Vermont and his opinion of Arial Vermont soar.

The Veiled lady beside the Eastern Devil just smile beneath the veil that hides her lower part of her face.

‘Hmm, is that so.’

‘It seems this Arial Vermont is very talented in politics and war.’

‘Yes, he is Teacher. He has never lost a battle before.’

‘No wonder your Senior Brother loses. It is fine. Losing to such opponent is not a disgrace to the school. Hope your senior brother will return to the headquarters and resume his training in Nan Mountain.’

‘Yes, hopefully so’ Liao Bao reply.

‘Hmmph. I don’t like him’ Western Serpent said.

‘He must have come here helping that Old Man in that Temple.’

‘HAHAHAHA. Are you annoyed, little Serpent?’ Northern Badger said teasing.

‘Yes, I’m annoyed.’

‘Then I approve of the boy. HAHAHAHA.’ He laughed out loud, even the stone table shook a little.

Eastern Devil and his disciple is just staying still, rarely spoke and most of the time, expressionless.

‘Say something; Eastern Devil’ The Western Serpent said trying to gauge the Eastern Devil.

The Eastern Devil is a tall, mid age person, with a long black flowing beard that gives him a scholar vibe , with a purple robe that give the eastern Devil a regal bearing and his hazel eyes that is expressionless.

Power radiated from him, a silent power like the billowing of winds in the morning air. He sits calmly, rarely speak and sometimes the silence could be suffocating.

Seeing this, the Veiled Lady that sits beside him said.

‘My Teacher rarely speaks. Hope both Elder is not offended.’

‘Tch.’ The Western Serpent replies as she looks at the Eastern Devil.

‘We understand Veiled Lady. Though shouldn’t you tell us your name? If the others in the martial art world heard that I as one of the 4 Immortals do not even know the name of Eastern Devil disciple won’t they say I’m afraid of your teacher?’ he said.

‘I..I.’ then a whispery words flow in the surrounding

‘Tell him. He can keep a secret’

Hearing this, the Veiled Lady nodded; there is no longer hesitation in her minds. To her, her teacher words are golden.

Cupping her hand she introduces herself.

‘Let me introduce myself to Elder once again. My name is Rhyssa Renasi, Queen of Great Renasia.’

Then she shows her face to the other Elders.

‘You are beautiful’ said the Western Serpent.

‘Any interest in joining my maidens?’ Liao Bao open his mouth agape, his eyes could not believe what he is seeing.

‘So beautiful’ he admired. It can compare to the beauty of Queen Arianna of Arakath.

Even the Northern Badger who have long abstained from woman, feel that his heart flutter a bit in seeing the exotic beauty in front of him.

‘HAHAHA. So this is why you did not want to tell us your identity. This old man understand. Do not worry. Even if I die, this old man will not tell anyone of your identity.’

Then Rhyssa shroud her face with the veil again. Western Serpent still looks at the Veiled Lady with a feeling of regret.

If she found her first, she would have taken this Rhyssa as her disciple based on the virtue of her beauty alone.

Rhyssa after she matured has bloomed into one of the most beautiful flower.

This is why in the battlefield and in the military of Great Renasia she is known as the Scarlet Rose Rhyssa because of her beauty.

If there is Arianna in Arakath, then there is Rhyssa in the human continent. Beauties of the World.

Then recovering from her dazed expression the Western Serpent began ordering her disciple.


‘Yes teacher.’

‘What will happen tomorrow you think?’

‘In my opinion, Ermeishan will pull themselves out from the competition. As you already know teacher, Abbess Lin really love her disciple especially Mu Liyun.’

‘Yes, I’m aware of that’ the Western Serpent reply.

‘What a twist of fate huh. One is in Ermeishan, another is in a new school. When I heard it was that boy, I thought that it would be a good way to get back at him by matching him against Nanshan. Who would have thought Ren Gui would be defeated and only help spreading his name.’

‘I am excited to meet him’ the Northern Badger said.

‘You think he will win the tournament?’ Western serpent said, could not believe what Northern Badger is implying.

‘Of course. Who else could defeat him? From what Batrisya tell us isn’t he has defeated all three figures in one go? If that is the case, who could stand against him among the Juniors? No one right. So the question is only a matter of time. When will he win instead of will he win?’

Eastern Devil nodded.

‘I don’t like this outcome’ Western Serpent sulked.

Then suddenly something struck her.

‘He would not challenge us right?’ Her question suddenly struck all the Immortals and their disciples.

‘We..ll, I don’t think so’ Batrisya said.

But even as she said this, even she is not so sure. This Arial Vermont, does what he wants, unrestrained and very prideful.

Who knows what he will do?

‘No, no…Why would he put himself in such risk. He would not.’

‘I’m not so sure’ Rhyssa whispered under her breath.

After all she once met the dragon. He seems to be very confident of his strength and a very free person, in her eyes.

‘Don’t worry. Surely he would not.’

Northern Badger said, not worrying a thing. This Arial might be magnificent but still even he believe that this Arial could see how high the heaven is.

‘Then prepare the gift Batrisya. It seems it is decided that this Arial will win. We just have to wait then. Then we can begin the main event. Our fight.’ Western Serpent said.

Northern Badger grins. While the Eastern Devil still sitting calmly sipping the tea from the cup. The disciples are also excited and they began talking with each other.

After all this meet is just a way to spice up for the main event. The fight between the 4 Immortals.

Who is the strongest between the 4 of them? The Abbot while he did not participate has given his consent that whoever won between the three will also be acknowledge by him.

‘Yes, our battle. The main event. The answer to our question.’ Northern Badger said, his mouth is still grinning.

‘If you are like last time, Western Serpent, then I will beat you again.’ And he laughed sarcastically to the Western Serpent

‘Don’t be too confident of your strength Northern Badger.’ Then a voice fills the Peak, a slow whispering voice.

‘I will return to my castle to train. Pardon me.’

Eastern Devil got up from his seat and fly away from the stone table.

‘Well, me too’ the Northern Badger said and he too flew.

Then western Serpent burning with determination said to Batrisya.

‘For these few days don’t disturb me. Handle the matter of the competition according to your judgment.’

‘Yes teacher’ Western Serpent too flew to the West side of the Peak.

Batrisya nods. She then went back down from the Peak to announce the battle once again.

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