AOH – Chapter 122

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Arial was just entering the Scape when his Imposing presence detected a very faint trace of inner energy.

This is unexpected. Someone can hide this good. Arial mused while at the same time amused.

Who would hide and dare watch he trains? In a way, Arial is curios.

Arial quickly open his eyes. His senses go into searching mode. Every sound, smell, touch, like the universe is inside of him all is helping him, to find what he wants to find.

Then finding that inner energy again he located the culprit. Arial had to admit this stealth technique that this person used is high level. He takes his clothes, wears it and began tracking this person.

Quickly he ran silently and stealthily to that place and found a girl, almost the same age as him, clutching her heart and sweating in her forehead, like she just witnessed something terrifying.

Arial know. It must be that she was attacked by my technique. Confirming this Arial look at the girl in front of him.

Graceful, white complexion, her hair is brown long flowing hair, and she has a green jade hairpin on her hair.

She is cute with a hint of mischievousness and Arial don’t believe he has ever seen him before but it is obvious to Arial that this girl just spy on him.

Then suddenly his memory remembers her. The courier. This girl!

Her skin look soft and smooth, her brown eyes are energetic, full with vibrant energy and even though she is hiding there is gracefulness in her movement.

He looks like Mu Liyun. There are some resemblances.

Is she one of Ermeishan spies? She wears pink clothes, the standard clothes for Ermeishan disciples.

Arial think that the Ermeishan underestimate him too much. After all, do they think a disciple level martial artist could spy on him?

And a courier not to mention the least.

But maybe he could not underestimate this girl. After all she did manage to hide for quite a while from Arial.

If not for Imposing presence employed he might not have realized he has been watched. Arial slowly stepped and approached her and say with his most terrifying face.

‘Looking for me?’

Xiyun who is startled turns livid and when she look at Arial she stumble to the ground.

‘O..h..I’m sorry…I’m’

‘Are you spying on me?’

‘Spy…ing?’ she said stuttering with a puzzled expression hearing the word spying.

‘No, I’m not’ she said, regaining her composure.

Arial become puzzled. If she did not come here to spy on him, why did she watch him train?

What reason could she possibly have for looking at him training?

‘So, why are you sneaking around my training site looking for me?’

‘I…’then suddenly she bowed her head to the ground.

This time it was Arial turn to be startled. Why did she suddenly bow her head and even to the ground, prostrating before me? This is what Arial thought when he sees this.

‘My name is Mu Xiyun. I came here to enter your school.’ She said her tone is full with resolute determination.

‘Enter my school?’

‘Yes, enter the All-Conquering school.’

This shocked Arial. Arial only created hat school to participate in the competition. His plan was to give the honour of winning to Linzi Temple while he challenges the 4 Immortals.

He is, after all, wanted to confirm his strength. His true strength. And if he is a man, he needs to be brave.

And fighting the 4 Immortals is the sure way of measuring his strength. Arial then look that Xiyun is still bowing her head.

How cold she must be feeling, doing this in this forest? And not to mention she is a fragile little girl Arial mused. This could not do.

‘Hmm, let us resume this conversation at my house.’

Arial said worrying about Xiyun. She could not let this girl keep bowing to him here. At least in his house the conversation will be smoother and Arial could regain his thoughts.

They then return to Arial house. Arial start the fire and warmth heat filled the house. Arial get a blanket and give it to Xiyun, wrapping it around her body. She blush a little, but she accept it.

‘Tea? You still look like you are not well. Is it really that cold? ‘ his voice is full with concerns.

He could see that Xiyun is shivering, her teeth are chattering but the fireplace is helping her regain her warmth.

‘Teacher technique is powerful, so it is not that surprising that such cold does not affect teacher that badly. But, teacher of course people like me is badly affected.’

‘Teacher? I’m not your teacher.’

Arial said, though he did smile a bit. It is not bad being called a teacher. In fact it felt good, Arial silently thought.

Still Arial made her the tea.

Then they sit in silence, as Arial ponder the request, looking blankly to the wall and the windows, while once in a while Xiyun sipped the tea from the table.

‘Hmm. Aren’t you from Ermeishan?’

‘Yes. I am’ she said, putting the tea cup down quickly as it seem Arial is ready to talk. She believes that Arial will ask her a few questions and she is ready to answer.

The cold has leave her body, now her heart is full with excitement, and with a yearning to be the disciple of this young man, a man that Xiyun has already viewed as her teacher.

‘Why would you leave your school? Your school is prestigious in the martial art world. One of the Righteous sects in the martial art world.’

‘I am nothing there.’ Xiyun replied, her eyes sincerely conveying this to Arial.

‘So do you think you will be something in my school? As you know my school has no disciple. Nor does my school have any reputation in the martial art world. Why would you want to join such school?’

‘Because of you, teacher.’ She said sincerely and honestly

‘Because of me?’

‘Yes. I have never seen someone overpowered the Abbess and the Abbess even though her conversation with you did not reveal her true nature, every disciple know that she is prideful. For her to forget pride and apologize, that only shows how highly she thinks of you. She is, in her own twisted way, respect you and fear you’

‘Is that so? Hmmm’ he contemplated while looking at Xiyun considering whether he really wanted to take this girl as his disciple.

After all taking her would undoubtedly be seen as an offence against Ermeishan.

‘But….what would happen if they find out I snatched one of her disciple? Wouldn’t this cause me bad relations with your teacher?’

‘I don’t think so. I am useless in the sect and I think maybe your technique will suit me better.’

‘My technique, huh? What do you know about my technique?’ Arial said arrogantly.

Quickly, Xiyun apologize and she reminded herself not to presume. She is not an expert of course Arial snorted at her.

A disciple trying to teach an expert. Isn’t that laughable?

‘However give me your rough impression on my technique since you have mentioned it. How much do you think you understand about my technique?’

Xiyun nodded and she began telling Arial what she thinks of Arial technique.

‘Not much. But from my rough view, it is free, unbounded, unrestricting, flowing like the water, moving like the wind, unobstructed like a storm.’

‘Hmm. And Ermeishan?’ Arial asked.

‘Ermeishan has a strict code in training, and each technique is like learning from a book. Unless you understand everything, doing exactly like the ancestors of the past, you will not be able to use Ermeishan technique. But yours? I look at Teacher technique ( teacher here is referring to Arial) and while I see some similarities of teacher Palm technique with  my sect technique, teacher technique, is…how do I say this… it is more free. I do not know how to explain it. I just felt it.’

Arial nodded. It seems this girl has a great eye. He could not deny that his school technique is like what she says.

Carefree and unrestricting. It seems she has great understanding of his technique. Arial look at her again.

How such person could only be just a disciple? Is everyone in Ermieshan like this or does she have a secret?

Arial think it is the latter. After all if not because of some unspeakable reason why would she seek to change schools?

‘Please accept me as your disciple’ she said, as she kneels on the hard stone floor of the house.

‘Get up!’ Arial said.

‘Not until you accept me. I… Please accept Xiyun, teacher. Please.’

There is desperation in her tones, a yearning. Xiyun has bet everything on Arial. She knew she would be called a traitor to the Sect but what have the sect done for her?

Nothing. And she knows the real reason why the Abbess took her and her sister to the Ermeishan before.

It was the bandits. The bandits were actually one of the Abbess plans to terrorize the Wuhao clan and coincidentally they were in the path of the headquarters of the Wuhao sect.

One way to look at it, it was the Abbess that is responsible for the murder of her parents. And Xiyun also knows that due to her sister talent in martial arts the Abbess teach her the Demon Heart Claws technique.

A forbidden technique that even change the soul of even the most pure person.

And luckily, she was not bestowed martial art talent like her sister or maybe even she would receive the same treatment.

It is this reason why she so hated the Abbess. She knows all about the Righteous sect. They are all hypocrites.

They say one thing, and do another.

Before she has never seen any way to release herself from the clutches of the Abbess but now she have found a sliver of hope.

She did not show herself to be skillful, fearing that the Abbess would take notice of her. Neither did she practice the Ermeishan technique.

She tries to create her own skills but always met with failure and sometimes even internal injury.

So, she bided her time. And now an opportunity from heaven presented itself. Surely if it’s him, he can teach her to defeat the Abbess.

Maybe not now but someday, when he find that she is worthy of his trust maybe he will impart some powerful technique to her.

Arial looked at the girl. He didn’t know how to respond. There must be something else. Why would suddenly this girl wanted to join his school?

‘There must be a deeper reason. Tell me your story.’

‘My story?’

‘Yes, your story. Everybody have a story to tell. So….you must also have yours. They must be a reason why you are doing this. Tell me your story and only then I will decide whether I will accept you as my disciple.’


‘Leave!’ Arial said.

‘Wait!’ she said.

‘I will tell you.’

Then hesitantly, Xiyun tell her story while Arial just listen, not once he interrupts Xiyun. He just listens.

And sometimes that enough.

Then after she tells all of her life story, her motivations and he reason why she wanted to learn, with tears streaming out of her eyes, releasing her pent up feeling, telling Arial all of the injustice she have endured, the vengeance that is burning in her heart, the story of how her older sister is being manipulated, telling all this and then she wait for Arial verdict.

Not once she lied, nor she altered her story, her sincerity and honesty is revealed, of a tragic life living under the mastermind of her parent’s killers.

Arial remain impassive, his face is unreadable. It seem Arial initial hunch about the sect in the martial art world is true.

They are a lot of similarities between the sect and the faction in some way resembles noble courts.

They wear a mask of civility but do underhanded things when people are not looking.

About the claim that the Abbess is the one who is behind her parent killing Arial knows such claim will never hold up.

But Arial did not doubt the sincerity of the girl in front of him. Her eyes, her tones all indicates that she is telling the truth.

Arial knows people. Then he thought again about Kyle and Helia. And he reminded himself. I know about some people. Not all….not all.

He still didn’t know if the decision he takes is the right one but he needed to do it. He needs to be sure.

He must not judge. Not yet. He….is still in love with her.

And when in love, Arial recognize the capacity to forgive and he already is preparing to handle that matter when he returns.

In the end, the decision has always been in Helia hands. Arial long lives teach him something.

There are many form of love and he wanted to make sure about something. It is her choice.

Before. Now. And into the future.

In the end the decision depends on Helia. Xiyun is looking at Arial, lost in his thoughts. And then after contemplating for a while, he said.

‘Fine. I will accept you as my disciple. You are the first disciple of All Conquering Sect so take care not to make my life to difficult.’

The kneeling Xiyun is overjoyed and she once again bow her head to the ground.


‘Yes. I do not take back my words. Remember don’t bring to much trouble for me’ Though Xiyun is a bit shocked.

Most sect will say don’t dishonor the sect reputation but he said don’t bring to much trouble to him.

‘You will call me teacher and I will call you whatever I wanted. Can you accept that condition?’

‘Yes teacher!’ Xiyun replied energetically

‘Good. Now get up and pay your respect.’

Arial sat on the ground and coiled his legs beneath himself.

‘I, Mu Xiyun pay respect to teacher Arial as the first disciple of All Conquering Sect. I will do to my utmost to respect and honour the rules of the sect and –‘

‘Alright that is enough. That is counted as paying your respect.’

Baffled Xiyun stopped.

‘Alright. I am your teacher and you are my disciples. My name is Arial Vermont, from House of Vermont in Arrandy, a prince of Aetherland. Hearing your story make me think you want to be strong or at least strong enough to fight that Abbess, right?’

‘Yes, teacher.’

‘Hmpph. That Abbess is not so powerful. I can teach you to defeat her. Give me your hand.’

Xiyun blushed like a young girl getting a present on her nameday.


‘Give me your hand.’

Xiyun give Arial her hand shyly. She has never been touched by a man before, since Ermeishan disciple are forbidden to meet a man at least when they are in Ermeishan or before they reach 30.

So, to Xiyun this act of holding her hand and not only the act but also the fact that she did not dislike it, an act of such a young man, and her teacher she reminded herself make her heart beats furiously.

‘Now, activate your Internal energy.’

Looking at her teacher face, she complies immediately. It seems Arial is trying to determine something.

Then slowly he releases his touch on Xiyun hand.

‘You have weak internal energy.’

‘Ye..s. Will that be a problem, teacher?’ Xiyun drops her head.

‘Problem? Not at all. While it is true the Abbess and the rest of the people in the tournament are hundred notches more powerful than you in terms of internal energy, so what! I can teach you to surpass your Abbess in three years.’

‘Three years!’

‘Yes, three years. However you must forgot all that you have learn before. Disregard the other teaching. Our school technique is pure. It is the ocean. Not the rivers that flow, not a drop of water in the ocean. It is the ocean itself. I did not make a manual or tome for anyone to learn since I always learn it by myself.’

‘So will you make a manual for me?’

‘No’ he said his face is stern.

‘Why should i do that? What if it falls to the wrong hand? That technique is the pillar which all my technique sprang from.’

‘Forgive me teacher.’ She said kneeling again.

Arial then look regretful.

‘I’m sorry that I get angry.’

‘It is alright. I am used to it.’

‘No person should be accustomed to yelling and especially not a woman, as young as you.’ He said regretfully. Xiyun looked at her teacher and chuckled slightly.

Then Arial look at the full moon and sighed.

‘Since I have accepted you as my disciple, tomorrow sent a letter to Ermeishan that you have leave your sect for mine. ‘

‘Yes, teacher.’ Quickly Xiyun race outside

‘Where are you going?’

‘I will bring my belongings here.’

‘Oh, fine. Come here before dawn. The door will be open. If you do not return before that time, I will close the door.’ Xiyun nodded and smile.

Xiyun after leaving Arial house quickly using her hiding technique return to her rooms, sneak outside with her belonging while leaving a letter in the table near her bed. A new journey begins for her.

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