AOH – Chapter 121

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Mu Xiyun is the younger sister of Mu Liyun. Xiyun came from an illustrious merchant family of Vern.

At least she used to be. Her only family is her parents and her older sister. They have no cousins or relatives, since all of them died during the Spring Death in 1000AF.

In her family she is the most affectionate, but also very indulgent during her childhood, loved both by her mother and father.

She is clever, quick witted, with a comfortable home and happy demeanor, that seemed to unite both of the best of qualities from her parents.

A compassionate heart from her mother and a great determination to see her will done, thanks to her father.

Unlike her sister, she is not cold or merciless. She has a good heart, kind hearted, graceful and possesses something that her sister doesn’t have.


Though if there is one thing that could be considered her vices, it is this. She is accustomed to having things her way, and a disposition to be very prideful.

Of course this danger of such behavior disappeared with the tragic event that happens to her.

She and her sister were from Vern or what is now called Northern Chu. Their father and mother were killed by bandits when she was 7 while her sister was 9.

Thankfully they were saved by Abbess of Ermeishan who was coincidentally in that area.

She find the two sisters hiding in a small cave hugging each other, their eyes is red from crying and not sleeping fearing the bandits will capture them when they are asleep.

After listening to their story the Abbess offer both of the sisters to join Ermeishan.

Her sister agree so Xiyun who don’t know any better also agree as long as she can be with her sister.

Years go by. Mu Liyun, her sister grew to be a famous martial artist and Xiyun is proud of her.

At least initially.

But Xiyun also realized there is something wrong with her sister. She could not point it at first.

But day by day, she recognizes the uneasiness she felt in her heart, her suspicion. Her older sister grows colder, crueler and darker.

She changes so much that even Xiyun do not recognize her anymore.

And she also discovers something about the Abbess that makes her, never trusting any word from the Abbess mouth.

In the sect Xiyun do not want to learn martial art, simply because she at the tender ages of 7 seen her parents killed by bandits who use martial arts.

Of course when she has enough sense to learn, she discovers she have started too late and even compared to the other junior of the sect, she is the weakest.

Not to mention she is regarded as very low in the matter of understanding technique. But it was all a ruse.

Many do not know this but Xiyun comprehension in the matter of technique is very high even compared to her sister.

The difference is Xiyun did not learn any of the inner energy skills because she has a perfectly reasonable reason, yet she did not share this reason nor she tells her secret to anyone. .

These reasons that she did not share with her older sister, resulted in the estrangement between those two sisters.

And also because what the Abbess has done to her sister. Maybe out of everyone in the Sect, only Xiyun see the true face of the Abbess.

So, in this tournament she acts as a courier for the sect. Still she waits. She waits until that opportune moment came.

Until that moment came, she will wait.

She is determined. Accompanying her juniors and seniors sisters to the famed martial art meet she expects nothing out of the ordinary will happen.

They will reach Heaven Peak, fight some schools and they will lose either to Yilin or Nanshan.

After all the Abbess is realistic person. She knows the ability of Liyun. Even she is not that strong to defeat one of the 4 Immortals disciples.

However something happen that shocks her to the core. In the bottom of the mountain someone dare insult her grand teacher.

The man is handsome, having a flowing long white hair and even though his cloths were ragged and shabby there is some unexplained power coming off from him.

He looked confident, and his eyes shine. There is an unexplainable sense of inferiority when she was looking at the young man.

The rest of the disciple already harbors intention to kill him after the first round ended. Some on the other hand mocked the young man for his stupidity.

Xiyun on the other hand admire the gut that the young man have, and even that time has been admiring him; even though she thought that the young man future in the martial art world will be bleak after offending the Abbess.

However the young man once again shocked everyone and her. He effortlessly defeats Ren Gui, one of the disciple of Northern Badger.

The most shocked on is the Abbess and her sister. Both did not expect this outcome. The power he showed was overwhelming and even Xiyun could not believe her eyes.

A young expert.

It is not impossible but it is rare. One that can be compared to the young man achievement is the Western Serpent.

After all the Western Serpent is young but even her rise to power is not that surprising compared to this young man that shocked everyone in the arena.

After all the Western Serpent is born from one of the most prestigious family of martial arts that hailed from the Western Sea.

It is no exaggeration that in the time of Western Serpent father, the Poison King, no one dare offends her fearing incurring the wrath of the Poison King.

And Western Serpent is aided with her father help and not to mention Western Serpent herself is a genius acknowledges by all the schools in the continents.

Amidst congratulations and respect, he remains unaffected, like a still lake, his expression show no displeasure neither it show arrogance.

It was like that it is something natural for him. Even her teacher, do not dare offend him after seeing his prowess in battle.

And in Xiyun eyes, she found someone that she could admire, someone that she could regards as someone she must passed if she want to do what’s need to be done in the future.

A young person like she is, a genius and Xiyun daresay a little prideful. But his pride is equal to his talent.

She marvels such person. Then once again she meets him in the banquet of the Sun Moon Set.

Unlike all the other men of the Martial Art world, who wears boorish clothes or the clothes of their school, this Arial wear a luxurious wardrobe from head to toe, appearing like a king, power and authority emanated from him.

Even though Sun Moon Sect also wear scholar like attire, compared to Arial clothing they were like a beggar.

He was handsome, charismatic and noble.

Xiyun realize even the other disciple of Ermeishan look at him with blushing expression, and look at their pink attire which is no match compared to even one accessories of Arial Vermont.

It was during the Elders talk among themselves, that Xiyun found out that this Arial Vermont is a noble lord of great importance in the continent a prince and a duke of a large vast of territory, with hundreds thousands of troops under his command.

Listening to this even some of those who were giving him a hard time reflected themselves and vowed to make a better impression on him.

Even though some of them are famous martial artist none of them were born from such illustrious lineage.

The Vermont might not be illustrious by themselves. After all, their family rise to power started after King Adrian coronation but their relations is illustrious indeed.

It seems this Arial marry Helia.

Helia Zephyr or now called Althea is descended from Kingly line of Vangua and some of the Southern nobles in Aetherland, linking Arial to almost all the major houses of both Vangua and Aetherland.

Then her sister is betrothed to the King of Aetherland son, thus increasing the prestige of the Vermont’s.

This and other factors make him formidable enough. Offending some of martial artist elder might make it harder to roam the martial art world, but offending such illustrious person would make it harder to make a living.

Some just determine not to offend him. How could they possibly know that the man they offend was a man of such stock?

It also acknowledges that he is a genius in martial art. He even gave such profound knowledge to the disciple of Sun Moon Sect, Xiao De.

Listening to this even Xiyun admire him.

Returning to the house, Xiyun notices that her teacher is not in her room and then after confirming her sister is also not there, she began employing her lightness technique.

Hiding in the shadows, her steps did not even produce a trace of sound, her internal energy which is originally low, is concealed even more, that only an outburst of her internal energy could break her stealthy technique.

She quickly pinpoint the room that the Abbess and her sister inhabits and quickly hides herself on the ledges of the windows.

The shadow hides her and even the moonlight did not shine around the ledges of the windows.

That night Xiyun heard the conversation between her sister and her teacher, speaking in hushed tones in one of the rooms in the house.

‘Teacher did you see his technique?’

‘I did.’


‘It was not like any technique I have ever seen, Liyun. I could not believe my eyes. The world is vast indeed. Who would think that such miraculous person will appear?’


‘So, his claim is true. He created that technique. I could find no other explanation’

‘How could that be? Teacher, tell me? Will I lose if I fight him?’

The Abbess sighed. She creased her forehead; clearly bad news will be delivered. The Abbess looks at Liyun with a complicated expression.

‘Probably. No. Surely. If he could defeat Ren Gui so effortlessly what do you think will happen to you?’

‘But maybe if I use the forbid-‘

‘No! You must not. His technique is pure.’

‘Pure, teacher?’

‘Yes. Pure. I see the flow of his internal energy. No flaw at all, not in exerting or pulling. It is pure. Using Jade Palm on him will only result with you suffering internal injury. Not to mention you did not yet master that Jade Palm. You only scratched the surface.’

‘This Arial Vermont is a terrifying existence teacher.’

The Abbess nodded, Xiyun could see the complicated expression on her teacher face, as she kept peeking and listening to the Abbess and her sister conversation.

Even though Xiyun did not master any of the sword or palm technique of Ermeishan, she did focus herself in one technique.

Walking On Air Technique. A lightness techniques of the Ermeishan. She has learned this to great effect.

Learning this technique has given her many times to gain more information. Of course she hides it from the Abbess that she learned this technique.

Since the sect look at her with condescending view, of course they could not have imagined Xiyun managed to learn this lightness technique.

One of Xiyun task is cleaning the Ancestral Hall of the past Abbess.

This book is behind the first Abbess tablet and every day when she came to clean the Hall, she will learn it bit by bit until she remembers it by heart.

Other palm or sword technique she did not learn fearing her act will be exposed.

It is a technique of Ermeishan but rarely used nowadays. It was used during the formation of the sect.

Because they were weak at the time, they used this technique to hide from their enemies. But since Ermeishan then developed powerful Palm strike and sword technique, they rarely practice this technique.

This technique is called one of the embarrassments of the Ermeishan but Xiyun learn it because it is useful to her since she is weak.

But the embarrassment is not because the technique is inferior but because the connotation it brings.

Walking On Air Technique is a stealth technique combined with lightness skill.

Ermeishan, who have established itself a reputation as an aboveboard sect and a sect that do things in the open, and is even called as one of the Five Righteous Sect, if they are known to practice this kind of technique their reputation of course will plummet.

The technique itself remains as one of the surest way to escape, a superior hiding technique in the martial art world, a lightness skill rivaling even that of Arial Wind God Technique.

‘What if Arial really form his school in the martial art world? Won’t the martial art world will be rule by him?’

Liyun said, her head shaking. It looks like Liyun is very interested whether this Arial is interested in opening his sect someday.

‘He is still young and he is already that powerful. Imagine if he is older and gain more experiences. Could anyone stop him? Could you stop him Teacher?’

‘Thankfully he doesn’t seem to want to form a school. Since he declares only himself as the only one in that school he must use the name of the school just to participate. If he has a disciple, then I don’t even want to think about the implication it will have in the martial art world. And there is still Nanshan and Linzi. At least as long as Northern Badger and Southern Healer is still alive; he cannot do as he pleased. But I do not doubt among the new generation of martial artist, he is to be watch’

Then they talked about battle strategy, how to defeat her next opponent, what Liyun should be careful of, tutored by the Abess and Xiyun who is hiding broke out of hiding.

She flew from the ledge of that room, quickly landing a few dozen meters away from the room, landing without even a sound, showing how proficient she is on Ermeishan lightness technique.

She did not learn anything in the Ermeishan other than lightness techniques. Even this she hides from the Abbess and from the other disciples.

She has her reason not to covet the more powerful technique or learning the manuals of the schools.

Even though Xiyun never have any interest in martial arts but she knows how important it is to learn martial arts. For her goal, she might say it is inevitable for her to learn.

In Ermeishan her sister treats her coldly and the other disciples bully her while her teacher ignores her.

Then remembering the words of her teacher she decided. The first disciple of All Conquering Sect she muttered on the dark.

She then began preparing, and she found hope again. Maybe…she thought.

Maybe if it’s under him….maybe if it’s him. Deciding this, she jumps silently among the bushes, the forest to reach the east side of the peak.

A few minutes later she hides herself near Arial house. She wanted to enter and tell the young man to accept her request.

But she knows about experts. They are an eccentric bunch. What if she offends him unintentionally?

So she racked her brains, on the nearby creek, walking in circles, not knowing what to do. Then after half an hour, Xiyun spotted a shadow exiting the house

Is that Hero Arial? She asked herself.

He is moving from the house? Why? She wondered. If he just want to train wouldn’t the yard of that big house can accommodate him. Why go to the forest?

Curios, she follows him, stealthily just like Arial enter the forest stealthily. She hides herself near one of the trees and she could see that Arial is looking left and right.

Then after sure that nothing is wrong he sit cross legged removing his clothes and showing a muscly lean body, prove of hard work and then he close his eyes.

And then suddenly Xiyun is attacked by a feeling of dread comparable to the feeling when she was attacked by the bandits when she was little and she almost rendered unconscious.

If not for her quick action flying away from that forest she would have fainted. So this is his power.

If I become the disciple of such person…..she thought to herself. Then steeling her resolve she approached the area once again but he was not there anymore.

‘Where is he?’ She asked herself.

Then someone tapped her shoulder

‘Looking for me?’

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