AOH – Chapter 120

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The next day in the morning Batrisya announce the first battle. The chatter stops as the participant all preparing themselves and ready for their fight.

Sun Moon school fighting Yilin School. This is the first battle planned for the day. Arial then get up to go to the tournament arena to see Xiao De fight. After all Arial felt a little camaraderie between him and Xiao De.

Arial spotted the Abbess and he nodded to the Abbess as he moved to the audience seat while the rest open a pathway, not daring be on his way.

‘Young hero Arial, are you watching this battle?’

‘Yes, Abbess. I like to see the famed Yilin Sect in action. Maybe I could learn something.’ The Abbess smile and nodded in agreement.

‘That is good. Yilin is a famous sect and their technique is respected in the Continent. This will be a good experience for anyone. Please sit here’ she gestured to one of the chairs. Arial sit and begun spectating as one of the audience.

On the stage of the fights, the sound of their breath can be heard and the scene of this representative from two school exchanging fist and strikes can be seen

Xiao De is seen on the arena battling it out with Yilin. Yilin proficiency is in the melee type of attack.

Particularly kick, fist sticks and staff and they have a good reputation in the world of the martial arts.

They uphold righteousness and vanquish evil. The people of Sun Moon sect look at their representative with hope in their eyes, wishing that their school could defeat the famous Yilin School.

‘Be careful Senior Brother Xiao De!’ one of the disciples of the Sun Moon Sect yelled as Monk Sigrid just releases a barrage of fist attack at Xiao De.

‘That’s it’ they said as Arial see that Xiao De block that attack by using a cross of his sword to take the fist attack head on only for that sword to shatter into pieces.

‘That is…’ Arial exclaimed amazed and perplexed. Truly there are many arts in this world that Arial doesn’t know.

‘Stone Fist, young hero. One of most famous technique of Yilin. It can shatter boulders, swords and metals.’ Arial nodded with satisfaction, his curiosity towards the technique intensifies.

No wonder Yilin is almost as famous as Linzi. Their technique is also powerful. Arial mused of this fact and he have to admit the reputations backed by Yilin technique.

But they are mostly external skill combined with internal skill to strengthen the skills. Xiao De has already back away from Sigrid.

‘Give me your sword’ he yelled to one of the junior disciple of Sun Moon Sect.

Quickly his junior disciple throws him one sword.

‘Another’ he yelled.

Another? This pique Arial interest. Arial is rarely interested in a fight, because mostly he rarely journey the martial art world but he has his eyes open, not missing anything from this fight.

Truly the battle of those who have been training for all their life with martial arts is different than those of the noble clans and families.

And another one throws his sword and Xiao De grabbed it.

‘Two sword?’

‘Young hero Arial don’t know?’

‘Know what?’

‘Sun Moon Sect is comprised of the most culturally gifted expert compared to the other sect. Their specialty is dual sword and musical based technique.’

‘But Xiao de…..doesn’t look like he is cultured.’

‘Hahaha. True, he is the exception.’ The Abbess reply.

Then Arial see that Xiao De is attacking Sigrid with dual sword. Attacking left and right while Sigrid uses his staff behind his back to halt Xiao De attack but it didn’t work.

He is pressured back by the sheer intensity of Xiao De attack.

They exchange strikes, sword and stick melded into a storm of attacks; each one producing a strike that will send the fear of God to normal man, the arena is full with the sound of their clashing.

After an hour exchanging strikes it seem Xiao De is at his limit while Sigrid still have his stamina.

Seeing an opportunity Sigrid use Light Of Truth Stick Technique and attack Xiao De hand, feet and head in fast exchange and Xiao De so stunned to act were thrown back from the arena and land first face to the ground.

Xiao De is unconscious. Everyone could see that. Batrisya overseeing the battle then announce.

‘Yilin battling Sun Moon Sect. The winner is Yilin.’

The monk of Yilin cheered. Some of them go help Xiao De and some even rub medication powder at him.

The elders of the Sun Moon sect relay their gratitude for not going to hard on their representatives.  Some schools offer congratulation to Yilin.

Xiao De weakly regain consciousness. He cupped his hand to Sigrid and said

‘Thank you for giving me pointers and going easy on me Senior Sigrid.’

‘Do not denigrate yourselves. A few more years and maybe you could have defeated me.’

‘Heh, if it’s only that easy. But I will remember your advice, Senior Sigrid.’

The battle is concluded. Another hour will be Two Bladed Sect fight with Shadow Skulker. After giving some encouragement to Xia De and offer his congratulations to Yilin Arial just wander around, mingling with the other schools.

But after a while Arial began to miss the tranquility of his place. It was at this time Arial decided to train his Imposing Presence.

He got an idea yesterday but since he was resting yesterday he didn’t want to train it. But today, now that Xiao De has already fought his battle, Arial could go and train himself. He quickly returned to his cottage.


Ermeishan is fighting now and Arial hesitated.

Should he go watch it? No. Better train his technique.

Then he closed his eyes again and the sound of the splashing water near the creek, the sound of the crickets and the birds chirping, the windy breeze from the top peak, the sound of chattering on the arena near his cottage, the laughter, the idle chatter, all dissipated slowly and his ear and sense are cut off from the mortal world as he once again enter the scape.

In front of him is a clone of himself.

Imposing Presence is employed by his clone and then the sphere like layer is formed around him, a baleful aura of black and red.

With this Arial believe he can render weak person unconscious just by activating this technique.

And give pressure to those who fight him. By now Arial have learned about 7 percent if he has to say it by himself.

Then he meditated again and this time his clone has 6. All use one of Arial primary technique fighting with each other.

This one clone only uses Dragon Palm. While another just used All Conquering Finger technique.

They all fight using one technique and Arial watch all this simulation in front of his eyes, seeing anything he could improve.

The distribution of the internal energy, the soft and rough part, the inner skill and the external skill are all watched carefully by Arial.

Then after about maybe 20 hours on the scape he open his eyes and it was already evening.

He looks outside and many have already moved to the next peak. Since Arial have no battle he did not have to worry about advancing to the next round.

Quickly after taking all his supplies he also jumps and reaches the next peak.

The Wind Peak. Like the name it is windy and at night the temperature drops to a freezing point.

So you could see a lot of campfire in the third peak. But it is not so easy to maintain the fire because of the fierce wind.

In this place the accommodation is a house. A big house made of high quality marble. There are 5 great houses, all big and all have some supplies in it.

Ermeishan pick the north, Yilin choose the south, Shadow Skulker chooses the west and Arial chose the east.

The other gathered around center house that could accommodate almost 200 people. Arial living in the big house alone, could feel a little lonely. After all there is no one in his school other than him.

The others, camp outside near the houses. Two Bladed and House of Knives have already given up and return for their journey home.

Since they have lost instead of mingling with the other school, they quickly return home. For the neutral and good sect building relations with other sect is important but dark and evil sect like House of Knives doesn’t really have to build relations.

Arial also met Bai Daliang. Even though like he expected he lost to Mu Liyun he said that he has learn many things this time around.

It was even acknowledged by his elder.

And he even managed to make Mu Liyun, The White Rose, struggle a bit before she take the win.

It is unfortunate that he did not won, but he express his gratitude to Arial for teaching him that profound knowledge and promise that if Arial ever need his help, he will help Arial to his utmost. Arial is delighted that he could help and it is not an inconvenience to him.

Today, after Arial chose his house he put his supplies in that house and takes a look outside.

Near the center of the peak there is a thick forest.

Arial would like to train there.

He can train here on his house. But he wanted to train while his body is subjected into harsh condition.

His place is cold but to Arial it is breezy breeze of wind, thanks to the qualities of a dragon that can survive even in the harshest climate.

All around Arial, he could see people shivering enduring the cold but Arial just walk around enjoying the wind like having a stroll in a peaceful evening.

Of course the people that see this is hocked but they attributed Arial attitude as an attitude of an expert.

Since Batrisya will announce tomorrow the name of the participant Arial could train himself this night.

After taking a stroll to the forest and make sure there is no roaming beast or monster he returns and takes a short nap.


That night opening his eye, as the moon already up and making sure nobody saw him Arial stealthily went to the forest

It seems no one is here he said to himself after looking left and right.

After making sure of that Arial sit down on the ground cross legged and close his eyes and the aura formed around his body.

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