AOH – Chapter 119

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It was just as noon passed, as Arial open his eyes. Rubbing his eyes, he went outside. His cottage is near a flowing creek.

The green forest greets him and he take a breath as he marvels the beauty of this Peak.

He went there and washes his face and sees his reflection on the water. Another day in the Heaven Mountain, Arial mused.

Checking his surroundings, and making sure no one is there, he removes his clothes and trousers and takes a bath in that creek.

Refreshed and clean he began preparing to go to the banquet. In his knapsack there is some perfume and some clothes.

As this is a banquet Arial try to wear his best. Manners make a man.

Arial wear one of his best clothes. In the morning he looks ragged but that noble aura is still felt.

But now wearing the clothes, anyone that’s see him would feel that he is a noble king descended from the greatest of nobility.

The clothing is noble, powerful, and perhaps even a bit dark and intimidating. It is clothing for kings and great men.

The clothes possess in equal measure of a warrior touch and a regal grandeur befitting a king.

In this handsome clothing Arial look like a conquering king, ready to lead his large vassal host and march to battle.

A high quality tunic and a fluttering cape with dragon symbol on the cape and the tunic owing to his family crest, with various little accessories enhancing Arial overall look.

The tunic is of shiny black material, reminiscent of leather, while also featuring attached chainmail accents at the neck, hem and sleeves.

The beautiful cape features dual straps to hold it in Arial shoulders, as well as grey fur trim along his shoulder, while the rest of the cape is all black excluding the dragon design which is blaring red.

Arial wear a black gloves and grey boot, as well an ornate sculpted belt that depicts a roaring red dragon.

In every way, anyone look this man he will look like he is born from kingly stock. Of course Arial doesn’t know what martial artist means by banquet is just eating with their fellow martial brothers.

Arial after all work hard in perfecting the manner of a noble lord so when he hears banquet he instantly reminded of the banquet back home in Arrandy.

He walked and then he found the cottage of Sun Moon Sect with high tent occupying the high tree, to protect the guest if rain comes.

There is a huge bonfire outside the cottage where many crowds seem to be focused at. The elders and the participant are seated on along the long table.

Arial don’t know how they got this table but maybe someone carve it. It is not surprising since Arial even spotted some bench on his journey here.

Arial could see all the school is here except the people from Shadow Skulker, Two Bladed Sect and House of Knives.

When Arial enter every pair of eyes is focused on him. All their eyes is focused on Arial attire.

‘Wha-‘ some of the martial artist spurted their wine as they look at Arial appearance. Once again they look in awe and jealousy.

Noble. Powerful. Some of the disciple in the Ermeishan blushed. The envious look is because most of the accessories that Arial wear would fetch a fortune for any of them.

The clothes itself could buy a comfortable home.

Arial on the hand feel embarrassed. Seeing the clothes of the other schools and the rest of the people joining the banquet he realized he has make a mistake.

They must have a different standard here, he realizes. Arial who could no longer stand the embarrassment quickly take his seat in one of the long table.

Xiao De who is eating beside him, a strike a conversation with him

‘Your clothes are …..great’ he said slightly embarrassed. Xiao De looks at his clothes and felt a sense of shame.

Arial notices this. He did not want to humiliate his host. It is not the reason he wears such clothes.

It is because in his experience, not wearing one’s best wardrobe in a banquet is considered to be rude to the host.

Of course this is the noble ways. Not the martial art world way. In a banquet they have no strict code in clothing so rarely anyone ever come with such luxurious clothing.

It was like a King is sitting among paupers. Everyone looks at their clothes and then looks back at Arial and they began comparing themselves with Arial.

It is human nature to want to compare something. Strong or weak? Rich or poor? It is one of human nature.

Arial get up from his own seat and cupped his hand and his voice reverberated around the area.

‘I, Arial am ashamed. I mistake this occasion. Please rest assured that I have no intention of offending the host of this banquet. I am young and ignorant of the ways of the martial art world. Since I heard there is a banquet I have presume that the banquet is similar to that of my home. Indeed the saying is true. Every place has their own rule. Forgive this discourteous behaviour of mine Elders of Sun Moon Sect’

Arial bowed slightly, his cupped hand is in one of the direction of the Elders of Sun Moon Sect.

Elder Xi Yue then said.

‘It is fine. We forget that young hero Arial come from a noble family. Of course, the word banquet will breed such misunderstanding.’ Elder Xi Yue said, his tone shows that he is not offended.

Arial then said,

‘If you could wait, I will return to my cottage and change my clothes.’

‘No, No. Please don’t do that’ one of the Elder said.

He is touched by the sincerity of this young man.

‘Surely he is not intentionally doing this Xi Yue.’ The Abbess said.

‘Do not worry, Young hero. Even though it will look awkward in such setting, there is no need for you to change your clothes. And it seems the female disciple of Ermeishan is looking at you intently. There is a garden of flower there. Interested in any of them?’

Elder Xi Yue grins.

‘Xi Yue, don’t say such things about my disciple!’ The Abbess thundered while the disciple all moves their gaze away from Arial gaze.

‘Hahaha….I am just jesting Abbess. But, you must admit young hero Arial looked dashing with those clothes. If only I have his face.’

‘Do not worry about him’ Bai Daliang said offering wine to Arial empty cup and held it up to Arial.

‘Xi Yue Elder is always known to be a little pervert but his character is impeccable. He likes to tease. Please sit down and enjoy our companion. I am very interested in the technique you have shown in the last battle. If you don’t mind, mind telling me what the technique is called?’

Arial sit back down with the wine cup on his hand.

‘Dragon Palm.’

Some of the crowds near the table rise to eavesdrop and they also hear it.

‘Who taught you?’

‘I already told you, I taught myself.’

‘Then Dragon palm? ‘

‘Dragon palm is my own technique.’

This drew collective gasp among the disciples and even from the Elders. The Elders are interested and eavesdrop using their amplified hearing, curios to know more about Arial technique.

‘I only used All Conquering lightness skill and Dragon Palm when I fight with Ren Gui.’

‘Two techniques!’ Xiao De almost screamed the wine is sputtered from his mouth, raining on the unfortunate disciple in front of the tables.


Xiao De then closed his distance with Arial.

‘How could that be? I could swear hundreds of technique is been employed when you fight him.’

Arial smile. Of course everyone thought like that. After all he combines many techniques in one technique.

It must have looked like he used a lot of technique when all he did was two techniques.

‘What would be my benefit for lying to you?’

‘You are talented. To create your own technique.’ Bai Daliang said with a tinge of jealousy. After all how many talented people like this ever appear in history?

Levitia. The Four Brothers. King Karlman. Queen Rayniss, to name a few of genius known to history.

‘It is nothing.’

Arial gulped the win in one shot.

‘Xiao De you will fight Sigrid tomorrow. How do you feel?’

‘Like I’m going to puke.’

‘You think you will lose.’

‘Of course.’ He said his face turns blue when he thinks of his battle tomorrow.

‘Yilin send one of their senior brothers. Sigrid is twenty and nine. The oldest of the participant here. The youngest is Mu Liyun ten and seven. But she is known to be a fast learner and Ermeishan did not come here to win the tournament. If they want to win the tournament they will send Xin Shian, or Da Qi the Senior disciple of Ermeishan. Both of them are not on this entourage. They must been journeying the martial art world doing some job for the Sect’ Xiao De said sighing.

Arial nodded.

‘The Abbess is planning to strengthen Mu Liyun. There are some rumours that Mu Liyun is a likely candidate for the Sect leader position when the Abbes retired.’

Bai Daliang said.

‘When the Abbess retires?’

‘Yes. She is old. It is time she gives another person her position. It is only natural. And everyone know she adore Mu Liyun. So such rumours undoubtedly grew.’

Arial nodded.

‘She is also talented and people said she is merciless. In a way, she is a lot like the Abbess when she was young’ said Bai Daliang.

Arial then remembered.

‘Lishan will fight Ermeishan right? That must put a headache for you, Daliang.’ Arial exclaimed.

‘Yes, unfortunately. Seeing her fighting the last battle I understand that I am no match for her.’

Arial then said.

‘Explain to me Ermeishan technique and the way she fights. Who knows? Maybe I could give you some pointers?’ Both Daliang and Xiao De is excited.

After all, even though Arial is young, it is clear to them, he is not an ordinary martial artist. Xiao De and Bai Daliang both tell him with great detail how they view her battles.

‘It seems Mu Liyun attack is refined and quiet. Ermeishan is also famous for their mastery of powerful inner energy proficiencies.’ Xiao De said.

‘And she also uses needles and hairpins as projectile weapons to throw at enemies making this Mu Liyun a danger in long range combat as well as short range combat.’ Daliang added.

Arial nodded and understanding the situation he speaks.

‘From what I hear Mu Liyun has mastery in the dual nature of inner energy skill, roughness and softness.  I have an advice for you, Bai  Daliang. It is up to you if you want to receive it or not. It might not help you win but at least if you battle her, this time, you will find yourself learning something about your enemy.’

‘Please tell me what is on your mind, Young hero Arial.’ Arial nodded and began giving him some advice.

‘She will definitely rotate between deceptive attacks and direct attack. Why? Because with your muscly body and strong external skill, it is necessary for her to do this. She may be talented but she is still young. Use feints, attack when rough, dodge when soft.’

Then he whispered something about the energy circulations and meridians, telling him the most vulnerable spots in people who practices such technique and speak of some obscure words, that could only be understand by experts.

The other experts hear this with their superb hearing.

Hearing profound knowledge spouted from such a young man some elders are choked by their wine and some coughed.

Bai Daliang knows he is being told a profound knowledge, one he did not expect. He cupped his hand.

“Bai Daliang expresses gratitude to expert”

‘HAHAHA. I just ramble some words. Doesn’t mean you will win against her.’

‘It is fine to lose. But to gain insight is a harder thing than to win.’

‘Is that so? Hmm’ he nodded.

‘Then I hope some of my words will help you. If not, do not blame this inexperience person who doesn’t even know what to wear in a banquet.’ They laughed.

That night exchanging stories and wine, they became friends.’

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