AOH – Chapter 118

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The surrounding is full of silence. The crowd has begun calming down while trying to make sense of the scene they have seen.

Even though they have witness it with their own eyes, there are still disbelief. Everyone is just waiting for Batrisya to announce the winner.

Batrisya also couldn’t believe what just happen. It is too unbelievable, to domineering.

All the previous claims, the boast all makes sense now. Even the crowd agrees. Some of them are thinking how to make their relation with this sudden appearance of such a dark horse, a capable expert that emerge in this competition.

Batrisya is thinking to herself. She did hear from Liao Bao, how powerful Arial is, but she never thought how powerful he really is.

This level is probably a bit higher than herself. After all even she once fights Shu Ren Gui, and they fought to a standstill.

It seems Batrisya have made a wrong judgment about Arial. He is an expert she mused. And with it some fear crept inside her heart mixed with awe.

19 years old and this power? Almost like the 4 Immortals achievement. Will she see a legend be born in this Meet?

‘Announce it’ some whisper.

Batrisya is woken up from her daze and began once again gaining composure. Batrisya look at both participants and then she announces.

‘The winner of this battle is Arial Vermont from All Conquering Sect on the grounds he has rendered his opponent unconscious.’

The crowd is still slack jawed, mostly junior from all the schools that managed to come here, seeing what happen in front of them.

‘How could he-‘

‘This is just absurd!’

But all of them said it in a whisper, fearing to make fun of the Dragon

Arial release his grip on Ren Gui hand and Batrisya came into the arena as some of the Maidens of the Serpent can be seen glaring at Arial.

Arial chuckle a little. Arial remember them. The one he attacked during his time at Linzi Temple.

More like a warning if Arial has to testify.

He means no harm to the Maidens at the time but it is not like he could explain it to the Maidens right now and Arial really doesn’t care what the Maidens think of him.

Then Arial look at Batrisya. Even though she is the disciple of the Western Serpent, it seems she have quite the good relations with me.

Of course at the time Batrisya is not there. If she was there, maybe Arial abilities will be more acknowledge but Arial only clash with the maidens in the Temple.

Even though his strength is acknowledge his name is not so widespread in the terms of martial arts.

And even though he is acknowledge in strength but what of it? He just defeats the Maidens and not the disciple.

It is not that shocking to be considered newsworthy news in the Martial Art world

But defeating Ren Gui? That will surely spread his name. It is not everyday someone defeats one of the disciples of the 4 Immortals.

The gawking audiences have no choice but to acknowledge him as an expert in martial art even though he did not even show many techniques.

Arial look at the Maidens as they rub some ointment on Ren Gui wrist and bruises. One of the Maidens still glares menacingly at Arial.

The Maidens still remembers. The Maiden took Ren Gui limpless body and flew him away from the arena.

Arial knows they act as healer in this competition. Of course if Arial decide to end Shu Ren Gui just then, the Maidens would not show themselves.

In a way, the death or life of the loser belongs to the victor. Cruel but for the people in the martial art world it is the norm.

The law is, the strong live, the weak die. This is why not all people dare roam the martial art world.

Arial may be confident of his strength, but even he is not stupid enough to intentionally offense Northern Badger.

Overconfident of one owns strength is just a step away from hubris. The world is vast. Better make friends then enemies.

The audience wanted to say their congratulation. And some of the neutral martial artist even yelled.

‘Congratulation Arial!’

‘That was marvelous!’

‘I respect you!’

Some clapped. Some shut their mouth looking solemn considering there is a strong competitor in this competition. The Elder on the other hand analyze Arial and his technique in their minds.

Yet they could not make sense of it. How could it be so flawless? They think in their hearts.

Arial ignoring the spectacles jumped out from the arena and wait for Batrisya to announce the rules of the next battle.

Batrisya raise up her left hand and the arena began quieted down. She is about to announce the result.

‘First, let me announce the result of the battle in the Stone Peak’ she said.

‘Sun Moon Sect Xiao De, fight with Blinding Sword Sect, True Blade Louis.’ The Sun Moonsect cheered.

‘Sun moon sect wins.’ Another cheer.

‘Yilin match against Taojing. Yilin wins. Two Bladed Sect fights House of Knives. Two Bladed sect wins.’ Two Bladed Sect only nodded and grins.

‘Shadow Skulker fight with Limitless Blade sect. Shadow Skulker won. Ermeishan fighting Five Fingers Peak School. Ermeishan won. Wuhao fight Lishan. Lishan won. All Conquering fights Nanshan. All Conquering won. Congratulation to all the winner. All of you can ascend to Waterfall Peak. There is a cottage there for the accommodation of the participants and their schools. For the ones who are defeated you are welcome to enjoy the show or return home. Whichever way is fine. I will ascend first to announce the winner so my teacher will make the decision regarding the next battle.’

With a bow, she flew upwards to the top go to her teacher.

Arial grins. He return to his cave as the people in the arena make way for him and some people shouting in his back talking about the last bet.

He returns to his cave, take his knapsack, making sure his supplies is all there. After confirming nothing is amiss, Arial get out of his cave and then he looked upwards.

He smiles and then he jumped on the branches and steep cliff and began running upwards to reach the next peak, the Waterfall Peak.



Arial arrives and see that many of the people he seen in the last peak is there. Some cupped their hand seeing him, as a sign of respect.

They have seen Arial strength. It is undeniable. They remember how many of them mocked him in the initial stage.

Fearing offending such a strong person many tries to get on his good side. Arial already forgot about that as he looks at the Waterfall Peak.

The green tress, the sound of the waterfall, and he could even see some deer is peacefully sleeping in one of the flowing creek in the peak.

There is butterfly flying around. There is peace. Serenity. It is a perfect place to train in a calm state of mind.

The sound of the rushing water near the area of his landing soothes Arial heart. There he meets Xiao De.

‘Young hero Arial, I‘ve seen your match. ‘

‘Xiao De of Sun Moon Sect. Am I correct?’

‘Hahahaha. Yes, I am Xiao De.’ He cupped his hand.

‘Such exquisite technique you show in the last battle. I am filled with admiration.’

‘It is nothing. Have you settled yourself?’ Arial asked. Arial understand the change of attitude and Arial play along with it.

‘Yes. My teachers and Senior Martial Uncle have already settled in one of the many cottages around this peak. It is marvelous isn’t it?’

‘What is?’

‘This Heaven Mountain.’ At that Arial nodded.

‘True.’ Arial said.

‘Who would have thought in the desert there is a mountain like this?’

‘Yes, that is what I mean. Oh, the Abbess is coming here’ Xiao De said.

Arial looked and he could see the Abbess is coming here with her disciple. Xiao De as a junior in martial art world cupped her hand.

‘Abbess, Junior Xiao De pays his respect.’

‘It is fine Xiao De.’

The Abbes smile. Behind her is Mu Liyun. Her eye is still cold, but her white complexion is still captivating.

From what Arial heard, her martial arts are also not to be underestimated. This is because Arial did not watch her battle.

‘Arial is it?’ The abbess said, her voice has a hint of constraint.


Unlike Xiao De who show respect for the elder of a martial art world, Arial have no qualms not to pay any respect to this old woman who is acting high and mighty.

Arial believe he stand above the rest in the matter of internal energy, a belief strengthen by the statement of Southern Healer when he is in Linzi Temple.

The Abbot once said to him that his internal energy almost rival or maybe exceed that of his.

So, Arial do not want to show respect to this abbess. Not because he is more proficient in the matter of the internal energy but because she offend him.

On the other hand, this Abbess should show respect to him.

Xiao De sensing the tense atmosphere moved away from the center while the crowd all looked at these two figures.

A young man with a distinctive regal bearing and an Elder of one of the most respected Sect in the martial art world.

The tension is palpable. Everyone knows that the Abbess and the young man both offend each other in their first day.

The Abbess scoffed at the young man thinking that the young man is boasting and does not know to measure his own abilities.

The young man on the other hand, insults the Abbess in front of all of her disciple and peers.

Will there be a fight? Batrisya is still on the Heaven Peak discussing matters with the 4 Immortals so this is the perfect time.

‘What!’ Arial said in a harsh tone to the Abbess.

The Abbess is shocked so does the crowd. But the abbess exercise patience.

‘It seems my initial assessment of you is wrong’ the abbess said.

‘Worrying about the young, I scoffed thinking you are an arrogant man. It seems such notions are unneeded. Who would have thought such a young man to be such an expert?’

Arial look at the Abbess and he seen sincerity on her word. In a way, Arial is not completely faultless in that matter.

He had to admit since his journey in the dragon lands, his temper always flare up. The Abbess has shown him face.

It will be too much disrespect if he does not show her face too. The crowd all curios of Arial words.

Arial then cupped his hand.

‘No. It is not completely Abbess fault. Young as I am, my blood boils fast. I spoke insulting words in a fit of anger.  I will accept Abbess word previously as a reminder for the young generation while I hope that Abbess would accept my words as a speech in anger, nothing worth mentioning or remembering.’

The Abbess smile. It seems this young man has no intention to prolong or take offense on what happen a few days before.

He even gives her face in front of her peers. The Abbess rather makes good relations with such an amazing expert then being enemies with such person.

But of course, if Arial insist on making her life difficult and insulted her again, after she gave him face, even though if she has to use every single remaining resource she has, she will fight him.

Thankfully this can end in a peaceful manner.

‘Then Young hero is a reasonable young man while I am a nagging old woman’ and she laughed.

Arial also laughed. The crowd sense that it seems whatever enmity they have is resolved now that the Abbess is even cracking jokes.

‘Is that Mu Liyun?’ Arial said gesturing to the young woman behind the Abbess. Though Arial notices a girl carrying many bags behind Liyun and have almost the same face like Liyun.

‘Yes, one of my disciple. I hope you will go easy on her if you face her in the next battle.’

‘Don’t say things like that Abbess. She may have some secret or powerful moves that I don’t know. ‘

‘Maybe’ the Abbess grins.

‘We will be in the North side of the Peak. If young hero wanted to discuss some martial art tips with this old woman, please find me in the North side.’

‘I will remember that’ Arial said cupping his hand.

With that the Abbess moved away and with Mu Liyun went away to their cottage. The girl holding the bag is seen following them. A courier? Huh.

‘Hu.That is intense, Young hero Arial.’

‘Just call me Arial, Xiao De. We are not far apart in age are we?’

‘I am ten and eight.’

‘I am ten and nine.’ Arial said.

‘Older Brother Arial then’ he said.

Arial sighed.

‘Fine, if that is how you want to address me.’

‘Sun Moon and Yilin is in the South side. This night if you want to drink some wine please come to our Sun Moon Sect cottage. I brought a lot from the central plains.’

Arial just smile.

‘I will see.’

Then cupping his hand, Xiao De went to join his fellow disciple. Then Arial begin walking around to find a cottage.

He found a comfortable cottage, with one room and a few blankets. Arial chose this as his place.

He then laid his body, looking at the ceiling of the cottage. Today he will rest. Training furiously is not his type of training.

It is training effectively. When the body is tired, doing more will only exacerbate the conditions.

And internal energy training should be done with the calmness of mind, the harmony of body and soul.

Suddenly a voice reverberates around the area. Arial didn’t even bother getting up. He just listens.

Batrisya it seems is announcing the order of battle tomorrow.

‘For the battle in Waterfall Peak, these are the name of the competitor and their school. Sun Mon will face Yilin. Two Bladed Sect will face Shadow Skulker. Ermeishan will face Lishan. All Conquering Sect will be give exemption as it is decided by a draw. This is all.’

‘The battle will commence in two day. Please rest your tired body, enjoying the Waterfall Peak. Until then.’

Then the voice dissipated. There are some chattering outside, encouragement and well wishes exchanged. Arial on the other hand is excited

‘So it seems I will not have any enemies. What luck!’

Two days? What should he do with two days? Maybe he should reconsider the offer that Xiao De told him.

Then from outside Arial could hear a voice announcing something. Arial perked up his ear and concentrate.

‘The Sun Moon Sect is holding a banquet tonight. The participant is invited to come, to deepen the relationship between sect. Any one that is interested can also join’

‘Maybe I’ll go’ Arial muttered. Smiling he close his eyes and take a nap.

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