AOH – Chapter 117

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Arial is in the cave sitting cross legged his body emitting a black aura. Actually Imposing Presence is created after he found out that Enochian blade all have their own distinctive aura of power.

It is because of that he wanted to create Imposing Presence. In a way, it mimics the aura that Enochian blade emitted.

Enochian blade is a miracle sword, a sword beyond human understanding.

It is lucky enough that Arial has seen even a glimpse of the Enochian blade not to mention used it.

To see or even find one of these blade require more than wealth, more than power or strength, it requires luck.

All the great blade is lost in the ravages of time but someday it will surfaces.

After all Enochian blade is reputed to be invincible, could not rust and can cut anything no matter how durable, no matter how you enchant your weapon or armour thus proven by how Arial destroyed the plate of armour  during his fight with Gaveror.

If there is one thing that will exist even after the fall of kingdoms, of nations, of Empire it will be these blade, these metal that created by the First Generation.

And when Arial was enveloped by that area Arial felt it. That energy. That unexplainable energy.

A force. A power force and he was borrowing it, that power, that massive force.

He understands that when the aura is active most attack would be dull by the effect of the aura which is why how with the Enochian blade in his one hand, he could decimate thousands of Orcs.

Right now Arial created technique is four. First is Dragon Roar. It combines Aura based technique.

Dragon Roar main way of employing it is to concentrate internal energy at the throat and the abdomen to release a roar that is comparable to a dragon, a technique stronger than Lion roar.

It will not work if your internal energy is not at high level.

Another of his created technique is Dragon Palm. It combines Palm of Wrath and Dragon Regret.

It is a palm attack that released internal energy as it throw enemies far away and may even broke bones and kills with one strike if used against a weak person of people who have weak constitution.

The third is Imposing Presence. This is one of the hardest techniques for Arial. He barely scratches the surface of the technique and sometimes it frustrates Arial to the point of exhaustion.

But from the insight he gained from Aeri battle, right now his body is emitting the black aura around his body, in a controlled manner, a layer like black aura is formed around his own body.

It could be said by Arial estimation he only mastered only 5 percent of this technique if he have to rate himself.

Then the fourth and last technique he created is Heaven Punishment Style. It combines all swordsmanship technique he learned fusing everything into one style.

Of course, if it any other person they might not have the capabilities.

After all each school have their own way of practicing swordplay with their own secret way of releasing internal energy but Arial who learn from the father of martial art is not restricted by such restriction.

It is no exaggeration to say he could learn all the martial art in the world and can change it to suit him.

Heaven Punishment Style combines Flying Blade technique, Blinding Dance, Slicing Water technique, and Sweeping Star technique.

And now Arial is trying to combine Dark blade, a technique that turns the user to shadowy like figure, by concentrating the internal energy at the ankle and feet and give the user amazing speed.

Arial took a breath and the aura disappears. Today he wanted to create another technique.

All Conquering Finger Technique and All Conquering Lightness skill. All Conquering finger technique. He sighed.

He will try to fuse Sword Finger technique, a technique which involves creating invisible sword and Divine Sword Finger technique, a purer version of Sword finger technique.

He will also try to fuse Light healing finger technique, a healing technique to heal internal energy injury into the body.

For All Conquering Lightness technique he will try to fuse Snake slither the ground, a technique best describe sidestepping as it give time for better positioning.

And of course his fastest lightness skill, the Wind God technique.

And one of the technique he rarely used, Fairy steps, a lightness technique making the user disappears for a while in the eyes of the enemies.

Arial also had the bright ideas to combine an offensive skill, Lion Bite to the lightness technique, surely making it easier for Arial to take enemy weapon while dodging strikes and slashes in the battlefield.

And one fist technique Tiger Dance.

A fist technique that involve distributing internal energy to the fist in the point of contact thus enabling for a moment the user to give  a powerful damage.

Maybe if he lucky with his fight with Nanshan disciple he could learn a few things. Deciding this he close his eyes while the fight between Shadow and Hue Xing draw to a close on the outside, Arial began his training.


Arial open his eyes, sweat on his forehead. It seems trying to fuse the technique is not as easy as he thought but he succeed.

Arial also began understanding the Scape. 1 hour in the real world is equal to 10 hours in there.

Maybe someday when he gained a deeper understanding on the matter of the Scape the time in there, relative to the real world will be more longer, thus makes Arial spend little less time in practicing.

Arial then perked up his ears to hear that the battle has ended. Perfect timing.

‘The battle ended. The winner is Lishan, Bai Daliang.’ Arial could hear Batrisya announcing the winner of the last fight. Arial grin.

That is my sign to get up. Arial began sitting up.

After this it will be his turn. Arial walk outside and quickly he went to the Arena. If he is late the Maidens will come to his cave and asked if he si going to pull out from the Meet.

This is why Arial is not that rushed but still his speed is still not stooping. In a few minutes he reaches the arena and start walking to the arena. Every one made way for him.

‘He is coming.’ Some of the murmuring crowd words enter Arial sensitive ears.

‘Who do you think will win?’ Another say

‘Nanshan, Ren Gui of course.’

‘Who want to bet on this battle?’ some shouted.

‘I bet a gold for Nanshan!’

‘2 gold for Nanshan.’

Then 2 men shouted

‘10 gold for All Conquering Sect.’

‘Liao Ming, Yanghua, why make such unprofitable bet?’ Both of them grin and smile.

‘This will be a lot more interesting.’

The Abbess of Ermeishan only look at Arial, smirking.

‘Is the participant present?’

‘Present’ Arial said.

‘Present’ Ren Gui said.

‘Please enter the arena.’

Arial jumped to the arena. Then Ren Gui also jumped. Instead of exchanging greeting both of them just look at each other.

Batrisya seeing this also felt tense.

‘The last battle for the Stone Peak is Shu Ren Gui from Nanshan and Arial Vermont from All Conquering Sect.  Begin’ she said.

Shu Ren Gui wait for Arial to attack him but Arial sit still and put his left hand behind his back gaining him many gasp from the crowd

‘What is he doing?’ Someone from the crowd said.

‘What are you doing, Arial?’ Ren Gui said astonished.

‘I don’t want people say that I’m bullying someone weaker than me so I give you an advantage. I will only use one hand to fight you.’

‘He is very arrogant’ the Abbess said.

After all Nanshan is a strong sect and their fist technique is top notch even comparing it from the other sect. Arial statement made Ren Gui heart boils with anger.

‘Their power could shake mountains, and their melee attacks are lethal. To underestimate it is an erroneous decision. Their Demon Subduing technique and Iron Fist technique is regarded with reverence in the martial art world.’

The Abbess said giving her opinion outside the arena sitting in her chair, smiling. In her mind, this Arial boy overestimates his abilities.

‘Are you underestimating me?’ Ren Gui screamed

Arial did not reply Ren Gui question. He just stands there waiting, with one hand behind his back.

‘Fine’ Ren Gui shouted.

He dash to Arial using quickly Iron fist, a technique that could even shatter swords and metal with a punch.

Arial used All Conquering lightness skill, stepping lightly only inches away from the punch, the wind could be felt on his cheek while positioning himself on the back of Ren Gui and with one hand he release Dragon Palm and Ren Gui is thrown forward, landing himself face first to the arena ground, blood sputtering from his mouth. Arial is looking at his enemy calmly and without any hint of excitement.

The gasp can be heard.

‘What technique is that?’

All the martial artist open their eyes. The lightness technique and the Palm attack look strangely familiar but also completely different.

Arial understand why it looks familiar but also look similar.

It is because he combines many attacks on this technique which make it similar but he inject his own personal style to make it look different and more powerful.

Even Mu Liyun could understand that Arial technique is not some weak technique. Many of the disciples could not believe that Nanshan Elder Junior is easily subdued.

Shu Ren Gui gets up wiping the blood on his mouth.

‘You have great internal energy.’ He complimented. Arial just smile.

‘Give up Shu Ren Gui. With that last clash, I already know your level. There is no need to fight with me to the teeth. Surrender now, and spare yourself pain.’

‘Ptui’ he spitted a red clump of blood into the arena ground and once again he dashed to Arial. Arial just shakes his head.

Arial move like the wind and he dodge once again Ren Gui attack but Ren Gui is ready this time.

He did a spinning kick with internal energy wave at his feet directed to Arial chest. Arial grins.

With one hand Arial raise his palm and contain with ease Ren Gui energy attack while one could see that Ren Gui spinning kick rips the air.

In that moment Arial push his palm and then the Junior disciple could see the rumoured energy clash and their clash created a sonic boom that make all the junior disciple near the arena to be thrown back a few meter from the arena while the Elders of the sect all look in awe.

The one that always make commentaries during the fight is also slack jawed not believing the spectacle in front of them.

They could not have expected this. Ren Gui they have expected him to reach such mastery. But Arial? Finally their eyes are open.

‘A genius.’

‘A genius’ another muttered

‘All Conquering sect. Is this the All-Conquering sect? Powerful’  Zhu Limu said his mouth could not close.

One day this school will rule the martial art world. Many of the elders are secretly thinking of this. After all, they could see the evidence of the new sect prowess in front of them.

The high level martial artist understands it.

The fact that Arial is one sidedly gaining dominance over Shu Ren Gui and not to mention he is fighting Ren Gui with one hand just shows how much power he really have if he decide to fight seriously.

The Abbess gulped.

That kind of internal energy when they clashed that is almost comparable to half of her internal energy.

What is the true limit for Arial Vermont if he fights diligently? On the stage, Ren Gui coughing blood again.

Ren Gui understand that this young man in front of him is stronger than him. One palm attack from him and his rib is already broken.

With all strengthening training he has done, to break his bones is not an easy thing to do. Not to mention Arial have shown him mercy.

Arial could have broken his spine when he executed the Dragon Palm but he did not. But Ren Gui also could not just give up.

There is no shame in giving up when fighting with such opponent but even Ren Gui has his pride.

But he admits it deep in his heart. This young man in front of him is an expert exponent. Even if he give up now, the martial art community will not blame him neither would his teacher mock him.

When he first met this person name Arial, Ren Gui felt an aversive attitude towards him. That is mostly because he shows no respect.

One that could not measure his own ability he thought. After all, Arial in Ren Gui eyes is young.

And he dares boast himself as a founder of a school. And dare to lie that he didn’t have any teacher.

But now? Now, Ren Gui felt an excitement. To fight with an expert.

‘Enough of this!’  Arial said to the amazement of the crowd.

‘Where did he come from?’ The abbes asked.

‘True, where did such expert come from?’ The Elder of Wuhao Sect said.

‘Expert, teacher?’

‘Yes. That boy is an expert. His technique is…..unique if I have to give my opinion.’

‘Who is your teacher?’ the Abbess said, screaming from Arial back. Arial didn’t even turn back to answer

‘I already said, no one teaches me. Are you all really deaf? I taught myself’ and this time the crowd look him with disbelief and awe.

Some believe him. Some disregard it, saying that the young man have an arrogant attitude usually exhibited in an expert exponent.

After all, if he really did teach himself….this means he must be a genius. And a terrifying existence.

In a way, he did not lie. He never has a teacher. He thinks all of his technique, style, all by himself, finding solution by himself.

Then Ren Gui once again dash to punch Arial this time putting 100 percent full power in his fist, determine to kill Arial while Arial calmly sitting waiting Ren Gui fist to come to him.

The moment it almost reached Arial Imposing Presence is activated, a sphere like layer is formed, one that only Arial could see, slowing down Ren Gui attack in the eyes of Arial.

To everybody else, all they could see is the approaching fist to Arial face.

Arial knows that this state will only last for 5 seconds, he mused, after all he did not yet proficient in this technique he created but as long as the attack is in his sphere of influence, one that he decided to call the sphere, everything is slowed.

Seeing the attack precisely, so he did a circular motion with his hand, caught Shu Ren Gui wrist and with a twist the sound of Ren Gui screaming and the broken bones can be heard.

The tree behind Arial felt the force released by Ren Gui and explode to a thousand pieces raining bark and leaves all around the vicinity of the arena.

If that attack reach to Arial even Arial will be injured hardly. The other sect marvel of the force both of these competitors has shown.

If Ren Gui match was somebody else and he used that attack one could ascertain that their disciple would be dead right at the spot.

But unfortunately for Ren Gui, his match was this mysterious exponent that come out of nowhere, with weird technique and massive internal energy.

Even Ren Gui kneels because of the pain in his arms and hand while Arial is still holding Ren Gui wrist.

‘I admire your tenacity but a man needs to know when to stop.’

Shu Ren Gui, kneeling, his eyes is still glaring at Arial. Arial found a deep respect for such person.

‘Let me end it for you. ‘

Arial said and with one twist Ren Gui got up like some force pushing him upward from his knee, standing in front of Arial, wincing in pain, because of the internal energy force that Arial employed.

Then with a light palm strike, Arial struck Ren Gui chest, putting Ren Gui in an unconscious state.

All around them the crowd looks with amazed eyes.

‘An expert’ they are all thinking.

The gasp, the awe, the open eyes, the disbelief could be seen in all of their faces and it all dawn to them, looking at this man domineering personality.

‘A dragon.’

The battle has been decided.

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