AOH – Chapter 105

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The ground shook as the horde of Bor is approaching. Arial know there is no need for long speech so he just yell


The Orc echoed the cheer


Bor Orc horde moved in a disciple formation, marching with spears. The Legion of Leaf is put under Velamina orders. Arial has to acknowledge that the Legion of Lef is proficient in magic, healing and destructive magic.

Arial found out that Velamina knew some of the members of the Legions so he put them under Velamina.

And it seems they don’t have any complaints or dissatisfaction so Arial deemed it a wise choice on his part.

It is better they fought alongside someone they know.

‘TIGHTEN YOUR FORMATION!’ Arial yelled and the Orc obey. They have seen Arial prowess. And they respect his strength.

Everyone under him is loyal to him. Instead of fearing the large army of Bor they put their faith in their reliable commander.

No fear! No fear! Kill and win! There will be no retreating!

This is what Arial always said on the barrack. Anyone who he catches running from the battlefield will be struck by his sword and no one wants that.

There is no fear, only honour in their heart.

They believed they would surely gain an entrance to the Great Feast of the Horned God if they die in this battle.

There is nothing to be regretted about. Orcs live. Orcs die. And nature soothe. Such is the way of the Orcs.

The Horde keeps marching. Arial on the other hand is grinning.

‘LET US GO INTO BATTLE’ Arial yelled as he swing his glaive, pointing it at the horde.

‘SPEAR DIVISON’ and from the walls a million spear is thrown out to the horde. Hundred thousand either die or injured.

Then the arrow division of Bor loose their arrows and one of Arial Ratarai remarked looking at the amount of arrows

‘It…blotted the sun’ the Orc said trembling.

Arial smile and said, yelling


‘TORTOISE’ he then ordered as the arrow is coming down to rain down on his troops.

Arial on the other hand just blow all the arrow around him using his Dragon Palm with his left hand and the arrow all deflected by the internal energy barrier.

They are approaching the Horde and after they arrived at a considerable distance, and enduring spear throwing, barrage of arrows, Arial yelled to his men, to rally them to prepare to engage the enemy.

This is it as Arial troop is nearing the Horde.

‘CHARGE’ he yelled after he decided this is the time to attack. They collided with the massive spearmen.

Arial glaive obliterated the first line. While his troops are being stabbed by the spears and slash by blades and swords.

Once again Arial is rampaging to create an opening for his troops and this creates a panic on the enemy side.

The enemy is already overwhelmed enough trying to stop the advance of Arial division when another shock come to them.

None could compare when from the South Gate about a hundred thousand of Koer forces joined Arial battle and began Arial formation of rolling up the line.

‘STRENGHTEN THE RIGHT FLANK’ Arial yelled while slashing the Orcs.

Rolling up the line is Arial usual formation when he is in a war.

The strength of the army is concentrated on the right flank which the cavalry division would attempt to break the enemy left flank.

When the left flank is open, the cavalry can attack from the rear.

Velamina on the other hand is fighting on the east side of the battlefield with another division led by Haer Bor.

The sky run black around that area and then thunder can be heard attacking Bor horde. She has started, Arial mused.

Arial finally knows why High Elf is very valued in the Dark Land.

This is one of Velamina weather manipulation magic. It attacks the enemy of the caster with lightning from the sky.

The only limits is the caster strength and mana. And since High Elf has infinite reserve of mana, the only limit is Velamina strength

‘CONCENTRATE THE ATTACK’ Arial ordered and the Orc once again reform the scattered lines and focus their attack.

He is a part of the infantry division this time, so he decided to weaken the center so that the left flank have no choice but to strengthen the center.

The cavalry is led by Fera and Arial acknowledge Fera ability as a leader. Legion of Leaf on Velamina side is using healing magic and attacking magic on the Orcs.

The attacking and the battle grew longer.

A stalemate in the battlefield while Arial and Velamina is advancing their troops and Koer is in the rear to make sure if the front line fails he can prevent the enemies from breaching the forts.

Arial and Velamina does not just have to contend with enemies attack but also the barrage of arrows from the fortress that every a few minutes would launches themselves killing enemies and comrade alike.

Though Arial and Velamina troop is safe.

He has ordered the archer division to shoot every 2 minutes and so every two minutes his troop would put up Tortoise formation so not many died under friendly fire.

Then one of Bor Orc horde tried to charge and open Arial line.

‘STONEWALL’ Arial order.

Quickly the Orc maneuver themselves into the formation and the enemies only collide with a strong defending formation and the charge is then repelled easily as Arial troops stabbed around the slits of the shields with spears.

Arial is satisfied with the flexibility of the Orcs in this battle.

‘ATTACK HARDER. WE HAVE SUPERIOR NUMBER!’ Bor is heard yelling and then the attack intensified.

Arial scoffed. If you think numbers win you a war then you are mistaken. It is merely a factor not the cause.

‘REFORM THE LINES!’ Arial order and they reform the lines.

‘WEDGE FORMATION’ Arial yelled.

‘THE LINE NEED TO BE PIERCE’ Arial in on the front ordering his troop in the back, while he rushed to the Bor Orc horde and smashes into the center of the battle.

Once there, he began swinging his glaive and carnage ensues. Limbs are flying around and heads is rolling.

Sounds of yelling and screaming of pain filled the battlefield as Arial troop behind him follow their commander bravely into the heat of battle.

They began hacking the remaining Orc and by the hour the lines are thinned and Arial could see Bor is standing on horseback ordering his troops.

But quickly the lines are reinforced again.

Fera cavalry on the other hand has manage to destroy the left flank but Arial quickly order them back behind the wedge formation.

From what he could see and sense, to attack it from the rear right now would decimate his cavalry.

He must not rush.

He will wait for Velamina to finish her enemies and rejoin with the Legion. Then he can strike a decisive blow for Koer into Bor forces.

This is a large scale battle unprecedented in Arial experience and he need to watch everything with calmness.

Just rushing and killing all the front line will not work in such battle. He needs an advantage.

The arrows is still shooting.

Thousands of Orcs corpse is lying around on the battlefield, some trampled by the cavalry and the green grass is all red.

Corpses fill with arrows is a common view in the battlefield but this is different. Mountain of corpse is left on Arial wake.

And Arial can afford to remain calm.

The initial shock of seeing that our umbers is more than Bor expected must have make him issues his order slower thus making us able to push them instead of us being pushed.

Then suddenly from the sky the enemy yelled

‘WHAT IS THAT?’ while pointing at the sky.

A large stone with fire all around it drop from the skies and a massive explosion happen in the middle of the battle with hundreds of Orcs thrown away, while some is crushed under the weight of that stone and the unlucky ones are burned as the fire envelops around the field.

Arial infantry and cavalry have already retreated before the stone comes. Siege weapons, mangonels and firestone are all Arial ideas.

The fire spreads and all Arial troops could hear is the screaming of those begging to save from the heat of the fire.

Asteros fire. It is hard to extinguish it.

It has been hours since the battle started. Velamina on horseback with her cavalry divisions and the Legion have managed to disperse the second division of the Orc and begun strengthening Arial centre behind him.

Then one messenger came under the heavy attack by the siege weapons and the arrows. The messenger came from the front so this means he have important news from Arial.

‘Orders from Dawarai Arial’ the messenger said and the missive is given to Velamina. She opens it, read it, and she nodded.

Then she orders her troops to stand back.

She closed her eyes and feels the wind and suddenly on the clear sky around the area, the blue sky turned dark and then BOOM! Thunder is rumbling.

Arial yelled to his troops


They stepped back their eyes did not leave the enemy troops and then suddenly lightning begins to dance in the battlefield striking thousands of Bor Orcs and rain begin trickling down, and the wind become more heavier.

For about 5 minutes the battlefield is attacked by lightning and when they stopped the rain and the wind persevere and Arial quickly charged again at the weary Orc horde.

‘KILL THEM ALL!’ He yelled

On the muddy terrain, the sound of fighting, axes clashing, shields clanging can be heard. All around there is fighting.

Velamina rest while being protected by the Legion who focused on healing her fatigue.

While her reserve of mana is limitless her body feels the draining of mana and if the body is not strong, she could not last long.

But to use the same moves in one day is a testament of how she trained her body.

All the while the Legion is hurling fire magic and sharp small knife at the Orc hitting them at their vital arteries and veins, killing them instantly.

There is a reason why the Legion of Leaf is one of the Capital great forces.

It was like fireworks of fire magic and flying knives and dagger. And the Legion moves like the shadow appearing the most unexpected places and strike a blow at the Orc while protecting Velamina.

Arial finally can let loose.

With a roar he entered the field of fire and handed his fury. No one is spared by his relentless slashing and his speed in killing that quickly spreads fear and chaos.

The lines of the Orc horde is crumbling and seeing the opportunity Arial order his troop to charge.

The siege weapon barrage of stone fire is stopped and so is the arrow attack. SO now the battle will be decided on the infantry and the cavalry.

Koer in the back also began to move bringing his fast cavalry to try encircling the now thinning horde of Bor horde.

Arial rampaging on the battlefield helps the focus to remain on him. Arial planned this by himself.

Instead of him becoming the center of the battle he is the bait.

The Orc Generals are all angry at him for deceiving them in the Valley, and Arial used that anger to keep the focus on him, insulting the enemy general intelligence.

Every time Arial swing his glaive, the Orcs lost their lives. Even though they attacked Arial in group they still lose.

He is unstoppable. And his Orc troops behind him is making sure no one escape the area around their commander.

It is a vortex of killing. It was by all intent and purpose a massacre. From the beginning of the battle until now, Arial has killed about 10 thousand Orc by his own hands.

‘FOCUS!’ He yelled and his troop marched as they broke the lines, their target is the Orc Bor.

Kill him and the battle ends. It is a thrilling battle for Arial.

Fires everywhere, explosion, thousands of arrows and corpse on the ground, the sound of battle everywhere.

And once again he felt it.

Like the whole world falls away and he is once again in that state of pure clarity of perfect awareness of everything around him and his speed then becomes like lightning, his strike shakes the ground and his force alone is enough to bring the Orc to knees.

Then without realizing it he has obliterate almost everyone on Bor division and he stand looking at the shocked face of Bor, the Orc hand trembling, his eyes wavering.

‘Hero Arial’ he said.

By now, the story of Arial exploits in the Orc land is famous. The hero that fell fortress and an avenger in the battlefield.

Thinking that surely Arial would not penetrate the line of defense, Bor is confident that human is unlikely to be so strong.

But seeing Arial hacking his subordinates like paper and in such calm manner and stable disposition only increase Bor fear.

And now he is face to face with the famous human that help Koer and he realizes this human is not a normal human.

This human eye has a hint of red and he could swear that when Arial is fighting the horde Bor could see a silhouette of a dragon behind him.

The Orc troop behind Arial is all ready to charge and kill the leader of their enemies but Arial hold his hand and then he yelled

‘FAES BOR! MY STRENGTH AGAINST YOURS! VICTOR TAKES ALL! NOT ANOTHER ORC WILL DIE. WHAT SAY YOU!’ he yelled in front of Bor and the battlefield stood frozen.

Arial forgot.

Orc is not like human. There is no need to kill all of the Orc forces. They submit to strength.

And Faes is not in a position to refuse. Whether he fights Arial and win, or denies Arial and then get pummeled to death by the Arial army

‘I ACCEPT!’ he yelled and Arial jump and swing his glaive in midair and the force alone is enough to push Faes back even though Faes uses his shield.

And then a few seconds later, the shield crumbled and shattered.

‘Monstrous strength!’ Faes remarked. His heart is beating furiously and his right hand is shaking.

‘You’re not that strong are you?’ Arial asked and then in one second he is in front of Faes, his glaive is already on Faes neck.

‘Any last word?’


‘Too slow’ and with one swing Bor head fly into the air and roll along the muddy battlefield , his body fall to the ground and then the cheers came while the enemies all kneeled.

Arial intention of becoming bait failed. Instead he took the entire spotlight without meaning to.

So end the War of the Clans.

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