AOH – Chapter 103

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The troops arrived at dawn as the sun is rising. The Fortress is magnificent almost like a human castle.

The fortress before this does not compare.

Most of the Fortress is mud brick while this…..this is like a castle of human continent. So much that Arial believe that a human constructed this.

Could it be some forces in human continent is helping these Orcs? He shakes his head. Impossible.

But is it? It has almost a year since the trade routes are open.

Who am I to say that no other human Kingdom is envious of Arrandy position as the sole trading partner of Anvali?

One problem at a time he reminded himself. There is no need to make assumption without all the facts.

This is the decisive battle to decide whether we have to retreat back north or we can proceed to south and to Bor stronghold.

If they retreat, such chance will only present itself in years to come. All the forces of Bor is in the fortress while Vor entire forces will arrive a bit late.

We as the font line force can either wait for Vor to come or attack the fortress. All orders are under me.

Right now Arial have 17 thousand troops including the support division. He looks at the Fortress.

Velamina is beside him.

‘We will enter battle, Arial? Or wait?’

On the distance the yellow sun is rising even higher. Arial close his eyes and thens lowly opens I, like he is taking the moment in.

Then he said

‘Feel the wind roaring on the plains, Velamina. Look at the clear blue sky. Look at the green pasture in front of you. I’m going to color the green pasture red, fill the roaring wind with screams of pain and shouting of battle.’

The cold dawn is now replaced with the heat of the sun rising.

‘TODAY IS A GOOD DAY FOR ANOTHER ORC TO DIE!’ He roared and the Orc troops behind him roared with him creating a sound of solidarity and invites fear on their enemies looking at their cooperation and unity.

Arial then look at the fortress in front of him.

A hundred meter high wall, which looked impregnable. But Arial has truly seen a Wall higher than this.

The Bleeding Wall is what Arial would describe as impregnable. On the slit around the wall of the fortress is Orc holding a spear no doubt wanting to spear us.

There is also some of them holding a big bow and waiting for us to charge the fortress. Barrage of arrows will greet them, and thousands of Orcs will die Arial mused.

It’s not like he is afraid of the arrows but he could not attack without knowing how many Orcs  is waiting on them on the other side.

At least with his number now he couldn’t hope a full victory. He does not want a pyrrhic victory.

He has 17 thousand troops but if rumour is to be believed they have about 150 thousand orcs behind that Fortress as they could always supply their army with the soldiers waiting on the settlement passes the fortress.

‘How will we break it?’ Velamina ask.

‘It is good to be confident and all that, but in the end, result is the only thing that matters Arial. You know that. These Orcs believe in you. Charge blindly and it’s like throwing fodder for the Bor Orc to eat.’

Then a cheer from the back.

‘What is happening?’ Arial ask.

‘I don’t know’  Velamina answer. A messenger quickly informs Arial.

‘Good news’ Arial said clearly delighted after reading the missive.

‘In a couple of hours the main forces of Vor will join us.’

‘So, will you wait for them?’

‘No, we will attack’ Arial said, looking once again at that fortress.

In a couple of hours this place will be a battlefield filled with Orcs corpse.

‘BRING ME MY GLAIVE!’ he shouted and quickly from the back the ten men, whose sole job is to bring the glaive come bringing the glaive with apparent difficulty.

When it reaches Arial, he grabbed the large glaive, he stomped the glaive on the ground and the ground shakes around him.

He puff out his chest and look again at the fortress this time, sure of his win. He raised his glaive and roar.

Roar of the dragons and some of the enemies Orc Archers shrinked. The plains reverberated with his roar.

Even Koer Vor from such distance could hear the roar even asking his advisors whether there is a dragon in the vicinity.

Velamina noticed as days are passing, Arial exhibit certain characteristic of a dragon.

He is strong before this, Velamina did not deny, but nowadays it is almost like he is entering a new level of power that even Velamina could not understand.

Velamina noticed that no matter how many hours of fighting Arial is rarely could be seen sweating or panting.

And his Dragon Roar technique which is loud and disrupts enemies become eerily similar like a real dragon, that reminds Velamina of Gaveror roars.

His roar is then echoed by his troop fearing that their leader would roar at them for not following him and the plains is filled with their shouts.

The ground started to shake under their feet, a feverous roar that infect everyone and instill fear in the heart of their enemies.

Then Arial swing his glaive and pointed it at the Fortress.


And then with one yell, the Orc troops stormed the fortress.

With discipline march they all reached around the wall simultaneously. The Orc archers responded by releasing thousands of arrows that one might say that it covers the sun.

‘TORTOISE!’ Arial yelled and they all employ the formation, as the arrow is deflected by the shield.

The ground is littered by thousands of arrows. From the top Arial could hear.

‘Fire Arrows.’

They’re switching.

Arial look at his Orc army. Hundreds died in the first volley ad this time many more would die.

They have to press on.

‘KEEP MOVING’ Arial yelled and the Orc charges again

Velamina on the other hand, recognized that the Orcs have prepared trap as they are nearing the fortress.

‘Watch for the traps!’ She yelled.

Combined with the traps and the fire arrows, thousands die, some from the fire some from the barrage of arrows.

There is one Orc Velamina saw during the marching with 100 and more arrows lodged in his body, lying on the battlefield burning.

Arial on the other hand jump instinctively when he encounter the traps and deflect every arrow with his glaive and Velamina could see that Arial is enjoying this fight.

And even if some arrow managed to strike him, the dragon scale armour is too strong for the arrow to do any real damage.

Velamina know that most of the Orcs here has come for revenge. For vengeance against the Bor clan.

Some come because of their King order. Some come because they are forced after losing to Arial.

But Arial plan worked.

It might seem heartless but most that died in the first volley is the 7000 thousand troops they acquire from Fortress Serif.

Velamina could see that while Arial would hesitate to sacrifice his troop that is loyal to him, he has no qualms of sacrificing troops that used to be his enemies.

He has no mercy to his enemy but unbounded generosity and affection to those who are loyal to him.

Now behind them, Arial main troops began running with vengeance in their hearts to the fortress wall.

Orc Sewa who is in charge of the Archer Division began shouting orders to start shooting.


Some were throwing their axes but since the walls are high it rarely impeded the archers on the wall.

‘STAIRS. PUT THE STAIRS UP! HURRY!’ Arial yelled again, as they began climbing the wall.

When one of them fall because of the arrows or spears, another will take their place and in the end they manage to put one long stairs on one end of the wall.


‘CLIMB FASTER!’ Some Oc yelled.

Some will wait on the plains maintaining their Tortoise formation, and marching using the same formation.

They began climbing.

Some of them were speared and fell off, some were shoot by arrows and die to their death, splashing on the hard ground, leaving red stains on the plains.

But when one reaches the top, quickly fierce fights erupted high on the walls.

Arial now making sure the rear division began catching up and after he is sure of that, he began using Dragon Heaven Step technique.

He run to the walls and run vertically on the walls, like his feet is walking on solid ground, leisurely and gasping sound from allies and foes alike could be heard.

‘What is that?’

‘Is he…flying?’

Some of the enemies watch in awe as Arial scales the wall not using the stairs but instead using his own two legs, like he is stepping on the wind and freely avoiding the spears and spear while running to the top using the wind.

It was like he is stepping on an invisible stairwell to the top of the wall and when he reached the top he jumped at the wall and swings his large glaive.

12 archers were cut waist down by one slash of Arial swings, and the top wall in the north side shakes because of his internal energy.

‘ATTACK!’ Arial yelled as he began attacking any Orc he sees.

Velamina on the bottom are trying to enter by east tower and while the Orc is concentrating on the north side, quickly Velamina seized this opportunity and raise her stairs and climb it with her army and quickly they gained a foothold of the east side.

But she need to maintain that position or risked certain death.

Everywhere is full of sounds of fighting, yelling and screaming, blood flowing, and skins and flesh cut.

Orcs is dying in thousands, fighting against each other.

Arial do not know anymore. He just slices anyone on his way.

He is running around the top wall slicing the incoming Orc while his troop runs to the west side of the tower to help the other division to climb the fortress.

After all looking at their commander, he seem to be in control of the north side so a Ratarai command a 100 Orc to go to the west side to gain a foothold there.

Orcs were pushing ahead and climbing up walls under constant barrage of arrows from the enemy while throwing war axes and their spears only to retrieve back when they arrived at the top and took back their axes from the lying corpse of Bor Orcs.

Even though it looks like Arial has no plan it is only because he is confident of his own strength.

Nothing stops him.

For the first time, he felt such power inside him and truly anyone who knows his story would say he was like a dragon, devouring everyone on his way.

Some could even see a shadow of dragon when Arial is storming hundreds of Orcs in the wall while head is rolling down the stairs of the wall with each swing of Arial glaive.

Even though Bor Orcs have such advantage, defending a fortified fortress with plenty of arrows and troops and in spite of Arial troops is not fully on the fortress, these advantages is null when faced with Arial.

Truly he has become a dragon Velamina thought. Even though she is on the east side, she could hear the screaming and yelling.



‘HE IS THE HORNED WARRIOR’ Such yells and scream can be heard from the north side. Only one would elicit such fear and that will be Arial.

The advantage in number did not overwhelm Arial.

How could it? One swing and 100 died. In a large area, if Arial go full power, maybe a thousand.

But here in the wall his movement is restricted so with each swing 10 of the archers died while reinforcement from the ground of the fortress begins their way up to push Arial troops from the wall.

Many of them guarded the front door, ready, if Arial troop decide to open the door from inside.

Thousands are dying and the wall is painted red with blood of Orcs. Some in the west side is experiencing difficulties as the battle is going terrible.

Without their formidable leader they are easily killed.

Right now the west tower wall is breached and also the other.

The fighting in the west and the east tower is fierce with Velamina wanting to hold her position in the east while the Ratarai is trying to gain a foothold in the west tower.

There is still 7 thousand troops in front of the fortress waiting for reinforcement or the gates to open.

Then unbeknown to Arial an ambush division of Bor stormed the rest 7 thousand on the plains from the forest and with their cavalry they slashed down the unprepared Orcs on the Plains and like Arial predicted, Orcs blood flowed on the green pasture.

What he didn’t expect it was his own men.

But at the time Arial is still fighting on top of the North tower wall, still slicing and slashing.

Velamina on the other hand notice this but she could not leave her troops position and help the decimated troops in the Plains.

She had to leave them to their fates. At least some of them will survive she thought to herself.

‘PRESS YOUR ATTACK.’ Velamina priority right now is securing the east tower before trying to go down and open the front gate for the main force of Vor.

Arial bathed in Orc blood that day, and his troop behind him could swear his eye turned red as he plowed his way.

After the troops stop coming to the north side, Arial began realizing the situation in the plains.

‘WHAT!’ Arial spit on the ground. 7 thousand troops lost their lives because he is late. Arial is eager to open the gate now, more furious than ever.

He forgot.

He might be strong but his troops are not as strong as him. He then orders his troop to help the eastern side while he will engage the ground forces of the Fortress.

‘Larenas Arial, you are alone?’

‘I will manage’ he said and then with that he jumped from the wall, hundred meters from the air and he landed with a thunderous sound.

The ground shakes and produce a crater.

Surrounding him is thousands of Orcs that even he could not estimate how many. He grinned.

‘COME!’ He yelled.

And he began swinging his glaive and this is where his power shines. His strikes kill hundreds of Oc with one swing.

Truly a scene of a hero.

One against thousands of Orcs.

‘Whether he is stupid or he is really confident’ some Orc remarked.

But Velamina know he is neither stupid nor weak. She believes if a man can hold his own fighting a dragon, fighting thousands of Orcs is not out of the question.

Arial truly enjoying the fight and no matter how many Orcs tried to stop his rampage none could even approach him with the glaive swinging like a storm around him.

All people could see is blood spurting around the path he walked; all they could hear is the screams and pleading, all they could smell was death.

This increase the Orcs morale in the wall seeing their Commander fighting so ferociously and by now the Eastern wall tower is all but taken by Velamina troops and now with purpose they began focusing on the South side.

With the east side secured the survivors of the 7000 thousand troops which numbered 1500 troops quickly climbed the east wall hoping they would be spared by the attack of the Orc cavalry in the plains.

They rejoined Velamina troops in the South side and began a battle on the wall to take it from Bor Orcs.

Velamina speed and her acumen on determining the weak points and her ability to fight in crowded area really shines on this battle.

She slide around jumping and stabbing, and pinpoint exactly who is the leader. With her thunder magic she harnesses the power of the sky and decimated her enemies.

Orcs armies could hear the sound of thunder every time Velamina swing her blade. This is her ability as a High Elf.

With almost an infinite reserve of mana, this is why they are revered and feared, an equal of Kings and Queens.

While she cared about Arial intention of bridging peace she didn’t mind hiding behind her troops to avoid injuries.

Arial inspires loyalty which is why Orcs follow him.

He is heroic, self-sacrificing, and fight for the greater good, putting his comrade suffering before himself, the perfect honourable commander but the reason for following Velamina is different.

She is smart, cunning and her methods are usually dirty and she doesn’t mind fighting dirty but in the end she always has the best result.

This is not saying that Arial is not capable of devising military strategies but sometimes his heart get the best of him.

Many of Orcs are wounded and weary. Arial on the ground is still slicing but he could not keep up this forever.

And then his acute sense heard the beating of hooves, the horns, and the gongs. The main force is approaching.

Arial could hear how they are engaging with the enemy cavalry outside, attacking the cavalry that killed his forces in the Plains.

Arial did not notice it but it has been hours since they began fighting and the main force is already near the fortress.


Arial yelled

‘Heaven Punishment Style’ as he stuck his glaive on the ground and unsheathes his Enochian blade and sliding around the Orcs while slicing their throats and in no time he arrived in front of the gate.

Before the Orc could stop him he employed Dragon Palm and that large wooden gate explodes leaving a big hole in the bottom that could fit for a cavalry.

From a distance Koer could see Arial. Then Arial nodded. And Koer understands.

‘LET US RIDE TO VICTORY!’ Koer yelled and his strong cavalry storm the front gate without any hindrance, no barrage of arrows or fierce attack that Arial and his troop experience.

This is mostly because of Arial effort on eradicating those archers and the attackers in the ground.

Most of the ground Orcs caught unprepared and got trampled by the cavalry division and stabbed by the Spear division.

In the wall, they cheer, screaming in excitement as the enemy Orcs in the wall, lost their morale and easily defeated.

Some on the wall even surrendered.

Arial has already joined the battle in the ground, no fatigue at all after hours of swinging that big glaive.

Before his eyes were red but now around his body an aura of blackness envelopes him. With red eyes and black aura he looks like Demons Of Old.

And the battle begins anew.

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