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He once again walk back, his body aching in hundreds of places.  Every once in a while he winces in pain.

If Aero has his sword he wouldn’t be beaten this badly. That is what he said to himself  It has been a week since he and Deria tries to overpower the Cerberus.

At first Aero thought he could do some of his earlier trick. Believing that this dog is just like any other dog, Aero tries to play catch with him.

They both constructed a ball from clothes they got from the warrior that tries to kill Deria and threw it at the dog.

Instead of bringing it back to them like any normal dog would, the head on the right open its mouth and fire so bright shot out and the ball turns to ashes.

Then they tried to bind the dog when they were asleep only to be noticed by the middle head in which they almost die because of the disease the right head inflicted him.

If not for the ambrosia he would already succumbed to the sickness.

Aero still remembers it.

After inhaling the gas that shot out from the right head, he coughed blood and blood spurt out from his eyes and ears.

If not for Deria timely assistance he would already be dead. Aero also could not thank the Goddess enough for allowing Deria to follow him.

Aero thought Deria is only talented in fighting but he is something more. Maybe because of his divine ancestry, he is immune to fire.

The first time they fought the Cerberus and the Cerberus blow fire towards Deria, Aero thought Deria would be charred soul.

But what surprises Aero the only thing that happens to him is the loss of his clothes.

Then Aero tries to use Deria as a shield from the fire only to be inflicted with disease by the right head.

Deria is not affected by the sickness. Why? Because as Deria explains to him, Deria is from the Field of Asphodel.

The punishment for disease is not for the inhabitants of Asphodel so it doesn’t have effect on him.

This is an impossible quest. Sometimes these fleeting thought entered Aero mind.

Capture the dog? I couldn’t even reach the dog.

The raven is also no help. It seems scared here.

And Aero don’t blame the raven. Athena said the raven could talk, but he guess the raven is too scared here to talk.

He hope when he reached the upper land he could use the skill that he got after acquiring the raven.

Seeing Eye [1] Beginner
Ability to see events through the Black raven eyes. Could also fetch you supplies. Enables you to look farther than before. Your visibility at night also increases. As proficiencies increase new abilities may be unlocked.
Mana consumption: 400 mana for 10 minutes.


“No luck,huh?” Deria asked after the latest attempt Aero did doesn’t bear fruit. Aero sat on the wooden bench outside the hut as Deria prepares him the ambrosia.

“Yeah, no luck” Aero reply weakly as he quickly gulped the ambrosia and his injury miraculously disappeared.

Today, Deria did not follow him since he was trying to try a new strategy. But it still didn’t work.

Looking at Deria he felt envious. Even Deria is stronger than him.

Aero got stronger through war.

By leading an army or strategize a battle the gain of his experiences is hundredfold faster than any other player.

This is why Aero rarely hunts as he is focused on getting quest that enables him to lead men into battle.

Since he is a noble personage in Vanheim, to lead an army is a simple matter for him.

He should have participated in a few battle in Vetten to raise his level before he sail the seas.

He began regretting his decision to come to Asgaro. Then Aero started speaking unleashing all his pent up feeling.

“If only I am invincible this would be a cinch. I mean Athena expects too much of me, don’t you think Deria? I’m not the type that faces threats directly. I’m the one that hides in the shadows and wait for the opportune moment to strike.’

He sighed.

‘Facing head on with only strength is not my character. Zeus of The North maybe. But me? I’m content of becoming the planner, the schemer. I’m the spider that is on the walls, listening. I am the snakes that slithers and swallow my opponent. This quest is not for me” Aero rant and complain.

Aero is really frustrated. Usually any quest has a hole. Something that he could take advantage of.

Like the Firewolf or George return to power.

He didn’t even battle anyone to achieve both of that. Even when he was in the war, he relies on strategies and trickery and diplomatic solution.

Of course he does battle when he needs to but it is usually after he has strategize his moves.

His plan is always calculated. But this time there is no other way.

He had to face this dog directly. A dog that spits fire, disease, and a middle head that doesn’t sleep.

But if he faces the dog he would die. The ambrosia is also about to run out.

“Invincible, you say?” Deria face lights up. He seems to remember something

“Yeah, do you know any way?” said Aero sarcastically.

“There is one” he said while scratching his head. Hearing this Aero was shocked.

“What? There is? Why didn’t you tell me?” Aero almost shouts at Deria.

Then Deria told Aero a legend. That if any mortal survives bathing the River Styx their bodies would be invincible.

Grinning, Aero quickly said

“Let’s go then”

Aero was already started ready to get up but then—

“But you could not do it with me”

“What do you mean?”

“You see, if you hurl yourself to river Styx without anyone holding you, your flesh will melt and there will be nothing left of you”

“I have you”

‘I could not, because I too would share the same fate as you. Only those that have divine blood could” Deria explained

“Don’t you have divine blood?” Aero asked puzzled

“Yes, but what I’m talking about is divine blood from the Eternal Father. Titans, Giants, Nymph or the Gods. Those guys”

Aero slumped.

Athena could not come down here directly. Hades would certainly not be happy someone is dipping on one of his river.

“So, what now?” Aero asked listlessly


“But what?” It seems Deria got an idea

“Thetis. Yes. Thetis.”  Deria said.

“What do you mean?”

“You see there is a sea nymph that is imprisoned here by Hera because she has an affair with Zeus a long time ago. He is guarded by a swordsman that is said during his lifetime never lost a battle. She is imprisoned in Asphodel so far from my hut but I used to go there sometimes just to challenge the swordsman. And I never won”

“A swordsman, you say?”

Now this is a familiar territory.

If he is a swordsman, he is a person. And if there is anything Aero knows about person, there is always a weakness that you can exploit.

Finally, Aero said.

“I will challenge this swordsman” Aero declared.

“Are you sure? He is really good” said Deria worried.

He knows how skillful the swordsman is.

“Don’t worry about me. Just shows the way”

So they packed their back and started going back to Asphodel. For now River Acheron will have to endure Cerberus.

Just you wait you disrespectful dog. I will beat some sense into you.


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