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It has been a week in the Underworld. He even log off a few times and rest up before entering again.

Aero doesn’t know anything that happens in the land of the living.

Sometimes he logged out just to see updates in the Continent. When he logged out he also edited the video he has of his meeting with Poseidon and Athena.

This will be big.

He has also sent parts of the video to the station. They were overjoyed and surprised.

And not before long they were asking for the full video. Aero then explain he could not show all the video yet.

Of course, Aero said to them not to air the video yet.

In other news, his payment for the video calculating the rating and view has made him quite rich.

At least, for a college dropout.

He got 20 thousand dollars for the video. He underestimated his own popularity in the game

And the station reaps millions from advertisement deals.

He tell this to his mother to say not to worry about the medical treatment expenses anymore only to be told from his mother to save that money in my account.

‘Mothers will be mothers’

It seems an organization has scouted his mother for their company and has offered to pay for his mother expenses.

Of course he asked whether his mother can work without putting pressure on her health but she said she can do it.

And this got Daniel to think about his current objective.

SO, right now, his main motivation for playing the game has disappeared. He first played the game to pay for his mother treatment, but that seems to be settled.

After a few hours of thinking and after taking a hot shower, he decided that he would play the game as a job.

A full time gamer

‘I mean getting 20 thousand dollars for one video? Now that’s a good bargain’ He thought to himself.

He also met Michael and discuss about the game with him and his decision.

Michael was shocked to know he also play the game. He asked Daniel whether they should meet in Brave World.

Daniel could only said to him that right now he is in the middle of a quest and could not meet for a while in the game.

He understands and said anytime Daniel wanted to meet in Brave World just contact him.

He still walking forward as he is reminded that he is now still inside the Field of Asphodel.

To be honest he thought it would feel extreme hot or extreme cold in the Field of Asphodel.

Aero also even thought if there is any mythical creature roams here and he thought he would meet some of them already.

But there’s nothing like that which adds to his disappointment

But to be honest he is quite surprised. It was like a city down here.

City of the dead of course but still a city.

It looks like no different from the city in any Kingdoms. The difference is, there is no light here.

Just darkness and gloomy feeling all around. It like its night all the time. There is no place to go entertain yourself.

No festivals or festivities.

In other words, it’s utterly boring.

In the underworld, the identity of a dead person still existed, but it had no strength or true influence.

Rather, the continuation of the existence of the soul in the Underworld was considered a remembrance of the fact that the dead person had existed, and while the soul still existed, it was inactive.

It seems like a sad way to live after death.

But the people in here retain their age.

They didn’t really change in any sense.

They did not lead any sort of active life in the Underworld – they were exactly the same as they were in life.

Aero also came to a conclusion.

Those who had died in battle were eternally blood-spattered in the underworld and those who had died peacefully were able to remain that way.

For this past week he have been fighting dozens of warrior and honing his battle skills and levels.

Dead warriors.

They don’t drop loot but they do give a lot of experience more than the usual monster. In just this week he have raised his level to 20 level more.

He remembers two days ago when he had to kill about 40 warrior from which era he doesn’t know.

He was almost overwhelmed.

He still remembers it.

On the starless sky, (if you could call it a sky, in the Underworld it seems there is no indication that there a sky under here.)

The cold and gloomy atmosphere doesn’t help of course. The spears and sword of this dead warriors glimmered under the eerie obsidian light.

The warrior then swarmed him like they were hyenas.

Jumping and attacking seems to be the only way he could get out of it alive. Even when he killed a lot of them, their leader rally against him with defiance.

But still he won.

But that doesn’t mean he is not afraid of them. After walking a few kilometers, he saw another swarm and Aero clicked his tongue.

He looked around and spotted a cave

Quickly he dash as silent as possible and went into the cave, hiding inside it.

One thing he didn’t know is that the dead don’t stay dead long here.

When he killed a warrior they just reformed back in 1 hour. And that is fast. This couple of days he have been chased by this angry mob warrior that he killed in the beginning.

Thankfully Athena sent some gifts. Food and general supplies. And he was also given ambrosia by Athena.

Usually when he woke up from his sleep the ambrosia was already in front of him.

Ambrosia is great. It gives permanent strength stats.

For every time he take a sip his strength rose to 10 points. He also only need to take a sip once to last for a day.

But Athena warned me not to drink it too much because it could burn me from inside out. That would surely not be a pleasant experience.

Without the Sword he had to rely on Sacred Sword Skill Finger. The Howling Dragon saber on the other hand has requirements of being level 180.

Then Aero opened his status window to check.

Howling Dragon Saber

Durability: 1500

Damage   : 1000

The sword Alain IV use to kill dragons.

Equip  : +50 STR

            : +1500 HP

            : +100 AGI

            : Increase stamina by 100 points

            : Increase resistance to fire damage by 15%

Requirements: Level 180

Sacred Sword Finger [8] Advanced
Can shoot out invisible force of energy from your finger. Highly concentrated energy that is focused at one point this skill is deadly, lethal and emphasize swiftness. One of Lizhu Gerard Sword Art.

Increase attack power to 500

Mana Consumption  : 900 (will increase when the proficiency increase)



He also uses a lot of Disguise techniques.

So his disguise skill has also increase and began having different effect.

Disguise [7] Expert

Can disguise yourself to be monster and NPCs.

Can also disguise to be dead souls.

Because of proficiency increase, you can teach this technique to your Scouts and Spy.

As the proficiency increase you can learn to disguise to other thing.

Can also disguise to be a shadow. Learn Stealth.

Mana consumption: 200 mana for 5 minutes

Restriction: Must defeat the monster that you want to disguise. Helps if you can focus the feature of the thing you wanted to disguise.

Stealth [8] Advanced

Can move without being detected.

Because of proficiency increase, you can teach this technique to your Scouts and Spy.

Mana consumption: 200 mana for 5 minutes

+ 10 points to agility when used

After a week he finally has a clue. When he was disguising as a dead soul a few days ago, he ask many souls if they ever heard of Deria.

Finally he heard he is in a hut in the hill, just sitting around in his hut practicing swordsmanship.

Now after sipping a cup of ambrosia, Aero started walking to the hut.


Fourth chapter of the week

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