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Pain. That was the first thing that register on his mind. A gut wrenching pain that seems to travel to every nerve on his body.

Cold. That is the second thing that register in his mind after the pain subsided a bit. Those two combination does not feel great.

That’s all he felt. His teeth chattered because of the chill and his hands and body was trembling and shaking from the impact of the pain.

The developer even included this in their VR. For what reason, he couldn’t understand.

It was a pain like no other. The area that he was stabbed feel very hot. This is how the people who died because of his sword felt. What a useless thought, he mused

Searing hot pain. Unspeakable pain.

For one moment he could understand the pain that he inflict on the players that he killed during the war.

And he pities them. It’s not sympathy. It’s empathy. Aero could see the blood flowing from his stomach, drenching the white sands beneath his body with red.

He also has coughed up blood for how many times now. His internal organs all ruptured

He is sprawled on the white sandy beach. Poseidon has already disappeared into the sea. It was absurd.

The event how he comes to this state came flashing back.


“Who are you” Aero asked again.

Tension filled the air. Aero could sense this is not an ordinary old man. And looking at the old man and the trident he holds, Aero could already guessed who is the old man

“I am Poseidon, God of the Sea, The Earth Shaker.” He declared.

The wave behind him rages and roars. The horses behind him neighed and winds swirls beneath their feet.

‘A god? A god! This is absurd. Gods exist?’ He thought to himself.

“You’re kidding right?” asked Aero not quite believing what he just heard.


He said, his tone rising. Then suddenly he calmed down. Then he smiles.

“Well, no matter, you’re not going to be here long. And I don’t have that much time to waste talking too much to a mortal”

Then he opens up his palm. Aero Sword of Mars fly towards him. Poseidon take the swords gracefully like it always belongs to him.

“Wha—“ shocked by this sudden action, Aero was speechless.

Then suddenly Poseidon was already in front of him.

“Freeze” he ordered

And Aero body could not move, every single nerve of his body was frozen. In that moment, Aero accepted the truth.

This is Poseidon. The God of the Sea.

No matter how absurd the idea is, it seems the Gods AI is not the type of Gods AI the players imagine them to be.

They are usually like the story background of the game, also an integral part of the VR, only there to add some spice to the game.

But the stories are real.

Then for that fraction of a moment, Aero had a revelation.

What if all the story in BW is not just text to enrich the gaming experience? What if, the NPCs have their own world?

This world. What if this world is not just a game? A real world. With history and their own culture.

Created and evolving all the time. Then his thoughts reeled back to his predicament. And without a word Poseidon stabs him in the gut.

No explanation. No nothing. He just stabs Aero intending to settle this as fast as possible. Aero even thought he would get some quest but nothing.

Bloods starts flowing from Aero stomach. Aero then coughed up blood.

Poseidon just watch with glee. Then calmly Poseidon walks to his chariot and dove into the sea like nothing happened.

The moment Poseidon dove into the sea, Aero collapsed to the ground.

And that is how he came to be. Sprawled in the white sand, he waited. Waiting to be log off by the system.

It seems this will be the first time he will die in Brave World. His most prized sword was stolen. And after he died if he wants to retrieve back the robe he needs to find this island again.

But Aero don’t know where this island is. Is it in the Northern continent? Or is it in another place? He was drifted here by the ocean.

Then slowly the pain numbed. The cold become unbearable. He began to sense his end is near. He will be spawn at Vanheim.

But he can’t log in for a while. Then Aero senses tingle. He senses something. He looked up weakly.

He saw a light that almost blinded him and this light covered the entire island.

From that light appears a woman full with full plated war armor. Her appearance was majestic and dignified.

She has a crested helm, armed with shield and spear.

Her helmet was ornamented in the most beautiful manner with griffins, heads of rams, horses, and sphinxes.

Her shield depicts two ravens. One was black, the other was gray. A snake trimmed aegis cloak wrapped around her breast and arm.

Every armament that she wears was golden.

She was glorious, blinding as the light itself. And Aero thought she looked fierce and warlike.

Her eyes were grey but shone brightly.

Aero impression of her is that her figure is thoughtfulness and earnestness. Her hair is rich and generally combed backwards over the temples, and floats freely down behind.

The whole figure is majestic. She was rather strong built than slender. Her hips are small and the shoulders broad, so that the whole somewhat resembles a male figure.

But to Aero she was beautiful in a pure way. Not sexy or cute. Not that kind of beautiful. Fierce and fiery. Yes, that’s the word.

‘Just like Amy.’ He guess dying makes you remember ridiculous thought.

When she stepped down on the island, the sandy white sand floats a bit from the ground and the sea trembles with rage.

She steps towards me and looked at me.

“O mortal. How unfortunate for you to have invite Poseidon ire towards you. Yet this is a breach of the Divine Law. But pursuing Poseidon on this matter will not bode well for the Gods.”

She said. Her voice was smooth and calm. Was she explaining or lecturing me? I’m not sure. Then she continued.

“I have always paid a special interest towards you, mortal. I was with you when you fought. I was with you in your time of glory. I was with you when you strike your opponent down. I helped you in ways you could not have imagined. I plant fears in the hearts of your enemies. I was with you with in every swing and every slash”

She said sadly while looking at my withering body.

“I am the goddess of wise counsel, war, and heroic endeavor, Athena.”

She declares

“To see you die here unjustly, does not sit well with me.”

“But I can help you adventurer. Will you pray for my help?”

She offered. With all the strength left in my body, I nodded.

“Good. “

She smiles

“Pray to me when you’re there” she said.

There? Where is there? Then suddenly I felt like I was falling. Falling into a world of darkness.





Today is a joyous day in the Land of the Gods. Even though they are plaque with the Pope problem, finally the king of the gods, the god of the sky and weather, law, order and fate is finally about to get married.

All the Gods came giving their congratulation. The story of how Zeus tricks Hera on marrying him is a story not spoken on a good company.

Hera made Zeus promise to stop his gallivanting with mortals in order for her to agree marrying Zeus.

Zeus looked happy today.

Finally he has found a Queen.

Today he looked more regal than usual. He has sturdy figure and his dark bead trim nicely.

His hair was white and flowed lightly behind his back. For his wedding he has created a palace like none others for the Gods and him to rule.

Zeus wanted to be praise more than the Eternal Father. The name of the place would be called Olympus.

The name was given by Hades who sits in the Underworld.

He is the most high and powerful among the immortals, whom all others obey. So why not a palace grander than anything ever constructed?

Today even though it is his wedding day, he was still armed.

In the stories it is said that he is armed with thunder and lightning, and the shaking of his aegis produces storm and tempest.

The feast were planned to last until 900 years but because of the current problem they need to cut short on the feast.

Since they are immortals time never meant that much for them. In the old days when they held a feast it would last hundreds of years.

But now with the arrival of the adventurers, there are many unforeseen circumstances that prevent doing that kind of long feast.

The feast was attended by all. The word of Zeus wedding resounds throughout the universe.

Every minor God has come with gifts and congratulation.

The only major God that didn’t come was Hades who is busy in his job overseeing the death.

There are also some mortals that are lucky to have been invited.

Oracles are also transported to the wedding to sing hymns of Zeus.

“”To Zeus, Most High .I will sing of Zeus, chiefest among the gods and greatest, all-seeing, the lord of all, the fulfiller who whispers words of wisdom to man. Be gracious, all-seeing God, most excellent and great!”

Some oracles sing. Not wanted to be outwitted another oracle shout back.

“O Zeus, much-honoured, Zeus supremely great, to thee our holy rites we consecrate, our prayers and expiations, king divine, for all things to produce with ease through mind is thine. Hence mother earth and mountains swelling high proceed from thee, the deep and all within the sky. Gods king, descending from above, magnanimous, commanding, sceptered Zeus; all-parent, principle and end of all, whose power almighty shakes this earthly ball; even nature trembles at thy mighty nod, loud-sounding, armed with lightning, thundering god. Source of abundance, purifying king, O various-formed, from whom all natures spring; propitious hear my prayer, give blameless health, with peace divine, and necessary wealth.”

Zeus was in joy.

“Give those oracles great gift”

Zeus ordered his subordinates. Zeus also gives them his blessing. To be blessed with good luck and successful in their endeavor.

And then the feast began.

All give their blessing. They ate, drink and laugh, a grand feast slowly taking shape. It would seem like the food won’t be able to accommodate everyone.

But if you think that you’re wrong. And every time the food looks like it about to run out it the plates refilled itself. This is the blessing of Demeter.

All of them sang song.

Songs of joy celebrating Zeus and Hera wedding resounded in the sky. Hephaestus sings so terribly some naiads almost dies in the spot. To remedies it, the Gods ask Aphrodite to sing.

Hephaestus look sullen.

Everyone was entranced by her singing. Even Hephaestus. The naiad that almost dies spring back to life.

Some centaur even tries to profess their love to the Love Goddess.

But Aphrodite just give them her naughty smile that would ensnare them. They also danced in celebration.

The fairies, naiad, and nymph were going crazy with their dancing.

Athena on the other hand just sits uncomfortably in her seat. So does Poseidon who was looking uninterested in the feasts.

Zeus on the other hand joins the other in dancing, even so far as invite Hera to dance with him.

All in all it was a joyous wedding. Until at the end of the feast, an oracle who came late reveals a prophecy.

The major Gods ordered this Oracle to wait in the Council room to hear his prophecy. Then the Oracle introduced himself.

“My name is Nestor, Your Most Gracious Lord Zeus, Lord of the Sky. I came bearing bad news.”

Zeus knows this mortal. He is favored by him.

“What is it?” Poseidon ask.

“I had a prophetic dreams a few days ago. I contemplated to tell the Gods about this for fear I will be smitten to death.” Nestor said nervously surrounded by all the Gods staring so intently at him.

“Tell me, Oracle what have you dream?” ordered Zeus.

The Oracle hesitated.

Then he said.

“O Lord Zeus. You are my lord and you have favored me over of all the Oracle. Therefore I will speak; but take thought and swear that you will readily defend me with word and with might of hand; for I think I shall anger a man who rules mightily over Veva, and whom the Vevaians obey. For mightier is a king, when he is angry he is lesser man. Even if he swallows down his wrath for that day, yet afterwards he cherishes resentment in his heart till he brings it to fulfillment. Say then, if you will keep me safe.”

In answer to that Zeus declared.

“Take heart, and speak out whatever oracle you know; for by my name, to whom you, Nestor, pray when you reveal oracles to the mortals and adventurer alike, no one, while I live and have sight on the earth, shall lay heavy hands on you, no one of the whole host of the Earth, not even if you name the Gods.”

Relieved the Oracle spoke.

“There will be a war.” He said slowly

“A war instigated by your stepson.”

A look of understanding comes to Zeus.

“Yes the King calling himself by your name, favored by you”

“So, he has war before. What is your point?” Zeus asked.

“This war is like no other. This war intends to even divide the Gods into two faction.” he said grimly

“What else you see?” Demeter asked.

“That the Vevaian King is involved I have no doubt. But the other that is involved in this war I could not see. He was obscured. I could only see a light that rose in the East. So bright and hot it intends to burn everything” he said warningly.

The Gods listened.

The Oracles get their dreams usually from them. But Nestor is special. He gets his prophetic dreams from The Three Fates, which is why he is favored by Zeus.

The Three Fates was created to calculate probability. It was created simply to guess mortal and adventurer’s intention and what they intend to do.

In the world that Aero lives they are a probability device.

When Athena heard the prophecy, she lights up. She got an idea who the Oracle is talking about. This is because Athena always spends many of her time in the east this couple of years.

She also surveying the development of this one player since the players is in the possession of one of the Godly weapons.

Of course in his hands the potential of the sword was not fully unleashed.

But still, Athena liked the mortal boy. The boy was smart and wise. Qualities that Athena admires.

Then the Gods disperse and return to their task of discovering the Pope mastermind and all the while worrying about the prophecy.

Athena was in the west when she felt a disturbance. A God has set foot in the mortal world. Athena tries to see, but she could not.

It was shielded from her. Not a minor God. Athena thought. Thankfully a bird flew over the place.

From the bird Athena could see what is happening. Poseidon has breached a divine law.

And the person that the God killed is Aero.

Athena believes that the other person mentioned in the prophecy is Aero. Quickly Athena teleports herself to the island.

And there she promised her help to the adventurer if he prayed to her. And then she sent him to the underworld.

Fight and survive. Show me you’re worthy.


A mass release. Hope you all like it

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