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Port Karak is one of the largest Ports in the Eastern Continent. It belongs to the Karak Federation which rules in a democracy like structure.

When the delegates of the Karak Federation wanted to return home Aero asked them if he could also come along.

After explaining his circumstances the delegates were overjoyed.

“A hero wants to come along! Of course. Of course.”

They traveled in a carriage while Aero talk to them and inquire about the matters of the Karak Federation.

It is more like a merchant country compared to Vanheim and the other nation on Vilajeri continent

At night in Brave World, Aero would log off, eat for a while, go to the grocers to buy some food for the week and then return home before resuming his activity on Brave World the next morning.

He is now a true gamer

After a few days of travelling the road, finally Aero is in Karak

The journey took many days. Many people wished him goodbyes and give him some gifts as he is an influential person in Vanheim.

Even the one thousand troops that sacrificed themselves in the Fort to hold back the enemy advance.

Aero has kept his promise and gave the people who sacrificed themselves much gold and great items that he looted.

It is fortunate they did not die and only suffers injuries that is nothing much with the help of the healer after the battle

The other soldiers didn’t object.

Dan and Raina couldn’t come because they had to ride immediately to their estate to quickly handle the estate development.

Amy on the other hand after that night, I could barely see her.

‘Haish’ Aero sighed

‘What is she playing at?’ Even now, every time he remember that night he couldn’t help feeling flustered

‘It’s not like it’s the first time he kissed. It just felt….special. Or maybe because it’s been a long time.

“Hello, Sir Aero.” A man greets Aero and Aero was brought back to his current location, away from his contemplation.

Once again the smell of the ocean and the windy breeze of the sea washed over him. Aero look at the person in front of him.

It was a short man with tan face and muscly arms. There is a trace of the hard work this man has done.

His hair was curly and his smile was infectious.

“My name is Ishtar and I will be your captain today” the captain said in an excited tone.

His eyes were admiring me.

“Ah, yes. Pleasure to meet you” Aero replied, clearly perplexed at the admiration of the captain at him.

He’s after never been at Karak before

“How do you know me?” asked Aero puzzled.

“HAHAHA…It seems you do not know how famous you are, Sir Aero. My children always tell me stories about you”

“Your children know about me?” This truly shocked Aero

“Yes. There are many plays that detail your adventure in fighting that evil Vetten King”

‘What do you mean?’ Aero asked.

Ishtar then proceeded to explain to Aero that many travelling performers all around the continent tell his story and act as him

From Ishtar words, it seems Aero is portrayed as an honorable hero fighting an evil King determined to kill the people and terrorize the country.

In the story it is said that he was honorable and that he is a man that disdain political matter which is why Aero rejected the King offers.

Aero was also portrayed as a benevolent General that pleads for the life of the Vettenian soldiers.

From the stories, it told  a story where he went in front of the King George room and kneel for three days and three night pleading for the lives of Vettenian soldiers before the King agreed gaining him the reputation of a wise king

Hearing this Aero was shocked? How could things could be exaggerated that much? This is no longer a story. This is already a drama.

Pleads? He never pleaded, he insisted. Evil Vetten King? Since when the King was evil.

Ahh…Aero finally understood. Entertainment has a way of sometimes tweaking the truth. A story of a hero fighting an evil king is easier to sell to the public.

And it is easier to sell the story to the common folk. Bards, minstrels and the likes have a hard life.

He knows whatever he said to dispel such rumors would only backfired on him so he reply to Ishtar by saying

“I do not deserve such praise”

“You are exactly like in the stories. Humble and dignified” He said giddy with excitement.

I guess people see what they want to see.

“I hope you take care of me, Captain Ishtar”

“Of course. You can count on it”

Then he boarded the ship with the servants bringing his luggage and items. He was whistling in the starboard bow feeling happy and excited of his next adventure.

‘What will be my adventure this time?’


The sound of seagulls has now been a norm for him. The breezy wind of the sea blows by his robe and the waves of the ocean crash gently on the ship hulls as the ship keep moving forward propelled by the wind.

It has been a week since he ride the ship.

He is nearing the northern continent. Aero plans to stop in Bullion Port in Veva then proceed to Asgaro by horse wagon.

That was his plan

But suddenly the boat started shaking, and the waves went crazy, dark clouds started gathering and thunder storms could be seen in the distance the wind becomes faster and harsher.

Aero then quickly got out of his room and rushed to starboard. He heard the men praying and heard the Captain kneeling chanting words of prayer.

Ishtar was praying to Poseidon, God of the Sea.

“I sing about Poseidon, the great god, mover of the earth and fruitless sea, god of the deep who is also ruler of all beneath the sea. O Shaker of the Earth, to be a tamer of horses and a savior of ships! Hail Poseidon Holder of the Earth, white-haired lord! O blessed one, be kindly in heart and help those who voyage in ships!”

It seems somehow the clear weather suddenly turned into a storm. Aero knows a little about Poseidon, one of the Seven AIs that govern the Brave World mechanism.

Being the God of the sea, he is often described as a god that is always calling forth storms, but at the same time he has it in his power to grant a successful voyage and save those who are in danger.

As the sea surrounds and holds the earth, he himself is described as the god who holds the earth, and who has it in his power to shake the earth.

Then suddenly the waves became more turbulent. The ship can’t stand this anymore, as planks started cracking

Clouds were gathering in a faster speeds and winds falls down on them bearing pressure onto the ship and the crew.

A storm of mythic proportions is upon them with lightning thrown into the surroundings of the ships.

Some of the sailors have already been thrown off the ship because of the storm. The others were screaming, running around the ship like they were mad.

Some tried to run by using the emergency raft only to be swallowed by the sea in a isngle gulp.

Aero on the other hand did not know what to do.

He is powerless. He can’t stop the storm. It is nature not something he could fight using wit or weapons.

After all the fighting, and the battles he has been through he will die in the sea, because of a storm.

How pathetic. This was his thoughts

Then a huge wave, almost like a tsunami hit them. And every wood that supported the ship crumbled.

Aero was thrown back by the sheer force of the wave.

Aero believes he is about to die.

‘My items! Sword of Mars. If it is lost in the sea, how will I ever find it?’ He said as water fills his lungs and his body becomes heavier.

His eyes closed, and his hand grew weaker before it became limp.

Then he was carried by the wave.


‘Uhuk, Uhuk’

Aero was coughing up water. He is disoriented. He half expected to see the inside of his capsule at home but he woke up to see the blue sky of Brave World.

Which means he is not dead yet

After adjusting his vision he realized he is stranded on an island.

‘My stuff.’ He quickly checked.

‘It’s all here.’

‘Fuu’ He release his breath relieved

It’s a miracle he survived. Then he began to get up, water soak his robe. Aero was already thinking ways to get out of this island.

But first he needs to know his bearings. He look in front of him and all he see is the vast expanse of water

Then a voice startled him. The voice was deep, commanding. And Aero could swear he smells the scent of Summer Sea.

“Quite a journey”

Aero turned behind him to the direction of the voice. There he sees it. An old man with flowing white hair and trimmed white beard.

He looks like a neat old man, Aero thought. In his right hand was a trident. Aero could feel energy was emanating from the trident.

He wears a scale armor made by God knows what. His physique was muscular for an old man. Behind him were horses?

It looks like horse but their hooves are weird.

“Yeah” sensing something weird Aero moved back, ready to spring into action. The whole situation is weird and bizarre.

“Who are you?’ Aero said, the caution in his tone of voice is as clear as day

The old man grinned maliciously and replied

“Why, I’m the one that sank your ship”


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