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After the rating battle with ETV3, VMS has also started interviewing players that had an impact in Brave World.

One of those players was Broly. Intending to keep the viewer’s fix to this channel they invited Broly to come to the studio.

For the first time ever they have lost a rating battle with ETV3.There was a lot of people that watched Zeus battle, but a lot more watched Aero adventure.


Because Aero adventure was more exciting than Zeus. Deus just surrounded the capital and forced the King to abdicate, an act of disloyalty.

He is even called Zeus the Usurper by some of the players.

But of course they did not dare say this in front of Zeus himself. The fact that Zeus is still the strongest player in brave World did not change

But it is true he did an act of disloyalty

That kind of act is looked badly by the players of Brave World. Aero on the other hand, was fighting for a just and noble cause.

Not to mention the war itself was interesting. The chaotic and the excitement and thrill of such battle could not be compared to Zeus easy pickings of the kingdom.

Not to mention Aero battle were the stuff of great story, an inferior numerical advantage against an army who has a more superior numerical advantages

Maybe we need to contact this Aero and persuade him to sign a contract with us. Some of the Directors of the station once said in their meetings.

Then the interview began

“Broly, this is your fist time interview right?” the lady host asked

“Yes” Broly answered nervously

“Your real name is Josh Neeson and in BW you are the leader of the Broly clan, right?”

Said the host confirming for the audience at home.

“Yes. That is who I am”

If you wanted to describe Josh, he is like this. Josh is not overly handsome, just enough. He has his own unique appeal.

With probing blue eyes, a deep voice that could attract the attention of the listeners and the strong carefree smile of an athlete.

In other words, he looked great for TV.

“You look muscular” the lady host remarked.

“Yes, I’m a swimmer in my college”

Of course he is muscular. A varsity diver in college he has the body of a swimmer, a toned six pack that he maintains with 60 laps a day in the university pool

“So, we’re here today to address the catastrophe that happened in the Sea of Sorrows.”

The host addressed to the audience.

“Could you please explain this to the viewers?”

First, Josh tried to remember what happened. After calming himself down he began

“The Broly clan about two month ago was exploring a catacomb. In there we found a clue about an underwater kingdom”

“An underwater kingdom?”

“Yes. We believe it to be the realm of one of the Gods” Clearly referring to the AI

“But that couldn’t be. The AI isn’t supposed to exist right?” said the host perplexed

“Why not? The NPCs worship the AIs as Gods. Most players only thought that the story of the Gods is just a flavor text to enrich the gaming experience. But what if it’s not? What if these AIs are the ones who decide our level and give us skill in the game?”

“What spurred this theory?” the host began to become more serious and the viewers at home also become interested. Mostly the viewers are players of Brave World.

“The developers themselves said they don’t manage the game. It’s controlled by the AI. In the VR many things were possible. Why not Gods? And what if in that world the law of the AI is the law of that world?’

“Well, that is understandable. But why do you want to search for it?”

“Broly clan isn’t like Zeus clan. We have no interest in conquering cities or Kingdom. Our interest from the beginning of the founding of our clan was only one thing; we wanted an adventure like no other. That’s why we challenged difficult dungeon, fought gigantic monster and explored unexplored regions.”

Then he took a breath and continued.

“And this time we wanted to prove that the AIs or the Gods exist in BW. And there is another thing. If the Gods controlled everything in Brave World doesn’t that mean anyone who got their blessing can be the strongest?”

“What are you implying?” sensing that Josh is referring to someone.

“Our suspicion that the Gods exist was because of Zeus. Zeus is famous in Brave World. Yet he has never let anyone see his video in any major battle he personally participated.”


Talking from his own experience, Josh recounted on what he saw

“From my own eyes, I once saw lightning from the sky struck his enemy down. One time, I even saw Zeus pray to the sky and then rain came down hiding his track. This is not Druid level magic. The rain came from the sky. Not from made up clouds like Druid magic. From that moment I expected that Gods exist”

“Well, that explains the reason you went to the sea. But what about the disaster?”

Ah, yes. The disaster.

“Well, to be honest, even till now I’m not sure what really happened. When we set sails the weather was clear. However when we reached the northern continent and were nearing the place that was in our map, suddenly the waves raged wildly. Without warning the sea attacked our ship”

‘The sea attacked your ship?” the host looked incredulous

“That’s the only way to describe it. It was like someone commanded the sea to stop us from going there. The last thing I knew the ship sank and we all drowned. Even when I tried to swim the current was too strong for me to swim across.”

“That is some story” the host said.

“Yes, it is”

Then the host discussed with Josh about many conflicts that are happening in BW.

They discussed Aero adventures, Vetten response, the Northern continent countermeasures against Zeus, the religious conflict in the South and the appearance of a player called Ariana of Zun.

The story is that she heard the voice of God telling her to fight the people who believe in The Seven Celestial.

The peasant awed by her charisma and believing her story followed her and formed an army.

The Pope then offered her shelter and now she fights under the Church of Light.

And her exploits even though not known to the players but Broly clan which has traveled all over the continent knew that Ariana has quite the following among the NPCs and the players of the South.

Some Frenchmen began calling her the Joan of Arc of Brave World.

And then the interview ends. It offered a lot of new information towards both the new and veteran players of BW.

In the forum, the segment is praised for answering many questions that players wanted to know about.

All in all, it was a good segment that is approved by the viewers.





A person push the door slowly, his eyes could not hide his excitement. The doors of the Library leading to the Secret Archive slowly opened.

A person wipes the dust on his fingers with one of his handkerchief.

‘It is dusty. As expected of an old library’ But his tone was full of excitement

Then he walked inside, his footstep echoes as he steps inside the room, his head look left and right, marveling at the library.

This is the Library that leads to the Secret Archive of Vanheim, housing thousands of precious books.

The smell of books fills the library, and also dust.

Aero was given access to Vanheim secret archive because of his stellar achievement in the war.

And today he is about to enter and search for something he hope would be in the archives.

How could he not be excited?

Vanheim most priceless artifacts and secrets lies here. Treasures not many are privileged enough to see.

Only The Royal family can enter the Secret Archive. Access is permitted only by decree of the reigning King of Vanheim.

‘And I got that.’ He thought to himself

Aero believes that there may be some books or documents that could explain his skill weirdness.

He’s referring to Sacred Sword Finger skill and his Divine Sword Technique.

Lizhu Gerard stayed in Vanheim region after the war, got married and his descendants also lived here.

Logic dictates that if there is anywhere that I can find information about him, it would be here.

Aero has always been interested in this persona called Lizhu Gerard since the day he got his class.

He seems to be mentioned in history book but he was obscure and in some text he found, his achievement was erased.

As he walk inside the Secret Archive he could see some statue of the Seven Celestial carved on the main pillars

The Secret Archives is located at the far end of the Altar of Seven Celestial just behind the Throne room.

Aero was not surprised to see the statue. He did not know how devout the royal family is toward the Seven Celestials but he is going to bet they are not that religious.

But culture is hard to erase. Aero must praise the creator of this game for making the NPCs so realistic.

Aero was given the key and the password for entering the door. He saw the statues and nodded.

The statue acts as a direction guide. Each of the Seven Celestials statue fingers pointed to the same direction.

Aero just have to follow the direction of the finger and then he arrived in front of the door.

The door itself is protected by barrier spells that prevent anyone who doesn’t know the password from entering.

IT is a high security place.

“Acta Deos Numquam Mortalia Fallunt”

Aero said the password.

Then, he heard some gears turning. And slowly but surely the brick walls behind the altar started rearranging themselves to form a door.

‘Cool’ He said.

After that Aero entered the room. It was darkness all around.

Aero started walking forwards without hesitation or fear. The bricks behind him are already arranging themselves back to its original position.

George had told him that there will be torches all around the archive and one just have to say a magic word and the mechanism will start by itself, lighting the entire path.

“Crescente Luce” Aero chanted

Then all the candles in the archives started flaring up and the Secret Archives was revealed to him

‘Hoh’ he gasped.

Aero was shocked looking at the Secret Archive.

His eyes look at his left and right, taking the magnificent sight and burning it into his mind.

From what Aero can see, this Secret Archive contains almost by his own rough estimates 150 thousand volumes of books and various treasures like a curved red sword and a gold axe he saw hanging in the walls

Aero could not help but smile. Aero strode powerfully and full of vigor, knowing somehow he will find the answers here.

Aero took a deep breath.

He felt his thoughts straying and he needs to reel himself back.

‘Don’t forget why you are here’ he reminds himself.

Then he started scouring the books. The librarians of the Secret Archive categorized the books by years of publishing.

So he started during the time he estimated Lizhu finished his campaign and the founding of the Vers Empire.

Then after 2 hours of searching for book, and almost pulling his hair in frustration, he finally found something that is about Lizhu.

He opened the book and walk closer to the torches to see the words.

And he started reading it with his silent voice, the troches around him illuminating the words



The land fractured, the world in chaos, and the common people suffered. Kingdoms hrew from greedy Dukes and Princes.

Divided was the trend of the world. And when the world is long divided, the trend of heavens once again come and desire for the world to be united.

From one of those Kingdoms rose a man named Alva. Strong and cruel he unified the continent under him by steel and blood.

He named himself the First emperor of Alva Empire. He ruled with iron law punishing the people for the slightest mistakes.

The lives of the people were hard under his rule, and everyone lamented their fates to the Gods.

Twenty years after he united the land, by the will of the Gods he passed away. The will of the people rises up and people picked up steel and declare independence.

Immediately after the death of the First Emperor, rebellions occurred everywhere, the luck and fate of his dynasty slowly faded away.

His heir was a fatuous ruler that only knew how to enjoy himself with women and wine, angering the ministers and mocked by the people.

The heir continued his father practice of tyranny, fearing not the Gods punishment, or the condemnation of the world.

Lizhu Gerard a humble man in Zhulian now Tian Dynasty felt a responsibility to right the wrong that has been done to the people, possessing a heart of justice and compassion for the common people.

But Lizhu Gerard was not strong in fighting so he could not pick up a sword and end the dynasty by himself.

He has a weak body but he is known to have a brilliant mind, his fame as a great strategist is famed throughout the land.

His desire for the world to return to peace and under a wise ruler prompted him to hire an assassin to the kill the First Emperor won him the praises of all the heroes in the land.

Hunted in his failed attempts of assassination and living by the compassion of others, Lizhu lamented the fact of his weak body.

It is at this time a farmer in the vicinity of Niod now Niovar started a rebellion with the people of his village, rebelling against the unreasonable orders of the Count of his village.

With affable personality and understanding the hardship that the commoners felt, many joined his cause.

Persuaded by his advisor he made the trip to ask the famous Lizhu to help him. Lizhu at the time was lost in self-pity and would not entertain him.

The famer was relentless and always come to Lizhu house and lifted up the strategist sprit.

Lizhu after seeing the farmer humble personality and his determination was moved and vowed to the Gods to put this man on the throne.

With Lizhu by his side, the farmer rose to fame and glory, all of his obstacles with the wave of a Phoenix fan will be solved.

In ten years the land was conquered by the farmer, the world once again was united, and the Gods once again smiled upon the land.

The Alva Empire only lasted for thirty years and crumbled. That farmer was Alain the Wise. After becoming Emperor, he abolished draconic laws and started a reform for the prosperity of the Empire.

He ruled the people wisely and was known to be benevolent. So wise was his rule that his empire lasted a thousand years.

By the end of the Empire the bickering nobles seceded and we are left with the Kingdoms and countries.

And once again the world was divided waiting once again for a rightful monarch.


‘This is not what I’m looking for.’

He put down the book and scanned the library. Then he started searching again. Finally he found it after another hour of perusing many books.

The Manual of White Sword Technique.

The moment he opened the book a lot of status windows popped up.

You have learned Crimson Strike

You have learned Autumn Slice

You have learned Blowing Fire

You have learned Slithering Slash

You have learned Opening Blow

You have unlocked 5 sword technique of Divine Sword Technique. 

Restriction has been lifted. 

You have gained an understanding of the sword technique.

 Crimson Strike

Mana consumption        : 400

Damage                               : 150

With this method, you will cause your adversary’s sword to drop through a strike from your sword, and then bring yourself immediately back to a readiness to strike. This method is combined with (Not learned yet), in which you will always strike with true force by swinging your sword toward the ground when your opponent’s sword is about to drop.

As Divine Sword Technique level increases so does the damage

Autumn Slice

Mana consumption        : 600

Damage                               : 180

With this method, you are to start off by assuming a posture in which you are not to use your hands. You are to think of getting your body close to your opponent before striking him. However, if you think of reaching out both of your hands, your body will remain distant. This is why you must always think of quickly getting your body close to the enemy. When you are distant, you will exchange blows of the sword, and it will be rather easy to move closer to your opponent

As Divine Sword Technique level increases so does the damage

 Blowing Fire 

Mana consumption        : 900

Damage                               : 220

If you are currently within a situation in which you and your opponent’s swords are to clash, you must strike extremely hard without raising your sword to any extent. This is Blowing Fire technique. If you are to perform this technique, you must first strike quickly with the three combined forces of your legs, your hands, and your body. This blow will be rather difficult to perform if you do not train it at frequent times. If you diligently train yourself, you will be able to increase the overall force of the technique’s impact.

As Divine Sword Technique level increases so does the damage

 Slithering Slash

Mana consumption        : 1200

Damage                               : 250

With this technique, one’s objective is to get close to the opponent and stick to him. When one is to do this, one must first behave as though one had been strongly glued to him with one’s feet, head, and body. It is generally known that during combat, most fighters will have a tendency to have their body hang back while their heads and feet are extended forward. One must attempt to paste one’s body against the opponent’s without leaving any area in which the bodies are not touching.

As Divine Sword Technique level increases so does the damage

 Opening Blow 

Mana consumption        : 1500

Damage                               : 280

When you first start off by striking, your opponent will try to parry by hitting or by blocking your sword. At this point in time, you need to completely equip yourself into the action of striking with your sword, and strike whenever you may see an opening, whether it may be the legs, arms, or head. Following the single way of the sword and performing a strike such as this is known as the Opening Blow. This technique will be useful at moment while fighting, so it should be trained regularly.

As Divine Sword Technique level increases so does the damage

‘Whoa, finally after a long time, I have learned a new skill.’

And after checking his status windows Aero is relieved that he finally can use the Divine Sword Technique

Like I expected, the answer was in the archive

Divine Sword Technique [6] Intermediate

One of Lizhu Gerard techniques. Lizhu Gerard learned many styles of attack that are foreign for this continent. This technique is rarely seen in Vilajeri Continent.

Mana Consumption: 900(will decrease when the proficiency increase)

Increase attack power to 140 points

Have learned the set of the sword art. 

Restriction is lifted.

 But still Sacred Sword finger doesn’t change at all. But at least one thing is clear. These two techniques are not at its full potential.

For Divine Sword Technique they have their own sword art, so probably Sacred Sword Finger also has its own set of art he need to find and learn.

The technique Aero realized also need him to perform exactly as the description to activate the sword art.

Finally his martial art lessons will be paying off. He has never finished learning any of the martial arts he learned.

For him, he just needs to learn the basic. Using the time in Brave World, he could learn by himself.

But he understands the need for a teacher.

But still he doesn’t have the money necessary to study for a long time. It is thanks to his father insurance that he could afford playing the game.

Not to mention his mother’s salary from her company before she fell sick.

His mother told him that they have enough money for at least one more year. And for this one year he will try to gain money by playing this game.

If that doesn’t work, then he will have to face reality and work in the real world. But who would want a college dropout?

Then he checked his level.

LEVEL 110 PROFESSION Grand Strategist
FAME 3050
HEALTH 11720+600 MANA 1090+200 WILLPOWER 370
STRENGTH 175+ 50 AGILITY 595+200 HONOUR 570
STAMINA 154+40
ATTACK 576+ 40
DEFENSE 262+ 40
FIRE 25% WATER 10%
+ All stats are added 20 points in battle

+ 30% increase to Stats on the Battlefield.

+ Enables equipped items for the secret class

+ Decrease mana consumption for Divine sword technique

+ Easier to raise proficiency in any area.

+ Affinity with scholars increased.

+ Affinity with wise men increased

+ Easier to influence statesmen and scholars.

+ Decrease in Mana Consumption for the Divine Sword Techniques based on level of INT

+ Gained ability to learn secret skills based on your level in Language.

+ Fame increase upon solving any quest involving the nobility.

+ Can talk to spirit and understand divine meaning

+ High leadership enables your troops to enjoyed 10 points of stats increase in strength

+ High leadership enables you to raise your troops marching speed by 20%

+ High Charisma enables you to establish rapport with townspeople quickly

+ High charisma enables you gain secret information ( Orders Of Letters unlocked[Click to get more info])

+ High wisdom enables you to join Celestials Scholars [Click to get more info]

+ High intellect enables you to join Council Of Athena [Click to get more info]

+ You have unlocked Baron status

+ You have unlocked Lord status.

+ Intellect is added extra 100 points

+ 80 points added to Wisdom.

+ 10 points added to CHM

+ Strength is added 150 points because of the title effect

+ Charisma is added 100 points because of the title effect

+ Leadership is added 50 because of the title effect

+ Attack and defense is added 40 points  because of the title effect


The title effect is good. It’s what one would expect with the conferment of a title by a King.

Then Aero began his search again to see if there is any more sword art he could learn.

After 5 hours of searching finally Aero is satisfied. He got what he wanted.

He walked slowly to the exit. But before he exits the Archive he takes a look back and marvel at the Archive.

‘So many books. So many secrets’

He has also read some documents about some nobles cover up ages ago, Kings that died suspiciously but never recorded in the story books.

It is truly a secret archive. A vault that was created 300 years ago by the reigning King. But Aero could not have the time to read all of them.

It is at this point Aero has the thought that maybe the NPCs somehow developed feelings.

To have recorded so many books, the NPCs seems to have a thirst for knowledge.

That’s absurd. They are data.

But, Mom once said to me even we are also probably just data if viewed from other dimensions.

Though Aero had never understood that.

Then with a last look, he exited the archive.


It’s been a long time since I updated this story. Will be posting double chapter today as an apology

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