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Takashi is lounging in his lab room sipping some tea. He sighed but then smiles. He was bored. But it was a fulfilling boredness. 

Two years ago after making many deals with military and research institutes he got a lot of money.  

Using that money he built a huge mansion. It has a pool, a balcony a huge living room and it faces the ocean.  

Just like any other high class mansion. He too wanted to be like those rich old guys he saw in TV.  

He even has a yacht.  

Even though he do not know the first thing about yacht. And he has ten boat and do not know anything to do with it. 

People do not know this but he is not actually as cool as he was portrayed in books and TV documentaries. 

He is just a poor person who become rich and wanted to enjoy all the things he saw in TV. A more accurate way to describe him would be that he is a kid.  

A very bratty, bratty kid.  

But only his closest friends knows this side of him. But while he is a poor person before, to call him ordinary would be an insult. He is nothing but ordinary. 

He is a genius and that word is so mistakenly used that it almost has no meanings. But no one could deny the intelligence of this Japanese person, touted as the smartest man in the world. 

He sighed again as he looked at his lab with a profound sense of pride. There is many features in his mansions. 

But only one feature truly matters to Takashi. One of the features of his mansion is his underground lab.  

Yes, the underground lab.  

This is where he tested his new inventions, and new ideas and the most guarded area of his huge mansion. 

Takenaka Takashi is the President of Vega Corporation.  

He is 40 years old. When he was young he and his friend Matsuo Sugihara dreamed of creating something that could realize their dreams. 

(It’s not a game mind you.) That’s not truly the endgame. They wanted to create a new world.  

A world where everything is truly possible.  

Where magic happens. Where life holds so much more. Where adventure is abound. And they succeeded.  

And it also helped that while doing it they became rich.  

They are ones of the richest people in the world right now. But money is just a means not their objectives. Though it does feel good being rich. People said money could not buy happiness. 

Well, that is true. But it could buy a lot of things. And sometimes, when he is sad, he would bought a sport car and smash it just for the giggles.  

Yes, Takenaka Takashi is not a normal person. 

Ting Tong.  

Takashi heard the doorbell even though he is in his lab. From the surveillance camera it was Keiko. 

“AL, open the door” ordered Takashi. 

AL is an AI that Matsuo created to help Takashi in the household.  Everything electronic in the house is controlled by AL.  

It makes many works become easier and accommodate to his lazy lifestyle 

But it also has its benefits. 

For example it makes gathering information easier. It could also help Takashi make experiment simulations.  

But the most important thing is that it could do complex calculation. It really helped Takashi in researching stuff and creating new inventions. 

When AL opened the door he could hear her screaming in the living room. 

“Takashi!” Keiko is still loud like always. 


“I’m down here.” He speaks to the intercom. It’s not like this is Keiko first time visiting him. 

“Okay, I’m going down then. AL open the secret door’ Keiko orders AL 

‘Yes, Miss Keiko. Master would be delighted to see you’ AL said to Keiko and Keiko snorted. 

‘Would that really be so?’ she said as the door opens and she went inside the door and was transported by the teleportation device underneath the tiles beneath the secret door. 

The moment Keiko was stepping down into the lab room, even though this is not the first time she’s been here still it amazed her all the same. 

The lab was filled with many research notes and blueprints of unfinished inventions.  

The walls were filled with scribbles and calculations that Keiko couldn’t understand. The tables were filled with cutting edge technology. 

A huge computer screen in the middle is simulating what Keiko could tell as experiment regarding something called 4-n. She also understood some scribbles.  

Minkowski Continuum, Exotic R4, 4th Dimension, Void, and a letter that seems to be from the head Director of CERN.  

It seems Takashi was corresponding with a lot of people these past few weeks. Not to mention researching again. 

In the corner side of the room was a section labeled failed experiments. Beside it, was a section labeled  

“Extremely hazardous. Don’t eat this unless you want to die” . 

Keiko recognizes this and she smiles a bit before she remembers where she is and hides her smiles.  

She was smiling because she knows the label and what Takeshi means by putting that label.  

Back in the day, Takeshi always hated it when people would eat his snack so he wrote that label. 

She could not help but let out a little laughter. Even though Takashi is already 40 years old, he is still the same like the first time they met.  

Keiko met him at Tokyo University in her freshman year.  

He dazzled her with talks of changing the world, creating something that will give this world a new way to look at reality and what reality means.  

It was a dream that Takashi has since he was little. She is not a genius like Takashi or Matsuo. But still she wanted to be a part of it.  

She so badly wanted to be a part of it. Because both of them look too dazzling and shines with a different colors than other people. 

They were dreamers. They dream big and sometimes their dreams scares people. 

They were certain times that she wanted to give up, but she wanted Takashi words to be true.  

And finally after years of suffering all of them are at the top right now.  

People who scoffed at Takashi idea in the past were now begging to work with him. Those who tries to sabotage him are all now cowering in fear fearing Vega Corp retribution. 

Keiko was satisfied.  

She liked that they finally recognized Takashi vision. 

But Takashi is not a person like that. Matsuo too.  Keiko handles the finances and the stocks acquisition and the handling of contracts.  

The job that both of those two genius don’t want to do. Keiko always feel this when she is with them.  

They are not in it because of the money.  

They see something she could not and sometimes that makes her feel left out.  

She decided a long time ago, if she could not be a genius, then at least she would stand beside a genius and maybe one day, she too would also see the scenery that they both see. 

And maybe that time, she will understand what motivates those two genius. Keiko thought of this as her eyes look at Takeshi. 

“What you’re looking at, Keiko?” 

“Oh, nothing.” She was flustered when she realized she has been staring at Takeshi for too long. Then she continued 

“When you’re going back to the company? The board of directors is anxious” she asked 

“In a week. Run it for me like always Keiko” he said in that coy tone of voice. Keiko sighed. Like always, he is being a baby 

“It’s your company, Takashi, not mine” Keiko countered.  

Then Takashi looked at Keiko and then smiled like he didn’t heard what she was saying. Then he started talking, quoting some news report. 

“Do you know that NASA has detected a large meteor that will crash upon the Earth in another 3 years? NASA reported to the public that it has about only 0000000.1 chance of it ever hitting Earth” He took his breath and then continued. 

“What the public doesn’t know is that that story is false. It has 1 in a million chance of it hitting Earth” 

“So? That still is a good probability”  

Keiko was puzzled. She is used to Takashi sprouting some random fact out of the blue, and she learned it’s better to just go with it. 

“Do you remember what Matsuo said when we began creating VR technology? He said we have a 1 in a million chance to ever succeed…. And we did that”  

Takeshi then just stared at Keiko.  

Like it meant something.  

And then he smiles in that creepy all-knowing smiles he always flashed when he knows he knows more things than other people. 

And Keiko felt unease. 


The Brave World forums were full of post about the war of Vetten and Vanheim. 

The internet broke down. The war between Vanheim and Vetten topped the all-time searches. 

The name Aero was the most searched name in the engine searchers.  

That was the response of the conclusion of the shocking war between Vetten and Vanheim in the real world. 

In Brave World, the reaction was even more explosive. 

All around Vilajeri continent the news of Aero victory over a larger army of Vetten spread like wildfire.  

Even with numerical superiority against Vanheim, Vetten could not pass Aero and was utterly decimated in the Battle of Coro. 

Coincidentally, the day that Aero managed to defeat the invasion it was also the same day as Zeus victory in Veva kingdom.  

Zeus victory at Veva was considered not a big deal considering every players knows that Zeus has long planned to supplant the King of Veva and have all of his people infiltrating the official circle of Veva. 

So, his victory was a matter of course. 

Zeus declared himself King of Veva. All the minstrels in Brave World are singing songs about these two heroes achievements. 

But one of the most famous was the poem created by a poet in Duvar. 

Regarded as the strongest, 

Zeus of the North, 

Undefeated and Unchallenged, 

None stand his way, 

If Aero of the East does not come forth, 

Who can be his match? 

Aero of the East, Zeus of the North. 

And so Aero became known to the people of the continent as Aero of the East and Zeus, even though they are many nicknames that he had over the course of his playing BW this is the most famous one. 

Why did they get this kind of nickname? 

Because what these two players have done is unheard of. There are skirmishes sometimes between the Kingdoms since the opening of the game but a full blown war?  

That has never happened before Aero was in the picture.  

By strengthening Vanheim, he forced Vetten hand to attack, fearing a powerful King to rise in Vanheim after George gain his full power in the court.  

It could be said Aero scheme has forced the King of Vetten to quickly attack Vanheim. 

Zeus on the other hand, usurped the King title, a feat no one thought possible for a player in Brave World. 

The highest level of nobility a player can enjoy is Duke. At least that is what everyone thought.  

But Zeus changed that. 

And now both of them are quickly rising to be a legend in Brave World.  

The forum of Brave World is exploding with requests from fans and players to air Aero war with Vetten and Zeus usurpation of the throne. 

ETV3 using this momentum with collaboration with Vega Corp and put some ads informing the fans that they will air the full video of Aero adventure. 

This got the Brave World community to be in excitement and people are anticipating the release of the videos. 

Not to be left out in the craze, VMS also informed that they have the video for Zeus battle. It seems the internet is abuzz with these two names. 

The effect of Zeus betraying the Veva King also inspired Leo clan that was fighting in Redat to turn back and try to take the capital to compete with Zeus. 

But unlike Zeus, Leo clan is not well liked by the Asgaro Kingdom. So right now Leo clan is facing great resistance from the people.  

The nobles in Asgaro have also banded together united under King Fjord to destroy Leo clan.  

Meanwhile, in the eastern continent, Vanheim is quickly rising to become one of the most powerful nations in that continent.  

With Vetten losing about 40 % of their military power there is no doubt that Vanheim will swallow Vetten. 

Veranis on the other hand is rumored to be strengthening their military after rumour said that Erdanis state will be given by Vanheim.  

The rumors say the military is led by King Philip son, Alexander a young, talented commander. 

Gerad is also strengthening their defense in preparation of a chaotic era.  

So does Tian Dynasty who did not send military aid to Vanheim even though it was requested by George personally. 

It is now clear after his victory, George is aiming to settle his enemies.  

Tian knows that Veranis now seen as a Vanheim ally through and through will pointed their spear at his kingdom when Erdanis is given to Veranis 

Niovar is also getting ready for the changing times with their kingdom strengthening their borders and began drilling their reserve forces.  

Karak Federation in the North West of Vanheim is also starting deploying spies in the powerful nation of the Eastern continent. 

The Central continent is also beginning to move.  

In the Northern continent, Saril Kingdom is becoming wary of Veva new king. Sol Queendom on the other hand seems to not care that Zeus usurped the throne. 

Vor Kingdom and Saril Kingdom formed an alliance after the news of Zeus coronation arrived at their court.  

It is clearly because of Zeus recent actions.  

It is not hard to see what Zeus is trying to do. He wants to rule the Northern continent before expanding his ambition to the entire continent.  

It is obvious and simple objective. The Southern continent on the other hand is employing wait and see approach.  

This is not their problem so it’s understandable why they would not want to involve themselves in the conflict.  

But just because the NPCs don’t take action in the South doesn’t mean that players don’t.  

There’s also the case of religious war in those regions.  

The Church of Light has many followers and now they are beginning to intimidate the people that believe in the Seven Celestials.  

It begun to look like a religious conflict will erupt in the South. Many are forming clans these days. 

Clan is usually only formed by high level players when they want to gain money or have large influence and get great quest.  

Not many are successful like Aero who is very good in getting great quests from nobility, and even that is thanks to his unique class.  

But after the recent development many are beginning to harbor the same ambition as Zeus. 

This would later lead to the Warring Kingdoms. 

Both in the Eastern continent and the Northern continent, something is changing. The action of these two men is moving the entire Vilajeri continent to a new era. 


Second chapter. Two more chapters until this month quota is fulfilled

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