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The soldiers are resting, the smells of food fills the tent, and chatters fills the camp.  

They chatter about their hometown and their family, trying to relieve that feeling of unease after the retreat. 

They could only trust in their superior.  

Each time a player heard the stories of these NPCS they couldn’t help but praise that the developer really is great in creating such a detailed game. 

Almost like they were alive 

Aero is retreating to Coro city. It is one the city in Zantleaf and it was an orderly retreated. Aero did a calculations and after the squads leaders reported to him he found out that his troops are about 59 thousands.  

About 11 thousand troops had died since the war begins. Eleven thousands lives that could create hills of bodies. 

But that’s mostly because we are defending in a Fort. Aero thought to himself. If not the casualties would be higher and even more devastating 

After this frontal assault battle could no longer be avoided. This is it. The curtains are about to be closed. 

1000 troops remain in the Fort for his plan.  

They need to make their stand here or Kyle troops will be unstoppable. The moment Kyle took the capital all will be lost. 

Then after making sure that his troops has already settled in the city he ordered Dan, Amy and Raina to look out for Kyle troops and train the troops before he logged out. 



“Fuu…That was exhilarating” Daniel was still remembering the journey he undertaken in Brave World.  

Daniel still couldn’t believe what happens these few days.  

The war was amazing. He never felt more alive. But now he needs to face reality. After stepping out of the capsule, he began to check out the item he auction. 

“Not very bad”  

Daniel was delighted seeing the items he auction has had buyers lining up. Daniel sees some of the price other people offered for the items. Satisfied with the entire offer, he sells everything.  

The cash transaction is made online and the buyer will send the money through online. Estimated profit 400 dollars.  

That is even bigger salary than his previous job. Well, he did do some shitty jobs. People are not all bad, but that doesn’t mean all people are good. 

As there are good people in the world, there is a lot more of assholes then a genuine good person. 

‘This could be a better way earning money’ he thought to himself. Then something crossed his mind.  

He remembered that love call from ETV3. Searching his phone, he quickly scrolls to the number saved under ETV3. 

He then quickly converse with the Production Director and told them that he had a video he wanted to submit. 

Then he went to his laptop which he borrowed from Mike. Opening it, he edited some scenes in his battles. 

Maybe later, he would not do it. But to foster good impression he edited the video first before he would submit it. 

He included the raid, the defending battle, the banter he had with Kyle and the trick he had employed.  

He knows that the broadcasting station would added a few more scenes and probably add music too to sensationalize the video. 

Daniel didn’t mind that. 

It would be epic. At least he believed it to be so. If not, he would just sell his video to other broadcasting station that could do a better job 

He told the Station not to broadcast it yet. 

Daniel wanted to make sure he solves the quest before making himself a fool in the media. 

The station agrees and they will send the 100 dollars directly to my bank account. If combined with the things he auctioned off he got 500 dollars today.  

But to get the items he got was not easy.  

If not for his most reliable sword he could achieve this. He is forever grateful to get the secret class. 

“I hope the videos will gain popularity “Daniel said to himself. 

If they are many viewers that like his video and if he gain benefits from it, he could use this game as his job.  

Because if there is one thing he realize when playing Brave World it was that he was good at it. 

Very good at it.  

Then he slowly takes his shower, letting the water washes his fatigue. After a few days not showering, today felt refreshing.  

Coming out of his room after drying his hair he make himself a dish  

Today menu is chicken soup and rice. He had to learn cooking since his mother was in the hospital all the time.  

Rice was something he like. Maybe thanks to his mother side of the family which is Japanese.  

He is half Caucasian  

As he eats he could taste that his cooking is slowly getting better. 

And to be honest he is beginning to become good at it. Maybe all that cooking in Brave World help him to become more proficient?  

Who knows? 


Daniel is once again alone in this big house. Her mother is in the hospitals and his father is dead. To be the only one in this big house makes Daniel feels lonely sometimes. 

They are too many things that had happened to him. 

And a lot of it happens here.  

There are good things. And there are bad things. But truth be told, people only remember the bad ones.  

And that is what Daniel remembers. He tried not to. But it always come in the end. In his dreams. 

Today. Tomorrow. And it continues. 

The bad ones. The unpleasant memories that always find a way to break through. The sorrows and longing of the one left behind. 

Why? Because pain is easier to remember. It felt more real. It strikes hard and deep and it never lets go. 

He need to visit his mother today. So he dress up a little bit cleaner than usual.  

Not to say he was sloppy but since his mother was admitted to the hospital dressing up doesn’t seems to be a priority. 

But Daniel knew his mother would not like that. Michael said he wanted to join him visiting his mother again last time they met. 

Daniel was grateful to have a friend like Mike. 

His mother would also be happy to see Mike. So he called him 

“Hello, Mike.” Daniel greet Michael 

“Hi. What’s up?” 

“You remember what you said before?’ 

‘About what?’ 

‘Do you want to visit the hospital today with me?’ 

“Oh, yes. Of course. “  

Then a brief silence  

“And I wanted to bring someone else.” 

“Who?” This is odd.  

Michael always follow Daniel visit his mom but never before he try to invite someone else. 

“Jessica. Can she come?” 

It’s obvious from his tone that he was nervous about this. Daniel was contemplating then he said  


“You’re sure about this?” 

“Yes, I’m sure” 

No, I’m not. But it’s been too long. 

“Ok, meet you up at the hospital” Michael is excited from the tone of his voice. 




“Mom” I called my mom the first thing I went to her room. 

“Daniel, you came again. I told you not to worry about me” my mother said grumbling 

“I like visiting you Mom.” Then Daniel look towards Nurse Lisa and asked her 

“How is she? She’s ok?” I asked Lisa 

“Daniel, sometimes you worry too much. She’s ok.” Lisa said 

Then from the outside there was some noise. Then a voice 

“Auntie, I’m coming in” 

Michael comes in with Jessica. Jessica didn’t change at all from high school. She still looked as beautiful as ever.  

When she noticed I was looking at her she blushed.  

I was blushing too. It’s been a long time. After what happened, we didn’t talk much and we didn’t even meet each other.  

It is one of my regrets. 

“How are you Auntie?” Jessica asked my mom 

“I’m fine dear. You look beautiful “my mom and her sweet words. 

“Thank you “her face was red.  

I guess she is still shy when complimented. Some things never changed. Then they chatted for a while with my mother.  

I excused myself. I was outside heading to the cafeteria to grab a bite. I bought some fruits and energy drinks.  

Then I sit down while reminiscing about old memories. Jessica. I wronged her before and that makes me very awkward to see her.  

Michael brought her today must be because he knows what I’m feeling. I told about this to Michael before.  

Sometimes he is too persistent. She likes me in high school but I was in with love Amelia back then.  

I was honest with her about that. She seems cool about it. And we decided to become friends. And for a while that works.  

Until “that” happened. 

Stop it, Daniel. It’s a long time ago. The past should stay in the past. Yet why does it always creep out? 

Because the past is my pain. And pain is not meant to be forgotten. Think about something else, Daniel. 

After this visit, I need to log in back to BW. I hope Sarah was successful in doing what I told her. 

Oh, that works. I should think about BW every time these kinds of ridiculous thought come up.  

Then, somehow I think of Amy and Sarah.  

The similarities that Amy had with Amelia. The cute smile that Sarah showed me every time I smile at her, like somehow she knows what I was thinking. 

“….Ok, so that didn’t work.” 

After finishing my lunch I returned to my mom hospital room. I didn’t hear noisy chatter. They must have leave. 

Michael apparently understands my awkwardness and has already returned home with Jessica. 

After making sure my mom take his medication I stood up ready to leave. 

“Mom, I’m leaving.” I said to my mom. 

I kissed her cheek and began to walk out. 

“Wait, Daniel….Why didn’t you meet her, son? “Her question made me stop. 

“Who’s her? “I was pretending not to know. 

“Jessica, son. It’s time. It’s not her fault and it’s not your fault. You know that, right?” My mother looked straight into my eyes. 

“….I knew that mom.” Then Daniel turns his face from her mother eyes and left. 

How could he talk to Jessica again? The last time he met her harsh words were traded. We yell and scream to each other.  

We were blaming each other, hurting each other and wounded each other.  

Daniel regretted that day. He wishes he could do that day differently. But he couldn’t. And his guilt prevents him from ever talking to her again. 

It was his self-inflicted punishment. 

“I’m no stranger to pain” Daniel muttered to himself. 




The Mayor House is crowded today. Soldiers filled the area, guarding it, signifying an important person is visiting. 

Aero has relocated the war camps to the Mayor house. Since this is a time of emergency, Aero could turn any establishment of the Kingdom under the control of the army.  

The mayor obeyed and moved to another residence. During the last battle and raid, he notices his leadership has increased a lot.  

And there are also a notice that a window popped up telling him the requirement has been achieved but he swiped down the window because he was busy fighting.  

He will check it later. First Aero wanted to hear the reports about what was happening when he is gone. 

“Here’s the report, Commander Aero.’ the scout handed the report to Aero. Aero quickly read the report and a smile formed on the edge of his mouth. 

He almost wanted to laugh in happiness 

From the report, the Reverse Empty Fort Strategy worked. Estimated casualty of the Vetten army is 30 thousands.  

Kyle survived. 

He sure is lucky 

Apparently a cautious commander he sent another division first. Mainly the infantry troops and the cavalry division of Vetten that died in the explosion. 

Aero was hoping that the support division would die in the explosion but sometimes you don’t always get what you want. 

The fort still stands. That is an incredible feat. The builder that built the Fort must be proud of their works. 

No wonder George told Aero the Fort has protected Vanheim for so long.  

It must be because of its sturdy design. But at least it killed a lot of Vetten troops. Now there are only 275 thousand troops. 

But still that is still a lot.  

When Kyle comes here Aero knows that this city could not handle a siege. It will fall. That is not a pessimistic thinking.  

It was backed by fact and experience. 

When Aero was in the Fort he knew that it will stand many attacks. Now seeing this city, he knows that it doesn’t stand a chance. 

The reason why he retreated out of the Fort is still a mystery from the other commanders.  

Some want to stay in the Fort and fight there. To be honest, that is a good idea. But with Bradheim making his decision like Aero expected, his plan change.  

It has to change. That’s the only way to win.  

There is no other choice.  

But Aero did not panicked. War is after all not a chessboard games. It always changes even more so than a chess games 


Because the players are people and the chess players are people.  

Chess in games would loyally obeyed any order even though that order would sacrifice them.  

But people are not chess and as such life which is sacred to any man would always make a choice befitting to the value they assigned to their own life. 

Some people would sacrifice themselves for the greater good, while some would do everything in their power to survive. 

And that is only half the fun. 

The 60 thousand troops he had right now must defeat the 275 thousand troops of Vetten.  

Defeating superior force with a smaller force, which generals in history that succeed this feat and not become famous? 

If Aero wins this battle, he would gain fame in only one battle. And aero has already a plan. He smiles as he believe this is where it starts. 

According to the scouts Kyle troops will arrive in 2 days. 

Aero announces in the war room, addressing the commanders and captains 

“The final battle is approaching. We will make our last stand here.” 

All the commanders and captains nodded their head. They all know what’s at stake here. 

“Go make sure everything is ready. We will win.”  

Aero did not say many words this time. Because not many words are needed. Their only choice is to win or Vanheim will face its greatest crisis since its founding. 

But not all of the leaders here so sure of this win. Aero sighed and continued 

“Why? Because we have no other choice. It’s do or die.” 

After saying that the commanders go out of the house understanding perfectly the consequence if this battle is lost.  

Each commander is given the task to make sure their troops are ready for the big battle. Aero realized something when he was checking the leaders whereabouts. 

Amy was nowhere to be seen and he quickly order someone inform of him where she is. An officer quickly reported to him and explain to him 

Amy was absent because she is organizing her division. Hearing this Aero nodded as he sit back on his chair. 

He noted Amy abilities was outstanding. 

‘The last time, Amy created an amazing way to use the Bards ability to benefits us.’ He mumbles to himself 

A symphony of music imbuing the front lines with great bonuses and stats boost. Even he didn’t think of that.  

‘I guess she’s not all brawn.’ After making sure all of the commander was out, Aero think this is the time for him to check his status. 

He opened his status window. 

LEVEL  97  PROFESSION  Grand Strategist 
TITLE  None 
CONTRIBUTION  Peasant ( Vanheim) 
FAME  550 
HEALTH  9700+600  MANA  970+200  WILLPOWER  350 
STRENGTH  155  AGILITY  575+200  HONOUR  50 
STAMINA  154+40 
LUCK  99  CHARISMA  190+10  LANGUAGE  0 
ATTACK  556 
DARK  5%  LIGHT  0% 
FIRE  25%  WATER  10% 
EARTH  0%  WIND  0% 
+ All stats are added 20 points in battle
+ Intellect is added extra 100 points
+ Enables equipping items for the secret class
+ Decrease mana consumption for Divine sword technique 

+ 80 points added to Wisdom. 

+ 30% increase to Stats on the Battlefield. 

+ Easier to raise proficiency in any area. 

+ Decrease in Mana Consumption for the Divine Sword Techniques based on level of INT 

+ Gained ability to learn secret skills based on your level in Language. 

+ Fame increase upon solving any quest involving the nobility. 

+ Affinity with scholars increased.  

+ Affinity with wise men increased 

+ Easier to influence statesmen and scholars. 

+ 10 points added to CHM 

+ Can talk to spirit and understand divine meaning 

+ High leadership enables your troops to enjoyed 10 points of stats increase in strength 

+ High leadership enables you to raise your troops marching speed by 20% 

+ High Charisma enables you to establish rapport with townspeople quickly 

+ High charisma enables you gain secret information ( Orders Of Letters unlocked[Click to get more info]) 

+ High wisdom enables you to join Celestials Scholars [Click to get more info] 

+ High intellect enables you to join Council Of Athena [Click to get more info] 




Oh, this is what it means by the requirement has been achieved. 

Factions. Factions are different from Clans. To start a clan you need to swear an oath at any of the Temple Of Seven. 

To enter a Clan you need to meet either the Clan leader or someone who is given the authority to register a player into the clan. 

Factions on the other hand can only be joined when certain condition has been achieved. 

For example there are certain factions that only Thieves can join. For thieves it is the Creeping Shadows. 

For Assassins it’s the Blood Brotherhood. The Blood Lady only accepts female warrior. 

Faction also gives bonus.  

You can join many factions but of course there are certain factions that only allowed certain classes to join. 

Another example is The Masons. The Masons only accepts Builders. But a builder that has high intellect can also join Council of Athena. 

But if a player like him tries to enter The Masons he could not because he is not a builder. Joining a certain faction can give you bonuses and there is a chance for you to receive their help in completing a quest. 

They are also secret hideout in all of Vilajeri continent which will helps its member to resupply.  

I will check this later. Even if I check it now, it doesn’t have any meaning.  

After all I’m in a war right now. 

And he smirked 


Second chapter. Leave some comments and Ill be sure to reply it when I have the time now that I’m not writing LS

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