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Kyle was incensed and was fuming, his war tent is in a mess with many things were thrown to the side, the porcelain were broken while the goblet were dented and the tables were destroyed leaving only pieces of wood.

He is in his war camp feeling frustrated. And not only him is feeling this way. His officials is the same.

They were enveloped in a feeling of gloom.

They all fell to Aero tricks once again.

Truly they wanted to scold themselves for letting their guard down against such opponent that depends more on tricks than a straightforward battle.

It was just like last time. Remembering the last time it happened just made Kyle angrier.

Still Kyle didn’t give up yet. He has come too far to give up now. They can still triy to turn the tide.

They fought until it was almost dawn. On Aero side the casualties amounted to 200 troops. On Vetten side 40 thousand.

Anyone could see who won last night battle. In the morning however, things were about to change.

A messenger came bearing a message from Fort Elken to Kyle.

This letter changed everything and brought hope to Vetten soldiers and the entire war situation in this forest.

“Good news, General” Chris said in a happy tone after reading the letter rushing to want to bring this news to Kyle.

“What good news?” Kyle inquired. Smiling Chris then said

“Bradheim has retreated from Fort Elken. The Orcs have occupied the Fort. Our scouts have seen them partying all night long in the Fort, while Bradheim and his troops were riding out of the Fort.”

“Really?” Kyle couldn’t believe his ears.

“Yes, Sir”

“HAHAHAHA.” He laugh with great joy like all of his frustration and anxiousness were released in that boisterous laugh.

‘Aero. Now what?” He said with a slight mocking in his tone. With this their two pronged attack will succeed.

Kyle was actually thinking to lift the siege and go back to Erdanis to reinforce their position and then attack again.

But hearing this news, he couldn’t lift the siege. He must not. This is his chance. He planned to meet Gruk and unite.

Then using Gruk army their troops will be replenished. But to think Gruk would actually succeed.

I guess that guy is capable after all.

“Tell the troops we will continue our attack tomorrow” Kyle has decided. This time he is filled with confidence

“Tell them that the Orcs have taken Fort Elken. We will rejoin them after we have taken this Fort and then we will march together to the capital”

Hearing the turns of event that happened, the Vetten troop’s morale returned.

Now, Aero. I have made my move. What will be yours?




Dan was in the war camp with Amy and Raina. They have heard the news. Aero lightning raid was successful.

Utilizing fire attack and the swiftness of the cavalry and skillfully giving orders to variety of players with different classes shows how capable Aero is in commanding troops.

It was truly a magnificent battle.

The enemy troops that died could be piled up and they would reach the height of the front gate of this Fort.

The people in the Fort could smell the charred corpses of Vetten army from outside. That was just showing how much Aero inflicted damage upon Kyle troops.

They were rejoicing and was filled with the confidence that they could defend this Fort until reinforcement could arrive.

At dawn, Aero rejoined them in the camp. Raina on the other hand did not lead her archer division last night.

She just sent about 100 archers that could ride a horse to be a part of Aero newly formed cavalry archers division.

The others were to act as the defending archers in case the raid was a failure.

The archers that were chosen are all archers that have high stats in accuracy and precision of shots.

On the other hand, Amy and her support division were busy healing the injured and casting support spell from the Fort.

The Bards sang songs trying to raise the cavalry speed and strength.

With boosted strength and speed the cavalry quickly broke through and took out the enemy support division.

The Healers were healing the Heavy Infantry usually consisting of warriors. Every time they saw that the Heavy infantry health is almost at a critical point, they casted their spells.

The Druids tried to create barriers but were disturbed by the enemy Druids.

Amy was smart. She divided the Bards and tasked them with a different song for each of the Bards.

In another words, Amy created an orchestra. An orchestra filled with sounds of glory and death.

That night after the war drums and the gongs stopped all Dan could listen was beautiful song but also a melancholy melody that seems to embedded death and destruction yet at the same time giving that sense of hope at the end of all of the death and destruction.

It was like Bach, Mozart and Chopin performing a symphony with each a different intention and effect.

Some Bards were tasked to sing songs that increased agility and speed. Some were tasked to sing songs that boost strength.

Some for mana regeneration. Another life regeneration. Last night changed Dan opinion about Bard class.

Dan has a new appreciation towards Bards. He didn’t think that Bards are that useful as a support class.

But Amy proved him wrong. Who would have thought that Bards could be used in a war like that?

Is it my imagination or is Amy turning like Aero? Usually she only uses violence to get her way, but lately Amy is starting behaving rationally.

That gives Dan the chills. Well, Dan always knows Amy was a smart girl. Aero was in the war camp after he returned formulating new strategy.

By now all the players that joins this army have a new deep appreciation towards the strategy that Aero has employed gaining Aero deep respect from the players.

Aero told Dan after the raid was over that his leadership stat increased. NPCs will listen to him obediently and also enjoy rise of their stats when fighting under Aero.

It was a good news. But then like always good things doesn’t always last.

A messenger came in the morning and gave a letter to Aero with great urgency. Aero then read the letter. His expression was unreadable.

“So Bradheim has decided? This is his decision? “Aero said to himself his eyebrows creasing.

“What is it, Aero?” Dan couldn’t help but ask.

Every person on the war camp has sensed the weird atmosphere. But they did not want to ask the question. Looking at their strategist face, nothing good was on that letter

Then looking at the people inside the room with a hard face, Aero declared.

“Tell the troops, we’re retreating. We will go to Zantleaf.”

This was unexpected.

Then Dan heard the news from Marco and Arcturus. Bradheim has abandoned Fort Elken. The Orcs have occupied the Fort Elken.

Before we started moving Aero has asked for a thousand troops to volunteer to be sacrifice.

Of course Aero asked this from players. Dan knew NPCs don’t spawn like us.

Aero promised these troops if they win this war, they will be rewarded more than the others.

They accepted. From what he heard from Marco, Aero intends to use these warriors as suicide squads.

Dan was like an observer powerless to turn anything to his favor in this large scale war. He is still too weak

Aero and Raina has put explosives all around the Fort surrounding all the pillars and point of weakening.

The suicide squad task is to lure the enemies in and light up the explosives that are chained together.

It will be an explosion like no other. Aero intends to use the Empty Fort strategy on Kyle. Or from what he heard from Aero the Reverse Empty Fort Strategy.

The Empty Fort strategy is to trick enemy troops thinking that there is a threat hiding ready to destroy them if they enter the defending troops place.

But Reverse Empty Fort Strategy according to Aero works in a slightly different way. Aero speculates Kyle must have known about Bradheim.

Then when he sees the Fort is empty he will think that Aero is trying to trick him with the Empty Fort Strategy.

Especially after he had been tricked before.

This time Kyle will not believe the tricks he had prepared. Kyle would speculate that Aero is trying to imitate the Empty Fort strategy.

Believing that, Kyle will charge the Fort with his troops. When they are inside, that’s the time for the suicide squad to do their duty.

If Kyle dies in the attack it might give Aero more advantage. Vetten doesn’t have many elite commanders.

‘I hope this works.’ Dan prayed slightly.  After we have completed our preparations we were ready to retreat.

But before that Dan must ask Aero

“Where is Sarah? I thought you have an important task for her?

“Yes. It’s an important job.” Aero said not revealing anything else. Dan eyebrows frown

“Is it reinforcement from the other state?” He pushed

“No. Something else.” Aero replied almost immediately

“You know something Aero? Why do you never give me straight answers?” Dan said slightly miffed. Aero chuckles a bit

“I find it very fun to tease you. And why are you concerning yourself about Sarah’s task? Do you like her or something?” Aero asked straight to the point.

“ I..I..I’m just worried about her” Dan said stammering throughout my sentences

“Is that so?” Aero was grinning like he had figured something.

Dan didn’t like that grin.

It means he has something planned. And this time Dan think he has something planned for him.

At least there was something that Aero found amusing in our situation. Then we began retreating.


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