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Finally they arrived at the Fort after many difficulties on the forest, exhausted and full of scars.

Aero brought a lot of weapon supplies and food. Quickly Raina added this to the Fort supply.

Aero estimate that in one day Vetten troops will reach here, or maybe 2 days considering what we did to them.

Even though it may not make that much of a difference in terms of their military power but at least it is a good reap for Aero.

He is now level 87. He checked his status window.

LEVEL 87 PROFESSION Grand Strategist
CONTRIBUTION Peasant ( Vanheim)
FAME 550
HEALTH 8700+600 MANA 870+200 WILLPOWER 350
STAMINA 154+40
FIRE 15% WATER 10%
+ All stats are added 20 points in battle
+ Intellect is added extra 100 points
+ Enables equipping items for the secret class
+ Decrease mana consumption for Divine sword technique

+ 80 points added to Wisdom.

+ 30% increase to Stats on the Battlefield.

+ Easier to raise proficiency in any area.

+ Decrease in Mana Consumption for the Divine Sword Techniques based on level of INT

+ Gained ability to learn secret skills based on your level in Language.

+ Fame increase upon solving any quest involving the nobility.

+ Affinity with scholars increased.

+ Affinity with wise men increased

+ Easier to influence statesmen and scholars.

+ 10 points added to CHM

+ Can talk to spirit and understand divine meaning



The amount of mana has enabled him to use one again his favorite’s technique, Divine Sword Technique and Sacred Sword Finger.

He was always frustrated with this skill. Usually when proficiencies increase mana consumption decreases.

But his technique on the other hand increases the mana consumption. They must be a way. Maybe after he identifies the book he will understand.

There is the book of Lizhu Gerard that he got after solving the Sage request. His intellect point is now 509.

Yet he still can’t read that book. Aero believes there are some requirements before he can read the book.

His decision to brought only 100 men has also helped him to gain level faster and also strengthen the other 80 players.

Because of that they got a lot of EXP and raised their level.

This will help in the coming battle. Though he could not do anything for the other 20 troops that died during his raid, he promised them rewards when they got back.

If we win, the loot will be more than enough to satisfy the players and the people.

Aero was in his tent thinking how to defeat the impending threat that is coming towards him in the form of a massive army.

Then he heard the troops. Speaking loudly and celebrating. Then the announcement sounded informing the whole fort of who has arrived.

Aero smiles as he got up from his seat and walk outside the tent to welcome his companion.

Amy and Dan have arrived here.

Amy and Dan are well liked and respected by the troops. Dan is liked because of his friendliness and Amy is for her beauty.

Not that, Aero would ever acknowledge her beauty.

Coming from him, she will take it as an insult. I decided to go out to greet them.

“Dan, welcome back. How’s the journey?” Aero said as Dan entered into the tent. Aero noticed that Dan armors were slathered with mud.

Patting the dust on his armor Dan replies

“Uneventful. Though, we were stuck in a swamp because of the bandits that tried to terrorize one of the villages.”

That explains the mud.

“So did you do what I asked?” Aero asked as he take a seat and gestures Dan to do the same.

Amy has already seated herself on one of the wooden chairs and already ordered some people to bring refreshment.

“We did exactly what you said. After we had made sure everyone believed we were heading to Elken, we turned back.” Dan replied

“Alright. Good.’ Aero smiles as his plan is slowly coming into fruition. Looking at Dan terrible appearance he said

‘Then rest first. We have a lot to discuss after this.” Dan nodded as he got out of Aero tent and escorted by foot soldiers to his prepared tent.

Aero looked at Amy but he didn’t greet her. There is this heavy silence an awkaaewrd sielnc ethat smee sto fill the tent.

Amy sometimes glances towards him but most of the times she finished the grapes that was offered as refreshment here

Aero don’t want to think ridiculous thoughts in his head, so it’s better if his relationships with her is like this.

He tries to distance himself from him in terms of emotional entanglements. Then, he heard her.

“What’s up?’ she ask, with a slight bashful cheeks

This is the first time she greeted Aero first. Usually it would be either a yell or a roar. This is a rare moment.

And just like that all that talk about wanting to distance himself from entanglement with this woman went out of the window.

Wanting to tease her, Aero chuckles before he looked up into the sky.

“I don’t know,” said Aero, “I’ve never been there.”‘

“What? What do you mean?” Then looking at the direction where Aero is looking Amy cheeks flushed red

Then she finally realized Aero was teasing her. Her face became red.

“Why do you have to be such a jerk?” she started raising her voice.

Her face red with embarrassment seems cute.

Whoa. Stop thinking like that, Aero.

“I don’t know, really” said Aero while trying to hold his laughter.

Aero answer and his gesture just make her madder. We continue our verbal fight again. Clearly sensing that we’re heading into fistfight, Dan who have returned back into the tent calmed her down, patting her back while Aero was chuckling relaxing on his chair.

Amy then humphed at me and then stomped away. Dan sighed and shakes his head looking accusingly at Aero

“I’m curious, Aero. Why do you always have to fight with her?” asked Dan. Aero put up his hand up in a surrendering gesture and said with a smirk

“Well, she always starts the fight. So, I just want to see why starting a fight is so fun.” Aero replied calmly like nothing happened

“And was it fun?” Dan ask weakly like he is giving up trying to make them both being in a room without making a mess

“Incredibly” Aero replies as he was smiling.

“Glad to know you still have your sense of humor, Aero, considering our situation” Aero waves his hand gesturing that there is nothing to worry about.

Dan sometime feel exasperated with Aero lack of caution.

Dan was thinking if they lose this war, obviously Vanheim will be destroyed and with it all of his effort and the efforts of his friend.

They could choose to stay and convert, but Dan doubts the enemy commander would let them stay.

Not when we are so enthusiastic in repelling them. Letting us stay will only invite more trouble.

It means we would have to find another state to settle. Then they would need to start again establishing familiarity with the townspeople.

To be honest, Dan liked where he is now.

Considered as friend by King George, he always gets great quests that offers great rewards and experience.

He also didn’t have to worry about supplies anymore after being the friend of the King.

The nobles help him in his supplies, the merchants reduce the price for him and soldiers of the Kingdom respect him.

They even sometimes help him in his quest.

What’s not to like in his current situation? This kingdom is like his safe haven, providing for him to grow.

And he also grew attached to some of the NPCs and players he got to know in this Kingdom.

But Aero still seems aloof like he is outside of this situation. Didn’t he know what is at stake here?

“I never lost it.” Aero said referring to Dan question about his humor while grinning at Dan. Once again, Dan could not help but shakes his head as he could not understand this person thoughts.

“Hah….I shouldn’t talk at all.”

Then Aero keep him up to speed and reported some matters to him. Dan nodded and promised he will relay this to the other members of his team.

Dan started heading back to his tent again after finishing his conversation with Aero. He and Amy logged out for a while to rest.

Then a few hours later he returned back to the fortress with Amy.

After a few hours of reorganization of the squads under them and Amy calming down from Aero antics, the Vanheim Army began their war council to discuss the threats that they are facing.

Inside the room, the atmosphere was heavy. Aero sit on one of the chairs sipping wine while fanning his face with a white feather fan, looking unconcerned.

‘ Our troops will be besieged by 420 thousand troops.’ That was his first words.

The people inside the tent became silent. Dan then asked.

‘Can we defend the Fort?’ Aero smiles but he did not answer.

‘I guess we have to see. For now we could erect fortifications, plants some trap near the forest heading to this Fort and defend as well as we can’ and he waved his fan, fanning his face.’

The other military officials nodded

Then one of the officers name Ferlin said

‘Under Strategist Aero orders, we have weakened a bit of their military power by raiding their camp a few days ago. Sir Aero also participate in the raid’

Then Ferlin proceeded to recount how brave Aero in the battle, swinging his sword reaping enemy head like he was razing grass with a scythe and how he charged in with ten men to take on  forty men in a desperate charge.

Strategist Aero, it seems the soldiers began calling Aero like that after the success of his Fire and Poisons Stratagem.

Raiding in flames, taking advantage after the poison has been administered, these two tactics have brought considerable damage to the Vetten army.

Hearing it from the others that followed him during the raid just makes him look more fearsome.

How daring to try doing that.

If he died during that raid, he, as one of the Commander of Vanheim army would stand to lose so many things.

Or is he just reckless? No, that’s not Aero. He is a calculating person. The only reason he did that is because he believes he would survive.

That’s the Aero he knows.

After that, Aero started outlining their plans to defend the fort. Many tactics were considered.

In the end, there were some steps outlined.

For now we will place the training as the top priority. Scouts are also sent to scout the surrounding areas.

The weapon is also sharpened and created by the blacksmith players and experienced NPCs who have already great proficiency and mastery in making weapons.

Vanheim might not be as mighty as it once was, but it is still one of the superpower nation here in the Eastern Continent

The supplies are covered by a talented player who is proficient in dividing supplies and arranging inventory of the military supplies.

Aero had thought to recruit him after the war but the guy wanted to remain anonymous as he only help because he lives in Vanheim.

The healer division is also at the ready for injuries and any diseases that might crop up.

Thanks to Aero raids and bringing back supplies from the Vetten troops, the NPCs troops have been equipped with metal armor and steel swords that is of higher quality.

It is truly amazing that the Vetten Kingdom who was being suppressed by Vanheim can still create such high quality weapons and armor.

It is thanks to their abundance of iron mines and deposits of rare ores in many of their regions.

Aero also explained to us that he believes the Vetten Kingdom has bet everything in this war.

With that massive army it’s all or nothing. But it is also all or nothing for Vanheim.

If they win, Aero theorize, barring any unexpected circumstances, Vanheim will unite the Eastern Continent.

This is a war for supremacy. And Dan knows what Aero is aiming for. Aero wanted to make himself the main character of this new era of warfare.

To bring about a new dynasty that rules over the Vilajeri Continent, to unite the disparate kingdoms and nation under one banner once again and to become famous and rich with his exploits in the games.

Aero wanted to lead the era….and Dan also did not want to left behind in this new era. The curtain of this play has been lifted.

Now, the actors and actress has begun introducing themselves and slowly taking the center stages.

The dawn of that era will be decided in this war.


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