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He was sitting on his wooden chair as he analyze what he heard from his scouts.

Kyle has heard the report from his scout a few minutes ago about the size of the army coming towards Fort Elken.

About 30 thousand soldiers is coming to Fort Elken, no doubt trying to reinforce the defenses.

This leaves Fort Vars in the south undefended. Kyle was smiling.

After he successfully made agreement with the Orcs, Vetten III had trusted him enough to let him lead 500 thousand soldiers to invade Vanheim.

It was a large number five hundred thousand soldiers.

They cannot lose this war. HE…could not lose this war. If they lose this war Vetten will face a grave crisis regarding their military power.

They have bet everything on this.

There will never be another chance like this. Kyle knows this and the Vetten King knows this.

When King George will truly stabilize his Kingdom, Vetten will never be able to attack again.

This is a last desperate measure. And also a measure which might give them victory.

From the report he received Veranis and Tian still don’t suspect anything. Kyle must win this or his reputation in Vetten will plummet.

But Kyle believes in his strategy. No one could foresee it. The Orcs provide a great distraction for him to do what he wanted.

Looking at the person who is standing beside him waiting for his order, he beckoned and said

“Commander Chris, relay my orders. Start marching.” Chris was an NPC commander. He has excellent stats. He was wearing white armor shining like the knights of old.

He has brown wavy hair that reached his neck, a sharp jawline and a protruded nose. He wielded swords with extreme mastery.

Chris listening to the orders of his superior nodded and quickly went out to relay the orders.

Kyle walk outside after finishing giving his orders.

Outside his tent the camp was filled with ballista and siege weapons being build and assembled.

The soldiers are sharpening their swords, spears and javelin in the vacant smithies.

The blacksmiths are hitting the steel with their big hammers as sparks of fire flies off with every hit.

The Bards sing songs of courage slowly influencing the hearts of the soldiers to become brave and courageous in the face of death.

There are even some soldiers who are praying to the Gods and burn some offering hoping to survive the battle.

Kyle understand the fear. This is a big war. After they destroy Fort Vars they need to attack and capture the Capital of Vanheim.

This must be done swiftly before the army in Fort Elken realizes what is happening. 100 thousand Orcs that Gruk is leading will be annihilated if he could not come to Gruk aid.

Orcs are strong but they are very simple minded race. If the Orcs had many users than maybe 100 thousand of them will be formidable.

The ones on horseback are usually users that choose Orcs as their race. They are elite but Vanheim also has many elite warriors.

Either the players or the NPCs there are many of them. It is very crucial to capture the capital before Bradheim destroy the Orcs army.

If Bradheim manages to destroy Gruk army before he could take over Fort Vars, even if Kyle managed to capture the Capital it won’t be long before the capital change hands again.

After hearing the order from the commander the troops started marching with the sound of war drums accompanying them.

Huge dust cloud accompanied their unyielding and ferocious march.

Never before in the history of Brave World had so many soldiers marched other than during the Hegemony War.

From horseback Kyle gazed upon his troops and couldn’t help but feel confident that they will win.


Aero and Raina have finally reached Fort Vars.

The moment they arrived Aero told the builders to construct and repair the dilapidated walls.

Internal problem of the kingdom has cause the King to neglect the maintenance of this area.

Then Aero told scouts to scout the areas for anything out of the ordinary and bring him a map of surrounding cities and settlements.

Dan and Amy should have started coming here by now. Aero ordered them to pretend to go to Fort Elken to fool anyone that might suspect otherwise.

After they split the 30 thousand NPCS soldiers still continued marching to Fort Elken. They will arrive here in another two days by Aero estimation.

The tent has been prepared for him. The moment he entered skill window popped.

-You have learned Recruit skill-

Recruit [1] Beginner
Enables you to recruit NPCs.  This ability enables you to convert NPCs that is recruited by you to become Spy and Scout. More job option will be unlocked when proficiency increase.

+ 10 points to CHM

+ Unique skill for your class



Now that’s interesting. Well since he got a new skill, he quickly check his status window.

LEVEL 57 PROFESSION Grand Strategist
CONTRIBUTION Peasant ( Vanheim)
FAME 550
HEALTH 5700+600 MANA 570+200 WILLPOWER 350
STAMINA 154+40
FIRE 15% WATER 10%
+ All stats are added 20 points in battle
+ Intellect is added extra 100 points
+ Enables equipping items for the secret class
+ Decrease mana consumption for Divine sword technique

+ 80 points added to Wisdom.

+ 30% increase to Stats on the Battlefield.

+ Easier to raise proficiency in any area.

+ Decrease in Mana Consumption for the Divine Sword Techniques based on level of INT

+ Gained ability to learn secret skills based on your level in Language.

+ Fame increase upon solving any quest involving the nobility.

+ Affinity with scholars increased.

+ Affinity with wise men increased

+ Easier to influence statesmen and scholars.

+ 10 points added to CHM

+ Can talk to spirit and understand divine meaning



Aero gained Dark magic resistance during his journey in that snake hell.

He was always getting attacked in the dark by those gigantic snakes so he used Analyze frequently to see in that darkness.

Seeing his stat windows like this makes him feel proud.

All those stats are the effort of him grinding using unorthodox method to raise them. But Aero realized it is becoming harder to raise his stats.

Could it be because of his secret class that he enjoyed the fast rise of his stats? And that’s why it became harder for him to raise it?

Aero sighed. Then he remembered something

He checked the stat Elegance.

By employing beautiful moves of the sword art you can increase this stat. increasing this stat enables you to increase the morale of your allies and easily confuse your enemies.

Beautiful moves?

‘Hmm’ he had to experiment with this whenever he can later. It also has the effect of increasing the morale of his allies.

After finished checking he left some orders and then proceed to inspect the work being done in the Fort.


It has been 2 days since he began the quest.

Aero only logged out to shower and sleep in the real world because of the how bust it is to handle everything relating to the war effort.

But Aero did not forget to check his mom condition in the hospital every day. Lisa said she’s fine and will call if anything happens.

But still he could not help but to visit.

After making sure everything is settled in the real world, Aero logged in and returned back to the Fort.

The moment he sat in his makeshift chair in one of the guard house refitted into a temporary office, the scouts he sent ask to meet with him.

Those are not his scouts that he converted, those are the Kingdom scouts. Maybe if he have a territory then he will convert the NPCs there as Scouts or Spies.

After reading the report Aero closes his eyes. A moment later he opens it back.

He reads from the report that there is a massive army that is heading here. Estimation of the soldiers is 500 thousand.

Thankfully, a new information also surfaces. Yesterday Aero finally got the information on who is leading them.


Kyle is a player known as a person that can be hired. To put it simply he is a mercenary. But leading armies?

That’s something new.

Aero guess he wanted recognition or maybe fame. There’s nothing wrong in being a mercenary in Brave World but it doesn’t get much respect from the players.

Take for example, Zeus of Veva Kingdom. Every time player spoke of his name, they all say he is great warrior peerless under the heaven and unbeatable.

Aero know the praise seems excessive but that just shows how many people respect Zeus as one of the top players in Brave World.

Fame, glory, wealth. Zeus possess all this.

He always did something impossible and from the rumors he has never turned down a duel.

Known as the strongest it just seems to perpetuate his greatness. Maybe like Zeus, Kyle also wanted fame, glory and wealth.

It is not something dirty. He is human. He of course wanted the world to recognize him. And it also makes it easier for Aero.

It is very important to know what drives your enemy. Only then can you exploit it against them

In a few days Kyle will reach Fort Vars…and he had to be ready by then

But right now Kyle should still be in the Forest of Erdanis. Probably in 3 days journey he will arrive here.

This is a chance. Smiling, he stands up from his seat and summon Marco. Marco come upon him, kneel and Aero said slamming his hand on the table

“Marco, relay my order. I’m moving out!”

After making sure he have the necessary equipment, Aero assembled a 100 man unit under him  as they ride outside the Fort.

The other soldiers will keep watch in the Fort Vars. But the man under Aero….now, they are about to do something great



The forest was vast. Trees lined up like soldiers and the sound of insects filled the background noise.

Kyle was looking at the forest and then asked Chris

‘When will we reach Fort Vars?’

“We will reach Fort Vars in 2 days.” Chris report. Kyle was thinking for a while and then decided to rest here today. It is evening and not long from now the sun will set.

For players there are many skills that enables them to see at night but for the NPCs other than those powerful NPCs they would be severely disadvantage to march at night and also lowers morale.

“Set up the tent. We will sleep here tonight.” Kyle ordered and Chirrs quickly execute the order.

This is what Kyle like most about Chris. His no nonsense attitude and diligent traits.

The soldiers started unpacking. The food is prepared by the military cooks. A lot of supplies are brought to accommodate all the troops.

Thank God, Kyle brought merchants that have contract with the Royal family. Their capacity to store items is very different from other class.

They are very important for the supplies of the troops as troops that do not eat will experience loss of morale.

Kyle then entered his tent and talked with his general about the next course of action and discuss many military matters.

They looked at the map of the terrain and strategized on how to take the Fort swiftly and minimize their casualties to the minimum.

After bickering for a while they decided to resume their conversation tomorrow. They went to their tent and all went to sleep.

That night when all of his troops started going to sleep Kyle who was getting ready to log out was startled, when he heard people screaming,

“FIRE!FIRE!FIRE! Run for your lives!!”

Quickly Kyle got out of his tent and was stunned after he saw what happened..

The sight shocked him. The surroundings were filled with fire, as flames licked the tents and is spreading from tent to tents burning and devouring.

Then suddenly from behind he could feel a sense of danger but he did not manage to dodge it as an arrow lodged itself on his back as blood drips from his back.

He was shot by an arrow.

That arrow wounded him but did not kill him. Then he could hear screams from all over and sounds of body falling to the ground.

Kyle quickly come to a conclusion.  A night raid!

Is it a big army? Or just a band of brave and powerful soldiers, the elite?

Kyle is thinking it is a big army because he is hearing screams from all directions believing his soldiers are being attacked on all sides.

Then another arrow shot one of the troops in front of his eyes. They were attacked by a barrage of arrows that rained down like water.

It was chaos.

The supplies tents were burned as supplies they so painstakingly stored turns to ashes and dust.

The cavalry trying to run from the flames accidentally stampeded their own comrades as they tries to flee in panic without any coordination and discipline.

In the distance Kyle could hear the screams of the NPCs burned by the fire.

It is the sound of misery as they tried to tear their own skin because of the painful feeling of being burned alive.

Not enough they were attacked by arrows; they were also attacked by fireballs and rock bullets.

Their magicians are the target.

Not knowing where attacks are coming from, all they could do is assuming a defensive formation.

They also realized that they are trapped in a barrier of earth as Earth Wall segmented the path that Kyle soldiers could take.

It is like the people who attacked tonight created a maze to play with Kyle.

On the other side, Aero is slicing and killing the Vetten troops like a butcher in the morning market, with glee and precision.

A hundred soldiers charged at him.

All of them tried to land a hit but none connected. Aero crashed into their line of defense and started slashing with the General Sword, dodging like he was the wind and slashing like he was fire.

Aero whirled around through the ranks using his Alleviating skill slashing the troops one by one.

With each strike he targeted vital parts of human body

Heads and limbs flew away every time Aero slashed. It was a sight full of gore. The other soldiers even though they were many in terms of number they were in a state of shock.

After the fire burned about 100 tents then suddenly they were shot by thousands of arrows.

The fire and the maze of earth walls separated the massive army to nine sections like Aero planned.

He used oil to create the trail throughout the camp, then he used Magicians to light up the place and Druids to use the fire as power for creating a barrier of earth thus trapping the troops in nine sections.

It is a surprise attack.

To be more accurate this is guerrilla warfare. After slicing about 400 troops, mostly NPCs, Aero gave the order to retreat.


As swift as the wind, the attack stopped.

Because of the loss of many lives of the troop, morale has decreased by -5
Effect : Troops march will be slower.
: Defense decreased by 5%
: Attack decreased by 5%
: The troops are in a state of shock

After a few hours, Kyle checked the damage that has been done. 15 thousand troops died that night. 40 thousand were injured.

Most of them died from the fire. There are also those that died because in their panic they tried to jump outside the barrier only to be burned when they reached outside of the barrier.

For every adventurer that dies, they will be spawn at the Temple in Vetten. And once they die, they can’t do this quest anymore.

That’s the rule. If you die while doing a quest you can’t do the same quest for a month in BW time.

He has heard the report from the troops that survived. They say they were shot by arrows and attacked by a man using a silver sword.

Aero, Kyle thought to himself

He did this. Kyle sees the carnage that Aero has brought him. But the more important thing is that it means Aero has seen through his intention.

But I thought he already went to Elken. Could it be Elken is a diversion? No, if Elken is a diversion the fort will fall to the Orcs. Now in the morning, Kyle finally realized that last night was a guerilla attack.

If they had a big army, they wouldn’t need to retreat. Where is their hiding spot? Kyle wondered all day and even sent scouts and soldiers trying to find him.

After burying the dead and storing the supplies they started marching again. That night before the troop went to sleep they all checked the surrounding areas and started posting guards to patrol the tents.

But still it doesn’t stop Aero terror towards them.Next morning about 56 thousand of his troops died.


“General..I…Uh…”Chris stammer


“They were poisoned. The food they ate last night was filled with snake venom and snake gall. The effect doesn’t show immediately. It is a slow acting poison, General” Chris answered meekly.

Because of the fire attack and the poisoning a journey that is supposed to take 2 days is delayed. Still we marched.

That night we took special caution to our environment and the people making our food.Then after making sure nothing is wrong, I logged out and slept in my bed.

After waking up, and logging into BW, I was greeted by a status window.

Because of the loss of many lives of the troop, morale has decreased by -30
Effect : Troops march will be slower.
: Defense decreased by 15%
: Attack decreased by 15%

I was flustered. Getting out from my tent; I saw thousands of corpses in the middle of the forest in front of my tent ready to be buried.

Blood was everywhere around the tent. I looked around and realized the healer division is not here.

“Ch…Chri…CHRIS,What happened when I was gone?” I stammered

“General last night during the troops rest I heard our troops screaming. They were in our camp, General. They killed all of our supplies staff and healer division and looted the merchant’s bag. When I got there I realized what was happening, they already killed thousands of our troops. They were disguising themselves as our troops, General. That why we could never find them” Chris said while sobbing uncontrollably.

Estimated damage is 9 thousand of my troops. We have lost 80 thousand troops before we even reached Vars.

To think Aero would use poison and fire to weaken us. I swear, Aero you will regret this.

We might have lost many but we still have 420 thousand troops. We can still take Fort Vars and take the capital.

“Just you wait, Aero. I will have my revenge for this humiliation”


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