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George looked at his room and he smiles. Then he laughed, his laugh reverberates inside the room.

It was his throne room.

Behind him were his three loyal generals.

George takes a deep breath like he was sucking it all in, the smell, the sound, the feeling and then he closed his eyes. And opening it again the scenery didn’t change.

He is still in his throne room….this tie with absolute power at his disposal.

“I have returned” the King exclaimed. He looked beside him and saw Aero, his strategist looking uninterested with the throne room as warmth filed the King heart.

Immediately he hugged Aero.

“Thank you Aero for your service to the Kingdom. I will reward you for your help. Know that you are welcome anytime here in my Kingdom”

“It is my honor” Aero politely replied.


You have helped King George of Vanheim solved his problem in the court. His trust towards you increase. He regards you as someone trustworthy.
Fame increase by 400
Reputation increase by 500
Contribution point 5000 towards Vanheim Kingdom
Gold 30000
All stat increase by 10
Charm increased by 20
Honor increased by 50
Grace increased by 100

‘YES! YES!’ Aero was practically air fisting in his mind the moment he reads the status windows notification.

This is what he expected from a level A difficulties quest. It’s worth it. Thank god it works. He thought to himself.

People did not know but he sweated buckets that his plans will not work. The calm and confident image he always portrayed was a façade to make the King trust him.

But thankfully his strategies word.

But he already suspected it will work. King George must not face these issues with a bold move like many suggest.

That would only lead to worse reaction to spark. And that spark will eventually turns into a large flame that George would not be able to handle.

Aero understand the weakness of a show of force in a strained political tension

Main weakness of a show of force is that it stirs up resentment and eventually led to the response that will eat at the King authority.

Since a show of force won’t work to quiet down the dissenting voice of the nobles, then Aero had to think of another way.

If he couldn’t intimated using punishments, Aero deiced to show the example of how important their King really is to the stability of the Kingdom.

Of course this will only work in the premise that King was a great king in which his presence overwhelmed the other kingdoms and have done many deeds to the people.

And he has to be irreplaceable, that to replace him would invite aggression from other countries and kingdoms.

George fits they type of that person and so Aero could execute his plan flawlessly. If its nay other rulers, Aero had to use other tactics.

But because it was George Aero could use this strategy.

‘I give them a glimpse of what will happen to their Kingdom if their King is gone. And it was like the sky has fallen down.’

This strategy work because this country has many threat.

Using this method at a peaceful Kingdom might have a different effect. Aero dare anyone to call his bluff, and no one did.

AT least now looking at his status window his contribution is Peasant level.

Another five thousand and he will rose to Baron level contribution. Baron can buy land. If he have lands, he also can hire a couple of farmers and that could help him gain money.

First, Aero need to thank the King. He separated himself from the King hug and bow slightly before saying

“Thank you, Your Grace. However my work here is not done. The Orcs land has started to move.”

With 100 thousand Orcs marching to Vanheim this is a grave crisis that could wreck this Kingdom apart.

Aero believes that someone else is responsible for inciting the Orcs. The Orcs is one of the playable classes in BW.

Not many choose that class though because it’s very hard. Every player who chooses to be an Orcs will begin their journey at Nairhell in the East of Vanheim.

Nairhell is a vast dessert and filled with strong monster. Broly Clan once solved a quest involving the Orcs which in turn unlock the Orc class.

The Orcs are not ruled by a King but instead they have Orc Chief. Orc is a tribal community. But Aero has heard disturbing news.

About 10 influential tribes of the Orcs have banded together under one banner determined to march to Vanheim and break through to the other Kingdoms.

They are now lead by a player named Gruk, an Orc player who declared himself the Great Orc and ruled over a great army.

“Yes, I also heard the report “said the King while the expression of joy before turned to worries.

“This is your chance, Your Grace” Aero said as he paced around the room, his hand behind his back as he smiles mischievously.

“What chance?” The King asked not understanding what Aero is talking about. Instead it only puzzled him more.

Aero then stop his pacing and look at the King as he chuckles.

“The chance to take military authority from the nobles.’

Hearing this the King suddenly was shocked.

He understand what Aero is trying to do and realizes Aero was right. Now, that his position has solidified and the will of the people is behind him, he could truly do what Aero suggested.

He finally understand what his strategist wanted to do.

He didn’t think of it because he was overcome with fear of the impending crisis and the noble’s adulation.

The King almost missed a great opportunity. He is thankful Aero is here to remind him.

‘Please declare that Your Grace will put all their armies under one banner, your banner, to fight the coming invasion. They will not dare reject not at such moment where the people are behind us and our cause is a just cause. They promised their support, watched by every representative of the Temple and people in this kingdom. To reject it is to invite universal condemnation”

Aero quickly poise his idea.

The King also half convinced but then he remembered the noble’s private armies and fear that they would also use this chance to rebel if they are dissatisfied.

“You don’t think they will rebel?” He ask Aero. Aero shakes his head. To rebel at this juncture would put everything they have done to waste.

Aero understand the nobles thinking.

They only pretended to accede to the King request in public but they will surely find ways to curb the King authority once again.

To prevent that from ever happening, the military needs to sit only under one banner. The banner of the Kingdom.

It is time to abolish private armies if this Kingdom is to conquer the world. Aero did not treat this game half assed.

If he becomes the grand strategist, he will surely follow the path of the Grand Strategist. And what is that path?

To scheme against the world and deliver the world to a master he could acknowledge.

And get himself a good position, fame and fortune along the way.

“They have no just cause. “ Aero replied.

It is very important to have a just cause when waging war, because if not you will only invite resistance from the people and the world.

Even the men under them would lose morale.

One of the General in the room was also passionate after hearing Aero plans and step out and said

“Sir Aero is right Your Highness. This is the chance. Lord Bradheim hold too much military power in the North East and who knows what he is thinking there? I fear he could be persuaded to turn his blade towards Your Highness” said Marco.

Arcturus who was beside Marco nodded in agreement

“If one day he used that military power to rebel against us, what would happen?” Arcturus added.

King George is getting a headache. He thought his problem was solved, but now a large horde of Orcs is coming to attack

Though 100 thousand Orcs is not as big as Vanheim military, but Orcs is not a weak enemy. They are strong and their horse units are formidable.

Attacking in horseback they are a mighty force.

In the past before they try to attack with 10 thousands Orcs but they are easily squashed but the King knows it was not because his Kingdom army was overwhelmingly strong but because they were weak and disorganized.

That’s because they weren’t united. Now there is talk about an Orc that manage to unify 10 tribes and leading them here.

What is he going to do?

He could use this opportunity to put all the military power under him. But his stepbrother Bradheim will clearly know this ploy and detected his scheme.

Aero look towards the King and saw the King is ruminating over something. Aero knows who Bradheim is. The stepbrother of the King.

As the strategist of the King how could he not investigate the King family and the people around him?

‘Bradheim will know that George will never return the military power once it is handed to him. The other nobles would give it to him for now, fearing the backlash. Maybe even they would not see the scheme since it is a viable cause.’ Aero mutters as he looked towards the King.

The nobles can be deceived into thinking that their armies will be returned to them but Aero knows that Lord Bradheim will be a tough cookie.

But George knows Bradheim is not like that.

Even when all the nobles come to ingratiate themselves with George at his palace after his return, Bradheim didn’t even come to congratulate.

He was about to ask Aero about taking Bradheim military power when Aero quickly shakes his head and said

“No, you must not do that”

Aero said breaking King George concentration.

“Lord Bradheim is protecting Fort Elken which is adjacent to Nairhell border. Taking his military power right now will only increase our own problem. We have to deal with him later.”

The other Generals hearing this also quite down. Since the strategist said so, they will defer to him. By now the Tree Generals truly believes in the strategist capability.

Their King gained back the throne without even a single bloodshed.

Then King George realized.

He has Aero. The adventurer that helped him regains his throne. The very same person that helped him gain supports from the people.

Why not use his intelligence and offer him to serve him? George appreciates Aero talents and wanted to put him to use and Aero himself wanted to be put to use to gain fame and fortune.

“Sir Aero, I have a request for you.” He hesitates for a bit before the King ask

“Will you lead my armies?”

Aero was shocked. This is not what he signed up for. Not that he hates war or anything it’s just that he’s not that confident leading an army.

With his sword, he does not fear duels.

But in a war, one man can’t change the tide of war alone. Even though he could kill 100 of them, that does not mean he can kill all 100 thousand of them.

And there is still the mastermind. Sarah informed me that Gruk is communicating with someone.

There are too many factors.

Then the window quest popped up.


King George has asked you to lead the armies to defeat the Orcs army that is marching to Vanheim as his measure of trust towards you. The King views you as a great talent and wanted to recruit you in the upcoming war

Reward           : Fame increase
: Reputation increase
: Contribution points
: Will be granted the opportunity to be a part of the nobility
: Gold 50000
: Will be granted the permission to see The Secret Archive (You see this message because of your unique class)
: Friendship with the King increase.




Aero did not immediately answer as he closes his eyes. Then he said

“Your Grace, can you give me some time to think about this?” The King nodded understanding the request.

“Yes, you can. But I hope it will not take too long Sir Aero. I believe in Sir Aero ability and truly hope Sir Aero would help in future undertakings”

Aero nodded. He believes he has left quite an impression on the King because of his success.

“Thank you, Your Grace. The next time I come, I will have my answer.” Aero replies before he goes out of the Throne Room and logged off outside the Palace


Daniel just logged out of Brave World. Sighing he cleans his room which looks messy because he forgot to clean it many times.

Smelling a weird smile, he decided to spray some air freshener before finally the room look livable and slightly neat.

He then take a shower, eat and exercise his body. Daniel needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle to make sure he’s not sick.

Sick means he can’t play. And that means money wasted. He opens the TV sets and stream the channels when he stopped at the VMS channel

VMS media is broadcasting about Brave World events. This pique his interest. He deiced to watch as he opens a can of beverage.

A woman reporter seems to be reporting the events.

“Kate, what is the latest development in Brave World?” A tall young handsome man with slick black hair and wearing costume of magicians seems to ask the woman.

The woman was wearing a Witch costume.

“Harry, the big story is Leo Clan attempt to take Fort Regar at Redat Kingdom still isn’t succeeding. It seems they have put a lot in their expenses to take the Fort has made their clans to experience internal problems.’

The male reporter nodded before saying

‘That maybe because Redat Kingdom has many elite Knights players and NPC making the Leo clan attack ineffective with their current level of power. Redat military is led by a player named Aldwin a Knight Type warrior. Aldwin seems very experienced in war and he looked very strong too.”

The screens show the players named Aldwin killing the soldiers in an ambush attack with a sword like he was slashing papers instead of people.

It was a scene showing how domineering Aldwin really is.

“But that is not all.”

The woman reporter interjected.

‘There also another big story in the Western continent. The Temple of Zeus was burned by a follower of a new teachings that originated in Zun kingdom. A player calling himself The Pope has arisen and many NPCs have already followed him. There are also a faction of players in Grata and Zun Kingdom that has followed this man.”

“Well, I think, Kate, this could lead to a friction with the seven religious order of Brave World.” The male reporter said seriously as the female reporter nodded in agreement.

“Yes, Harry, it seems so.”

“In another story, the Orcs in Nairhell is marching to Vanheim Kingdom. Lead by Gruk, he manages to unite 10 tribes of Orcs to fight under him. This also makes many new players wanted to try Orcs class as Gruk images of leading a great Orc Horde made a lot of men hearts boils.”

“Harry, if they succeed and invading Vanheim player’s interest in Orcs class will increase, don’t you think?”

Daniel turns off the TV before they could say any further.

‘Hmm, this is slightly troublesome’ Daniel said as his mind is in dilemma whether to accept the quest from the King or not.


Third chapter this week because of LS hiatus

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